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angelic realm A Look At The Archangelic Realms…

Guest Post by Sheelagh Clairaudient

The Archangels are with us from the moment we are ‘born’ as a soul, and they love us so much that they have ‘mystery schools’ which are actual places in the Universe, when a soul is given consciousness we choose a mystery school to attend prior to beginning our incarnations on different planets including Earth.

As an akashic record reader, the Archangelic realm you were born in gives you a ream of information about the way you view the life you are in, put simply it is the traits of the archangel whose realm you were schooled in that form part of the qualities of your soul.

Archangel Michael's realm is the realm I was born under, and he typifies illumination and clarity  Those with their primary training in this realm will be able to see through illusions and half truths, they are likely to be gifted clairvoyantly and protective towards those they love.  People born under Michael will be guided by him, and are spiritual warriors and protectors of truth.

Archangel Uriel's realm is all about grounding energy, he brings up the energies of compassion and trust, and those born under his patronage are likely to be increasingly compassionate towards those around them and may struggle drawing clear boundaries with loved ones.  Uriel brings forth the energy of physicality, and people born under Uriel can struggle to realise how gifted they are due to their connection with the physical

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Archangel Raphael is the Universal healer, healing all manner of dis ease including emotional mental and also financial.  Those with their training in this realm will radiate love and are healers in the ‘being’ sense of the word, Raphaels souls will often give until they have nothing left and have to be aware of the lesson ‘love thyself first,

One of the lesser known Archangels is Archangel Zophkiel, and this Archangel is all about beauty aesthetics and balance, people who fall under Zophkiel make great teachers, artists and creative projects. Music, art and elegance are all the remits of those born under this realm.  Zophkiel is a beautiful archangel and brings justice harmony and fairness to the world and it’s people, so lawyers, advocates and mentors will find it easy to tap into their natural principles of what is true and good.

If you’re lucky enough to be born under Archangel Chamuel you are here to bring through the energies of divine love.

Often known as Kamiel, Chamuel will bestow upon his protegees an understanding nature and overwhelming desire to help and heal those they come into contact with.  The challenge of being born under this Archangel is often seeing where one needs to step back and allow others to learn their lessons so that they grow as they higher self intended.  Your soul purpose is going to be to do with healing, and allowing peoples sense of self love and self esteem to grow as well.

Archangel Zadkiel, angel of transformation and transmutation brings material success and creation to the lives of the souls who trained with him.  Doctors, midwives and educators are all associated with this sign due to the qualities of birth and growth which Zadkiel typifies.  Creators, these souls will be adept at bringing abundance and teach us that it is entirely spiritual to be happy and abundant.

Finally, we have Archangel Gabriel and those with their training in this realm are likely to be communicators, writers teachers and journalists.  Gabriel bestows her charges with the gift of clarity and also high levels of clairvoyance, you will find anyone with a desire to teach or speak to the masses is likely to be born under her loving gaze and the only challenge with this realm is a tendency to feel the need to share their message with anyone, when truly, the right audience is needed.

The Archangels are always on hand to work with you no matter which realm you were born on, and after you have connected with them your path will always be more full of love, light and abundance than you ever thought possible.

The Archangels have asked me to pass on a final message of welcome, saying you can work with them, any of them and all of them whenever you feel the need they are standing by just waiting to bring love, light and healing to your life, so go ahead and Ask the Angels.

With infinite love and magic,

Sheelagh and the angels


About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. as an intuitive astrologer i look to star charts and higher guidance for answers. like Sheelagh, i am born under Archangel Michael’s realm. self realization is my soul mission during this lifetime and i must say it is such a HARD thing to achieve! nevertheless, Archangel Michael is ever so patient with me. every night i look forward to “attending class” in the dreamtime and wake up simply “knowing.” sometimes he appears to me in meditation as a simple angel. we visit places. in one of these “journeys” he brought me to a really huge fountain with a long view to a domed building that sparkled in the sunlight. he said to me via my intuition, “we will go there when it is time.” i do not exaggerate when i say i have not felt this kind of love with any person. it just IS. AGAPE? i count myself fortunate.

  2. I have a brain tumor on the stem of brain I believe god has this and in angles I want any information I don’t have no money

  3. I would like to know what Realm I am & what it means when u find white feathers after the Death of a loved one. Thank you

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