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What Happens After Death? Ask the Angels Column…

Q & A With Archangel Haniel

Channeled by Melanie Beckler 

“Know dear one, that we are, indeed, present here with you now – your angels, guardian angels, archangels, and guides in spirit. It is our honor to connect with you now through frequency, love, and words to support you on your path…”

Question: “From the angels’ perspective, is there anything we need to do, or any practices, or meditations that one should do in order to be prepared for death? Or are we all taken care of and looked after in death?” ~Stephan 

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Answer from Archangel Haniel

“We in the angelic realm wish to say to you now – Yes! Your soul continues on after death…

There are of course multiple choices and directions regarding where your soul can head – to a place of rejuvenation, a paradise, a personal bliss, to another lifetime of training, or to a lifetime in spirit, simply being, or stepping into being a guide for others in physical expressions.

We offer you the shift in perspective now, that you are already experiencing the preparation in life that will most support you in your death, which is the ultimate reawakening, the ultimate reunion with source, light once again… returning home.

Of course you take with you the soul growth and experiences you’ve had in this life.
what happens after death
And so, to increase the vibration of your after death experience, the key is to increase your awareness in life – to learn your lessons, to elevate your vibration, to receive the guidance of spirit that you are receiving, but that are simply blocked from becoming aware of by layers of ego.

The biggest lesson now is to shift down from the head and into the heart.

Right now …

Imagine that in your mind now that as you’re thinking and perceiving these words,  you’re also taking an elevator down. Shifting your awareness from the head and into the heart.

Riding the elevator of light down from the ego mind, and into the mind of your heart.

Let your mind become quiet as you imagine your consciousness taking an elevator ride down from your mind and into your heart, where you’re able to just be, and breathe.
Let the lotus of your heart open.

The light of your heart guide your next steps – filling you with love which raises your vibration, which allows you to access guidance from spirit now, to become more aware, and to embody more of the true presence of your highest spiritual self.

In doing this in life, the ultimate classroom, you take what you learn with you onto your next experience after death.

But know that what awaits you is beautifully calm, rejuvenating, and restoring… So do not fret about what happens after death, rather embrace and embody the huge opportunity available to you in life.

These are the keys for you now:

  1.  Bringing greater divine light into your body, mind, and spirit, so you can live as your authentic truth. This is the ultimate preparation for what is the ultimate transition and new beginning, that is death.
  2. Taking control of your mind, learning to calm it, learning to shift away from the tendency to focus on challenge, so that each time you find you're focusing on a challenge, you’re judging, you’re feeling sorry for yourself or even in other.
  3. Shift your awareness. See that there is a greater reason all that happens, and that it is the ultimate training ground for you to embody your true divine nature. What if the lessons you are learning, you have to learn, so that you can help others through the same thing in this life, or in your afterlife experience?

Let the Lotus of Your Heart Open Quiet your mind, and let yourself just be with this energy for a moment. Light that is all around you – uplifting you, soothing you, balancing and restoring, loving you exactly as you are.

It’s okay that you are where you are right here and now.

But you can now turn the page, you can make the choice to integrate that which feels good to you in terms of what you believe, in terms of that which empowers you, and supports you in embodying your divine truth.

And simply let the rest (no matter where you learnt it or who you heard it from) be okay, fall away, be there, but not dictate your experience.

Live in your highest truth in alignment with love – knowing that you are so supported by guides and angels.

And as you quiet your mind, activate your heart and open your spirit, this guidance will become more known to you in a way that is different that you expect. But nonetheless, with awareness and presence powerful guidance will align with your being.


Know that we angels are with you. Light is with you. Love is with you. The full presence of your highest self is with you.

You are ready to make the shift, to living as the divine angelic being that is your truth, responding with love, shining your light, making a difference in your life, in the lives of others, creating this vast ripple, one moment at a time.

Rather than worrying about death, focus on fully, vibrantly, and expressively living your life.

You are loved, you are loved, you are loved! Open your heart, feel this, and let it in. It is truth.”

And so, it is…

~Archangel Haniel

Channeled with love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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