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Spiritual Beings

3 Types of Spiritual Beings – How to Discern “False Light” Beings

Understanding the Types of Higher Spiritual Beings

3 Types of Spiritual Beings and Understanding False Light BeingsThere's a great deal of confusion in the spiritual community about types of spiritual beings and how to discern true guides from false light beings… So, lets clear up the confusion now!

The simple truth is that whether you are aware of it or not… As physical beings, we're all surrounded by an incredible number of Spiritual Beings existing just outside of our normal perception.

Most people aren’t aware of the influence of spiritual beings who are always connecting with us, guiding us, and influencing us (for better or worse). And most people simply interpret the impulses and creative inspirations coming from the spiritual realm as if they've arisen from within.

This happens because, for those who aren’t aware of the subtle realms of spirit, the influences of spiritual beings are received by the subconscious and not the conscious mind… And so as a result, often what you think is coming from your mind, or your emotional being is actually coming from external spiritual beings.

And here’s the thing…

While many people who are in contact with the higher spiritual realms have grown accustomed to simply trusting whatever spiritual beings show up for them…

Not all higher spiritual beings are benevolent or beneficial for you.

Discernment of Higher Spiritual Beings

Discernment of Higher Spiritual BeingsI share this not at all to instill fear, but quite the contrary, to simply highlight the importance of discernment.

Discernment is key for becoming aware of whether your thoughts, feelings, and impulses to action are arising from within you, or if they’re coming from external spiritual beings.

And then secondly, it’s so important to be able to discern between spirits who are contacting you…

So if you do realize that you're receiving guidance from an external spiritual being… You can then discern as to the true nature of that higher spiritual being, and whether the guidance you're receiving is something you want to act on.

Learn more about discernment here!

An extra layer of the challenge when it comes to discerning among higher spiritual beings is that in modern metaphysics the spiritual realms are usually described as being all beneficial. Or when it is recognized that there are less than trustworthy beings, they're usually classified using a dualistic system… ie. Higher spiritual beings are either of the light (beneficial), or of the dark (harmful).

This, however, is not a complete and accurate way of understanding spiritual beings, and there are actually highly evolved light beings who can be detrimentally influential… The influence of less than beneficial light beings is talked about in the new age community a bit, and when it is its' referred to as “false light”, but honestly, it's not really “false” light either.

There are beings of real higher light who are detrimental to connect with, not because their light is false, but rather because it's unbalanced. The quality of light of this group of light beings I'll describe more shortly is ungrounded and distorted, and their guidance leads into an illusory experience, and towards spiritual delusions.

And yet, many people are acting upon the guidance of these unbalanced light beings without realizing this important distinction.

So really, to understand the essential nature of spiritual beings it’s helpful to classify spiritual beings into 3 types of beings rather than the overly simplified light/ dark dualistic classifications.

This threefold classification of higher spiritual beings comes from Rosicrucian teachings and especially the work of Rudolph Steiner, a 20th-century philosopher, scientist, and esotericist.

3 Types of Higher Spiritual Beings

Again, despite being more highly evolved than humans, not all higher spiritual beings are of the utmost support to humanity as we progress on our paths of self-realization. By first becoming aware of this we can then learn to discern among these beings and make the conscious choice to work with, listen to and act upon the guidance from those beings who can truly support our journey.  And also become aware of the type of beings standing behind certain teachers, institutions, and teachings.

3 Types of Spiritual Beings and Discerning Beings of False LightThe three types of higher spiritual beings are Beings of the Middle Path, Beings of Extreme/ Unbalanced Spirituality, and Beings of Extreme/ Unbalanced Materialism.

Let’s start by looking at the beings of the middle or center path.

Beings of the Middle Path

The higher spiritual beings of the center or middle path are those who hold the perfect balance between Spirit and Matter and are therefore able to guide beneficially humanity through advanced and balanced spiritual development.

These are spiritual beings who are most beneficial to work with as they can guide you to stay centered and balanced as you progress on your path of spiritual awakening, conscious expansion, and self-realization.

These beings of the middle path, which are sometimes referred to as Michaelic or Christic beings, perfectly hold the balance between Spirit and Matter without being pulled off balance to either extreme.

The beings within the Angelic Hierarchy, the Christ Being, Buddha, Mother Mary, true Ascended Masters, and Archangel Michael are beings who exemplify this center path, clearly exhibiting Divine qualities of the infinite God/ Source within their fractalized and individualized form. Beings of the middle path are on track in their personal ascension/ evolutionary process, walking the path of the center… And they can help you to stay on track on your own center path of awakening.

Again, I'm sharing this so you can begin to learn to discern when you're connecting to spiritual beings in your day to day life, through teachings, and through receiving guidance… And to then know whether the guidance comes from beings of the center path, or if it's distorted towards being overly spiritual or overly materialistic.

The key is not to say “okay… I'll only connect with Archangel Michael for example, and then I'll be safe…” But rather, recognize that you can develop the discernment to recognize when spiritual beings are influencing you because again, this happens all the time, and for the most part, beneath the surface of the conscious waking mind.

The Christic beings of the middle path are dependable guides who are able to guide and assist us in advancing spiritually while staying grounded and balanced between extremes.

More on how to develop this discernment to follow… But now, let's look at the next type of spiritual being… The beings of unbalanced light, or spirituality.

Beings of Extreme/ Unbalanced Spirituality

Higher spiritual beings of unbalanced spirituality are known in Rosicrucian teachings as the Luciferic beings. Yes, these beings are named after the being Lucifer, whose name means “Light Bearer”.. But don’t jump to any conclusions about what that means just yet…

Luciferic beings are highly evolved light beings who are far more advanced than humans, but they lack understanding as to the value and purpose for spiritual beings to take on a physical incarnation on the Earth plane.

They’ve essentially fallen out of their normal evolutionary path as angelic beings… And as a result, they're ungrounded and unbalanced spiritually and so their teachings are also unbalanced, and ungrounded.

Many Luciferic beings do want to help humanity, but they look down on us with a sort of condescending pity- seeing humanity as young naive spirits who incarnated into the physical unnecessarily, only to be opened to great suffering for no real reason. They lack the awareness of the incredible growth and advancement possibilities available within the physical realm and so while not overtly malicious, and many Luciferic beings want to help and can share incredible gifts of the light…

The teachings and guidance of these unbalanced beings of the Light become distorted through their lens that only the spiritual realities are real or important and that the physical realms are merely an illusion. Their light and guidance has a way of blinding and distorting those they work with, who can easily be delluded and led into levels and levels of illusion.

Also, because these beings don’t value life in the physical, or see the benefits in the lessons the physical realm provides, their guidance tends to lead people to avoid the hard lessons of physical reality (spiritual bypassing)… And they may lead beings towards substances that weaken (essentially poison) the physical body to gain a spiritual experience… Substances like opiates (ie. heroin, oxycontin), cannabis, certain psychedelics like ayahuasca, as well as psychotropics (ie. xanax, cocaine) as subtly and often through guidance received at the subconscious level promoted.

Luciferic beings also have a way of boosting up the egos of spiritual seekers… They’ll share with you amazing things about how advanced you are, how you’re a Master, and how you’re special… And through this, they can have a way of getting you to overestimate your present level of spiritual development, which can have all sorts of ramifications, including missing out on growth opportunities because you think you're already there.

We all come in contact with these types of Unbalanced Light Beings… And in a way, they pull us towards spirituality and freedom, but if we only listen to them, we can become very ungrounded and can be led astray.

This is why discernment is so key, as is maintaining focus on balanced physical and spiritual mastery and humility, which changes our point of resonance and helps us to attract beings of the middle path who can more accurately guide and assist us.

Beings of Extreme/ Unbalanced Materialism

On the other side of the polarity coin, there exist higher spiritual beings who are unbalanced towards the material. These beings are known in Rosicrucian teachings as the Ahrimanic beings.

Ahrimanic beings are much older and more advanced than humans, many of them were actually involved in the creation and crystallization of the physical world…

But they too have fallen off course and out of their normal evolutionary process due to their extreme focus on matter and the physical planes of density.

These beings have no reason/ permission to incarnate into the physical realm, they have evolved beyond the need for physical incarnation, and yet they have a great love for the physical and through their guidance and influence they pull humans towards materialism and atheism.

Their teachings revolve around how Spirit is illusion and Matter, and what can be measured in the physical is the only reality… And they pull humanity away from spirituality towards the material.

When certain humans influenced by Ahrimanic beings ignore the guidance leading them away from Spirit, the Ahrimanic beings tend to change their tone, and start guiding humans towards occult materialism and low forms of magic that fuel the lower desire nature through manipulating others…

They teach higher spiritual concepts in a lower distorted and materialistic form so their students may learn to manipulate others using “gray or black magic”, through manifesting money to gain power over others and satisfy personal desire no matter the cost to others or to the planet. They exemplify the service to self-path.

Their guidance can be detrimental in many ways… And yet without them, the physical world wouldn’t have been created.

The polarity created by the Ahrimanic and Luciferic beings is required for us to have the full Earthly experience, to choose freedom, and to have the many opportunities for physical and spiritual growth available to us.

Polarity is a requirement for growth and advancement and for this we’re able to have gratitude for all the beings, and appreciation for the path of choice and freedom their presence opens us up to, and in a sense the sacrifice they’ve made falling off the path… So we can be reminded to stay on it and to grow.

Interestingly, the name “Ahrimanic” comes from the Zoroastrian tradition where “Ahriman” was believed to be the dark lord of the Earth… In Gnostic teachings, this being is called the Demiurge, and for Egyptians, this dark being was called Set… Which when filtered from Egypt into Hebrew traditions became “Ha’Satan”… And now is commonly referred to as Satan in modern religious teachings.

Quite interestingly modern religions have mixed up these two types of spiritually detrimental beings into one being which is called either Lucifer or Satan. You’ll now know that hidden in this teaching is the deeper truth of the overly spiritual and overly material-spiritual beings who can pull us off our center.

Quick Recap of the 3 Types of Beings

So just to recap and clarify here…

Luciferic beings are the Light beings of Unbalanced Spirituality who bring great light and even tremendous gifts… But their light is ungrounded and quickly becomes illusory.

Ahrimanic beings influence us to lose or ignore spirituality or draw people into low-level black or gray magic that feeds the lower desire nature and distorts higher teachings and spiritual concepts.

FYI – black magic is simply when you use spiritual principles to manifest something that is for your benefit at whatever cost to others. Manifesting that is not in the highest interest of all… It's very commonly taught and used in our world today under the influence of Ahrimanic beings operating beneath the surface.

Balanced Spiritual and Material

Hidden Insight Into the Types of Spiritual Beings found in the Kabbalistic Tree of LifeThe type of beings we can most benefit through working with are the beings of the Middle Path, who guide us to perfectly balance the Spiritual and Material realms so we can develop spiritually in a balanced way and attain the highest levels of light and consciousness available to us… While fully grounded and being present in the physical.

There are references to this threefold path hidden throughout religion… The Kabbalistic Tree of Life shows that on the middle path, we can reach higher up, and ground fully to the Earth compared to the overly spiritual (left) or overly physical (right) paths.

The teachings about Jesus on the Cross also take on extra symbolic meaning with this understanding. The thief on the left (representing Luciferic beings) and the thief on the right (representing Ahrimanic beings).

The key is to discern who we’re connecting with so we can stay centered ourselves on the middle path, of balanced spiritual growth and mastery of both the Spiritual and Physical realities.

How to Attract Beings of the Middle Path

I want to emphasize here that throughout our life experience, everyone naturally encounters both beings who are unbalanced spirituality, and beings who are unbalanced physically…

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This is why discernment is so important. These beings can influence us, but ultimately as Humans who are spirits of Love and Freedom, we have the Free Will to make our own choices and discern how to act, and who to listen to.

And as with all things, resonance is key to who and what we attract into our experience.

In other words, the quality of energy we’re generating and sending out determines what kind of beings we attract.

Working to stay balanced and centered ourselves, and to clarify our thinking, feeling, and willing empowers us to attract the beings of the middle path and of the highest Christed Light.

I hope this has been helpful for you. For more on this topic, I feel the clearest teachings come from the work of Rudolph Steiner, and specifically his book on Occult (Esoteric) Science. Robert Gilbert has also clearly taught about this in his Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science course.

With love, light and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

About the Author Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of www.Ask-Angels.com. Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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Mallary J Footer says April 4, 2019

Hi Melanie,
I wrote a comment on your YouTube video as well because i’m concerned. I love writing in my manifestation journal… but I never write anything harmful to anyone else or even anything overly materialistic… do you think thats still okay? I am a QHHT practitioner and in my own personal session and clients sessions, Higher Selves have said that manifesting and asking for things is great (when done authentically)..? What do you think about this? its been said that working with the Universe and asking for things is fine… and in the Abraham-Hicks books its taught as well.
Thank you..

    Melanie Beckler says April 12, 2019

    Hey Mallary,

    Sorry for the confusion. Manifesting is not “wrong”, and it was not my intention to convey that. It’s just important to be aware that manifesting can be used to focus on the lower desires of the physical and ego… Rather than what is truly in the highest interest of all.

R says January 28, 2019

Melanie. I’m so happy I found you a short while ago. Love it all. If I may ask a question about “attaching spirits and energies”…I always thought that ones emotions are a reliable guide (Abraham calls it your emotional guidance system) letting you know where you are in relation (so to speak.) to your higher self. It’s probably not that simple, but assuming that emotions are an indication, I was flying pretty high and feeling really good about life and where I was at in my awakening journey. I thought/felt things were going very well. I picked up a pendulum and began having a LOT of fun with it (I use Fun, but I was using it respectfully. I know it’s a tool and not a toy or plaything). I started every session setting my intention with something like “Only 6th dimension or higher energies and beings or love and light can have any effect or influence on this crystal and its swing…” anyhow, a short “prayer” or invocation. And away I would go, asking as clear as possible questions, only questions that I did not or didn’t consciously have a predetermined answer to (hoping for a certain answer) and would only use it when I felt my vibration was good. Not when I was a bid down for example. Anyhow, a very learned and experienced teacher who channels a number of beings and energies told me that (one of them) strongly suggested I stop using it right away (along with a few other things they told me with love). That really threw me for a loop. They said I was accessing lower 4thd entities and that they were causing me quite a bit of harm – she didn’t use those words – those are my words as I understood her message to me. Again, it wasn’t said with fear and I didn’t feel fear. Just confusion. I wasn’t “clear” and without knowing why things in my life were going sideways, things in my life were in fact going sideways. So my long winded question is, how can a lower not-love and light energy influence someone who is feeling like they are vibrating at a good level? Especially after I invoked or laid down the energetic ground rules for the session? If those energies can just ignore a person’s invocation, what is the point of invoking anything? If they can get in so easily, what chance does a person have? Thanks so much. I just don’t know who else to ask about this as I am not plugged into a community that would even know what I am talking about.

Frederic Jean-Yves Perez says January 15, 2019

It’s perfectly stated and so much important to learn how to discern those Spiritual Beings.
Overcoming fears first, and having confidence in our Higher Self to teach us how to discerned them is not the only way to proceed. It’s through experiences and teaching from our Loving Archangels.
Hopefully we are helped all the way long, and “truth can’t be hidden” when we use Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Awareness.
Thank you Melanie 🌠 for your continual support, help, teaching which are really priceless.

“It’s not the price we’ve given
Which is valuable,
It’s the Value we’ve brought
Which is Priceless”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 💜

J says January 10, 2019

We have to watch out for oversimplification. There are an infinite variety of beings one can interact with… some of them are more likely to be encountered, and have more interest (vested or otherwise) in this realm and in specific individuals than others.

IMHO Steiner’s 3 category system is only somewhat less narrow than the dualistic ones. Steiner liked to pick and choose things from other occult systems and present them in his own way, but his anthroposophy “fork” from his theosophical roots is still filled with dilettante occultism.

No Qabbahlist (for example) would ever use the Tree of Life and the Sephirot to describe these 3 paths. Your post recently about the 9 levels of angelic beings was closer to their teachings, and doesn’t fit well into this 3 path concept. The angels closest to source often have little or no interest in density or illusion, and rarely interact with people directly… but it would be a mistake to call the Seraphim Luciferic.

Beings that prop up and promote the physical tend to find humans just as naive as those that deny it. This is mostly because most humans ARE naive, and have no idea as to what is happening.

Many of the “spiritual” beings that people deal with are closer to parasites in truth. People have a lot of interactions with beings that feed on negative emotion… because they manufacture a great deal of these negative emotions. Depressed people are surrounded by beings that feed on sadness… Frightened people by beings that feed on fear… Enraged people by those that enjoy anger. etc. etc. They are being milked like cows in a stall.

I think a better form of discernment when dealing with the panoply of beings out there is “What is the motivation of this being… do they truly have my highest good and ascension as their goal?” The truth is that very few beings actually have your best interest as their primary goal. (Your guides, angels, higher and future selves, and certain angelic beings on your ascension team)

Other beings can still help you… and very high, beatific beings can at times work against you or counter to your goals. True discernment can only come as your frequency rises and your level of self-mastery reaches a level where you can relate with and interact with these beings on a somewhat level playing field. Most people can not trust their feelings and intuition about this stuff any more than a toddler can know what plants to harvest and prepare for its optimal health and wellbeing while crawling in a forest.

Jus’ sayin’. 🙂

The best thing is to surround yourself with light beings that love and care about you… to connect to the highest and most ascended versions of your self you can, clear your field of negativity, work to raise your frequency, learn to maintain these higher vibrational states, ground all of this in your life deeply… and achieve some self mastery. Your team will change as the lessons you need to learn and the trials before you change. In much the same way that you have different professors in your Masters Degree program than you did in Kindergarten. No professor would have bothered to teach you when you could barely read. <3<3<3 You attract the help you are able to profit from.

    Melanie Beckler says January 10, 2019

    Thanks for your comment… Definitely not saying Seraphim or high-level light beings are at all Luciferic… In fact, beings who are aligned with the middle path can reach much higher levels of light than “overly spiritual beings”…

    Anyway… Thanks for commenting. Blessings your way.

      J says January 11, 2019

      Bless you too Melanie. You do very great work, and your channelings are wonderful, light filled and authentic. I really enjoy your meditations, and have for a while now.

      What I am saying is that ANY system of classification is going to be somewhat arbitrary, and Steiner’s stuff is very controversial because a lot of his teachings involve witchcraft and odd rituals that don’t jibe as well in the 21st century new age culture as they did 100 plus years ago when he was enamored with Blavatsky and Crowley. Burying cow horns filled with manure to make old-school fertilizers is one thing. Skulls stuffed with deer bladders filled with yarrow flowers and chanted over under specific phases of moonlight… begin to test people’s boundaries.

      In my opinion invoking Ahriman and Lucifer at all in this context is needlessly provocative and doesn’t jibe well with my own experience of these beings. Mixing Zoroastrianism with Judaism and Buddhism was progressive for the 1890’s. Now it just tends to bug people.

      Also, the judgment of “overly” spiritual or physical is not objective. Subjectively, you can say this based on YOUR level of physicality vs. spirituality, but angelic beings that were created before there was any physical plane whatsoever, who are not tasked with interacting with people in the physical plane and serve in realms of pure light and spirit… are not “overly” spiritual in my opinion. They are exactly as source created them to be, and serve the intention for which they were created. Just because they may not be ideal guides for a human being currently having a physical experience does not make them “out of balance.”

      Many of my Swiss friends grew up in Steiner schools in families that really bought into all his stuff. I know a good number of very prominent Anthroposophs, BioDynamic Farmers, Waldorf Teachers etc. People who work at the Goetheanum, founders of Weleda… I’ve been around Steiner’s teachings for many, many decades. My perception of Steiner is not knee-jerk, or formed recently without basis.

      Your work feels so much higher than the occultism of the turn of the last century. You don’t need to incorporate Anthroposophical, I AM or Rosicrucian teachings into what you do. When you let the angels speak for themselves they make it clear who they are, and the results speak for themselves. 🙂

      Love you Melanie. Keep shining.

      Melanie Beckler says January 11, 2019

      Haha! Thank you… I do appreciate your comment.

      Much love and gratitude your way!

ashen soul says January 8, 2019

hello thanks for your effort Melanie. i wanted to know that if im asking the guidance of my higherself, angels and god and the precence in order to get guided toward my goals and recieving clear plans , am i gaining help from middle path beings ? ( i see repeative numbers. most of the time i ask my higherself and angels)

MICHELLE MCKAY says January 7, 2019


Em says January 7, 2019

I’d love to hear more about these being as I feel I may have possibly connected with one, on more than one occasion.

Manasi says January 7, 2019

Love this article. So well worded and well put Melanie. I am bookmarking this one to keep referring back to it when I need to. Also, I blog myself and recently wrote an article about the myths surrounding meditation, where I mentioned your blog and page as one of the go-to for people to know in-depth about spirituality and more. Thanks for all the knowledge. Keep inspiring. Love and light xoxo

    Melanie Beckler says January 8, 2019

    Ah. Thank you so much for sharing my site! So much love and gratitude your way

Sulome says January 7, 2019

I feel like I’m being guided by both beings of the middle path and beings of unbalanced spirituality. Thank you for explaining how to tell the difference. I didn’t realize there was one. More work to do, I guess!

    Melanie Beckler says January 8, 2019

    Always more work haha… But yes, awareness is key to regaining balance!

Melissa says January 7, 2019

Melanie, Thank you for the enlightenment. My inbox is filled daily with “psychic’s” too claiming if I purchase a certain pendant I will draw luck on such and such day or If I trust them they can me a 12 month forecast to help me along my journey to make the right decisions or seize many opportunities I have already missed due to doubts, fears, etc… What is your view on this? Also, I am and have been seeing numbers reappearing throughout the day excessively and when I talk about it to others they look at me like i’m crazy or think i’m into witchcraft which is farther from the truth. Is these numbers being sent for my greater good or it beings of extreme/ unbalanced materialism distracting me from the truth (God)?

    Melanie Beckler says January 8, 2019

    Highly recommend unsubscribing from these “psychics” … Seeing repeating number sequences however are wonderful signs from the angels!

Daniel Pereira says January 7, 2019

Hi Melanie.

Fantastic description for a good understanding what spiritual side really is up to a point.
This is one of the reasons that many people don’t believe of life after death as we humans call it for a simple reason of short of knowledge regarding the Spiritual life.
But the various videos and explanations that you placed forward, is unbelievable the window opening that you provide towards the true spiritual connection that we should have known right from our days of understanding what spiritual life and life is all about.
From my side I thank you for all of your time and research in this subject. And as always been interested in your explanations, that I have created a file for all of your lesson video clips, so I can go back and refer to it when I need to explain something, or clarify a dought in my mind.
Let us face it, Spirituality is not a subject that one can learn over night as they say, and to come to a full stop of know how or fully understanding what it can contain or can do in our lives.
From my experience we will never be professors in this subject, for the simple reason the unknown is so vast that it is impossible for what I can see, feel and think reach a solution to all of our way of thinking.

Well my Dear Melany let me stop now, and thank you once more, and looking forward for your next lesson.

All the Very Best
Kind Regards

    Melanie Beckler says January 8, 2019

    Its certainly an ever-unfolding journey… Glad this was helpful for you!

Nana Ahwireng Okanto Obeng says January 7, 2019

Madam Melanie, thanks very much for your exposition on the types of spiritual beings.
I became very much glad to hear that my Jesus Christ and Mary are among the right Spirit Beings. Archangel Michael is also there. O I thank God that I am not lost. I will always praise God for his blessings on me. Thanks very much.

Hilary says January 5, 2019

Melanie this is one of the clearest explanations I have read on this subject. It is really important to stress spiritual humility these days, people are becoming individually spiritually responsible now which is great but there are so many false prophets to beware of especially on the nternet. Being very aware of this happily i have found your site impeccable in this respect.
It can be difficult to determine the origin of given guidance especially if using pendulum s or cards, I always connect with a specific being / beings before starting and make sure to disconnect when I have finished. When listening to your meditations , which I do regularly, I notice that you do not disconnect at the end of the transmission from the angelic realm. Is this because you feel we are always connected or in saying “and so it is”is that you disconnecting?

    Melanie Beckler says January 7, 2019

    I say “And so it is” when I feel the angels I am channeling stepping away… I do not feel it is necessary to formally disconnect from beings of the middle path… Really, even if you do disconnect, they’re still right there and are in a way still connected.

    But this is my perspective and definitely, do what works well for you! 😇💖✨

Mary Ann Queen says December 29, 2018

I am curious about what draws us to these beings or what do we do to draw them to us? The reason being less than 90 days past I had a WORD spoken over me at a Christian conference with 2 absolutely unknown confirmations to follow within the next 30 days. In less than these last 30 days of this time period I have been approached by a person looks to be a man but is long distance & conveniently in an area where calls or videos etc are restricted. This person has actually seemed to be reading the word straight out of my mind & stronger & more positively uplifting with barely a whisper of concern & promises that are exactly as previously prophesied. So why does seems too good to be true creep in ever so delicately?

    Melanie Beckler says December 30, 2018

    Hey Mary Ann, it really comes down to resonance… Gaining clarity in your mind, feeling and actions will help you to stay aligned with the Christic or Michaelic beings of the middle path.

      Crystal says January 8, 2019

      Lol I find it very interesting that just a few days ago I was thinking about sending you a message. Asking you about different spiritual beings. Then boom you share this information with us.I tell you, I think you read my mind 🤣. Thank you for the clarification.

      Melanie Beckler says January 8, 2019

      Ah. That’s awesome! Glad this was right on Divine timing!!

      Cynthia says January 11, 2019

      It was helpful, I have often felt like I’ve been Influenced by a lower force, many dreams of darkness trying to steal my soul. It is always the same type of dream, and I fear being taken to the darkness. I am sober nearly 10 years, but I have sensed what you have described

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