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Creating the New Earth

new earth Channeling the Guides and Angels of the Light – Part 9

This is the ninth post in a channeling series with the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here!

You are in the midst of experiencing the life of your creation. This may be hard to accept when you recognize things in life that you did not want, and you think, I would never have created this, that cannot be. But know that as your world gains more and more understanding of your reality, as science zooms in to the very atoms that make up physical objects in your realm, it can be seen, at this minute level, that creation is mostly space, not solid, but empty.

Creation is creative illusion and you are here, a part of this grand illusion, this game of creating reality, to first become aware that, yes, this world is an illusion and able to be influenced and steered in a loving way. And you are also here to empower yourself through the accelerated energies, through the energy of divine love, to create the beauty in the world that you desire.

Reality is a game and so there are unlimited possibilities for how the creative energy of humanity will manifest. And at this time of great change and transition for your world, all eyes are upon Earth. For the light you choose or choose not to experience will ripple across all realms. The change—the growth or the destruction that happens on Earth—does not stay on Earth, as it influences all levels of creation.

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You are not alone in the universe. You are closely connected, woven in an intricate design of time and space, light and dark. Energies are the checkerboard of your realm, and you are here in this realm of energy to learn and to expand your ability to work with energy, to claim your right as a creative being in the light, and to create in your physical world, designing your reality, manifesting the experiences, people and situations you choose.

Thoughts and feelings and beliefs are woven together in an elaborate design.

Yet in your realm for some time now, there have been those in power who seek to control you, not to empower you to create the experience you desire, but to fit you into a neat box. You have been played to bring forth a plan, a system of control, and often chaos, scarcity and fear.

There are many factors that have led to this, your now experience, including media, carefully and deliberately planting scenes of chaos, of destruction, of confusion in your news, in your shows, everywhere you look in your world.

And since you are the creator of your reality, since you are creating your world, when your mind is filled with these thoughts of confusion, of violence, of hatred, carefully woven and concocted into a compelling and entertaining story line, you subconsciously accept this. What you see begins to be created, and it is no wonder your world is filled with so much violence and confusion and disruption.

For these are broadcasted on all hours every day, causing those who do not choose to be empowered and to create by their design, to continue to live on autopilot, unawake and unaware.

This is a dangerous combination, for those in power do not have your highest good in mind. But do not let this bother you or weigh you down because becoming aware of this fact and claiming your power as the creator of the reality, observing the details of your reality and choosing what to focus on, what to magnetize towards you, and what to release and allow to be changed with love, with increasing your awareness by observing, by questioning and by tuning in your now to your power within, the power of compassion, of love and of unity. As you recognize that all of creation is woven together intricately, not just humanity but the earth and all inhabitants upon it, the animals, the birds, the trees, the air, the water, you are one with all that is.

Begin to see your earth and your home, as you treat yourself lovingly by treating all of creation with love, with gratitude and with compassion. The state of affairs on your planet, on your earth, may appear to be spiraling out of control. As species are extinct, waters polluted, it can be easy to focus on all these negatives, to worry about it, to fear it. But as you know, this draws more of it to you.

So instead, on your quest to become more aware and more awakened, when you do observe these things about reality that are not in line with love and unity and the energy of one, be aware and then choose to plant a new seed, a new thought for a more sustainable earth, a more light-filled tomorrow.

Each now moment, when you open to the energy of love, when you breathe and be in silence, in stillness, in calm, you can access your infinite. With this light burning bright in your heart, illuminating all of your energy centers, illuminating your entire being, this is possible with great love, compassion and allowing the crystalline awareness, energy of love for your planet into your life.

When you do this, when your vibration raises to the place of peace and love, which is your birthright, you can use these vibrations to begin to make changes in your internal world, inside of you. How can you be more in line with creative source and spirit? How can you be more loving, more joyful, and happier in your life?

We will give you a pointer, a connection to the natural world, to your living earth, and to the plants and trees and water waves and creatures. This brings you balance and fulfillment. As you begin to appreciate these things of your natural world in your now, you give your power to them, not to their destruction but to their growth, to their longevity.

There is great power in love, in your being. In love, you raise your vibration, yes. You elevate your level of experience, yes. But as you know, you are connected energetically to all humanity, and so when you evolve, increase your awareness, expand your mind, open your beliefs. And as a whole, as a collective, humanity begins to shift and evolve as well. The change happens at the individual level. Great global change happens in your heart.

Do not look for your government or institutions to bring about magical changes on your earth. There has been time for this to happen, and this has not been the choice or direction. Instead of waiting for another to change your experience for the better, you are being asked to empower your life with light, with love and with happiness. And by being in these emotions, you will naturally move towards attracting more love and light and happiness. And in these emotions, you cannot consciously hurt others, hurt your planet or be involved in the scheme of raping and pillaging your world; but you will, in the light, see your connection with all, with earth, with the Divine.

And understand on a deeper level why you are here. You are here on earth to empower yourself to become the being of light and creative source that you are, to use this knowledge and wisdom and power available by tuning in to your heart. Tune in to it, your strength, and use this power to focus your intent clearly on a better tomorrow, a paradigm of love, peace and hope, and earth, surrounded with a rainbow glow of light, signifying a realm of love that is safe and that is focused on spirit, on love, and on communion and connection with the natural world.

So many changes are needed in the physical realm now. So many eyes are watching your realm to see what will happen. What will humanity choose? Again, do not let this scare you. For ultimately your choice is fear or love. You can choose to combat with each other, to create war and perhaps wipe yourselves out, or you, as an individual, can choose to evolve, to increase your awareness, to become aware of the nonphysical and spiritual aspects of your world.

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You can embrace your power, as a creator with the energy of love, and begin to move towards a more joyful and loving experience for yourself. As you make this choice, you do create a shift in the quantum field, a shift in the collective mind. And you are connected to all of humanities. So as you evolve, as you become more aware and present in your now, focus on manifesting heaven on earth, love as the predominant emotion on earth once again.

There is a ripple created, a ripple in time, in consciousness, in which those you are connected to also begin to become more aware and more empowered. And like a great wave, this energy can carry, flow across your entire realm.

So much light is already present. At this time, it can cause challenges, as past beliefs and pain and fear come up to be dealt with. You are being forced to feel what has been created. And when it is not according to the world you desire and you design, release it, knowing that it comes up for release. And when you release past suffering, pain, doubt and fear, you can step into love.

When you step into love, you empower your neighbor to overcome fear and embrace the now. And when your neighbor is in the now moment, in a state of love, do you see that the ripple continues? It begins with you, with your open heart, with your daily communing with your divinity through your open heart.

Inside of you, there is great knowledge and wisdom waiting to be released, waiting to create great changes in your world. But in the transitional period, it takes tuning in, it takes quieting your mind, turning off your TV, closing your newspaper, and opening your heart to know what is happening on earth, to know what is possible in your life.

When you are in love, you are bringing about a new paradigm of earth in love. There is infinite power in this work, your work as an awakened being on earth. Every now moment is an opportunity to move towards or away from love.

Let the energy now be an opportunity for you together to move towards love, to let go of the fear and violence and struggle of your realm, to come together with collaboration, consideration and compassion. And with open hearts and open minds, you can experience the truth of your world, the love of your realm and create happiness, love. And you can live in peace and balance with your natural world.

As a species, you have come so far out of line. But even this, even the current state of affairs on your world is divine, for it is probing you and motivating you to change, to realign, to recreate and to return to love, claiming your power and creating a new earth in which all species are loved and appreciated, in which your world is respected, nurtured and cared for, in which your physical body is seen as a glorious creation to be taken care of, to honor and to develop. Your body holds great power. Open to this power through love, through meditation and through accelerating your energy by connecting with divine love.

The process is simple. Quiet your mind, relax and open your heart. Feel love and light all around you, for it is. Breathe in. And as you breathe in life-force energy, allow it to fill your body, flowing in to all spaces that may have blockages of fear or doubt. And the light you breathe in, releases these. Breathe in the light to raise your vibration, to vibrate as a spiritual being.

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Open your heart to develop your psychic senses to become more and more aware. Feel the love that is all around you and know that this love waits to be used, waits to be focused with intention, to manifest creative, positive changes of well-being for your world. With love, anything is possible. With love, it is possible for you to fully become aware of the game you are playing here on earth. And through this awareness, you will know that your role is to radiate love, to share compassion, light and well-being with all, to love yourself, honor your path, and empower yourself to create your lifestyle by design.

Your outer world is a reflection of the beliefs and thoughts and feelings within you. Earth, now, is a composite of these inner beliefs and feelings of all humans. Change is not something that works from the outside in. But with your internal and spiritual growth, with your returning to love in the now and focusing your intentions, backed with the power of love, on what you really want, you will see that the creation process flows from inside you your outer world.

With inner calm and peace and love, your outer realm will take on these characteristics as well. Love yourself enough to take the time to meditate, to quiet your mind, to open your heart, to observe your natural world, to observe your beliefs and your thoughts, and to refocus, recalibrate, choose what you will experience in your life. And as you change your inner world, as you become love, light connected to the Divine, enlightened with the energy of love, your outer world will become the blissful, joyous, loving, self-sustaining, magnificent creation of divine love that it can be.

You have great power to change the natural world around you. You have great power to bring your life and life on earth back to love. Love serves you in this process, but you must focus, must open your heart to allow these energies of light to manifest positive change in your world. It is happening.

And with your focus now, your lifting in the vibration of love, you are infinitely powerful, loved and on the path towards ultimate well-being.

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