Working With Oracle Cards

Working With Oracle Cards

angel cardsBy Sheelagh Maria

The angels have told me on numerous occasions that there is nothing ‘sacred' or ‘special' about Oracle cards, as pretty as they are, that makes them better or more loving than even Tarot. It is however our perception of these cards and the perception of the vibration of the messages and guidance that we are hoping to receive which will dictate the level of energy that we are working with.

The Angelic Realms work and reside in a condition of perfect and unconditional love. When we ‘align' ourselves to this energy, either through meditation, or through doing good deeds, feeling good about ourselves and others, or working with Angel Cards, we attract their attention, and like an alarm bell going off, we draw them towards us.

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Angel Cards, Unicorn or Dolphin cards, whether new, home made or even using crystals, signify our intent and expectation to receive only the highest guidance.

Tarot has other connotations made by Humans, and so whilst they are in effect just a pack of cards,our perception or perhaps our intent of the level of guidance we are going to receive may not be in the highest alignment, and so the energy we attract whilst not negative may not be as loving and supporting as that of the Angelic realm.  This is all a matter of personal perception, and is not a judgment on those that work with any type of card.

The angels have told me that when we expect guidance, or genuinely know we need guidance, whether we work with Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Pendulums or Angel Cards, we will receive that guidance. What is important before embarking upon working with energy, is understanding that if we are not feeling 100%, or even if we think we are,we need  to ensure we have protected our energy adequately first.


Just as we would ponder whether it was a good thing to put our finger in a light socket, working with energy requires a respect if not an understanding that as with anything there are different levels.  Some we will know about, others will be unfamiliar to us.  Putting a gentle and easy protection in place ensures we can enjoy working with energy safely and with results that will benefit and empower us.  

I suggest holding the cards in the hand you do not write with, and closing your eyes, imagining a white curtain being pulled around you simply repeat in your mind or out loud, ‘Michael protect me from negativity'  Michael is the Archangel of strength, spiritual development and protection, and just uttering these few simple words will do the job whether you are on the bus, train or in the park.

Avoiding alcohol and other stimulants is a vital idea when working with energy, yet the intention to receive the highest guidance and putting protection in place is equally important.

What happens when

When you open the box, and take out your chosen cards, whatever type they be, it is your expectation of true and highest guidance coming through which will effectively ‘call to the relevant realms' it may be that your guides will answer the call, again even if you are in a place where you need urgent guidance, expecting only the highest guidance is always important.  

Holding the cards in your hand and asking a simple question is enough for your Guardian Angel to come into your Aura, and stimulate your response in you mind that says ‘stop' they do this by using the neural pathways just as they do if you were divining with a pendulum.

The angels say that they are a tool, there to be used and not just ‘meant' for special occasions.  The more you use them, the more a part of you they will be, and the more faith you will place in them.  For everyday guidance I advocate asking the angelic realm ‘what is it i need to know right now' and fan the cards out and pull one card, you will usually find that they are giving you a ‘method' to open up or to understand or to facilitate a lesson or give you an easy ‘pathway' through an experience.

If you have genuine concerns it is always best to consult either a professional in your chosen field or a specialist clairvoyant or reader, and again ask your self do you really need extra guidance with this or can you figure this one out?  The angels tell me that the right help will always find its way to you if you ask.  If the oracle cards tell you something that doesn’t make sense, ask the question in another way.

If you have a question which is to do with a decision being made, it is often to ask the right way to make a decision, or how to deal with the results of that decision or what qualities you need to focus upon or embody to get the most out of that decision or result.

The angels have great respect for our free will, and even though it would be nice to always know everything will be okay, the angels know that things are meant to play out in a certain way, it is a spiritual law that they cannot interfere in you lessons and experiences that you came here to have, however they are always able to help you find a way to cope or get the most out of any opportunity for growth which is presented to you.

Things To Remember

The angels love to show you that they are with you, whether you are aware of them physically, they Are there, and they want to interact and show you how to get the most from your life and the limitless possibilities that can be manifested.  They also are aware of our need to know what will happen in what particular way.

They tell me that Oracle cards are a wonderful way to keep the lines of communication open, it allows them to start coming nearer to you, because they are adjusting their energy to yours, and by aligning yourself with love and intent you are effectively opening the doorway through which contact can be established easier, so working with cards regularly and allowing yourself the opportunity to believe and accept what you are given does from another source, actually allows your channels of angelic communication to open beautifully to the next level.  This means that the angels can then utilize other ways to bring you guidance and wisdom.  This is what they were created to do and this is their greatest joy!

The angels ask us to remember that nothing is set in stone, and that working with oracle cards or even tarot cannot 100% predict the future because that is created in the now, and in the next now, by our thoughts and expectations.  However, the guidance you receive whether through working and developing on your own or with the guidance of another should feel ‘right' to you if it is correctly reading the energy of the time line.

Coping With The Unexpected

The roller coaster of life Does have twists and turns, things do throw themselves into the works that are completely out of our scope of control and not all of these are planned, or attracted, sometimes Mother Nature comes calling, or Murphy's Law comes into play.

When things happen that you feel at the mercy of the angels haven't abandoned you to your fate, they know and understand exactly what feeling 

powerless or out of control feels like, and are there to help you and love you through all of it.  Using angel cards Does help open up your channels of communication, yet it is not the only method.  Employing other methods of raising your vibration when things are calm and centered, will allow you to begin to gain an awareness of the Angels presence with you when things are not so consistent, so practice is definitely something which will help in times good or bad.

Using Oracle cards in times of distress is absolutely fine, but ensure that you have protected yourself and asked out loud or in your mind for only the highest guidance.  This is only because as well as attracting those energies that love us and wish to help us, we can also attract those who recognize our distress as being similar to their own a bit like a bad drinking companion, is not a good influence.


Although Some practitioners use very complex spreads the angels don't attach any importance to this. It doesn't make the information or advice any more sage or accurate and can actually confuse the guidance that you need at that time.  Making your question Clear is more important than the amount of cards or which way you read them.

Using just one card will often give you the insight you need, it is the phrasing of the question that is important because it contains your expectations and also the vibration of the advice that you are seeking.  If you are asking a question from your own perspective, the angels understand and don't judge this however the advice will be with regards to the highest good of all concerned including yourself.

Using 3 cards to look into a situation is helpful if you phrase the questions accordingly, so rather than asking one question say regarding a relationship ‘how will things turn out' you could read those three cards as month by month, week by week or lesson by lesson.

More helpfully it is to ask in the following manner:

‘What do i need to know about this relationship with _____________at this time?'

‘What quality can I employ to make my experience easier and more positive?'

‘Is there anything I should bear in mind for the future of this relationship?'

This would give you are far clearer picture.

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Knowing Deep Down

How many times have you been to see a solicitor or doctor and known deep down what they were already doing to say to you?

The fact that they relay what you thought is not always ‘nice' but it is an indicator that you are already connected to your own inner guidance system coming to you from your guides and angels who are with you all of the time.

When you seek advice hoping for an answer that is different to the one you ‘feel' or ‘fear', it can be prudent to understand that this was designed to help you move onto the next stage of your journey and was always going to teach you or the other person a particular lesson or quality, so it doesn't mean the advice is ‘wrong' or that the person giving or explaining this to you doesn't care, it just means sometimes things for our highest good have to take into account aspects of ourselves that we may not even be aware of, yet will be for our highest goods further along the line.

Oracle cards give you the information you need NOW.  Situations and energy and people change.  So the outcome may not be permanent a little like failing your driving test, on the second test you learn something you missed, and this means you avoid a collision that would have happened had you passed the first time.

A Pleasure

You can never work with angels too much.  You can never exhaust them yet you can exhaust yourself at times.  I got into the habit of not closing down and working with them through the night, they didn't mind but my sleep pattern was interrupted and therefore my energy came down.  They don't mind how much you work with them and want you to have the benefit of their love, however it should be a pleasure not a chore, and so the angels suggest you get into a habit of setting aside some time which just like phoning home, is your time for a connection with them something you savour and look forward too, and it makes those times much more special and yes even stronger!

The Next Step

once you have decided you are going to dedicate time and positive energy to engaging with the angelic realms you will find things start to speed up, you will naturally become more positive and in the flow, and even if you then set your oracle card aside for a while and turn to meditation, yoga or another form of vibration altering experience it is all part of the same beautiful energy.

Developing yourself is something which should be a pleasure something which brings pleasure to others and something which you want to continue, so if it ever doesn’t feel good or you can't find time, that is okay, just leave it for now you won't and can't go ‘backwards' it is just something for another day

Above all the Angels want you to know that yours is a lifelong bond, and whether you actively pursue a closer relationship with them or whether you wish to just drop in for a visit now and again they are always there and always pleased to see you whatever the circumstances, they will not loosen the connection between you because you have other commitments and when you are ready to ‘say hello' and pick up again the connection will carry on and strengthen again opening you up to the next level.

Designing Your Experience

The Angels want me to share with you this feeling, that it doesn't have to be all about them, its all about you.  If your spiritual path takes you into another direction they won't feel deserted or sad, it is all under the same roof this spiritual store, and that sometimes we need to understand duality to appreciate the difference is also the similarity that whether it is Unicorns, or Paganism Guides or Angels they are just another form of consciousness and it is all positive and loving and part of creation too.

The beauty that is your path is that the more you learn the more you will want to learn, and the more you develop the more beauty and love you will attract into your life and the lives of those around you, and in opening up your own channels of communication with the Angels or the Guided Realms, you are actually helping the planet ascend at the same time, it is All good!

If you are interested in developing your spiritual gift, then a one hour session will help you define and plan your next step, tools and vibration raising help will be given to you to allow you to help yourself progress and others too. Take advantage of the guidance that is there to help and nurture your path, and enjoy all the gifts that will come along with it.

The Angels wish you joy and peace and above all love in your quest.  I have loved connecting with you and also with them and hope to connect with you soon!

Sheelagh Maria


About the Author Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.


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