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How To Know Which Angel Cards Are Right For You: A Buyer’s Guide

Which Angel Cards Deck is right for you?

When it comes to buying angel cards, there is certainly no shortage of options to choose from. But having such a large variety can be a bit of a double-edged sword.

On one hand, the large variety of cards means there are many beautiful decks to choose from with all sorts of unique themes, authors and points of focus… Something for everyone!

But on the other hand, having too many options can make for a confusing challenge when it comes to choosing which cards are right to order for you.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I was first starting out as an Intuitive Card Reader I was a bit overwhelmed with all the options to choose from, and even felt at times like I wanted to buy all the Angel Card Decks, which is not an economical option, nor is it even helpful when it comes to using oracle cards to bring through accurate and meaningful intuitive guidance.

Angel Cards Buyers Guide I’ve also spent countless hours admiring decks in new age book shops and crystal stores, (it helped that I worked in one for years) trying out as many new decks as possible, and even pouring over the text on the backs of card boxes of those elusive unopened decks.

I’ve also had the experience of finding a deck that looked great at the surface level, only to open it up in person and not really resonate or vibe with the cards contained within it at all.

But in the course of my many years reading Angel, Oracle, and even Tarot Cards, I’ve learned a great deal about how to choose the right cards, and so I’m excited to help make buying oracle cards a bit easier for you whether you’re looking to purchase your first deck or add a new deck to an already large and growing collection.

What are Angel Cards?

If you’re reading this now, you probably already have at least a basic understanding of what Angel Cards are… But I want to share just a little more insight.

Angel Cards are Divination Tool.

That’s right they’re a tool. They’re not a magical way to connect with the angels, or to tell the future, just as a garden trowel isn’t a magical way to grow a garden.

But a garden trowel certainly is a helpful when it comes to gardening, just as Angel Cards are helpful when it comes to receiving angelic guidance.

The process of receiving intuitive guidance using Angel and Oracle Cards (I use these two terms interchangeably) is called an Angel Card Reading. It’s a form of Divination, and is a skill anyone can learn to build and develop.

Certified Angel Card Reader I have a REALLY powerful Certified Intuitive Angel Card Reader Course Here >>

Or, if you’d like to experience an Angel Card Reading in action, check out some of the Free Angel Card Readings I offer on my YouTube channel.

Are Angel Cards the Same As Tarot Cards?

Yes and no. Angel Card Readings are a form of Cartomancy, which is a fancy way of saying Divination using a Deck of Cards.

There are structured Cartomancy systems with assigned meanings for every card that you can use with regular Playing Cards or Tarot Cards…

Or, if you like a little freer form style without having to memorize all the card meanings before hand, you can use a deck of Angel Oracle Cards!

The intention of this guide is to help you choose which Oracle Cards might be right for you, because when you’re working with the right deck, the process can become that much more fun and magical.

Having a deck that you really connect with can also be a wonderful tool to strengthen your intuition, and increase the guidance, support and even healing energy of the angelic realm and realms of Spirit you’re able to tune into.

Let’s dive in to the Buyers Guide for Angel Cards.

(Note, as an Amazon Associate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases if you purchase Oracle Cards on Amazon through the links below at no extra cost to you.)

Simply Click on the Card Deck images to learn more, or when you're ready to order the deck that feels right for you.

Which Angel Cards are right for me?

Oracle Cards are all so beautiful, so how do you choose?

Here's the part where I give you the secret key for choosing the deck that's right for you…

Listen to your inner guidance!

I know… I know… Not the “secret key” you were hoping for…

But here's something that will help:

As you read through some of the popular and recommended Angel Card Decks below, pay attention to which decks you feel drawn to. You could even start a “short list” by jotting down the names of your personal deck contenders.

Once you've narrowed your list down to a few choices… Pick one deck of angels cards to tune into at a time.

Stand up. Place your hands over your heart. Clear your mind, take a deep breath, find a centered and balanced standing position, and then say the name of the deck aloud.

ie: “Oracle of the Angels”.

Notice your body.

  • Does it lean forward? This means yes?
  • Do you naturally and without trying lean backwards? This means no..

This method of tuning is a form of “muscle testing” where you tune into the innate guidance of your subconscious through your body.

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Does the answer you get through muscle testing affirm and validate what you were already thinking?

You have your answer!

Choose the deck that “feels right” for you… Rather than the deck you mentally think you “should get”. Your intuitive feelings are going to be key to reading the cards you choose, so you might as well listen to them when choosing a deck too!

Finally, if you’re torn between a few decks. Look through the Angel Cards Amazon Reviews… See what others did *and especially did not* like about the deck. Many reviewers include pictures of the cards in their reviews too, which can be helpful for feeling into the imagery and style of the individual cards to see if you resonate with the artwork and messaging.

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Angel Card Reviews

Now, here are some of the most Popular Angel Cards for sale that I personally love and that could all be wonderful options for you…

Listen to your inner guidance and choose the cards angels guide you to, and that feels right for you!

Oracle of the Angels Oracle of the Angels

This is a wonderful deck that I personally enjoy reading, and often find myself recommending to my Angel Intuition students.

It is a deck that in my opinion is best read intuitively, as the guidebook is quite basic, and I personally don't always resonate with the given meanings… But the card artwork is so beautiful, and on point, its a perfect trigger to start the flow of your intuitive guidance so messages from your angels can come through.

Original Angel Cards The Original Angel Cards

This is a fun deck of “mini cards”! Each card is about an inch and a half, and features a single word like: Power, Honesty, Strength or Forgiveness, along with a tiny card angel illustration on each.

A wonderful deck to use for drawing a word of the day, but not necessarily complete and deep intuitive readings.

Ask Angels Oracle Cards Ask Angels Oracle Cards

This is a deck that I wrote, created, and love. The guidebook contains direct channeled angel messages, and the cards have angelic and symbolic imagery to help trigger your intuition.

I definitely recommend this deck for beginners as well as seasoned psychic and intuitive readers.

You can try this deck out for free on my website here!

Energy Oracle Cards Energy Oracle Cards

This is a great oracle deck for in depth readings about life, love and the spiritual journey. The artwork has a digital illustration style, but is rich with symbolism for triggering your own intuitive impressions. It also has a really nice guidebook which makes it a nice deck for beginners as well.

  • Sandra Anne Taylor also has a newer deck out that I haven't tried yet, but looks good called the Quantum Oracle.

Starseed Oracle Cards

The Starseed Oracle is an uplifting and beautifully illustrated deck (with collage style artwork) that reads intuitively and I feel quite accurately. I don't love the guidebook descriptions. But if you read cards intuitively you don't need the guidebook and this is a great option!

  • This author/ illustrator combo (Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel) have also published the Work Your Light Oracle Cards which are a wonderful deck as well.

Ascension Angel Cards Ascension Angel Cards

This is one of my absolute favorite decks, and its also one that I created. With themes to support the ascension journey, and deepen your connection with angels, its great for beginners as well as advanced readers.

The guidebook features direct channeled angel messages as well as angelic and symbolic artwork.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Mystical Shaman Oracle

This deck is powerful. It draws on ancient archetypal symbols and shamanic wisdom to support you in understanding the workings of destiny.

Animal, ancestor and archetype cards… This is a deck I personally use and enjoy.

Ask An Angel Oracle Ask An Angel Oracle

This is a beautifully illustrated deck features lovely angelic imagery and insights.

Each card has a “theme” like prosperity and awakening, and also lists an angels who is associated with that theme.

For example, the Prosperity card features Sachiel.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards

The artwork on these oracle cards is absolutely stunning. It's mostly face based… So to read the cards intuitively you'd want to learn about all the different angels and ancestors in the deck to align with their deeper wisdom, archetypal wisdom and meanings.

It features angels and ancestors from a variety of religions, traditions and cultures this could be a unique and powerful deck for your intuitive readings.

Even More Decks to Choose From!


Can You Buy Angel Cards for Yourself?

If you've heard that it's bad luck to buy an oracle deck for yourself… Don't worry. It's not! Actually deepening your connection with the angelic realm is a way to increase your luck, so its quite the opposite.

This idea that you shouldn't buy cards for yourself comes from an old superstition that your first deck of Tarot Cards should be a gift. This however is a superstition that's tied to another time where people who read Tarot had to keep it more of a secret, so please don't worry about it.

In today's day and age, if you want to learn to read cards, buy yourself a deck and move forward!

You can also try reading cards for FREE, and I have a Free Angel Card Reading App for you here on my Website you can use to help you get started 100% FREE.

Ready For More?

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Angel Card Readings… Free Here! 

With so much love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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