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You didn't come here to be poor. You didn't come here to struggle, and you didn't come here to feel unloved or unappreciated or as if one block after another was going to be put into your way.

You came here to learn how to navigate through blocks that were placed, to help you define the reality you wish to create. You came here to loosen the bonds which in previous life times that have kept you ‘bound' in poverty, isolation, loneliness or a seeming unending stream of struggle.

You came here to be loved and to love, to dance and to laugh to be joyful and expansive in your thinking in your dreams and to watch these flourish into beautiful reality.

So how come it hasn't turned out this way?

Heres the deal. You have a Higher Self. This Higher Self has lived many past lives and has endured many harsh times and learnt many things. Some of that ‘baggage' has been
brought over here with you to get rid of for once and for all, the issue is that we don't always realize that is the deal. So because its what we know, because its what we've become consciously accustomed to, we carry on with cycles of behavior or levels of expectation that simply are not serving us at all.

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The biggest issue the Angels tell me is not realizing that there is something that can and should be done. That is taking ownership of our reality and relishing the opportunity to create something different for ourselves.  By recognizing what these beliefs and patterns us, we immediately put ourselves in a place to ask for assistance in clearing them and replacing them with thoughts and feelings that actively help us create a much more loving and positive reality. The other part of the deal is that this is why we incarnated we Expected these blocks to happen we expected life to feel unfair and frustrating at times but we also knew that we had the magic or the power to overturn these patterns and to watch our reality change and blossom in front of our eyes.

So is there a magic process or a magic pill or potion?

Can a prediction or reading actually change the experience we are having at this moment ?

No – Yet it doesn't have to be hard work and help Is at hand.

Many times when we enjoy a clearing or release consciously held beliefs we do not realize that the core of the problem goes way down deeper.  Our thoughts and beliefs are often so subconcious that they are stored at a karmic or soul or ancestral level. Which means it doesn't have to have happened to us (in any of our lifetimes) to affect us, it can have happened to our ancestors or their ancestors and we simply agreed whilst in Euphoria to pick up the karmic tab as in this life time the slate will get wiped clean.

So what can we do?

Very often people will try and identify these patterns and release them to the light, however if we are talking relationship agreements with other soul family members we can find that they aren't going to agree to the releasing that easy because they are not at your pay grade yet. The issue is identifying these beliefs that we are not even aware we hold and Then release them on all levels and in all times and places so that Our bar tab doesn't get passed down the line also.

For example, as a clairvoyant I am used to talking to Angels Ascended Masters and Guides and teaching others to do the same, however I did not realize that I had cut the Creator out of the dialogue. I only found out in one particularly dark lifetime, I had felt so abandoned by God that I cut him out of the loop thus making my connection to the Angelic realm harder than it needed to be.

I have also met people that felt that it wasnt' ‘godly' to be materially succesful or that they had to be seen to struggle to be ‘worthy'  at a concious level they had done work to release themselves of these, yet their ancestors way back had lived in this way so the energetic dna simply carried on down the line.

The Answer is to Ask Your Soul For Permission To let go and release all of the baggage for once and for all.

To ask your own higher self to negociate with the Lords Of Karma to wipe clean the slate from all directions and all levels of any kind of group soul karma or Family Line Karma that you probably don't even know about.

The Lords Of Karma are a beautiful council of elders that have agreed in this lifetime people can start again, so keen are they to see the planet and her inhabitants ascend to a higher level that we are fortunate to be able to let go of thousands of years worth of ‘stuff.  Not only this but when we ascend everyone in our life begins their own invidual journey too.

So if others around you are Not Learning their lessons and they are integrally a part of your life what can you do?
Believe in their ability to fulfill their soul mission, believe me at a soul level they will be getting guidance about what they came here to do – their very own Mission Possible if you like

In addidtion to this you can ask Archangel Michael to ask their soul to release them from any agreements that are no longer in their highest interests.

Walk with me

I often ask Jesus, master of mercy, to walk with someone I love. To whisper quietly in their ear as a gentle reminder and give them nudges about their highest purpose.  I also ask Raguel the Angel of harmonious relationships to walk with people who are having a hard time seeing their own beauty or self worth. It comes to them as urges, feelings to respect them self or make better and healthful life choices. I ask Mother Mary to walk with women who are feeling unvalidated un loved or unheard.  I ask Gabriel to walk with children that need protecting from harsh circumstances and need tender loving care in her maternal arms.

Best of all I ask Michael to protect those I love from making bad choices that are not part of their path, and also to give them the strength to do what is right for them.  For those who know someone who won't commit to a course of action that you feel is needed, ask Archangel Metatron to inspire and motivate them to make the changes that are right for them as soon as possible.


Surrendering the need to control is a hard one, yet when we realise that often the time that help came the quickest was when we ‘gave up' we may realise that the Universe has our back, it has a limitless supply of ways to support and assist us that we can't ever figure out entirely.  So surrendering and practicing living in the moment and trusting Creator to sort it out for us will usually bring the assistance you need to you far quicker.


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Affirmations are a hugely powerful way of showing the Universe that you have made up your mind the way it's going to be and although affirming you are a size 12 when you are a size 20 may be a little hard to believe, please know that the way to do this is to state the smallest presence in gratitude in your life for something you'd like in larger supply.

So if you are wanting love desperately affirm daily ‘Thank you Angels for allowing me to see how lovable I am and for making me aware of all of the respect I enjoy from those people i come into contact with, this respect and acceptance highlights the beautiful person i am and makes way for more beauty to flow to me'.

If you are wanting money quickly affirm daily ‘Thank you Angels for bringing me a non stop supply of abundance to meet my daily needs. I have all of my needs met in ever increasing ways and I thank you for all that is to come'.

If you are wanting resolution to a problem of any kind affirm daily ‘I am becoming more and more aware of my power to choose positive outcomes and I am beginning to identify how powerful my positive focus is and thank you for bringing me ways to solve all blocks and turn them into opportunities'.

Trying to bridge the distance between something you don't yet have and something you want can be tricky so by using the words ‘Beginning and Becoming' you are showing the Universe that everything is possible it may take some time sure but it's already in the mix.

Just because your reality has been a certain way it is up to you to decide that you simply don't accept this as a reason for it to be that way any longer, and asking the Angels to give you the strength to find focus in a positive way will truly begin to flush out the old and bring in the new.

Remember the angels were created to help you and if you don't ask you simply cannot get.
Our Magical Clearings are designed to cleanse and release blockages on All levels and to give you tools to change your reality for ever more. It will take time but it has to happen if you are prepared to do the work.

Have a wonderful now~


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Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. I have always wanted to learn and understand more about angels and ascended masters. To increase my spirituality. Thank you for giving me answers and more to learn and do.

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