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Top 5 Angel Tarot Cards – Which Deck is Best For You?

Angel Tarot Cards are essentially just Tarot Cards, with artwork that features angels, or has an angelic theme.

An Angel Tarot deck differs from Angel Oracle Cards, in that they follow the traditional 78 card Tarot structure and system (some more directly than others), and are divided into 22 Major Arcana Cards, 40 Minor Arcana and 16 Court Cards.

(The same basic structure as the most popular Rider Waite Tarot).

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Which Angel Tarot Deck is right for you?

Here are your options:

The Rider Tarot The Rider- Waite Tarot

First off, I can't share any guide to Tarot Cards without including the Rider-Waite Tarot.

The Rider Tarot is not specifically an Angel Tarot Deck, however is the most commonly used Tarot Deck today, so whether you're a new or seasoned Tarot Reader, its a good one to consider. This really is the standard deck used in books or even websites that teach Tarot.

If you're new to reading Tarot, this is a great deck to start with because you can learn the system and symbolism as well as the basic meaning of the cards. Once you know the Tarot system its easier to then branch out into the many themed Tarot Decks there are to choose from today.

This is also considered to be the first modern Tarot Deck, commissioned by Waite and illustrated by Pamela Colman- Smith.

While this deck does not feature an angel theme, you can of course call angels into your Tarot readings and use the Tarot to boost and heighten your Angel Intuition.

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Now… Onto the 5 Angel Specific Tarot Decks.

Influence of the Angels Tarot

Influence of the Angels Tarot The Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski is a well thought out and executed 78-card Tarot deck with angelic artwork.

It follows the Rider-Waite Tarot structure with nothing “watered down” or changed as is common in other Angel Tarot systems.

The angelic artwork on the cards is a classic inspired fine art style collage which mostly follows the symbolic image structure of the Rider Waite system.

The Major Arcana has different named angels depicted (and explained in the guidebook) that correspond with each card. ie The Moon Card features Archangel Raphael.

The Minor Arcana imagery depicts scenes closely mirroring the Rider-Waite cards, but with the same classical art style, and depicting an angel somewhere in the scene.

The court cards images are of real historical figures which correspond to the cards meaning which is an interesting additional layer.

All in all this is an Angel Tarot Deck that works for beginners and yet you could really go deep with it.

It also includes a 184-page illustrated guidebook with detailed card meanings, angel correspondents and insight into the cards imagery and symbolism so you can really connect with and learn this deck to read it intuitively.

Angel Tarot Cards

Angel Tarot Cards The Angel Tarot Cards were originally published by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. It's since, been republished with Radleigh Valentine as the sole author.

This is a full 78 card tarot deck, with beautiful artwork featuring angels, mermaids, unicorns, and fairies by the talented artist Steve A. Roberts.

One of the authors selling points for this deck is that you can use the Angel Tarot without all of the negativity and ego based properties that some tend to associate with more traditional tarot card decks. It is said to have been designed to be “100% gentle, safe, and trustworthy”. For example, “the Fool card” in the Rider tarot is changed to “The Dreamer” in this deck.The shocking “Tower” tarot card has been changed to “Life Experience” and the “Devil” card is changed to “Ego”.

Beautiful and magical imagery is also used throughout the deck so that (almost) every card lifts and inspires through beautiful visual imagery along with providing insight. I say almost because there are a few cards I really don't like…

In the Angel Tarot deck, each of the Major Arcana cards correlates with an Archangel, and their specific area of expertise, which can be incredibly helpful to know.

Other changes when compared to traditional tarot decks include the Suits…Normally the Tarot is divided into cups, wands, swords, and pentacles.

The suits in the Angel Tarot have been changed to fire, water, air, and earth. These are the elements associated with each suit in the standard Tarot, so its not a huge change… The artwork and symbols both honor and stray from the standard Rider-Waite Tarot Cards.

Angel Tarot by Travis McHenry

Angel Tarot I really wanted to like this Angel Tarot deck by Travis McHenry, but I was disappointed.

Straying a bit from the traditional Rider-Waite structure, this deck has 72 cards each corresponding with the 72 angels of the Kabbalah. On each of the 72 cards, the traditional sigil (think magical calling card for that angel) is featured. I love this part!

In a way this deck is a great introduction to the 72 angels of the Kabbalah, as they're all right there, sigils included in one place. But other than that I found the deck lacking.

Neither the cards, nor the guidebook give any real information on the 72 angels other than their name and sigil.

The artwork is also very minimal, and in my opinion misleading (many of the cards have a dark flavor/ feel) in terms of the energetic quality and characteristics of the angels.

This is a tarot deck, so the cards do have a listed correspondance with the traditional tarot structure. ie. the Archangel Michael card is said to represent the Chariot … But the connections aren't obvious, which makes the deck difficult to use for readings.

The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace

The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace The Angel Tarot by Jayne Wallace is a full 78-card Tarot Deck illustrated with beautiful angelic imagery. It also features a full color guidebook offering descriptions of the cards.

The angel illustrations in this deck have a beautiful and bright watercolor feel, especially the Major Arcana cards and Court Cards (Kings, Queens, Pages) .

The rest of the Minor Arcana cards unfortunately (Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands) do not have the same quality artwork and have a repetitive feel. The entire Cups suit for example (10 cards) have the same design… Simple blue wings in the background with 1 to 10 cups in the foreground on the card. When compared to the richness of symbolism in the Rider-Waite Tarot for example, this is really lacking and makes intuitively reading the cards quite challenging because you're missing key visual cues.

That being said, if you're looking for a deck to do light Tarot readings based on the descriptions in the guidebook, this could be a good option for you. The guidebook descriptions are light, gentle and angelic not “harsh” in any way as other tarot decks can be perceived to be.

The Angel Wisdom Tarot

Angel Wisdom Tarot The Angel Wisdom Tarot is the newest (and completely solo created) deck from Radleigh Valentine, illustrated by Daniel Craig and published through Hay House.

It features angelic imagery with lots of deliberately included symbolism on each card to help add depth and meaning to your readings. I like that they included imagery that points to the astrological correspondence, Archangels associations, and Major Arcana association for each card.

The Angel Wisdom Tarot mostly follows the Rider Waite system, however some cards are changed in an attempt to “soften” the meaning. ie. the Fool is changed to the Dreamer. The Temperance card is changed to balance, etc.

Each of the cards also features a written description right on the card. I don't really prefer this in my decks because I like to read intuitively, but it has become somewhat of a standard with Hay House decks, and it can make reading the cards more beginner friendly especially if you're first starting out with the Tarot.

This deck does include a guidebook which deliberately offers positive and uplifting meanings to guide your readings.

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Which of these do you like most! Comment and let me know, or if you know of other Angel Tarot Cards you've enjoyed be sure to share!

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With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



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