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How to Open Your Heart

The Ultimate Guide to Opening Your Heart.

How to Open Your Heart The angels often say that walking the path of an open heart is the master path of awakening. Interestingly, it is the direct path to connecting with the angels too.

In other words, keeping your heart open is the most direct and accelerated ascension path. Wherever you are in your life and in the moment, living with an open heart and responding with love is the next step in raising your vibration so you can align with increased joy, love, abundance.

The path of the open heart is the direct path to creating positive change. But if you're like many spiritual seekers, you're likely wondering just how to open your heart, and what your heart chakra is anyway.

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Introducing: The Ultimate Guide to
Opening Your Heart

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In this guide to opening your heart, you'll not only learn what your heart is, and how to open it…

You will also receive direct guidance from Archangel Metatron to support you in opening your heart now.

Click the chapter titles below to jump to specific sections, or simply keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to open your heart and keep it open now!

Chapter 1:
What Is Your Heart Chakra?

Chapter 2: How Does The Heart Chakra Become Closed?

Chapter 3: How to Open Your Heart – Channeling With Archangel Metatron

Chapter 4: How to Open Your Heart – Video Tutorial With Melanie

Chapter 5: The Story of How I Opened My Heart

Chapter 6: How to Keep Your Heart Open

Chapter 7: 19 Additional Ways to Open Your Heart And Keep It Open

Chapter 8: Receiving Guidance Through Your Open Heart – Channeling With Orion

Open Heart Chapter 1:
What Is Your Heart Chakra? 

Your heart chakra is located in the center of your chest. It is through your heart chakra that you’re able to tune into universal love, transcend the experience of separation, and experience your direct connection with the Divine, and with the spirit guides, angels and ascended masters who are supporting you on your path.

Your heart chakra is your link between heaven and earth.

Your heart chakra is a center of healing, both mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. When balanced and opened, your heart chakra helps you to see the underlying Divine order within everything. It helps you to view your life experiences through the lenses of love, and to rise above lower vibrational energies and experiences so you can live in alignment with love, compassion, peace, and balance.

As the angels often say, an open heart is the master path of awakening…

When your heart chakra is clear, and open, it allows you direct access to the angels and to the Divine.

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Open Heart Chapter 2:
How Does The Heart Chakra Become Closed? 

For many people, challenging life experiences and relationships have led to heartache, broken hearts and then to the creation of a wall around the heart to protect it from being broken again.

How Does This Work? 

Heartache is the physical manifestation of emotional pain, and when you experience heartache you are actually losing power through your heart center.

Heartache is directly tied to fear. You've been hurt in some way and this brings up the fear of being vulnerable. The pain is real and you do not want to be hurt again. You worry about whether you'll ever get over the heart ache and you fear being hurt again in the future.

Walls around the heart are also created out of fear. Heart blockages are created consciously or unconsciously out of fear and as a way of protecting yourself from being hurt again, and while good intentioned, actually block you from the Love of the higher realms that is your birthright to tune into and experience.

For this reason, a heart chakra blocked by fear and worry will actually make you feel tired, energetically drained, defensive, critical, and like life is hard.

If your heart is closed you may feel attached to ideas, or other people, and you’re likely to feel separate, alone, and afraid to let go.

The good news is… A closed heart can be opened, walls can be taken down and dissolved. Pain and fear can be released and Divine Love and goodness restored as the foundation of your life experience.

But how?

Open Heart Chapter 3:
How to Open Your Heart ~ Channeling With Archangel Metatron

The angels are always telling us, “Open your heart.” And many members have asked, “Well, how is that possible?”

Although you might not be fully aware of how to open your heart yet, the heart knows how to open.

To further support you in opening your heart now, Archangel Metatron connects with a short message on How to Open Your Heart.

Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler:  

To open your heart, you focus within.

Imagine that you’re taking an elevator down from your mind, into the area of your heart, into the area of your chest, the center of your chest. We’re talking your heart chakra, not the organ – your heart chakra, the doorway to the angelic realm, the energetic center allowing you to tune in to divine love, and brilliance, and truth, your heart.

Imagine your heart center now, filling with divine light, so that your heart is glowing, this energy center glowing with divine light, filled with the energy of love. You may imagine doors to your heart opening wide, or imagine that a small flame within your heart now begins growing brighter.

Relax into this moment, and think or say aloud, “I now open my heart.”

Visualize light glowing in your heart center, as your guardian angel steps forward to support you in opening your heart now.

As you do this, there may be painful memories that appear, challenging experiences that surface, or density that you tune into. Breathe through this.

Imagine that whatever surfaces can be tossed into the light, put into a balloon filled with helium, and released, dissolved into infinite divine presence, so that you can return to love.

Visualize your heart glowing with the love of the Divine, the light of God, the presence of Spirit expanding around you, to embody your entire being, the light of love, your open heart.

Fully opening your heart is a process.

Doing the meditations with the angels in one of the quickest ways to fully let it open.

In addition, practice being the observer. Practice responding to the events of your life with love.

Continue choosing love in the moment, choosing to be present with what is happening around you.

Visualize light in the center of your being, as you continue to let it grow, let it expand, let light in. Letting your heart open.

And if you feel challenged by this, if your mind is still saying, “That’s not working. She’s not telling us how.”

Place the intention, “I now open my heart.”

And then ask for help: “Archangels, guardian angels, come in. Help me to quiet my ego mind and open my heart. I ask this for the highest and greatest good, according to divine will. And so, it is…”

And now drop inward, shifting your point of focus – focusing upon your heart, the center of your chest, and dropping in.

Don’t worry about how. Just enter into your heart center as you are now bathed in divine love, in a violet river of light, that cleanses and purifies your heart, that activates and opens this center.

Feel your heart open, know your heart is opening, expereince your heart opening now, letting God’s light, Divine light, the light of the universe shine through you.

Breathe in love, letting love build in your heart center. And as you exhale, let the love expand around your entire being.

Continue with this.

Breathe in love, and exhale love throughout your entire being. Breathe in love, exhale love.

This is opening your heart. It is aligning with your inner divine truth. It is aligning with the light of God, of the Divine in your heart center.

This is a shift you can make in every moment. When you do, you align yourself with your highest truth, for your highest truth is open-hearted living. For when your heart is open, and your mind is clear, you are a conduit of divine presence, you are allowing the light of God to shine through you, through all that you do, your inner divine being expressing, creating, living in the physical.

This is not only heart opening. This is ascension – the path of love, the path of the open heart, the master path of awakening.

I am Metatron, along with Uriel, Orion, Mother Mary, Yeshua, surround you in a pyramid of light, to support you now open-hearted, in lifting, in tuning in to the divine presence here and now, lifting in light in this present moment, in love. Good.

And so, it is… Thank you!

Open Heart Chapter 4:
How to Open Your Heart ~ Video Tutorial With Melanie

When you set the intention to open your heart, the entire universe will conspire with you to make it a reality. Be willing to release fear and pain energy so you can open your heart to the love and light that awaits.

With your heart open, you’re able to experience your angels, connect with your teachers in spirit, have fulfilling and rewarding relationships, and open to increased love, which cannot help but overflow blessings into all areas of your life.

What are you waiting for?

Click play to watch the video below and open your heart now!

Open Heart Chapter 5:
The Story of How I Opened My Heart

At the time of your birth, you came into life with your heart open wide… You were born into the physical realm, a powerful spiritual being in a vulnerable physical form, and yet you were enthusiastic and ready to take on the challenges of life.

However, you quickly discovered that life can be really hard. Shortly after birth, you started to experience pain, sadness and traumatic experiences.

For many people, closing the heart center has been a learned response of how to deal with emotional pain.

Burying the pain, closing the doors of the heart and building up walls in response to traumatic events, challenging relationships, and feeling of a lack of love is a common response, but it’s not one that ultimately serves. Moreover, while we can bury pain from others, we can never in the long-term hide it from ourselves.

So what it the solution? How do you open your heart and how do you keep your heart open in response to trauma, challenges, and the hurt and pain that happens in life?

The first step is to start peeling back the layers of armor around your heart.

To do this, think of a time when you truly felt happy and loved.

When I first did this exercise with a soul friend while I was college, it was so challenging for me. My heart had been broken. I felt unloved, alone, depressed, and I had built up a huge wall around my heart to try to keep others out. I built the wall subconsciously of course, in an effort to keep me from getting hurt again, and to stay safe, but behind the wall, I was miserable.

I closed my eyes, breathed, and struggled to look past the wall of hurt, pain, and depression to find a memory of when I really felt loved and happy. My ego mind said it was impossible. I doubted that I had ever felt loved, and I hesitated at the idea that happiness was even possible for me, but I kept searching.

how to open your heart Tears began to flow to my eyes as I sorted through the heartbreak, loneliness, feelings of isolation and pain, and then it happened. A crack in the wall around my heart allowed a brief glimpse of a happy time in my life to shine through.

My memory transported me back to my childhood, and there I was sitting at the kitchen table with my grandmother. Sheets of paper were laid out before us and little tubes of watercolor paints were scattered across the table. Bright New Mexican sunshine gently shone through the windows, and my grandmother looked at me with eyes of love and encouragement as I placed paintbrush to paper with a smile on my face.

In that moment, there was no judgment, no expectations or worries, just the unconditional love and acceptance of a grandmother, encouraging her granddaughter to play with color, to express, and to create.

My grandmother had passed away when I was in sixth grade, but she was alive in this memory and once again, as she had done so many years ago, she made me feel special, accepted and so loved.

With this simple little memory, the crack in the wall of my heart grew larger. Tears streamed down my face and the doors of my heart slowly began to creek open.

I would love to tell you that my heart burst wide open in that moment and that happiness overtook me, and my life was forever changed, but that would not be entirely true.

My heart did open a little bit. But there was still so much pain there, and it was strong. It would take me years to process through it to a point of really feeling happy, but the journey of opening my heart had begun with one layer of the armor I had built around my heart being taken down.

Years later, I was sitting in a circle at a channeled meditation group, being encouraged by the guide who spoke to open my heart. “Whatever visualization works for you is fine”, the guide spoke, “just let your heart open.”

I imagined the doors of my heart opening, but it was as if they were stuck. I wanted to open my heart fully, but I had forgotten how and my mind was loud and persistent in reminding me of this.

Where there was meant to be a luminescent glow of the open heart, I now had closed doors. But as I pleaded with my mind, with my consciousness, and with encouragement from the guide that day, the door opened a little, and once again, just a little bit of love beneath the pain shone through.

Over time… Through meditation, reading and learning, and with practice and persistence, I was able to fully open my heart and you can too!

Open Hearted Opening my heart and learning to listen to my heart has completely transformed my life. I am happy now, and I trust the clear guidance I receive from within.

My old self would say I’m vulnerable… It would feel naked without the shields of sarcasm, jadedness, and without the huge wall around my heart. But my old self would be missing out on so many of the blessings I have in my life now because my heart is open.

My heart is open, and of course, I still feel pain. I experience sorrow, sadness, and hurt. But when these challenging feelings arise, I don’t bury them behind layers of hurt. I breathe, and let myself feel the pain.

I, like most people still get swept up in painful emotions and challenging situations from time to time, but by breathing, and opening my heart to allow love in, I’m able to let the challenge go.

When you face emotions head on in this way, by allowing yourself to feel the pain, and then let it go, you’re able to take away its power.

If you bury and suppress painful feelings and challenges, they will build up, blocking the flow of love in your life and you will experience stagnation.

But if you return to presence, breathing, and allowing yourself to feel, you can keep your heart open.

With an open heart, you’re able to stay in the flow, allowing growth, inspiration, and happiness to flourish.

Open Heart Chapter 6:
How to Keep Your Heart Open!

To keep your heart open be willing to receive what life brings you.

If there are challenges on your path, trust that there is a lesson and growth will happen as a result. If there are opportunities appearing in your life, say yes instead of no and walk through the doors that open before you.

Also, check in with yourself and with you heart. Are you listening to your heart and following your dreams? Or are you trying to live the dream of another?

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Be willing to make changes to live in greater alignment with your truth, this will make it so much easier to keep your heart opening knowing you are living in alignment with who you really are.

Finally, know that you do not have to suppress past pain to align with present and future joy. Actually, quite the opposite is true. When you learn from challenges, and integrate past pain and perceived weaknesses, you create the space to be a complete person.

Instead of burying pain… Be there with your pain. Be there for yourself though painful times, and know that the pendulum of life swings both ways… If you’re in pain, there is also immense pleasure, love and joy which is possible for you when you open your heart to really experience, and be present with what happens in life.

The path of an open heart isn’t easy, and I don’t think you will ever find anyone who says it is. But when you do meet someone on this path, they will definitely tell you that living life with an Open Heart is well worth the challenge.

And the good news is… You have so much support available to you!

Your angels are always on hand to help you release pain, density and suffering so you can let go of past hurts, wounds and walls, to open your heart and to love.

Let yourself love. Opening your heart, and really loving is how you are able to experience the many blessings made possible for you therein.

As I mentioned above, meditation has been one of my biggest allies on this path.

Here are some meditations and additional resources to help you open your heart and keep it open!

The Heart Meditation with The Angels of the Light 

OpenYour Heart, Healing Meditation with Archangel Michael

Heart Healing Meditation with Mother Mary 

Further insight into Heart Opening with a channeled message from Orion

Open Heart Chapter 7:
19 Additional Ways to Open Your Heart Chakra & Keep It Open

Tune into the healing power of nature by spending time outdoors.

2. Ask your angels to support you in releasing fear and pain, opening your heart, and tuning into more love and light than you’ve ever experienced before.

3. Say aloud and write out the affirmation “I love and approve of myself.”

4. Focus on the area of your heart center, and as you breathe and relax imagine it glowing and filling up with more light with each and every breath you take.

5. Practice being more loving towards yourself, nurturing yourself and taking care of you.

6. Allow yourself to tune into the energy of forgiveness, for yourself and letting go of the pain attached to others who have hurt you in the past.

7. Let yourself love freely and openly, not expecting or anticipating anything in return.

8. Tune into gratitude.

9. Practice yoga, use mudras, or work with Qi Gong to become present and flow energy through your being, letting go of all that is blocking your heart.

10. Work with your angels to release past pain and make changes in the present to heal emotional wounds.

11. Invite Mother Mary to help you heal and open your heart, and then be open to how her help appears.

12. Let your tears flow, and with them let any pain go.

13. Focus on the word love fully and completely. Think of everything you associate with love and let the vibration of the word love begin to expand your heart center.

14. Ask the angels to infuse your vibration with love and to help you understand what Divine love really means.

15. Breathe through whatever emotions or memories rise to the surface.

16. Give yourself permission to follow your bliss, and take steps to bring more joy and love into your life in a way that’s just for you.

17. Practice tuning into the energy of acceptance. This doesn’t mean you have to like or approve of what’s happening… Just accept that it is, and through that let it be ok.

18. Be present in the moment, letting the past be in the past and the future be in the future. Your power, and all the love in the universe is available to you right now.

19. Look for love, goodness and beauty within and around you in each and every moment.

Fully opening your heart and walking the path of the open heart is an ongoing journey.

Take it one step at a time from wherever you are now.

In the moment, work to open your heart and allow love to flow through you and through your life.

Respond with love, and know that in this, there is no limit to the blessings and awakening you can experience, and there is no limit to the inner bliss and truth you can discover.

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Open Heart Chapter 8:
Receiving Guidance Through Your Open Heart- Channeled with Orion

Orion Channeled by Melanie Beckler:

Indeed dear one I am here. I am Orion, and I honor the light in you. I honor the love in you, the truth, the peace and the joy which you encompass. These are your traits, characteristics, and ways of expressing your truth.

The truth being, that you a divine being in physical form. You are light, you are spirit, and you are energy. You are one with Source, God, Universe… And you are able to reconnect with this divine inside of you, through opening your heart.

Receiving Guidance Through Your Open Heart I am pleased to assist you in doing this now through a simple Open Heart Meditation.

And so to open your heart, simply focus your awareness inward.

Breathe, relax, and begin to notice thoughts that appear on the canvas of your mind. Become aware of thoughts that are spiraling around in your mind, and then let them go.

Breathe, quiet your mind, and choose to turn away from the ego mind.

Instead focusing on just being, just breathing and enjoying this very moment that is right here and now.

I can assure you, that you will continue to have thoughts that appear as you meditate, and that’s okay!

Your ego will continue to chime in, and it will try to scare you, to judge you, and to distract you… And this to is okay.

Let it be okay, release thoughts as quickly and easily as they appeared and return your awareness towards your breath.

Yes, your ego is loud, yes your ego is judgmental, yes your ego is afraid. But know that you are not your ego.

This loud, judgmental, fearful and worrisome voice of ego is not you; fear is not even real, it is false evidence appearing real, but in reality only love is real, and fear, ego and doubt can all be wrapped up within the narrow confines of illusion.

I urge you now, to look away from the ego mind. As the voice of ego comes into your awareness, simply observe it, and let it go.

Choose rather to tune into the awareness of the part of you that is the observer. The higher vibrational aspect of you that is one with Spirit, one with the Divine and is able to look down at your life with compassion, and love to simply view, witness, and observe the events of your reality in a way that is free from judgement and attachment.

As you breathe, relax and observe, continue to release the thoughts that appear.

And now drop your awareness inward, shifting your focus further inside, into the area of your heart chakra.

Feel your point of focus moving down from your mind, and into your heart.

Now open your heart.

Ignore the ego’s questions, of how or why…

Just breathe, relax, and allow your heart to open.

It is normal, for you to feel emotional during this process.

There are many of you who have not opened your heart in years, and so you may meet some resistance from your ego, or encounter fear, judgment or even emotional pain from a past experience that caused you to close your heart in the first place.

Know that you are safe in opening your heart now.

Release thoughts as they come up, into the light, and return to simply focusing on opening your heart.

As you do this, your energy will begin to lift.

I Orion am sending you love and sending you frequency to support you in this process.

By opening your heart, you gain access to the knowledge of your Higher Self, and to the divine blueprint for your life. This is the detailed plan your soul set out to accomplish before you were born into this reality on Earth.

Your birth was not the beginning of you, rather, before this birth, you chose your parents you chose your experience, your physical characteristics and you did so with purpose.

As a soul you chose to be here now with intention, to learn, to heal and to accomplish a specific, and meaningful purpose.

Although you were born into reality under a veil of illusion causing you to forget these plans and causing you to forget your true nature your divine origin and essence, you are able to return to this knowing now, by opening your heart.

By looking within your inner realm and by being open, being willing to hear to see or to know the true message, the true you.

I will tell you it is love.

This may seem overly simple at first, it may seem basic or obvious, but know that this is often the way that spirit and your higher self will speak to you.

Urging you to follow your joy and love. As you focus within your heart now ask yourself: “Higher Self, What is my highest purpose for this life?”

Focus on your heart, quiet your mind and notice the answer you begin to receive.

Angel Energy Healing with Orion It may be; To learn and to grow.

It may simply be to love, or it may be something very specific, and something more.

Pay attention and know that whatever answer you receive is perfect and is divinely guided and exactly what you need to know right now.

It may simply be a loving feeling or a slight relaxation, so don’t worry, or doubt, or shift back into the resistance from the ego if you feel like you’re not getting anything at all.

Trust in the feeling of love you receive, embrace this.

Reconnect to this energy of love, the light of the Divine and of your soul through your heart often for as you do you will receive more specific more pointed guidance leading you back to your path.

The open-hearted path guides you into alignment with your purpose and towards fulfilling the reasons why you came here to earth.

You are unique and special, and by tapping into who you really are by opening your heart you align yourself with accomplishing your highest purpose, your divine purpose.

Trust that you have one. Trust that you are divine. And trust that by opening your heart, not only are you safe, but you are assisted and guided in returning to your full truth and authentic power.

Open your heart, and know that as you do, you are supported, protected and so loved.

I am with you, loving, and blessing you with light. ~ Orion

With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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