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Anchoring Ascension Light Through The Trees


Anchoring Ascension Light Through Trees!

Learn a simple and yet incredibly powerful technique for anchoring the Violet Flame, the Diamond White Flame of Ascension or even the Golden Christ Light Flame… Through the trees!


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Anchoring Ascension Light Through The Trees Trees are incredible beings that are always serving humanity and the earth through releasing negativity, providing oxygen, anchoring the divine light into the earth grid and so much more.

They are incredible allies for us on the ascension path and they can help us to quickly shift back into a higher vibrational state whenever we need.

Despite this incredible service, trees around the earth are being disrespected, cut down, taken advantage of and unappreciated.

And so… I’m so excited to share with you a very powerful, and yet, also a simple technique for bringing the Violet Flame (or you can do this with the Diamond White Flame of Ascension or the Golden Christ Light Flame) into the earth through the trees.

This process not only brings powerful benefits to you in your life… But it also supports, honors and serves the trees and helps them to do their work a little bit easier, helping all of us to shine brighter and helping to continue to usher in ascension for the planet and for humanity.

The Process: Anchoring The Violet Flame Through A Tree

To do this, find a tree in your backyard or front yard, in a park, or out in nature somewhere. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter where, or what type of tree you choose, just find a tree that you feel drawn to and that you resonate with in some way.

First, sit or stand underneath a tree.

Just take a moment to breathe and focus all of your awareness in the present moment, focusing your energy inside of your physical body, and just be aware.

Next, start tuning in to the subtle energy of the tree. Contained in the beautiful tree you’re under, are sacred geometric patterns. And so, when you’re sitting under the tree, you’re in that tree’s energetic field and you actually receive this sacred geometric tree healing energy.

So, for just a moment, sit, breathe and be present with the tree to tune into the healing, sacred geometric patterns, and incredible presence available to you now. Trees are also incredibly helpful when it comes to grounding your energy, so as you’re just sitting there being present, feel your roots extending down, grounding you to the earth, to the light, to all that is.

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After you have tuned into the energy of the tree for a minute, thank the tree.

You’re now ready to anchor ascension light through the tree.

First invoke the violet flame by intending and visualizing it all around you and around the tree.

Say something aloud or in your mind like:

“I now ask that the violet flames surround this tree and anchor to the earth.”

Then visualize the tree completely illuminated in the violet flame of light, transmuting any negativity, and any lower vibrations into love and light.

Imagine this violet flame energy flowing down the tree trunk, down through the roots and onto the earth, connecting to the entire tree network, anchoring this violet flame light into the entire network of trees, and flowing the violet light flame around the entire earth.

When you do this, the tree you’re working with will send you the beautiful energy of gratitude in response.

Anchoring ascension light in this way helps the tree by transmuting lower vibrations, so they can do their work in anchoring the light more easily.

This proves also brings the powerful cleansing, and transmuting properties of the sacred violet flame to humanity and to all.

Give this technique a try with the violet flame, or as I said above, with the Diamond White Flame of Ascension or the Golden Christ Light Flame.

Try them all, and do this with different trees, just surrounding the tree in the flames of ascension light, letting light flow down the trunk, down the roots, into the earth, connecting to all. And so, it is…

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With light and love,

Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler

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