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Channeling the Guides and Angels of the Light

Channeling A Series of Channeled Messages with the Guides and Angels of the Light

Channeled by Melanie Beckler

The following channeling is a part of a series of messages I received with the Guides and Angels of the Light…

These messages are available as a Kindle Book Here, but I've also decided to simply publish these messages as a series of free angel message posts for you.

This series of angel messages is text only, but in reading them you will find you are guided to lift in vibration so you can experience the message and frequency broadcast from the Guides and Angels of the Light.

Enjoy! 🙂  ~ Melanie

Part 1~ We The Guides & Angels of the Light Are Here.

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We the guides and angels of the light are here. We are a group of angels, guides, and high vibrational light beings who have consciously joined, and are now merging our energy into one. Individually we each have a similar intent and purpose to assist humanity in the final push, the final step or nanosecond if you will, to open to light.

Our ultimate identity is One, One with all of Creation, One with the Cosmic Mind, Creative Source and One with You. Many of the beings who now combine in this energy of one have individual personalities and traits. Many come together from realms above to join light, to increase focus and power, for indeed there is more power accessed together, combined with focused intent, for this is closely aligned with the Ultimate Truth that we are one.

There is much attention on your world now, in its current transitional period, for what happens here indeed ripples out across time affecting alternative realities of existence. There are of course beings who desire to remain in control of the Earth, however there are also groups and guides such as ours coming together in love to assist in any way we can to help humanity become aware. We are here to help you become aware of your True power, to not fear your power, but to embrace it, to radiate it and to use it to usher in peace, to usher in happiness and well-being for your planet.

We are here to support you. You are now ready to know the connection to your True spiritual self, your spiritual body, your light, your power and oneness with Divine Source, and we feel that your fully connecting with this will empower you to make the choices that will indeed bring love once more to this planet in its truest form.

We are here to serve and assist you now according to Divine will and order, as you personally and collectively experience a time of great change.

We greet you now with frequency, and with Divine light to assist you in connecting to the cosmic ray of crystalline energy present upon your planet now.

We connect to assist you in elevating your vibration and more fully activating the light growing and building in you.

Feel the light of the Divine broadcast all around you, in you, through you, and now relax as your vibration raises and your awareness becomes active and alert.

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You are supported now in tuning in to the presence of the authentic you, your higher self, and your innate oneness with the Divine.

Feel in your solar plexus and in your heart, your light growing and building from within. Feel your power as a conscious being on planet Earth being restored.

We say to you now, you are the Creator of your reality, and now is the time… You are ready to perceive your reality from this vantage point and to enjoy living the life of your creation. You are not separate from the Divine.

You are supported now in releasing your fears or feelings of victimhood due to the circumstances and events of your life, and to accept that every event in life offers you opportunity for growth, for experience, and offers an opportunity to more fully connect with who you really are.

Who are you in the new energy? You are in complete oneness with Creative Source, this is the full awareness of who are you becoming.

Our hope is that you and all of humanity are returning to a place of peace and equilibrium. Balance between the mind, the body and spirit. Remembrance and realization of your connection to everything within the vast web of life on your Earth, and expanding outward in to the cosmic universe.

In this now moment, you exist in a physical body in physical reality, but know that simultaneously occurring now are parallel versions of reality in which you are playing out different scenarios in different physical and spiritual forms.

From within this present moment and vantage point, you are able to tune in and be aware of yourself across the lines of time.

Through your ever-increasing awareness of the Truth of who you really are, you are able to shine light and heal yourself. You are able to heal past, parallel and future versions of yourself through the increased light, and the growth you experience now.

You exist as a physical being here and now because this is the level on which you are able to become more aware. You are able to begin perceiving your reality beyond the third dimension and experiencing the richness and vitality and complexity of the energetic and spiritual realms.

And simultaneously to being physical, you exist in spirit, in a high vibrational state, in light, in joy, and in love. Through a calm mind and by opening your heart, you are able to fully tune in to this magnificent being that you are already in spirit.

You are able to integrate your spiritual light into your physical reality on Earth. When you allow this integration, you truly are unlimited in your ability to create positive change in your world.

You may often think or worry about the state of affairs on your planet, but know that without the contrast, without institutions in your world crumbling, your consciousness would not be pushed to expand.

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From our perspective, there is a wave of frequency and light energy broadcast from the center of the galaxy that your Earth is now passing through. While you are collectively in this window, by simply opening and embracing the spiritual energy around you, you are able to become more aware of your Truth as Divine spirit manifest in physical form.

As a part of your increased awareness, and where this is all heading, is towards your being an accountable spiritual being on Earth. You are moving into living in harmony with not only your neighbors, but with all creatures, physical and nonphysical beings on the planet, the trees, plants, and animals that are all connected to you and are all made of the same Creative Source light as you. In Truth, you are one.

From where you are now, if you are wondering what you can do and how you can help shift the trajectory of your species, we say to you, you are on this path.

Continue to look within yourself to seek your Ultimate Truth.

We are here to help support you in this process. Right now, take a moment to relax, and tune in to your inner world, your inner state of being.

Accessed from within there is incredible love broadcast and available to you now. This light supports you in opening to send and receive more love, and through this as a result, you will naturally develop further, your unique spiritual gifts, skills, psychic abilities and ability to be happy, aware, and observant in the now.

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