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Crystalline Violet Flame Meditation

Violet Flame Activation with St Germain and Lady Portia

Experience the infinite perfection of the Crystalline Violet Flame in this ascension activation meditation with Saint Germain and Lady Portia.

The crystalline violet flame is a flame of sacred light originating in the higher dimensions.

It vibrates with infinite perfection, and the perfect balance between Masculine- Divine power (blue), Feminine- Divine love (pink), and with the Diamond white light flame of the pure I Am Presence.

In this guided meditation you will lift in Divine light to experience the power of perfection of the Violet Flame, transmitted by St Germain and Lady Portia.

Crystalline Violet Flame Who Are St Germain and Lady Portia?

St Germain and Lady Portia are Ascended Masters. In other words, they are ascended Spiritual Teachers who have completed the initiations of the higher vibrational realms, and now serve on a cosmic level in positions of great responsibility. One of their main missions at this time is to support humanity in ascending into alignment with Divinity, and with each of our higher selves.

Saint Germain and Lady Portia are Divine counterparts, Twin Flames, and are closely connected with the Crystalline Violet Flame of Ascension, which in this exciting new ascension activation they will help you to connect with and integrate now.

Crystalline Violet Flame Meditation

Relax and listen to this 14 minute activation with St Germain and Lady Portia to effortlessly lift in an incredible light and Divine frequency.

You will open your crystalline senses, release past blockages and limitations and transmute negativity in any form.

As you experience the Crystalline Violet Flame Meditation, you will effortlessly integrate ascension light, and magnify the Divine presence within you and within all life.

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Melanie Beckler




P.S. I know you're going to love experiencing the light of the Violet Flame and the presence of St Germain and Lady Portia… So much that I'm willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If you purchase this meditation and decide it's not for you for any reason whatsoever… Just send us an email at support(at) within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked.

Curious What Others Are Saying About This Meditation?

“Love your voice beautiful meditation”… ~ Simi

“That was awesome! I was floating the entire time.” ~Miles

“I listen to Melanie’s meditations every night to help me fall asleep. I love them and am always hungry for more!” ~Jeanette

“Thank you so much for your work, this is such a blessing. Love and light.” ~Yael

“MAGNIFICENT!! This Violet Flame is quite beautiful and up to date! The energy is most high and purifying. I love the blue and pink and diamond rays that are brought in creating the perfect harmony of wisdom and love and Divinity of the I AM Presence. Thank you and Bless you for your open heart and mind to bring St Germain and Lady Portia through to channel this meditation. Namaste, Blessed Melanie.” ~Theresa

“This meditation was one of the best meditations I've ever done.  I only have done it once and already see results.  I am a martial artist and this really helped elevate my ki (chi).  I felt it right away and saw a vision of the crystalline light.  It was white and then turned gold.  Melanie never has let me down.  Money well spent.  Thanks Melanie. I will definitely be coming back for more. Sincerely.” ~Phaktra

“Thank You for this powerful and uplifting meditation. May you be continually blessed to share these lovely and much needed messages. Love and Light” ~Kathleen



About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. There are many out there who claim to be like you. But I know you are real. Thank you for your meditations. They mean a lot to me. I am beginning to connect with my angels now. It is deeply profound and very exciting! Doing my best to be open to their guidance. Bless you, Melanie!

  2. Hello Melanie! I always go to your YouTube or website, or even go look to see if you sent a email. I look up to you and you have been there for me during the road and path I am on. The angels have been connecting with me. I didn’t know at first but there are soooooo many signs sign after signs
    I have a story to tell but now that I know I M special I can do it. How can I get my mind right Melanie. I need help 😶!!!! I’m turning to you again but instead I need your help. I need a coach friend etc. I feel like I’m alone and lost I know my angels are here but the more stressed I am the less I am able to communicate. Even when i was less stressed it was difficult for me. But I know I’m strong and powerful. My thoughts turn into reality. When. I did have money I got a physic reading that I live they told me I can do what she does. Clairvoyance, visual, etc… She named a alot of them. I want happiness Melanie. I need happiness. I encourage so many others but hard for me to know and believe in myself cuz all my neg. Energy and thoughts. I want to write a book to change lives and tell my story and how I started noticing the signs . Melanie I need you dear be my coach
    I am trying reading doing homework.idk how to clear my mind and stop worrying… I want the better and something always blocks me. Like a evil spell or emotional blockage …and that stops me mel. Thank you Melanie. Thank u for being there everyday but I really need you to speak with me plz. Connect with me . See what is stopping me and when Is my hard work of believing and studying and finding out what my Divine Purpose is I (I believe i know now) But my left brain works more thAn my right, (says the physic) I think this is part of why and what and how things been happening to me. I love you girl can’t wait for you to speak to me! Xoxoxo

  3. Melanie Dearest Heart ,
    With my Love & Grtitude Always ,

    Blessed with gift of tools from Prem Rawat 44+ yrs to connect to infinite Self within all ….
    you are a gift beyond words to express powerful addition with your dedication , love & care , with each new breath adore & Ty …

  4. Can this be downloaded and kept on my iPad? I have tried other MP3 downloads and am able to listen to them, but won’t keep or save to listen to again later, on my iPad. I can download savie to my iBook when is sent by e-mail,to download.. I suppose downloading on my computer is the only way! I hardly ever use my computer and it does not work good. Thank you! Would love to purchase this if able to download and save it on my iPad!

  5. I believe the word what you say like to say thanks for the reading I know I can’t pay for the real thing but I believe in what u say thanks

  6. You emails make me feel so loved and enforce my own beliefs, you just explain what I can’t seem to explain.
    Thank you so much !!

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