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Angel Card of the Day – Using a Daily Angel Card Reading as a Spiritual Practice

Learn to Quickly and Easily Tune in to your Angels Messages by Drawing an Angel Card of the Day!

Drawing an Angel Card of the Day is a powerful way to daily reconnect with the guidance of your Angels. The reason I recommend doing this every day is because it’s a great way to raise your vibration and tune into the messages and presence of the Angels.

You can draw a daily angel card in the morning, as an afternoon recharge, or even before you go to bed. It really doesn't matter when you choose to do this practice, because whenever you choose to tune in, your angels will be right there with you!


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Drawing An Angel Card of the Day As A Spiritual Practice

Angel Card of the Day To draw an angel card of the day, you of course need angel cards. You can however do this practice with an actual printed deck of angel oracle cards, or you can use an app, or even the free angel card reading on this site!

Once you have your angel cards ready, begin by focusing your awareness inside, on the area of your heart.

Close your eyes, breathe and relax.

Imagine that there is light all around you and call in the presence of your Angels.

“Angels, thank you for connecting with me now, for surrounding me with divine light and love. Help me to open my heart, expand my consciousness and raise my vibration to tune into your presence, love, and guidance here and now.”

Continue to focus on this visualization of light all around you and allow your heart to open wide.

Feel your heart glowing with brilliant, crystalline, golden light that feels so amazing as it washes over your entire being. Let light flow into every cell, raise your vibration, and bring yourself into vibrational alignment with the Angels.

Ask Your Angels for Guidance

Once you've raised your vibration, and linked with the presence of your angels, shuffle light into your cards and ask the Angels what you most need to know today by asking something along the lines of:

“What guidance do you have for me today?”

“What insight do you have for me?”

Or “What message will most serve me now?”

Any way you want to focus your practice is ok. With the daily drawing of an Angel Card, you're typically not asking a specific question. You can, but my favorite way to do this is to simply ask, “What guidance do you have for me, Angels?”

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Shuffle Light Into Your Angel Cards

When you’re shuffling your angel cards, imagine light pouring in and all around you and the cards. As you shuffle light into the cards, you're looking for a card to appear or standout from the rest.

If you're using the free angel card reading on this site, or using an angel card reading app on your phone, just scan the cards (we have a shuffle feature) and look for a card that catches your eye. In the app you're able to swipe back and forth through the cards, looking for a card that catches your eye and then tap on an angel card to select it.

The Power of Drawing An Angel Card of the Day

Draw An Angel Card of the Day Just going through the process of preparing for an angel card reading, which includes opening your heart, filling yourself up with light, and expanding your awareness to tune into the presence of your Angels fills you up with so much light. It’s going to have such a positive impact on your day.

The real power of Angel cards, and of drawing an Angel card a day, is not just going through the motions and drawing a card. It’s connecting with new levels of light and raising your vibration.

Use the Angel cards as a tool and a visual reminder to open your heart, expand your light, and lift into new levels of light that are available to you here and now.

When you draw a card, gaze at the picture, listen with your internal voice, your clairaudience, be open with your subtle psychic senses and you will receive direct Angelic guidance.

You will receive the love and frequency and messages that the Angels have for you right here and now, today and every time you tune in and draw a card.

Trust the Angel Messages You Receive

One bit of advice that I have for you is to trust that the message you receive, and the card you draw is your message. Don't be tempted to put the card back in the deck and choose another one that more closely aligns with what you were hoping for.

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Look at the card and consider the outcome. If the card you drew doesn't make any sense to you, use it as a reminder to cleanse your energy. If you're not hearing your Angels messages in your daily card readings, cleanse your energy.

Imagine a waterfall of light pouring in all around you, rinsing away stress and tension and doubt and negativity. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any and all cords that may be draining you.

Ask Archangel Michael to vacuum your energy of fear, negativity, and lower vibrations, and to fill your surroundings and all of your beingness with the highest vibrational light; with pure divine presence and with love.

Raise your vibration, let your heart light expand and then gaze at the card you drew and become aware of the message, guidance, and reminder that's just for you right here in the present when you draw an Angel card of the day. The Angels will come in; they will support you.


  • Bring yourself into vibrational alignment
  • Lift your vibration
  • Open your heart
  • Quiet your mind
  • Tune into the love, guidance, healing, wisdom, messages and the many blessings that the Angels have to share with you right here and now

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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