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Who Is Your Guardian Angel?

Connect With Your Guardian Angels

Who is your guardian angel? Guardian Angels are the personal, protective and comforting angelic beings who guide us all.

Yes, you read that correctly! Whether you are currently aware of your guardian angels or not, everyone who is alive on the Earth at this time has guardian angels.

Connect With Your Guardian Angel Now Guardian angels don’t however, all work and act in the same way, and some guardian angels are more hands on than others.

Sometimes guardian angels will make their presence undeniable… Other times, their approach is much more subtle, and they’ll even stand back and wait for their guidance to be invited in.

Honestly how you and your guardian angel work and connect with one another depends largely on your personality and your needs in the moment… As your guardian angels will change their approach depending on what will most serve.

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Also, depending on how aware of angels you are, and of how often you seek to make a connection with your guardian angels, or invite their help and guidance and healing to your life… Plays a key role in how much your guardian angels are able to do for you.

At the base level, Guardian Angels nudge you in the right direction of your soul purpose. Sometimes, this guidance and “nudging” is just through sending you creative ideas or flashes of insight and inspiration. Other times your guardian angels will support you by comforting you and triggering a feeling that comes from deep down when you're feeling alone and sad and depressed, that reminds you: “Everything’s going to be all right. Everything's going to be okay. Keep going.” This is often the guidance of Guardian Angels.

In addition, Guardian Angels can nudge you in the right direction with an inspiration of, “Oh, let’s go do this. Let’s pull over to the side of the road here.” When this sort of guidance appears, it may be because there's some inspiration that will be triggered for you from that roadside stop, or perhaps it's to prevent you from some sort of accident further down the road, or a challenge that would have manifest had you kept going on your current course.

Guardian Angels are spiritual beings of love and light and divine presence, and they gently but consistently nudge you in the direction of your highest calling, your authentic truth, and your highest possible potential.

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Ultimately, Guardian Angels are spiritual beings, and so they don't have physical bodies like you and I. They don't even have wings despite, Angels so often being represented with wings.

Your guardian angels can however appear to you as physical looking beings, wearing cloaks and robes and even jewelry, having brilliant glowing eyes with light and love exuding from their presence. And they may often appear with wings, both to represent their ability to carry out divine will and to deliver the messages of the divine, but also because you may expect them to have wings… And so, since Guardian Angels can take on any different form or shape depending on what will most serve, their appearance can change depending on what you need help with, depending on what you may expect or what would most serve and support you in perceiving them as.

And so, if you need help bringing more feminine energy into your life, more creativity, that wild woman light or the Goddess light of the divine feminine, your Guardian Angel may appear as a female. She may have long flowing hair, wear a beautiful dress, or any other characteristics that you determine to be feminine. Additionally, your Guardian Angel may take on a masculine form. If you need to brute-force-power your way through something or be strong or courageous or feel protected, the masculine energy will be or can be demonstrated through your Guardian Angel’s appearance.

However, guardian angels don't even have to appear as human looking beings. Sometimes, I’ve seen my Guardian Angel in a very physical way, wearing a robe with brilliant blue eyes that really connected with me like I was connecting with another person. However, other sometimes, I’m aware of their presence just as orbs of light or just as the most incredible, brilliant, loving feeling that washes over my entire being with peace and comfort and divine presence and connection.

And so, if you're not seeing your Guardian Angel as a being that’s standing before you with wings and robes and necklaces and wearing sandals… Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you're not fully connecting with them, because sometimes, the way your Guardian Angel can most help you is more subtly.

Guidance from angels often comes through in the form of a simple nudge guiding you in the right direction. And often, it takes opening your psychic senses to really perceive Guardian Angels because they exist in such an elevated, high vibrational state of light and love.

A common way that Guardian Angels may use to get your attention is by showing you signs. Seeing Angel numbers like 111, 222 11:11, or 333 can be beautiful signs that your Angels are with you. Finding coins or feathers or seeing streams of light or flashes of color, or even just feeling a wave of peace, higher energy and light that washes over you.

Learn more about signs from angels here. 

These are all beautiful signs that your Guardian Angels are not only with you, but are reaching out towards you with their comforting energy, to help you raise your vibration, realign with your highest and best possible path, and more fully step into the full light of your divine spirit, your authentic spiritual being, and bringing all of this light and power in a way that you can access into your physical body and into your physical life.

Meet Your Guardian Angels

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One of my favorite ways to tune into the presence of my Guardian Angels is to just consciously do so. You can ask your Guardian Angels to help you with this.

So right now, close your eyes and shift your awareness within, breathing and becoming aware of light all around you.

Relax and breathe in the light, and then just think or say, “Guardian Angels, please help me to become aware of your presence right here and now. Please step forward, so that I can experience you and know that you're with me in a real way. Guardian Angels, what guidance do you have for me right now?”

And now, to tune into your Guardian Angels, focus all of your awareness on the area of your heart chakra in the center of your chest, imagining light glowing brilliantly within your heart.

You can even imagine doors to your heart opening wide, and that you're diving into your heart that acts like a doorway to the Angelic realm, that acts like a vibration elevator. Because when you shift your awareness inward, into the area of your heart, your light is able to more effortlessly expand around you, your vibration is able to raise, and you’re able to shift your point of awareness from being solely focused on the 3D physical world around you, towards being focused on the realm of Angels and the realm of your Guardian Angels.

Connect With Your Guardian Angels Open your heart, set the intention to connect, ask your Guardian Angels for help and now tune into their love, guidance, inspiration, healing, and blessings.

Your Guardian Angels are with you and they want to have a deeper connection with you. Your connection with Guardian Angels does not work in the same way that two physical beings are connected. Guardian Angels can act in ways that are incredible human, by being a friend, being an ally, being a comfort, but they can also guide you in a way that's more nonphysical, that's more like how ideas flow through you and how your creativity and inspiration flows in.

So, depending on what you want and depending on what will most serve you now on your path, (and don’t worry, your Guardian Angels know this) that's going to determine the type of relationship you have with your Guardian Angels. And know that it may change over time.

Maybe you saw your Guardian Angel in a very physical, real, apparition type of way in the past and you want to have that experience again. Just don’t be attached to it.

Be willing to experience your Guardian Angels in the way that will most serve, according to Divine Will, which is sometimes subtler than you would like, as a way of building up your faith and trust and inner knowing, or any other number of ways.

Ask Your Guardian Angels For Help!

Ask your Guardian Angels for help, making the connection with them, be willing to look for signs and signals of their presence, and be willing to how your connection unfolds.

Most importantly, remember and know in your heart, at your core, deep down, that you do have Guardian Angels with you… And that you can become more connected to their love, guidance, and healing.

Honestly, the more you start asking for their help and looking for their presence and feeling for their light, raising your vibration, and tuning into the higher vibrational realm of Angels, the more effortless your connection is going to be.

The more you ask, think about and invoke your angels, the more guidance you’ll be able to receive, and the more love of your Guardian Angels will come into your life.

Give this process a try, just focusing within, letting your heart glow and expand with light, letting your heart open, tuning into light that is within and all around you and asking:

“Guardian Angels, please help me to connect with you in a real and powerful way that will most serve, according to divine will right now.”

Give it a try because your Guardian Angels are with you and are ready and willing to make the connection.

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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