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How to Move from Scarcity to an Abundance Mentality

Cultivate An Abundance Mentality to Change Your Life

I’m going to make a bold statement here: switching your worldview from one of scarcity to one of abundance can completely change your life.

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More research, not to mention more personal experience, points to the fact that we create our reality through our thoughts, beliefs and emotions.  This means that what we focus on, we attract. When you feel that there isn’t enough to go around, you will experience that there isn’t enough.  When you feel that you have more than you could ever need, you experience more and more and more.

The Abundance Mindset

The Abundance Mindset begins from a place of personal worth. It is the worldview that there is more than enough of everything for everybody.  Funnily enough, when you adopt this paradigm, you end up giving just as much as you receive.

You’re no longer worried over what others are getting that you are not and you no longer feel that you’re missing out on things.  When you recognize that what others have and do in no way affects what you have and do, it’s much easier to feel joy and connection. When you believe that there is enough, what someone else receives is felt by you as a blessing.

Just imagine a world where everyone gives, knowing that more is on the way, rather than takes, worried that things are too valuable and scarce to part with. This is a liberating idea that allows you to see humanity and the universe from an entirely different perspective.

The Scarcity Mindset

The problem is that this is an easy concept to believe in when things are flowing and a difficult one to remember when we feel blocked or frustrated.  When something goes wrong, we dwell on what went wrong and this takes us right back to Scarcity Mindset.

Scarcity Mindset is the worldview that we must work long and hard to make even a little progress.  It is the belief that if someone else is happy or successful, they have taken some of our happiness or success. Imagine a colleague that gets a raise.  Are you happy for them or do you resent that you didn’t get one?  With Scarcity Mindset you believe that there was only one raise and someone else got it.

People have all kinds of limiting beliefs about romantic partners, careers, money, and the future. This is a short term approach to life and leaves you constantly working to protect your own interests instead of being open to others.

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8 Ways to Cultivate An Abundance Mentality

Cultivate An Abundance Mentality There are numerous ways you can begin to leverage let go of your Scarcity Mindset and adopt one of abundance.

Here are six ways to start cultivating an abundance mentality now.

1. Cut Back on Media

Most media today centers on lack, and on what you don’t have but desperately need.  This is Scarcity Mindset. Ads that try to sell us what we can only strive for but never achieve are just the tip of the iceberg.  Everything is written or produced to cultivate desire and dis-ease. Because of this, it’s wise to reduce how much and what forms of media you consume.  You don’t need to become a hermit, just be more aware of what’s coming in and how often.

2. Express Gratitude

Talking about what you want but don’t have has become natural for so many.  But the Law of Attraction tells us that talking about what you don’t have just brings more lack.  Try talking about what you have already been given and ask others to share the same.  Express gratitude for your blessings and circumstances and be the role model that leads others to do the same. Also, try talking about your goals and dreams as if it’s just a matter of time before they’re realized.

3. Share What You Have

Not only does sharing feel inherently good, you also help others in the process. And over time, what I’ve found is that I don’t really miss those things I’ve shared.  Though it isn’t just about material things – although this can be really powerful.  It’s also about sharing yourself and spending time connecting with others.  Generally speaking, the more you share, the more comes back to you. Remember, you’ve got plenty so don’t be shy to share!

4. Always Look For the Positive

Abundance Mentality isn’t the belief that nothing will ever go wrong.  It’s the belief that when things do go wrong there are still things to be gained.  Try to find positive lessons in the missteps and backfires. This encourages more positive lessons to make themselves known and can really assist in your spiritual growth.

5. Be True to Yourself

Scarcity Mindset compels you to compare yourself to others to see how you stack up.  You’re always trying to come out on top. Adopting Abundance Mindset means being comfortable as yourself and feeling good about your choices, no matter the circumstances. You are who you are and there is abundance in your life.  Remember that next time you feel you’ve fallen short of someone else’s success.

6. Ask the Angels for Help

You have angels who are always with you and who are ready and willing to help you in all areas of your life, including with cultivating an abundance mindset!

To learn about the Archangels of Prosperity and Abundance and how they can help you in your life… Click Here! 

Or for a guided meditation on How to Magnetize Love, Success and Abundance with help from Archangel Ariel, Click Here. 

7. Focus on Abundance

When you start to look for abundance in the world around you, you effectively begin to bring yourself into alignment with it. A great way of doing this is to surround yourself with people who have an abundance mindset themselves.

Don't know anyone with an abundance mindset to surround yourself with? Not a problem!

Just read a book about abundance!  There is really a ton of great material out there that will help you to begin to shift into a mindset of abundance.

Here are some books on Abundance I recommend:

Think and Grow Rich

Prosperity Consciousness

The Millionaire Next Door

Money and The Law of Attraction

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance

The Abundance Book

Abundance Now

Wherever you are now, start today. The universe is infinitely abundant and you are a part of that. Live from this place and watch how dramatically your life will change.

8. Abundance Affirmations

Affirmations are a wonderful way to fill your conscious mind with thoughts and ideas that empower an abundance mentality, to then bring you into alignment with creating these same things. If you're new to affirmations, using them is simple! Write them out, look at them often, state them out loud, and know that you are infusing your conscious and subconscious mind with abundance.

I consciously create blessings in my life.
Everything I need comes to me effortlessly and naturally.
I live a financially abundant life.
I know and walk the path of my life’s purpose.
I give generously to others and to myself.
I look for and experience the miracles of life.
I allow goodness to flow into my life.
I am an unlimited being.
I believe in my unlimited prosperity.
I am open to receive prosperity.
My life is filled with prosperity in abundance.
Money flows to me easily and frequently.
I focus on and think about what I want.
I am in the right place at the right time.
I have all the time and energy I need to accomplish my life's purpose.
I am grateful for all that I have.
I am an unlimited being.
I am abundant in all areas of my life.
I am financially free.
I love and am grateful for all that I create.
I have more money coming in than going out.
I deserve financial abundance.
The Universe loves and supports me.
I am open to receive the blessings of the Divine.
I visualize financial abundance for myself and others.
I magnetize money through love and joy.
I am a money magnet.
Money loves me.
I now know that I can create the life I want.
I know what I want and I create it.
I focus upon the success and prosperity of myself and others.
I feel good about the money I spend.
I am provided for as I trust and follow my heart.
I have all that I need.
I am open to receive.
I am financially abundant.
I am magnetic to the highest and greatest good.
I now experience prosperity in abundance.
I am now open to receive the full abundance of the Universe.
I have more coming in than going out”
Thank you for the unlimited financial abundance…
Ever dollar I spend comes back multiplied.
I am financially independent and free.

Ask the Angels:  How Do I Shift to Abundance Mentality?

“When we are in life and have experiences we don’t want, when we have pain, or the experience of lack, how do we shift our energy away from that? And how do we do that in a way that we remain present in the moment? How do we shift our energy away from we don’t want when it’s very present in our life?”

Archangel Metatron Channeled by Melanie Beckler

The most powerful tool for shifting your present circumstance, to align with infinite possibility, to manifest, and to co-create is to use intention. And the only place you can set an intention, the only place you’re able to change your circumstance is in the present moment.

When you vibrationally bring yourself into alignment with what you want to create, it is able to manifest more quickly. And to do this, you align with your inner divine being.

In this sense, you could redefine presence as being the vantage point of your inner divine being, which is able to see through your present challenges, to see through your present pain, to not get pulled into challenge, and struggle, and density, and lack, but to rather observe them as the truth that they are illusion, and to witness, and be fully present in the underlying, consistent inner divine love.

And when you are in this state, heart open, in the perspective of your inner divine being, with the simple intention, your manifestation is magnified. And so, regardless of what is happening in the world around you, return to presence, return to living, experiencing, being in this moment, your inner divine being, right now, tuning into your energy, tuning into yourself. Become aware of yourself as a whole, and now enter inward – going in multiple layers, going in beyond mind, beyond thought, going in beyond energy, beyond emotion, going in through your heart, (again, visualize the center glowing with light) to shift into the perspective of your inner divine being, that is total love, non-judgment, pure light.

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From here, you can then set your intention – what you desire to move towards. Focus upon the divine light within, and allow it to grow, and expand – filling your being, filling your body, filling your entire experience with divine light. For this is the truth of the present moment. The pain, the lack – that is all illusion.

The truth is that you are a divine being in physical form. You always have this divine light within you. Shift inward.

Another way of saying this is – Step back in perspective. Shift inward to return to light and love, the vantage point of the divine, the truth of your inner divine being, your soul light – letting go of thoughts as they appear, letting go of judgments as they appear, seeing them for what they are – vibrational appearances. Return to love, to you inner divine truth.

And sometimes, to get here, it does require what we will call, “Being present with your pain. Being present with your struggle.” If you are feeling pain in your leg, let yourself feel it, and shift inward. Let the pain be there without attaching to it, without judging it, see it for what it is – an appearance, a vibration, and return to your inner light, your true divine nature, the truth of the divine being, divine essence you always carry within.

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Benefits of Developing An Abundance Mentality

Still not convinced? Here are 4 benefits to making the shift into an abundance mentality now.

1. Enjoy The Freedom to Fail

When you know that there is enough and that you will be provided for, there is a freedom to take more risks. Missed opportunities become, “Not the right opportunity for me,” and you are content to wait for the right one. There is no fear of loss. There's a common misconception in our society that to get to success you have to avoid failure. But the reality, is that by moving through failure we align with success.

2. Achieve Your Goals

When you know that there is enough it becomes easier to get and stay motivated about your goals. You know it’s all possible; you just have to stay open to the means.

3. Reach Your Full Potential

When you see the world from a place of abundance, you know you are limitless and you open yourself to reach your highest potential.

4. Experience Less Attachment

When you have an abundance mindset and you know at the core of your being that so much is already on its way to you, you experience less of a need to cling to what has already been given.

You share with a freedom that comes only from the certainty that whatever you need will arrive in good time.

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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