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Signs From Your Loved Ones In Spirit

life after deathWhen we lose someone who is dear to us, it's completely natural to want some proof that their spirit lives on, we may hope for clear signs that there really is life after death.

The angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides of the light all offer their assurance that life after death is a very real phenomenon, and that in many ways death is the ultimate awakening from the illusion of life.

But where is the proof? How can you know that your loved one is OK after they've died? What signs can you look for that they still exist, and that their soul lives on?

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Signs of Life After Death

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Receiving signs from your deceased loved ones is incredibly comforting, and can help bring you a sense of peace and comfort after their death.

Receiving a sign from a loved one may seem like something that is reserved for the psychics, clairvoyants, and mediums of the world, but really, it is something anyone can experience.

If you have ever lost a loved one, and would like to receive some validation that their soul lives on, ask for a sign… With a quiet mind and open heart, you can receive a sign, and the clear knowing and understanding that even after death, there is life.

Electronic Interference

One common way spirits will let us know they are near, is by playing with the electricity. This is a particular favorite of one of my grandmothers in spirit. She likes to make the lights flicker, and she has turned on the bedside lamps for both me and my sister on separate occasions while we were sleeping.

Spirits are able to interfere with light and electricity after their death, because they are now energetic beings. Your loved ones may try to get your attention by changing the channels on the television, causing an appliance to act funny, or they may even make your phone ring out of no-where.

Electrical malfunctions aren't always your loved ones, especially in this current day and age where we're experiencing a huge increase in solar flares and solar energy which can cause electrical interference as well, so discretion is required. But… Were you just thinking about your loved one when your lights flickered, or maybe you were doing something you used to enjoy doing together when your television turns on out of nowhere? Explore the possibility that this may be your loved one. Pay attention to what you were thinking, feeling, or experiencing. If there is somehow a connection to your loved one, and there really is not another explanation for the electrical interference, chances are they're with you, working the energy to get your attention.

When my grandmother turned on the lamp by my bedside, I knew without a doubt it was her, because she had also appeared in my dream. Other times the flickering of a light near me has corresponded with her popping into my thoughts, and this mental thought was the confirmation of her presence.

A Familiar Scent

When you think of your loved one, is there a certain scent that reminds you of them? For my grandfather in spirit, this scent is absolutely his cologne. A few times, I have suddenly smelled it, when no one else was around… That is no one else other than him, present in spirit.

For my grandmother, the smell of her face powder makes me think of her every time… Reminding me of all our fun times together, and a beautiful sweet validation that in spirit she is still around.

Other scents which your loved one in spirit may trigger to let you know they're near include the smell of smoke, something they used to love to eat, a floral scent, or really anything else which will trigger your memory, and clue you into their presence.

Do you smell their favorite food, Mexican, while you're in a Mexican food restaurant? Probably not a clear sign of life after death… But when you smell it sitting at home in your room with the window closed, while your loved one suddenly pops into your awareness, smile and know they are with you.

breatheFeeling or Sensing Their Touch

When your loved one reaches out from the realms of spirit, to let you know they're with you, and that they love you and their spirit lives on… You may feel it! Do you feel like someone is holding your hand and no one is there? Or have you experienced as a soft touch on your cheek, or felt like someone was gently playing with your hair?

Spirit touches are another common sign of life after death.

If you're not feeling your loved one around you, but you wish you were… Take some time to consciously relax and uplift your vibration with meditation, yoga, or simply relaxing and listening to music or just taking the time to be and breathe.

When your deceased loved one is present, you'll be much more likely to notice them with you if you're in a relaxed and uplifted state, rather than stressed, anxious or worried.

You may not always physically feel them touch you, rather you may just get a sense of their presence. Pay attention and tune into the gratitude of knowing their soul lives on.

Visions and Dreams

Proof of life after death comes in many forms, including having a vision or dream that your loved one is with you.

Have you had a dream of your loved one after their death? Dreams that are especially real feeling, vivid, and meaningful, are often direct forms of communication from your deceased loved one. You may feel quite emotionally affected, comforted, and loved in dreams that are indeed real visits from your loved ones in spirit.

All of my grandparents in spirit have contacted my in this beautiful way… And each time was much different but I always got the impression they were healthy again, happy, and quite well.

Wait… Did You Move That?

When objects which are meaningful to you, or to your loved one mysteriously move… It is another indication of the presence of Spirit.

Animals and Insects

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Your loved ones may also use their energy to manifest through an animal, bird, or insect for a short while to let you know they're near. Usually when this happens, the animal will do something somewhat out of the ordinary to get your attention.

My mom had this experience after her mom died. Her mom had always loved watching and feeding birds, and after her death a bird mysteriously appeared in my moms house. This dove, was gently escorted outside… and to this day (about a year later), shows up on a regular basis… Not inside anymore, but close to the house, usually on the patio, and it's always very interested in my mom and what she's doing. My mom swears this dove is a sign from her mom, and after getting to experience the dove in action the last time I was home in New Mexico, I agree.

Why would your loved one appear as a bird, or rabbit, or bug? Simple. They want to get your attention so they can let you know that they love you, that they're near, and that their spirit lives on in a way which will not cause undue sadness or fear.

When you notice a sign from your loved one, enjoy the moment. If you think it's a sign from spirit, it probably is. Don't second guess yourself too much, just enjoy knowing that there is life after death and that your loved one is thinking of you, reaching out, and is really quite near.

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With many blessings of light and love, 
Melanie Beckler

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