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Heart Chakra Opening – How to Activate Your Heart Center FAST

Heart Chakra Opening

Use this Powerful Technique to Open Your Heart Chakra



Heart Chakra Opening - How to Open Your Heart Everyone on this planet, even the most open-hearted individuals, have the potential to further awaken the heart chakra to access the innate soul qualities and divine wisdom available to us all.

When the Heart Chakra opens, you're able to access more of your gifts, spiritual abilities, soul qualities, and embody your highest divine frequency in a grounded and balanced way.

You’re able to live in greater alignment with the passion, purpose, joy, love and fulfillment that are really possible for you.

When you learn to open and balance your heart chakra, you also awaken and balance your multidimensional self.

When your heart is open and you are centered in your heart in a balanced and empowered way, you're able to flow with love and grace and peace throughout your life, connecting with others in a balanced and joyful way, and living in alignment with the highest possibilities for your life on the path of love.

What does the Heart Chakra do?

Your heart chakra is the center point of the Seven Chakras within your physical body. It is the meeting point between your physical and multidimensional spiritual self. When your Heart Chakra opens, it is like a lotus flower that blossoms and radiates a frequency of love, peace, joy, kindness, and connection.

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An Open Heart Center opens the doorway for authentic connection, allowing you to deepen your connection with others, and to connect with the higher realms of Spirit.  

Balancing the Heart Chakra

Keeping your heart in balance is so powerful for balancing your multidimensional being, but it also empowers you to love and thrive in the present moment.

A balanced heart center empowers you to perfectly balance living in the physical, material world and reaching up to connect with the higher light in Spirit.

Your heart empowers you to live in alignment with your highest truth as a spiritual being grounded in physical form. This is the energetic center that keeps you in alignment with the middle path: Spiritually and physically balanced, not swinging too far into unbalanced materialism or unbalanced spirituality.

When your heart is open and you are centered in your heart in a balanced and empowered way, you're able to flow with love, grace, and peace throughout your life, connecting with others in a balanced and joyful way, and living in alignment on the path of love.

To open your Heart Chakra, learn this powerful practice I have to share with you, but don't let its simplicity trick you into feeling that it's not powerful because it is truly profound.

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Open your Heart Chakra Healing Technique

Heart Chakra Opening Made Easy 1)    Focus your awareness within

Tune into your breath and bring your awareness into the present moment.  Focusing your awareness within creates the foundation for you to awaken your heart to a new level.

2)    Call upon your Angels and Guides

Your angels and guides are always working behind the scenes to support you and every step of your path. Say this prayer/invocation to connect with them and open up the path for you to go deeper into your inner space:

I ask to be surrounded by divine light and love. And with my team of guides, angels ascended masters of the middle path of the highest did like to surround me, bless my energy and assist me in opening my Heart Chakra in the way that will most serve according to Divine will.”

3)    Bring your awareness to the center of your mind

Feel the love they are sending you now and believe that the highest and best outcome for you is on its way. Where attention goes, energy flows. Direct your attention to the center of your mind, focusing your awareness there.

In your mind, imagine, visualize, experience that you're taking an elevator from your mind down to your heart. Allow your attention to enter lower, down through your throat, through your thymus, and into your heart.

4)    Feel the Golden Light around your heart

Focusing on the center of your chest, the very center of your being and entering your awareness within. You can look for a spark of golden light, a spark of rose gold light.

Tune into that spark of light and allow it to expand. Allow whatever sensation or tingling or feeling or pressure you find on the area of your heart center. And focus on that all of your attention on it.

5)    Allow your heart to open

Breathe into your heart, allowing your heart to open. And as you exhale, let go, let go on your outbreath and release into the light. Any past pains or traumas or tensions, any feelings of not being enough, any feelings of not being able to connect, let go and focus inward on the light.

Move your awareness within. Continuing to move in the center of the center of the center of your heart center. Feel this perpetual inward spiral and motion as you go deeper into your heart, focusing on that pinprick of light and experience it expanding and growing as you move within it.

Focusing your awareness on this felt sense of energy, allows your heart chakra to open.

It empowers your Heart Chakra to awaken. It empowers your heart center to blossom, to fill with more light, to receive the blessings of light and love of your guides and angels who are all around.

6)    Go deeper within your heart

When your heart opens, it circulates love through your entire being, aligns you in the present with the coherent love, the crystalline love flowing throughout creation. Aligning you here and now with love and with the highest divine possibilities for you.

7)    Experience the Rose Gold Energy of Love

When your heart opens you may experience this as an orb of rose gold. Light shining from within like the light of a thousand suns illuminating your surroundings with love, which opens the door for higher light to fill you, which balances your energy and aligns you in the present moment with the highest possibilities that are in store on the heart-centered path, the middle path of love.

Connecting with Spiritual Beings

Healing and Opening Your Heart Chakra Benefits
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Staying centered and open in your heart brings an incredible quality of warmth to your energy. Love and warmth are in vibrational resonance with the Beings of the Middle Path and the Beings of Christed Light. Something magical happens when you continue to be heart-centered, vibrating with warmth and love and joy and bliss.

You attract the most benevolent, most beneficial guides and angels of the Middle Path of the highest Christed Light.

These beings can ultimately serve you on your path and help you grow and blossom to the highest extent, allowing you to embody your highest divine self.

Allowing you to balance the energy of your multidimensional being through the infinite power of LOVE…

Bringing you into greater alignment with the passion, purpose, joy, love and fulfillment that are really possible for you…

And that are a part of aligning with your highest purpose and living your most vibrant radiant life.

Living with your heart open empowers you in the best possible way, so you can embody more of your Truth and show what is possible in anchoring the highest light of spirit into the material realm through an open heart on this path of love.

Recap of How to Open Your Heart Chakra

  • Focus within your mind and then take the elevator from your mind down into your heart
  • From your heart, go into your heart with awareness through your inner state of being through imagination, visualization, through the power of your consciousness.
  • Focus within your heart, getting pulled in, moving deeper and deeper into the center of your heart.
  • Continue to focus within until there reaches a point where your heart unlocks and opens and that inward movement that you continue to focus on is met and matched by your heart center
  • Feel your heart opening up, shining light, shining love, the force of love out beyond you, expanding your heart light around you.
  • Draw your awareness to the Rose Gold Energy of love that balances your energy and aligns you into the present moment.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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