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Clearing The Mind with Golden Light!

Clearing the Mind with Golden Light Clear your mind, wash away any negativity, and return to harmony with this simple Golden Divine Light Energy practice.

Clearing the mind with golden light is a powerful practice to do any time, especially those moments when the chatter of your mind is loud.

Additionally, this is perfect to do at times when you simply need a little recharge or any time you want to raise your vibration and reconnect and reopen your link with the light of the Infinite, the light of the Divine Source, your inner Divine Core of light, peace and truth.

Reconnecting with your inner Divine core of light and allow that to shine out from you in the present moment, will powerfully magnetize to you blessings in alignment with the Highest Divine possibilities for your life!


Clear Your Mind And Raise Your Vibration With Golden Light Energy

So essentially the way this meditation practice works for clearing my mind is using your breath to become aware. You then visualize, imagine and call forth Golden Divine Light Energy to fill your mind, to reset your mental state of being, to warm your thoughts, to illuminate your mind, to wash the mind of any chaotic energy or negativity to powerfully and profoundly reset you back into harmony with your Divine Core Truth.

Reset Your Mind and Breathe

First, find a comfortable position and close your eyes.

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And to begin, let's just take three deep breaths. Breathe in and become aware that you're breathing in.

Focus all of your awareness on your breath, breathing deep into your lower abdomen. And as you exhale, let go and release.

Breathe in life force energy. Breathe into your lower abdomen. And as you exhale, let go..

Again, breathe in the light that is all around you. And as you exhale, let go.

Set The Intention To Clear The Mind

“At this time, I call in each of our teams of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters to surround us, protect us, and support us each as individuals and together as one in clearing our mind and re-centering in Golden Divine Energy and Light…”

As you close your eyes and relax, imagine that you're transported to the most beautiful, peaceful setting in nature. Whatever this is for you, whether you are in a meadow, in the forest, overlooking in the beach, or even on a screened in porch, whatever feels right for you….

Transport to that place.

Feel the Peace of the Golden Light Shine Upon You

Clear your mind And now, imagine that on the horizon, the sun is rising, the most beautiful golden sunlight, gently streaming in your direction…

Tune in to the light of the Golden Sun, which transmits Divine Life Force Energy, light codes and frequencies.

Focus your awareness on this golden sunlight so beautifully rising in the sky.

And as you tune into the golden light, allow yourself to feel the warmth, joy, and serenity that is transmitted through the solar light.

Really tune into it, immersing yourself in this beautiful setting, experiencing the feeling of peace around you and the light of joy, vitality, and bliss of the sun shining down upon you.

And as you take your next breath in, imagine that you're breathing the Golden light into your mind. Breathe in that light of joy, warmth, and vitality.

Tuning into the light of the sun, the light of joy, the light of bliss, the light of infinite possibility.

Allow it to bring a natural smile to your face, a gentle upward turn of your lips, tuning into that joy and light of the Golden Solar Christ light…

Breathe it in and as you exhale, exhale out through your mouth.

And let go.

Let Go of Stress, Tension, and Insecurity

Let go of stress and tension and insecurity. Let go of fear. Let go and release. And as you breathe in, breathe the Golden light into your mind.

Allow it to fill your mind, to fill your entire head. Illuminate your thinking. And as you exhale and breathing out of your mouth on your exhale, visualize that you're letting go.

You may literally visualize a gray mist leaving…. as your thoughts are washed, are rinsed with this Golden light. Breathe in the light of the sun, the light of warmth, of the light of joy, of peace, the possibilities of a new day.

And as you exhale, let go.

Breathe in the light of the Divine, the light of the Golden Sun, the Golden Solar Energy that flows into your head that expands around your entire body, that fills your aura, your body, mind, and spirit with Golden light.

Let your vibration lift. Let this warm, smiling, joyful Golden energy fill your entire being. And as you exhale, let go of all of it. All that no longer serves.

Finding Inner Peace and Clarity with your Divine Core Light

Let go and really breathe in the Golden light. Feel the light of warmth, of joy, of peace, filling your mind, reconnecting you now with the truth of your Inner Divine Being accessed through the light of clarity, through the warmth and joy and serenity of your clear mind, you are able to access the Core Light, your inner most being the truth of your joy, vitality, your vibrant well-being and radiant bliss.

Feel the Golden light of the sun. Warming your thoughts, filling your mind, filling your entire head, expanding out around your entire being so that you brightly shine like the light of 1000 suns so that you shine in alignment with the truth of the divine being you innately are…

Letting go of illusion, uncertainty, and embracing through your clarity of mind, the joy and light and truth of the Divine I Am, right here and now.

Now feel this golden light flow down from your mind into your heart, into your abdomen and down, grounding you in this moment now to the earth. Returning your awareness to the present moment, cleansed, recharged, and purified.

Clearing your Mind One Breath at a Time

I hope that you enjoy the simple practice for filling your mind with Golden Solar light, to clear your thoughts, to warm your energy, to raise your vibration, and to reconnect you in this moment now with the Highest Divine light, with the Core Truth of You, which aligns you with the highest and best divine possibilities available to you right here and now.

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If you enjoyed this meditation, comment below, and let me know if you liked it and whether you felt that Golden Solar light filling your mind.

And if you didn't either go back and listen or just guide yourself through this process now breathing, calling in your team and then visualizing yourself in that beautiful place in nature with the Golden Sun rising, shining down upon you, filling your mind, warming your thoughts, and illuminating the light of your inner most Divine being.

I love honor and appreciate you.

Any light you see in me is simply a reflection of the brilliant light of you.

Keep shining and remember how loved you really are.

I love and appreciate you, and of course, your entire team in spirit loves you so, so much. When you clear your mind, you become more receptive for that Higher Divine guidance, love and support to flow in.

Melanie Beckler


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