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10 Ways to De-clutter Your Mind

Tis the Season for Spring Cleaning and I’m all about it. How about you?

Clearing dust, grime and clutter out of our homes at the start of Spring makes perfect sense.

During the Winter we all tend to spend more time indoors, and things (ahem clutter and dust bunnies anyone?) have a way of accumulating.

As the days begin to grow warmer, or at the very least we begin to feel the pull of Spring, it's the perfect time for cleansing out the old.

Spring Clean Your Mind.

Spring Clean Your Mind - Here's 10 Ways to Declutter Your MindSpring Cleaning typically references cleaning your home. Most people focus their Spring Cleaning efforts on de-cluttering their physical space, and clearing out what no longer serves to help make way for a joyful Spring. This is so powerful to do! 

Clearing out dust, grime or clutter that may have accumulated over the Winter helps create a space and openness for new blessings in the Spring cycle of growth, fertility and productivity that is to come.

But of course… As within so without.

So in your Spring Cleaning efforts, don’t forget to do a little Spring Cleaning on yourself too!

Decluttering your mind, cleansing your physical body, and cleansing your aura are all well suited and timely to do now at the very start of Spring.

DeClutter Your Mind!

Mental clutter can lead to stress, anxiety, and all sorts of other challenges (including physical challenges) too.

When your mental state is chaotic, and cluttered with worries, fears, and racing thoughts bouncing from one thought to the next, it's stressful!

A cluttered mind can lead to feeling off balance, out of sorts, distracted, unable to sleep, and even worse!

With a cluttered mind, you’re also inadvertently blocking yourself off from the spaces of presence, stillness and openness that are required for connection with God/ Source/ The Universe.

Love, peace, presence, true spiritual connection, and clear guidance from Spirit become possible and accessible to you when your mind is clear. 

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I want to preface here: By writing this, I certainly don’t mean to imply that I have this all figured out. I continue to oscillate out of presence, stillness and clarity at times too. But I have become a student of the process, continually practicing ways and finding new tools and methods that work for me to return to presence, and shift in alignment with the Highest Love.

Just like cleaning your house is not something you do once and are then forever done with…

De-cluttering your mind is an ongoing process too.

Here are some tools that can help:

10 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Mind

1. De-clutter Your Space

Having a cluttered, dirty, and messy home or office can absolutely wreak havoc on living a joyful and peaceful life. It can totally disrupt your mental clarity too.

To help declutter your mind, a good ole fashioned Spring Cleaning of your external surroundings is really helpful! 

If you don’t get how having a cluttered space could affect your mental state, just envision urgently trying to find something in a jam-packed and disheveled closet or junk-drawer. Or trying to cook an elaborate meal with a kitchen that's an absolute disaster.

There’s a subtle but very real stress that physical clutter creates.

Support your mental clarity by tidying up your physical surroundings and clearing out the excess clutter from items you no longer need, and that aren’t really sparking joy in your life or serving you.

2. Write It Down!

When your mind is spiraling with thoughts, cycling through long to-do-lists, worrying, and racing through who all knows what else, it can be hard to just “stop thinking”.

A great way to mentally declutter is to write down everything that’s going through your head!

Get a pen and a notebook and transfer the thoughts that are cluttering up your mind onto paper. Writing can in and of itself bring a powerfully cathartic release, but also knowing that your shopping and to-do-lists are written down can help you to mentally let go and find a greater sense of peace and presence now.

Writing down what’s going on in your mind is also helpful for processing vague spiraling thoughts and emotions into understanding. If you’re feeling a bit mentally frazzled, take 15 minutes to just free write about everything you’re thinking and all that’s running through your mind. Notice how you feel before and after writing… you'll likely notice a big difference!

This is not just “spiritual theory”… Several studies have shown that journaling can cause a significant improvement in mental and physical health.

3. Meditate

You probably knew this one was coming right? Meditation is like the ultimate spring cleaning for your mind.

Meditation is all about dropping into a space of mental peace and stillness to bring a powerful sort of mental reset.

When you regularly meditate, you create openings for your soul truth and higher Divine and angelic forces to reach and support you.

But of course… The more chaotic and cluttered your mind is, the more challenging and frustrating trying to meditate may seem. Stick with it!

Meditation is called a practice for a reason, it takes practice to really get it, and even once “you’re there” and consistently enjoying relaxed and blissful meditation states there will still be “those days” where your mind will just not totally shut off! Let that be okay… Focus on your breathing, call in your angels, and know that even if your mind is racing through your meditation, you’re still getting benefit from the intent and time you’re setting aside to tune in.

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4. Move Your Body

When in doubt, walk it out! Seriously, this is like a secret weapon. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, getting outside and moving your body is a great way to clear your mind.

I like to hike, or work in the garden, but honestly it doesn’t matter so much what you do… The key here is to get outside and move your body in some way.

Exerting physical energy has a powerful way of clearing the mind, and while nature is an incredible ally for this … Even walking on a treadmill or spinning on a stationary bike can be incredibly helpful for mentally de-cluttering too.

5. Presence In Nature

Nature is magic. Spending time in nature has a powerful way of clearing your mind, and refreshing your energy. Nature brings many gifts including relaxing, restorative and rejuvenating benefits.

Practice “forest bathing” to declutter your mind by surrounding yourself with nature and then through presence, and by using all of your senses, simply observe, experience and enjoy the beauty and magic of the natural world around you.

I live in a forest so sometimes I’ll just step outside to tune into the trees, sky and Earth when I need a little mental refresh.

Time at the beach, by a lake, or even just watching rain or snow fall can bring a wonderful sense of mental clarity. The key is to allow yourself to become fully present with nature, and the wisdom of nature will help you to become more mentally present, focused and clear.

6. Have a Mug of Tea

If you find yourself feeling a bit frazzled mentally, have a simple “spiritual tea ceremony” to return to presence.

Brew yourself a big mug of relaxing tea (lavender, chamomile, ashwaganda, or tulsi tea are all great options to help de-stress).

As you allow your tea to steep, rather than running off to do something else, stay there with the tea and become fully present in the moment. Check in with all of your senses; noticing what you observe within and all around you, noticing the somatic sensations of the air on your skin, the earth beneath your feet, and the sounds around.

Linger in the present moment while your tea steeps, and when it is ready to drink, take a moment to hold the mug near your nose and just breathe in the warmth and blissful scent.

Feel the warmth, taste the flavor, sense the energy, smell the aroma, and tune into gratitude for this little moment of joy and presence your cup of tea brings. Presence is the opposite of mental clutter, and a relaxing mug of tea can help you return to it.

7. Do A Social Media Detox

If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed mentally, check in with yourself as to what your media and social media consumption has been like recently.

Being on social media absolutely adds mental clutter to your headspace and studies show it increases feelings of loneliness and depression as well.

If you notice you're feeling a bit frazzled, consider deleting the social media apps from your phone for a little while, even 24 hours to start.

You don't have to stay off of social media forever, but especially if you notice you're feeling triggered by what other people are posting… If you're dropping into FOMO or judging your reality in comparison to someone else's social media highlight reel, take a break from it and reconnect with what is most important to you in the real.

8. Observe Your Thoughts

There's an interesting phenomenon I'd like to share with you. When you set the intention to observe your thoughts in an attempt to reflect on whether they're more positively or negatively focused… Your mind has a way of being on its best behavior.

Ordinary mental consciousness is naturally pulled into negative thoughts of judgment, worry, fear, etc.

Mindfulness, or beginning to observe your thoughts in the moment is a great way to shift your natural state of being.

Pay attention to your thoughts, and to how you speak to yourself and other people. Notice when you're being negative, and rather than beating yourself up about it… Shift.

9. Single-task.

We absolutely live in a multi-tasking society. Do you find you're often working on multiple things at once? This is incredibly common, but its also a fast way to clutter up your mind and raise the stress levels in your life.

Instead of priding yourself in your multi-tasking ability, practice “single tasking“, or quite simply, choosing to be fully present and focused working on one thing at a time.

So if you're cooking dinner for example, be fully present there cooking dinner. Let yourself become fully immersed and present in the process. Feel the feels, smell the smells, tune into the subtle energy of the food, and the magic in the moment.

Let go of everything else you have to do for the time while you're cooking. Then when dinner's finished, let it go, clean up and then move on to fully focusing on your next task.

10. Talk About It

When things get overwhelming mentally, it can be incredibly helpful and healing to talk about it with another person. If you don't have someone you can freely talk to without judgement, consider finding a good therapist or counselor who can help you to have a safe space and ally to talk it out.

We've often heard the phrase “talk is cheap”, but when it comes to working through challenges, and being able to let go of something so you can mentally de-clutter, talking to someone can at times make all the difference.

Keep It Simple

I hope these tips are helpful for you to cleanse and de-clutter your mind. The goal here isn't to stop thinking entirely… Rather its to have some simple tools to help you cultivate presence and clarity so you can live with greater joy and love, and to really thrive in your life.


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