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7 “No Brainer” Ways For Cleansing Your Angel Oracle Cards

Everything You Need to Cleanse Your Angel Oracle Cards! 

Cleanse Your Angel Cards Cleansing your Angel or Oracle Cards is an important first step to take before you begin using them for readings, as they may have absorbed energy during manufacturing, in the store, or in transit on their way to you.

It’s also important to regularly cleanse your Angel Cards once you’ve begun doing readings with them.

Specifically you want to cleanse your Angel Oracle Cards after other people have touched them,  once you’ve completed an intense reading, after they’re been sitting unused for a long time, or if they’ve dropped on the floor, or come in contact with some sort of negativity or negative energy.

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You may also want to cleanse your Angel Oracle Cards as you’re inspired to do, before every reading, when you get the sense that they’re beginning to feel a bit stagnant, or if your readings become less than accurate.

There are many ways to cleanse your Angel Cards, so be sure to listen to your intuition and do what feels right to you in the moment. For example you may want to simply ask the angels to help clear your cards between readings, and then do a more formal clearing ritual on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

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7 “No Brainer” Ways to Cleanse Your Angel Cards:

1. Ask the Angels For Help!

Hold your angel cards in your hands as you clear your mind, breathe, relax, and close your eyes. Imagine that you’re surrounded with light of the Divine, as you think or say:

“I now invite the highest, best, and most loving angels who can most serve now… Please enter into this time and space, to cleanse and uplift my Angel Cards so that I may use them to clearly hear, see, and know your guidance. And so it is.”

Imagine light and love flowing all around you as your angels respond to energetically clear and raise the vibration of your angel cards.

You Can Also Ask Archangel Michael to Help! 

Archangel MichaelTo help you with this, I've channeled an invocation to clear your Angel Cards with Archangel Michael's help:

“Greetings, indeed I am here, I am Archangel Michael. I am pleased to make this connection with you now to assist you in clearing your angel cards and linking your angel cards with the love, guidance, and healing frequency of the angelic realm.

And so at this time, sit in a comfortable and relaxed position, close your eyes, and hold your angel cards out before you in your left hand. At this time with your permission, your team of angels enter into this present time and space. Relax and be aware to notice the increase in frequency as your angels indeed enter in.

Each angel is focusing a healing light at this time, shining light into the space in which your angel cards are held. Cleansing your angel cards of any energy which they may have absorbed in printing, transit, or which does not assist you in connecting with the guidance, healing, and knowledge of the angelic realm.

Notice and just be aware as your hand begins to feel lighter as all energy which does not serve is lifted up and out of the angel cards and released into the light. Imagine an orb of light now forming around the cards, lifting their vibration and frequency, and creating a link, paving the pathway to the angelic realm so that you can use this tool to tune into the love, guidance, healing, frequency and insight from the angels which is available to you at all times.

Remember, your angel cards are in and of themselves not a portal to the angelic realm. You are the portal and through your open heart you are the one who makes the direct link with your angels.

Know that as you practice with your angel cards you will be able to identify your personal code, to understand what each card means so that you can clearly, effortlessly and accurately receive guidance from your angels time and time again for the highest and greatest good of all. For knowledge, wisdom, and truth, for healing, upliftment, and love. And so it is.”

2. Shuffle Light Into Your Angel Cards to Cleanse Them!

Another effective way of cleansing Angel Cards, involves simply setting the intention to do so, and then shuffling the cards as you hold clear your intention.

Shuffle the cards and as you do visualize them energetically clearing and filling with light.

This can easily be combined with any of the other techniques!

Angel Oracle Cards 3. Knock On the Cards to Cleanse Their Energy

A slight variation on the shuffle technique is to hold your cards in your non-dominant hand, and then either give the cards a knock… Or simply run your hand over them as you place the intention for the cards to be cleared.

You can also say a little prayer like: “Dear God and angels, thank you for energetically clearing my Angel Cards now so I may accurately tune into your love and guidance.”

4. Leverage the Power of Nature to Cleanse Your Cards

Mother Earth has an incredible light and power to help cleanse your energy and raise your vibration, and she can also do this for your Angel Cards!

Bring your cards outside with you into nature to get some fresh air, soak up the light of the sun, and draw in the healing, clearing, and uplifting properties of nature. Just be sure you’re ready for any wind or elements that may be potentially damaging for the cards!

5. Full Moon Angel Card Cleanse

The full moon is well known to be a great time to place your crystals outside to charge, and you can even make moonlight water!

In addition, the moon offers a brilliant light for cleansing and recharging your Angel Cards.

On the night of the full moon, place your Angel Cards outside, or on a windowsill where they will come in contact with the moonlight.

Place the intention for the brilliant light of the Full Moon to cleanse and uplift the vibration of your Angel Cards, and then collect them cleansed and recharged in the morning… Be careful about where you place them outside in case in rains, gets windy, etc!

6. Crystals

There are several crystals that have incredible properties for dissolving negativity, and clearing dense, stuck or stagnant energy that may be held in your angel cards.

Selenite, amethyst, carnelian, kyanite, or tourmaline are wonderful cleansing stones that you can simply place on top of your Angel Cards (or sweep across the cards) with the intention to energetically cleanse your cards.

7. Sage Smudge

Burning sage is well known to be an effective way to cleanse negativity out of spaces and it absolutely works for cleansing Angel Cards too!

Simply pass your Angel Cards through the smoke from the sage with the clear intention to release negativity in all forms, into the light. This works great for crystals too!

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Angel Cards?

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Just like keeping your own energy clear and bright, when it comes to clearing your angel cards, it is not a one time process.

Cleansing your cards is something you’re going to want to do on a regular basis.

Most professional card readers have a simple process or ritual for cleansing their cards before and after each reading. Again, this can be as simple as asking the angels for help, or simply envisioning light streaming into the cards as you shuffle.

Now that you know multiple ways to cleanse the energy of your Angel Cards, follow your heart as to how often you should cleanse your cards, and to determine which method is right for you!

Once your cards have been cleansed, purified and uplifted in their vibration you're ready to begin tuning into the guidance from the angels.

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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P.S. I love hearing from you! Was this helpful? What methods do you prefer to cleanse your Angel Cards? Comment below and let me know!

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