What Spirit Guides Will And Will Not Help You With….

What Spirit Guides Will And Will Not Help You With….

Spirit GuidesAsking Spirit Guides For Help… And Getting It! 

Yes, you have spirit guides who work around the clock to support you. The main role of your spirit guides is to guide you in the direction of your authentic path and of your soul’s purpose for this life.

Your spirit guides will align you with the right books, resources, synchronistic meetings and even with the money you need to progress in the direction of your soul purpose and accomplishing your life goals.

Spirit guides also flow inspiration your way, nudge you in the right direction, and offer comfort and support in times of challenge or when you feel lost. They offer powerful assistance in helping you life a more fulfilling, joyful, and inspired life which is true to your soul path and purpose.

I’ll never forget the first time I became aware of the presence of my spirit guides. I was sitting in my small apartment, where I was supposed to be working on a college paper, but really I was just dwelling on my problems, and worrying about the future.

As I sat there, the energy in the room suddenly shifted. I felt the pressure change, and looked around the room to try and understand what had happened. Suddenly my attention shifted and my awareness lifted so that I became aware of the presence of my spirit guides. I saw them in a way that was somewhat similar to a memory… Like I was watching a live recording of what was actually happening in that moment on a mental screen I never really knew I had access to within.

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I sensed my spirit guides as being tall, they were high vibrational beings who surrounded me in a circle from above, and quite simply they comforted me… With their clear and powerful entrance, they totally shifted my focus on worry, and doubt, into awe, and presence as I attempted to understand what was happening. They told me to stay positive, and to focus on helping others instead of worrying about myself, and that they would guide me in the right direction.

It was simple advice, but at that time it was exactly what I needed, and just knowing that I had help from spirit guides beyond the physical was immensely comforting, and exciting to me.

We all experience spirit in different ways, so your guides may connect with you in a way that is totally unique from what I just described… But there is a similarity in what spirit guides will help with.

Spirit Guides Are Not Magical Genies Here to Grant Your Wishes

When it comes to getting help from your spirit guides, I think it’s good to keep in mind that they’re not magical genies who are here to grant your wishes and help you with anything you want.

You may have wished or hoped for this kind of help from your spirit guides, but in my experience it’s not true. Spirit guides have a very specific and focused purpose for helping you which has been predetermined, and which they stick to.

Their purpose, is to help you achieve your life purpose, that you as a soul set for this life prior to being born.

Yes, that’s right… Even before you were born into the physical your consciousness existed, and you actually worked with your guides and angels to plan your life.

Your spirit guides honor this plan, and will only help you with the things that are in alignment with your souls goals and desires.

If your personality really wants something that is counter productive to your souls goals and desires (like to get back together with a certain ex, win the lottery, or land a certain high paying corporate job)… You may be able to manifest it, but you will not receive direct help and intervention in doing so from your team of spirit guides, unless it is in alignment with your life purpose determined by your soul.

Now, with this being said… It’s doesn’t hurt to ask!

Your spirit guides always have time for you, and are never bothered by your asking for help… Even if it’s something they cannot help you with.

Just to clarity, they will always help you… But not always in the way your personality thinks is best.

Rather, spirit guides help in the way that will most serve your underlying soul purpose for being alive in the physical in the first place.

They will also help you to uncover your soul purpose, so that your heart, soul, and personality can all get into agreement, and you can confidently and happily move forward in the direction of living the fulfilling, rewarding, fun, joyful, and inspired life you’re meant to experience.

With love and light,


16 thoughts on “What Spirit Guides Will And Will Not Help You With….”

  1. I really don’t need or want anything in life, really. If anything, I see my spirit guides as friends and family who actually care about me, and that in itself helps me to get up in the morning. I honestly would probably have committed suicide years ago if it wasn’t for them. Most of the time I thought I was just crazy and that I was imagining them, but just thinking about them has helped me either way.

    Because I care about them, I don’t want them to feel like I a taking advantage of them in a way and sometimes I feel horrible because I don’t know how I can repay them back. What makes me feel useful is being able to help someone else who has helped me, and if I struggle with that it makes me feel useless sometimes.

  2. So if spirit guides dont grant our desires then what good are they? That sure explains why every area of my life is a mess no matter how hard I work for things. My guides seem to actually get in my way

    1. What she’s saying is that spirit guides are there to guide us along the path we chose and to assist us in coping. Life on Earth is meant to be challenging and difficult. As a result, it’s a great classroom and we advance quicker as souls by experiencing challenges and hardships, and then learning from them. If life was easy and with no challenges or hardships, we wouldn’t grow or learn much. Let me give you an example from my own life that highlights what she’s saying, so that it might make sense to you. I had a terrible disability thrust upon me several years ago, which is permanent. At first, I was cursing at my life, and wondering what good my spirit guides were. I thought my useful life was over. But then I realized that this disability was meant to happen. I realized my spirits guides weren’t there to cure me. They were there to guide me through the experience of someone being independent, suddenly becoming disabled and nearly an invalid that had to rely on everyone else for my needs. They were there to nudge me through ways of coping and overcoming my symptoms so that I could function better. Suicide was on the table, but something mysterious happened that intervened. I believe it was my guides nudging me in the right direction and telling me that taking my life is not the answer. And that I am in control of more of my life than I thought I was. And I’m glad I paid attention! Because not only did I steer myself away from the suicide option, I found ways of coping and physical therapy methods that allowed me to overcome my worse symptoms that were keeping me down.

      Bottom line is, my spirits guides didn’t grant a miracle cure. They did what they’re there for; to guide me through a very difficult experience that I was supposed to have. And they guided me through it. Because of their help, I am now a stronger person. My life is in many ways more enriched now than it was before my disability. I consider my disability a gift that has made me grow. I couldn’t have done that without the help of my spirit guides. So see, they work in ways you don’t expect. Granting you a win of millions of dollars or material things or direct miracles and cures for your problems actually harms your growth. They help you help yourself. Does that make sense now?

    2. Let me add one more thing, Paul. People who can’t seem to ever get ahead of their life problems often don’t realize that they have much more control over their lives and life events than they think they do. It’s not so much about how hard you work to fix things. It’s more about HOW you go about fixing things, and being strategic and clever. If you find one approach isn’t working…..try another. Listen to your inner voice, which may just be your spirit guide or intuition, or both. The problem is that humans tend to get stuck in bad habits and counter-productive thinking patterns. The challenge is overcoming them. I’ve watched a lot of Tedx Talks in an attempt to improve my life and the aforementioned things I’ve said seems to be a repeating theme in all of the good talks I’ve watched. Applying those principals to my own life I have proof that they really work! You can overcome your challenges.

  3. My spirit guides have either given up on me or actively hate me. I’ve done meditations, sense presences, even had flashes of faces and other images, but… nothing. No coherent responses to any of my questions. Like “hey, we’re here, but we’re not interested in helping even in a tiny way.”

    1. That is because you’re not believing that they’re actually there to help you. Listen, your spirit guides won’t be with you 24/7. But, they are watching you. You just need to sit back, breathe, and live life as normal. You’ll have answers come through you. You just have to be patient.

  4. Can I ask my guides to help me shift to a reality that my personality prefers? I hate the life I have now. I know there’s a way, because I know that my soul wants what my personality is asking. A huge part of my soul wants to heal, but I also want to do what my personality wants.

    1. AK, A lot of the life we have is because we’ve made it our life through our choices. If you don’t like your life, change it. We’re not as stuck in our life circumstances as much as you think we are. Your spirit guides will nudge you along to achieve the goals you were meant to achieve. Granted, there are many things we can’t change, but there’s even more that we can.

  5. I was wondering what if your life purpose dosent make you happy or you want to change it? How can your life purpose be chosen for you without free will?

    1. You choose the specifics of how your life purpose manifests… But what you (your highest self and soul) has chosen will absolutely make you happy. If you’re not loving what you’re doing and not happy… You’re not actually in authenticity and in alignment with your true soul purpose. ✨🌸🏵️🌟🙏🌟🏵️🌸✨

  6. I have searched nearly all my life to find my purpose, I have searched, prayed, fasted, cried, spent so much money on tests, counselling, psychic readings, etc. and I have as much to show for it now as I did when I started (hint: NOTHING). Just a lifetime of wrong paths that amount to nothing. I guess the prophecy my family made of me as a kid was true all along: I never do anything right and I will never amount to anything in life. My search for purpose included asking my so called guides. For many, many years. I guess it means they have failed. Can I fire them? Not that it would make any difference to them haha, but I’m tired of wasting my time getting nowhere….NOT for lack of effort! I am so at the end of my rope and frustrated, can you tell?

  7. Can you tell me why I get wrong answers from my pendulum? It swings yes and no but later on I realize the answers were incorrect. Is the pendulum telling me what I want to hear? Thanks for any advice. Debbie

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