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Transcending Limitations

channeling Channeling the Guides and Angels of the Light- Part 10

This is the tenth post in a channeling series with the Guides and Angels of the Light… If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here!

Be patient with yourself as you begin the process consciously creating your reality. Self-love is the powerful force of the universe that will keep you moving in the right direction.

There will be times when you feel you have mastered areas of creating in your realm, staying in joy and love and peace. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, powerful and strong emotions of the contrary will be brought up. This is a normal part of the process.

Remember, as a human on earth now, you are transcending limiting beliefs from your lifetime and even those that have been stored in the collective conscious of humanity for millennia. As these past beliefs and emotions come up for release, it is natural for you to feel down. But this is simply to draw your awareness to what needs to be released. And so, when you do find yourself feeling sad, angry, or confused out of nowhere for no specific reason, use your awareness to tune in, open your heart and feel.

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Through your feeling guidance system, your angels are able to draw your attention and awareness towards the source of what you are feeling. Perhaps it is a belief carried through your family line, passed on to you that is now ready to go. You’re not required to repeat the same steps as your parents or their parents before them.

You are a unique and powerful creative being. And as you release the old, hand the pain and suffering and doubt over to your angels, release it into the light each time it comes up. In doing this you will be closer, and you will have an easier time of staying fully present in the light in the now.

Release the pain, the limitations, and the doubt, as they come up before you. Love yourself through the process and know that it is normal for these feelings to come up. They are doing so for you to release them once and for all. This is a joyous occasion really. And so, love yourself through it to ensure you continue to move in the right direction of your ultimate manifestations, divine creations here on earth.

Another important part of the creation process is cocreating with fellow humans. The relationships you experience here in your life will bring you great joy and satisfaction, if you allow them to. The relationships in your life can be used to manifest more of what you want. For you see, when you combine your intention with another, so that two of you are focused, excited and moving towards the same goal, you are able to manifest this change more quickly than if you were working alone. The process of cocreation is largely what you are learning in this. Cocreating with your friends, with your family, and cocreating with the spirit, combining your intentions with the love of others, magnifies the intention and allows what you want to be drawn to you more effortlessly.

The same is true when you help others to achieve their goals. When you assist another in bringing about a positive change in their life, even when it is completely unrelated to you and your path, the act of your helping someone else get what they want, indeed, creates a shift in the field.

And when you help others to get what they want, the universe in turn rewards you. The law of attraction rewards you. And when you help others to get what they want, it is natural for the manifestations, the changes that you desire to experience in reality, to come true and manifest as well. Your relationships on earth are essential for your learning to manage and manipulate energy.

Becoming more and more aware of how you feel in the now is great. But how you feel when you are in the presence of others differs from how you feel when you are alone in a meditative state or, perhaps, even when you are just being. When you are with others, your thoughts combine with the thoughts of the other. Do you see the power? When you are both focused on your goal, on your desire, you have twice the power available for manifesting it towards you.

Love yourself through this process. Help others who come across your path to identify what they truly desire in life and to begin to move towards it. There is great power in helping others along this path. You are a wayshower. And so, when you share the knowledge and the insight you have learned that has brought you to this point, when you share your inner world with others, you are rewarded on your path as well. When you bring light, happiness and understanding into the life of another, you cannot help but bring it into your own life.

And now on earth, in this time of great change, your ultimate purpose is to bring love, bring well-being, and bring happiness into your life. Let these emotions be your primary experience. When you do this, you create a change in your life. As you have learned, you are connected to all. And so, when you grow, when you become a little more illuminated, the density of the collective mind, the collective consciousness on earth is lightened as well. When you help a friend, even an enemy, to refocus on the light, on what they want and what they can become in this new energy, this effect is even more powerful and more pronounced in both of your lives.

Cocreate and remember the saying that is so true, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” When you combine forces with others in your physical reality, you are far more powerful and far more effective than you would be alone. Focus on the things that bring you joy, that you are good at, and the other pieces of work, the other components necessary to bring your manifestation into reality will appear.

The law of synchronicity and the law of attraction are beautiful tools. For when you are in love and when you are moving towards your goal, the universe can align the right people, the right situations, to put you in the right place at the right time, to allow all the pieces to fall into place, and to allow you to create great shifts, great change in the field of reality in which you live.

Remember that as you grow and as you reach a new level of being, as you master your lessons, a new lesson will appear. You are in the classroom of life, and while this is not an easy place to gain knowledge, it is oh so powerful. Each time you master a lesson, each time you are able to respond to a challenge with love, you are claiming more of your light and power. And when you are able to do this in every now moment, you will have claimed your seat in the light, as an ascended master, a light being, a leader and a wayshower for your world.

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The energies on earth are changing and shifting. As you grow, expect change to continue. It is when you allow yourself to flow with these changes, accepting them and integrating them into your life with love, that the ease and joy, which is your birthright, becomes your experience.

Challenges, strong emotions, sadness, signal that there is still learning for you. In the moment, when you are in these emotions, feel them, tune in to them. Find the location in your body where they are stored cellularly by tuning in, by feeling. What is this tied to? Is it from this life, a past life? Is it someone else’s emotion that you are tuning in to?

Be aware. Be more and more aware of how you are feeling, of what it is that you’re feeling and where these feelings come from. When you do, you can release those that no longer serve you. You can choose then to focus again on your intention, on what you really want, on helping others, loving yourself, being positive, being in love, surrounding yourself in light.

Each time you return to this space in the now, you are empowered. Each time you consciously choose to define and create your experience, you are empowering yourself. The now moment is the source of your power. Your power is ready to be claimed. You deserve this control. You deserve goodness, love and well-being in your life. And this is truly possible when you open to love, when you love yourself, move towards your goals, help others to get what they want and return, evermore time and time again in your now, to love.

Love is the power that moves you forward towards full empowerment. And empowerment—being aware, being observant, raising your vibration, and accelerating your energy—is your path to mastering your role as an active creator in physical reality.

You are a spiritual being and your power is vast. With love, with compassion and with understanding, you are able to integrate these innate abilities. Open to new powers, new strengths, and lead the way for a balanced humanity on earth in peace and love.

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