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archangel muriel Working With Archangel Muriel

By Sheelagh Maria

Archangel Muriel has a beautiful and loving energy. Muriel comes to us on a ray of the softest pink light, and brings understanding gentleness and expansion into our lives on every subject.

When I first connected with Muriel I found her energy incredibly soothing. Muriel allows us to feel accepted right where we are, understood and supported, yet also lends us another perspective which with expansion can help us to manifest and heal in a completely new way.

Many people felt vulnerable and ‘stuck’ towards the end of 2014 with many relationships reaching crisis points, or career and jobs seeming to have reached a ‘dead end’. Many people found work and money to be particularly challenging. For some it didn’t matter how much they ‘tried’, still no doors seemed to be opening and it seemed like all the clarity had sold out.

2015 is a year where we are asked to examine and accept ‘where we are’. We are asked to be open in our energy to accept the pathway and the outcome that is for our highest good.

Very often we get hooked on a particular outcome because we are fearful, and will only make changes or seek guidance if we feel it’s going to be ‘that result we get’ Muriel advises us not to try to out think the Universe, the Archangels or even Source or God, she says that whilst growth is the main game, we have every ability to receive more love, more money, more happiness and abundance than we can see with our limited view, yet our route ‘to this’ may involve accepting where we are now, working our way ‘through’ our fear and also being open to twists and turns that allow people to have a change of heart, do their own healing, or decide on something previously ‘shut’ for them.

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In matters of love, when we are at the ‘mercy’ of others choices, Muriel tells us that loving ourselves enough to do what is right for us (truly right for us) now is the way ‘to’ the highest and best possible outcome.

If someone has left you, is not returning your calls, or is involved with another, understand that they too are avoiding their growth, it may not be the ‘right time’ and it may not be

even in their sights yet. Doing what is ‘really right for you’ may mean doing your own growing, giving both of you some space, and allowing them to notice what it’s like without your presence. Sometimes the best thing you can do to support yourself in a situation like this is by stepping back and listening to what Your inner guidance is showing you.

When you step back, and give yourself some space, you may initially feel lost, fed up, or heartbroken, but usually within a few days you can see that there were some issues that were not getting resolved with how it was – a little bit longer and you will usually see that there were areas you were convincing yourself you were okay with that you weren’t. You may also see where you can support yourself in gaining new skills to create or attract the outcome you truly desire.

Simple Ways To Work With Muriel

To attract love, or find out why love isn’t working the way you hoped ask: ‘Archangel Muriel help me to Feel the guidance you share, help me to FEEL what I should do now’.

If you have a rose quartz crystal, keep this with you, and spend some ‘gentle time’ with yourself. As you lose yourself in nature, music or yoga, you will gain a feeling that comes ‘through’ you (but not from you) as to what your next step should be. Trust this. If it comes from a place where you mind is otherwise occupied, it is from Muriel not from you.

To attract business or Career success, ask Muriel to help you identify what you LOVE about your job, whatever this is. It may be that the whole job doesn’t tick your boxes any more, but finding what you LOVE or what you do FEEL GOOD doing, and feeling appreciation for this task will allow Muriel to help you.

Muriel will then be able to use your feeling around this ‘time’ to give you other Feelings about what kind of work or other training will suit you. She will also help you to align with a FEELING about who to ask to support you if you are wanting to be recognised or go for promotion.

With job searches, she will give you a feeling of a ‘fit’ with a company or role, she will give you a feeling of ‘yes I’d work well there ‘ or ‘now’ is the time to start looking.

Muriel works through the heart chakra and ‘adds extra strength’ to our emotions when we are not looking at the situation at that time.

It is important to remember when you overly focus on an area of guidance being needed it cannot come at that moment, rather it will come when you are distracted or otherwise engaged because then your ‘mind’ isn’t at play, your energy is open and approachable and your emotions are steady. So asking for guidance and then taking some time away from the subject at hand allows a doorway through which Muriel and your angels can work.

You can also ask Muriel and Michael to protect you and guide you, their energy together is powerful, loving, direct and encouraging and can help you to shed enlightenment on the most confusing of topics.

When I ask M and M to help me I will get an immediate sign, accompanied by a feeling of ‘yes that IS what we’re telling you… It is in hand… All is well’.

You may well literally see an advert, course, a post on social media or be drawn to a book that is the answer to your question.

When you invoke Muriel AND Archangel Michael you are in for a double strength assistance act.

A wonderful way to work with both of them is to ask them to help you find someone you would LOVE to work with (notice the emphasis on feeling first and then action after?)

Ask them to help you to SEE who would make you FEEL supported, and they will energetically utilise not just your heart chakra but your third eye as well, and even asking them to help you to FEEL that what you are SEEING is correct is a wonderful way to strengthen your clairvoyant ability ‘through’ your empathic senses.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and we would love to hear what you would like to see more of in the comments below. We love hearing from you and wish you joy and FUN with your development.

Our stand alone development sessions here at ask angels can be done with 2 archangels, and they will combine their skills to add extra potency to your reading or development session. So if you are blocked and think ‘I just can’t advocate spending this right now’ – remember when you ask, there always is a way forward that will ‘pay off’ and leave you FEELING loved and supported and SEEING the way ahead clearly.

All our love,

Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. I really enjoyed learning more about Muriel and with combination to Michael. I’m going to a mediation tonight and will use them. Thank you

  2. I recently asked my angel to tell me their name and the name Muriel came to me. She has helped me many times in my relationship which has now gone very wrong. I look to her for guidance and comfort now.

  3. Thank you for this. I was not very familiar with Archangel Muriel, now I know to call on her for guidance in a particular area of my life.

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