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4 Oracle Card Spreads to Empower Accurate Readings!

Spreads for Reading Angel Cards and Oracle Cards

Learn 4 Oracle Card Spreads to empower accurate card readings every time! One of the key questions you have to ask yourself when it comes to completing an Oracle Card Reading is simply: “How many cards do I draw?”

If you are a complete beginner to reading Oracle Cards, check out my Beginners Guide here >>

So essentially, an Oracle Card spread just refers to the number of cards you draw for a reading, and the pattern you lay them out in.

Really, there is no right or wrong way to draw cards for an angel card reading, and there is no specific number of cards needed for a clear reading. Honor your intuition and draw as many cards as you feel inspired to.

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That being said,  here are some basic angel card reading spreads I like to use which can empower your angel readings.

Feel free to try these out, or use whatever spread or method you feel comfortable with. You can also use your intuition to create your own spread… And of course follow the guidance you receive from your angels!

Do pay close attention to any cards which seem to jump out of the deck, and have fun knowing you are supported and guided by your angels!

If you draw cards which are reversed, or upside down in other words, know that in most oracle and angel card decks, rather than this meaning the opposite as is the case in Tarot, a reversed angel card or oracle card is usually just an indication of a strong message.

4 Oracle Card Spreads To Empower Your Angel Readings: 

One Card Reading

One card readings work well to gain insight in response to questions. They can also be done on a daily basis for more general guidance regarding the energetic forecast, or to receive input from the angels on how to best focus the energies of the day.

Three Card Readings

three card spread A three-card reading spread is a wonderful way to look into a specific situation or to find an in-depth answer and understanding of a challenging question. There are a couple of variations on three-card readings depending on your question.

The first is the past/ present/ future reading in which the first card you draw is placed on the left and indicates the past energy influencing the situation. Next to this card you would draw a second card representing the energy of the present moment, and finally the third card reveals the potential future outcome regarding the situation you asked about, if you follow the guidance presently available for you.

When doing a past/ present/ future reading, know that the actual time frame may vary significantly. Remember that in the realms of spirit all time is happening now, and so while this is an effective way to tune into the patterns of energy, the future card for example could be referring to a year from now, or it could be referring to tomorrow.  Honor your intuition regarding the interpretation of the cards as well as the time frame.

A variation on the three-card reading which operates completely independently of time is the situation/ challenge/ guidance reading. In this angel card reading spread, the first card you draw (which is placed on the left) represents the energy surrounding the question or situation you are asking about. The second card speaks to your present challenge regarding your question, and the final third card (which is placed on the right) reveals the guidance from the angels regarding your question or situation.

Another three card reading spread variation is best used for relationships…

For this spread the first card relates to you and your energy, what you want out of the relationship and offers insight into your true feelings. The second card relates to the other person and how they are feeling, what they want out of the relationship, and offers insight into their energy. The third card is all about the relationship between the two of you. It looks at where the relationship is or where it is heading, it may also reveal what is missing or what could improve relationship harmony.

There are of course many additional variations you can use for a three card reading, which I will cover more in depth soon… As a quick example, if you have three different options, draw a card for each. You can also draw three cards for insight into the state of your mind, body, and spirit…

Five Card Reading

Five card spread

A five card reading builds upon the three card situation/ challenge/ guidance reading to offer additional insight.

Card 1: Situation. This card represents the situation and general theme or energy surrounding your question or situation.

Card 2: Challenge. This card speaks to a present or upcoming challenge you may be facing.

Card 3: Guidance. This card gives insight into the guidance surrounding your situation, as well as revealing external help you may receive.

Card 4: Focus. This card reveals what you could focus on to reach your desired outcome. It may also represent a positive intention which will help you in moving forward.

Card 5: Outcome. This card reveals the potential outcome related to your question when you act upon the angelic guidance you receive.

You can also use the above card meanings to complete a two- or four-card reading as well… Or check out a slight variation on the five card spread in the image above.

celtic cross spread Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Spread is the most common card spread used for Tarot cards… It can be used to answer questions of any type, and can be used as is, or slightly modified for use with angel cards and oracle cards too.

The Celtic Cross is a 10 card spread… Which is laid out as shown here:

You can also choose to only draw the first six cards for a slight variation on this comprehensive reading.

Card 1: Current Situation. The meaning of this card is about the heart of the matter at hand, not only the situation, but also the person’s state of mind, and perception regarding what is happening in their life.

Card 2: Challenge affecting the situation.

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Card 3: The basis of the situation including subconscious influences.

Card 4: How the past relates to the situation.

Card 5: The energy and influences in the present including goals and ideas.

Card 6: What the near future will bring.

Card 7: Your power in the situation and how you influence the situation.

Card 8: This card is all about the environment, external influences, and how others are influencing the situation.

Card 9: This card shows what you need to know. It may illustrate your hopes and fears regarding the outcome of the situation.

Card 10: The final outcome.

Oracle Card Spreads Ten cards is more than enough for deep insight into a situation… Rather than drawing more cards to learn more, look deeper into the cards you have already drawn.

The more you work with your cards, the more you will be able to tell how the cards are connected and what deeper meaning they reveal.

Listen to your intuition as your angels will be offering you direct guidance and insight in addition to what you find within the card meanings of the guide book of your angel card deck!

Learn more about How to Read Angel Cards here! 

Was this helpful? Do you read oracle cards? Commend below with your favorite card spread!

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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