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Anchoring the Higher Dimensions of Love

How to Anchor the Love and Light of the Higher Dimensions

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We live in a time where there is an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual growth, ascension, and accessing the higher dimensions of existence.

If the concept of the higher dimensions is a new one for you… Dimensions are essentially states of consciousness, and vibrational ways of organizing the vast realms of existence.

I’d like to invite you to think of dimensions in terms of levels of awareness.

Humanity has largely existed in the 3rd and 4th dimensions for some time now, and yet, simultaneously, the higher dimensions have always been around us. And now, as we ascend, spiritually grow, and consciously expand our awareness we can begin to tune into the higher dimensions which have been here all along and were just out of our awareness and reach.

It may be helpful to think about dimensions in terms of listening to music on a radio.

Let’s say there’s a radio station called “44.4 Light Waves”, but you’ve never heard of it.

“44.4 Light Waves” starts broadcasting a certain song called “Love and Light” out on the airwaves, and you have your radio tuned on, but you’re not dialed into that specific frequency of “44.4 Light Waves”, so you won’t know what song they are playing.

In fact, it’s quite likely that you won’t even know the radio station “44.4 Light Waves” exists, or that the song “Love and Light” exists, and you’ll certainly have no idea what’s being broadcast out on the airwaves, even though it’s totally there.

You do have your radio tuned on, and so you are hearing music… Just not the particular frequency of “44.4 Light Waves”, and not the song they’re playing, that is “Love and Light”.

If you learn about the radio station “44.4 Light Waves”, you’ve expanded your awareness to include that station, and then you can adjust your radio’s frequency to tune into the “44.4 Light Waves” and you can begin to hear the song “Love and Light”.

In other words, by expanding your conscious level of awareness you can begin to tune into the love and light of the higher dimensions.

Because all of the dimensions are always around us at all times, but we’re just now becoming aware of, and learning to dial our frequencies into the higher dimensions, so we can understand and tune into them.

A great way to begin tuning into the higher dimensions of love and light, is to anchor higher vibrational love and light, drawing it in your body and into the earth.

Want to Learn How to Do This?

Good! You’re in the right place.

Watch this short video, or keep reading below … 🙂


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Anchoring the Love and Light of the Higher Dimensions

To anchor the light of the higher dimensions, it is good to start by grounding your own energy. Learn more about grounding here!

Essentially, to ground your energy, focus your awareness within, inside your body, and then feel and visualize your awareness flowing down, energetically connecting you to the light at the core of the earth in a crystalline column of light.

Anchoring the Higher Dimensions It may help you to close your eyes to do this, to breathe, relax, and ground.

Once you’re grounded and connected to the light at the core of the Earth, take a moment to just feel your connection with it. Feel connected to the Earth, and to All That Is, and let this incredible light nurture, heal and vibrationally uplift you.

Earth is ascending alongside humanity and is a powerful healer, and valuable ally on the ascension path.

When you’re ready, visualize and allow the brilliant pure light you’ve connected to at the core of the Earth, that is one with the Divine and one with All That Is, to flow up.

Visualize light flowing up and in through the bottom of your feet, and up along your legs.

Feel the light flowing up along your spinal column, activating all of your chakras in a column of light, and continuing up, activating your higher chakras, and continuing up into the light, above the lights, into the higher dimensions, into direct presence with Divine, Source, All That Is.

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Breathe, and feel your oneness with the light of the Divine, feel your oneness with the light of Source, and receive the vibration boost, the healing, and the incredible blessings of love, from connecting with this energy.

Now, focus your awareness within your physical body again, on the area of your heart, letting your heart open wide, and then set the intention to anchor the love and light of the higher dimensions.

“I now intend to anchor higher dimensional frequency in this very moment, with assistance from my guides and angels, according to Divine will, and so, it is…”

By just saying those words, my hand start to tingle, my body is getting warmer, and greater light, higher vibrations of light, and the higher dimensions of love are beginning to come into my awareness, and into yours if you’re following along and going through this process.

Let yourself relax, and lift in vibration. Lift into the higher dimensions of love and light by letting this light into your body, mind, and spirit.

Lift in the light of love, drawing this all in to the area of your heart, letting your light vibrantly glow.

Your chakras are all activated and united in one brilliant column of Divine light, your heart is filled with light and opened wide…

Your aura is filled with light and your light body is illuminated around you, like a giant sphere building, shimmering and glowing around you.

And now, with all of this light in your energy and awareness, carrying all this energy of the higher dimensions, now feel your energy merged with the higher dimensional light, once again, grounding to the earth.

Visualize your light, and the ascension light of the higher dimensions flowing down in a column of crystalline light, grounding to the earth, connecting with the light of Gaia, the light you find at the center of earth, that you are a part of, that is one with you, and one with all that is.

Breathe, relax, and know that you did it. You just anchored the love and light of the higher dimensions.

This, is a super simple overview and process that you can use to connect with, and to anchor the light and love of the higher dimensions wherever you are. This is great to do at sacred sites, on high-energy dates, on the full moon, the new moon, or really, at any time.

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Anchoring 9th Dimensional Frequencies

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Why Anchor the Higher Dimensions?

When you anchor the love and light of the higher dimensions, it not only elevates your vibration, increases the light you’re able to carry and improves your vibrational energy signature, bringing you into greater alignment with what you want, with your intentions, with being that awakened master of love and light present in the physical…

But that very act of anchoring higher dimensional frequencies creates a magnificent ripple of peace, compassion, oneness, love, and light, out beyond you, out into the world, making a difference, and that is amazing.

Thank you for doing this work, for shining your light.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

about our creator:
Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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  1. Hi Melanie,I never believed in any of this stuff until my wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer.I was trying so hard to help her heal.I was massaging her one evening and this overwhelming rush came up through my feet and out my hands.I got very emotional as I had never experienced anything like it and I was left shaking.My wife was so at peace with it all but my 3 year old kept asking me to stop but I couldn’t until the feeling left on its own.It happened on 3 or 4 occasions and my wife was pain free and off all medication.She lasted longer than the doctors expected and was not in pain but actually starved to death due to a blocked bowel…I wish I could have saved her but she said I helped a lot during her time here…I have found it quite difficult since,with all the responsibilities of being a single parent but 5.5 years on I am still going…I have a small group of close friends but always end up doing most things on my own as I know they have there own families..About a year or so before my wife passed away I had a dream that she was leaving me and I woke up all emotional as it was so real….We dismissed it….I started drawing pictures of things I dreamt about which meant nothing at the time but since then things have happened in my life that have closely matched the images..Out of the blue I was told I was an earth angel by a card reader while on holiday..I didn’t know or believe any of it…About a year later I met a girl who I randomly started talking to.She was taking photos on holiday and was compelled to leave a nice thank you card at my address.We keep in touch and later out of the blue said she had been told she was an indigo child who was here to help an earth angel..I was a bit shocked and didn’t know what to say,I never told her or anyone else for that matter….Confused is an understatement…and it feels very strange indeed…

  2. Hi melanie I would really like to say thank you so much for your video’s I for one can connect really easy with the higher vibration and with grounding and anchoring thank you for that I have a story about something that happened when the eclipse happen but unfortunately I haven’t had anyone to talk to about that, it was very spiritual indeed very very true connection I used to think I was always alone where I’m living and what I’m going through when that happened it was like a total eye-opener that now Wherever I Go I know that my guardians, archangels, and my guides AR right there, and now since I don’t have really anyone to talk I thought I would share with you hope that’s okay. I visualized my guardian angel she’s female and my Archangel is mail I know their names pretty cool anyway just thought I would share I don’t know if you’ll get this but I do like listening to you not because of you but because of what you say that actually sounded kind of corny anyway love and light be with you always…

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