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Signs From Your Loved Ones In Spirit

life after deathWhen we lose someone who is dear to us, it's completely natural to want some proof that their spirit lives on, and that there really is life after death.

The angels, ascended masters, and spirit guides of the light all offer their assurance that life after death is a very real phenomenon, and that in many ways death is the ultimate awakening from the illusion of life.

But where is the proof? How can you know that your loved one is OK after they've died? What signs can you look for that they still exist, and that their soul lives on?

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Signs of Life After Death

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Receiving signs from your deceased loved ones is incredibly comforting, and can help bring you a sense of peace and comfort after their death.

Receiving a sign from a loved one may seem like something that is reserved for the psychics, clairvoyants, and mediums of the world, but really, it is something anyone can experience.

If you have ever lost a loved one, and would like to receive some validation that their soul lives on, ask for a sign… With a quiet mind and open heart, you can receive a sign, and the clear knowing and understanding that even after death, there is life.

Electronic Interference

One common way spirits will let us know they are near, is by playing with the electricity. This is a particular favorite of one of my grandmothers in spirit. She likes to make the lights flicker, and she has turned on the bedside lamps for both me and my sister on separate occasions while we were sleeping.

Spirits are able to interfere with light and electricity after their death, because they are now energetic beings. Your loved ones may try to get your attention by changing the channels on the television, causing an appliance to act funny, or they may even make your phone ring out of no-where.

Electrical malfunctions aren't always your loved ones, especially in this current day and age where we're experiencing a huge increase in solar flares and solar energy which can cause electrical interference as well, so discretion is required. But… Were you just thinking about your loved one when your lights flickered, or maybe you were doing something you used to enjoy doing together when your television turns on out of nowhere? Explore the possibility that this may be your loved one. Pay attention to what you were thinking, feeling, or experiencing. If there is somehow a connection to your loved one, and there really is not another explanation for the electrical interference, chances are they're with you, working the energy to get your attention.

When my grandmother turned on the lamp by my bedside, I knew without a doubt it was her, because she had also appeared in my dream. Other times the flickering of a light near me has corresponded with her popping into my thoughts, and this mental thought was the confirmation of her presence.

A Familiar Scent

When you think of your loved one, is there a certain scent that reminds you of them? For my grandfather in spirit, this scent is absolutely his cologne. A few times, I have suddenly smelled it, when no one else was around… That is no one else other than him, present in spirit.

For my grandmother, the smell of her face powder makes me think of her every time… Reminding me of all our fun times together, and a beautiful sweet validation that in spirit she is still around.

Other scents which your loved one in spirit may trigger to let you know they're near include the smell of smoke, something they used to love to eat, a floral scent, or really anything else which will trigger your memory, and clue you into their presence.

Do you smell their favorite food, Mexican, while you're in a Mexican food restaurant? Probably not a clear sign of life after death… But when you smell it sitting at home in your room with the window closed, while your loved one suddenly pops into your awareness, smile and know they are with you.

breatheFeeling or Sensing Their Touch

When your loved one reaches out from the realms of spirit, to let you know they're with you, and that they love you and their spirit lives on… You may feel it! Do you feel like someone is holding your hand and no one is there? Or have you experienced as a soft touch on your cheek, or felt like someone was gently playing with your hair?

Spirit touches are another common sign of life after death.

If you're not feeling your loved one around you, but you wish you were… Take some time to consciously relax and uplift your vibration with meditation, yoga, or simply relaxing and listening to music or just taking the time to be and breathe.

When your deceased loved one is present, you'll be much more likely to notice them with you if you're in a relaxed and uplifted state, rather than stressed, anxious or worried.

You may not always physically feel them touch you, rather you may just get a sense of their presence. Pay attention and tune into the gratitude of knowing their soul lives on.

Visions and Dreams

Proof of life after death comes in many forms, including having a vision or dream that your loved one is with you.

Have you had a dream of your loved one after their death? Dreams that are especially real feeling, vivid, and meaningful, are often direct forms of communication from your deceased loved one. You may feel quite emotionally affected, comforted, and loved in dreams that are indeed real visits from your loved ones in spirit.

All of my grandparents in spirit have contacted my in this beautiful way… And each time was much different but I always got the impression they were healthy again, happy, and quite well.

Wait… Did You Move That?

When objects which are meaningful to you, or to your loved one mysteriously move… It is another indication of the presence of Spirit.

Animals and Insects

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Your loved ones may also use their energy to manifest through an animal, bird, or insect for a short while to let you know they're near. Usually when this happens, the animal will do something somewhat out of the ordinary to get your attention.

My mom had this experience after her mom died. Her mom had always loved watching and feeding birds, and after her death a bird mysteriously appeared in my moms house. This dove, was gently escorted outside… and to this day (about a year later), shows up on a regular basis… Not inside anymore, but close to the house, usually on the patio, and it's always very interested in my mom and what she's doing. My mom swears this dove is a sign from her mom, and after getting to experience the dove in action the last time I was home in New Mexico, I agree.

Why would your loved one appear as a bird, or rabbit, or bug? Simple. They want to get your attention so they can let you know that they love you, that they're near, and that their spirit lives on in a way which will not cause undue sadness or fear.

When you notice a sign from your loved one, enjoy the moment. If you think it's a sign from spirit, it probably is. Don't second guess yourself too much, just enjoy knowing that there is life after death and that your loved one is thinking of you, reaching out, and is really quite near.

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With many blessings of light and love, 
Melanie Beckler

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  1. I recently lost my son. He did show me a sign. The top of the tree in the backyard lit of so bright. It was an overcast day and only that one tree lit up. He took his own life in our back yard. I wish I knew what he was trying to tell me. I wish I could post the picture it was amazing to see and feel his presence.

  2. My husband died unexpected on Sept 13th at someones house.on Sept 29th we had celebration of life and when i got home.he put a bug on my wall and removed it.he’s been in my lamp with a rainbow since then and still is.Idk how he died.we didn’t get to say goodbye.other things has happened to my son in prison from my husband.Ive seen a purple one and red ones all around the rainbow.smelt cigarette.he sprayed febreeze but im just wondering why hes still here.i can see a long white orb in the rainbow..kinda starting to scare me

  3. My husband passed two & a half years ago. For the first few months there were white feathers everywhere ! In my clothes, my rooms, simply everywhere! Robins they seamed to follow me! One flew into my living room & sat on my pelmet, he flew out again as if he knew the way. A pair of Robins nested in my hanging basket & produced five babies. The feathers are few & far between now but my lights often flash, my radio has turned on by itself. I often dream of my husband, he is always healthy. Went to see a clairvoyant last year, she said I had ” the gift”. I went to visit my friend yesterday, her little dog died a few months ago, she misses her very much, while she was talking I heard this noise which sounded like a dog snoring, she heard nothing! Could this be possible?

  4. My partner, John and I have been together for 18 years. I kicked him out of my house 7 or 8 years because he had a drinking problem and ended the relationship. Somehow, we got back together months after. His mom was ill so I agreed for him to stay in his apartment to help his sister out with her illness. We stayed 2 hrs away from each other. He would come for the weekend and I would do the same. 2013 my dog passed away that I dearly loved, his mother died two months later. I had wanted him to come home this year, 2017. My honey passed away, suddenly, on March 16, 2017. The wake and funeral was on the same day, March 20, 2017. While I was grieving and crying, John’s neighbor sat beside me and says, “I loved John, we did everything together except have sex, he ate with me Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and he told me you were a scatter brain.” Before I could say anything John’s golf buddies came to talk to me. My thoughts changed from grieving to, anger. I wanted to punch this lady in the face. After the funeral was over, I went to see her. As I was asking her, “Why would she say that to me and what is she talking about.” There was a buzzing, frequency sound to my ear. I thought it was a bee, but when I looked around, no bee. It did this twice. This lady pretended that nothing happened, that he loved me. She told me, “He took care of me.” She had hip surgery some months ago he told me about. I left her apartment, confused. I could not sleep and hardly ate. The funeral was on Monday, Thursday at 3:30am., I finally went to sleep and when I woke up I felt refresh, as thou, I slept all night. I woke up an hour later or 4:30am, when I woke up, within secs, I heard this voice tell me, check the phone records on the day of your surgery, the number is there. I had my surgery on Jan 9, while I was looking up the phone records, there was this very loud bird, chirping so loud. It got my attention! It was like the bird was in my house, but I know that’s impossible. It lasted for 15mins then it went away. I had a feeling it was John, not sure, but I have never heard any bird chirp this loud. I decided to call the number at 6:30am and maybe it will go to email. The lady and his neighbor answered the phone. I hung up! I review phone records. He called her everyday even when I was in surgery and afterwards. He called her coming to my house on Christmas eve and called her when he was leaving my house. Before I forget, I asked the lady how long as this been going on? She said, “five year.” He walked her dog in the morning and afternoon and talk to her everyday. She told me, “Nothing happened and that i was being hard on him, that he was committed to me.” Here the thing, I saw the kind of card he would give me, in her apartment. I dont understand, how he fooled me all this time. My birthday is Jan 28, he sent me a beautiful card and a Valentine’s Card. I’m stuck in an angry state. I dont know if the buzzing sound, bird chirping loudly, the voice that told me to check my phone records, and the sound nice smell in my truck was really John. I am so angry and so betrayed, it’s effecting my daily life. This has turned my feelings upside down. Any man who betrays his wife then the wife or financee, like me finds out……he’s a son of bitch! Yeah, I can forgive, but it’s not helping my emotions and feelings. My soul is tormented by his betrayal. I got rid of most of his stuff from my home and I planning to sale the ring he gave me. The lady told me, he liked watching birds and antiques and he loved Casey, our dog, who passed away, 2013. Before I left this lady apartment, I told her, the birds he loved and antiques are my hobbies, not his. Casey was my dog, not his. John loved things that I love. The only thing he enjoyed doing was playing golf, daily. The lady made a comment, I found this bird pendant in my closet and wondered if John is trying to tell me something. HOGWASH! I cry because John passed away but mostly because I can’t confront him to resolve these emotions inside me. I prayed to God to keep that Son of Bitch away from me, in my dreams, no signs of nothing. I’m tired of crying! how do you get comfort in that?

  5. In life, my mother had clairvoyance. Shelped others to cross ove, she spoke to spirits and much more. I always asked her to commune with me after she passes. My mother passed this past Wednesday after loosing her battle with Alzheimers. She was 75. It’s Saturday and she has not come to me in a dream, while i’ve meditated, or in any way, shape or form. Why?

  6. I lost my fiance about 3 1/2 weeks ago. I don’t believe I’ve had any signs yet, no dreams no penny’s no butterflies. I think I want a sign so much I’m overlooking them. I pray so anyway. Lost my husband in 2008, my dad in 2009 and now my fiance. Never a sign from either one before. Suppose I need to concentrate. I hope something happens soon. I’m very lost and lonely

    1. Many people say they see no signs of their loved ones but the sign could be as simple as a gut feeling or presence. Has something happened that made you say ah that is strange or I wonder if that’s a sign? If so, it’s a sign. I think we want a sign so badly that we overlook signs. Love does live on. It takes time to adjust. It’s a natural instinct to reach out. I believe they reach out all the time but we dismiss it as if that couldn’t be them. I was sleep and I kept feeling as if my loved one was hugging me. I also felt like he was holding my hand. The Sirir on my phone kept going off. I dismissed it all but I believe now they reached out. He has reached out to his sister and she asked him if he came to me in her dream and in the dream he smiled this big smile. He also said I’m waiting for her. This is wild but I believe it.

  7. you know,i lost my father in 2005,and there was this one night time,i was walking around the my house,and as soon as i got to the window to his room,where he usually sleeps,and where he died,on top of his bed,i heard the exact sound of my father snoring,whenever he was deep in sleep,and i was scared at first,i ran inside to call on my brother’s and my step mom,and they all heard the same thing. Exactly my father snoring,and that room has been locked since his death. we later gathered together and slept in one room that night….I also see him in my dreams some times..

  8. I experienced visitations from both parents after they passed; 3 days after my Mom passed and 3 months after my Dad. My Father appeared with a bright, almost blinding light surrounding him. I also recently smelled a familiar smell of someone who had passed 3 days before and last April on the anniversary of my Dad’s passing my Husband and I were traveling and had been talking about fun times we had with him. That morning…of the anniversary while I was sleeping, the television in our hotel room came on by itself. My husband searched thinking the remote was on the bed and he had laid on it, but was shocked to find it sitting on the night stand. When he later told me about it I knew it was my Dad. It is such a wonderful feeling when these things happen. 🙂

  9. My son Brennan passed on December 2nd. He has come around in a variety of ways. The first event was when I was on the phone with my mother and a cousin wanted to know if there were any visible signs like a bird or something similar, I was walking around the house and looked out our patio door and there was a Bobcat by our pool. He looked at me, and let me take his photo, then jumped up on the wall looked right at me and paused and then jumped down. I sense him when I got the chills when thinking of him or talking to him, as well as others who have passed as well even if I did not know them. He also hangs around our dog, and for over a week while I was outside reading he would fly back and forth from one neighbors house to the other while the dog chased him. I’ve had other birds, and just yesterday while I was driving a dove followed me and came close to my window a couple of times and than veered off just before me thinking I might hit him. The two most memorable events were first, the morning that my son was setting off the smoke detectors on the opposite side of our house. It was about 3:30am, and my husband did not get up, but I did. I then changed the battery and reset the smoke detector and got back in bed. About 10 minutes later another one went off, and this time the battery cover was already open. I changed it as well. Then the room I use as my office went of again another 10 minutes later. This time however, the last one went off again. I asked my husband to go and check it, that I had enough. It continued to go off after using the last remaining battery, so he shut the door and told me to call someone to come look at them. Oddly enough when he left, the smoke detector quit beeping. I think he was trying to get his dad’s attention. Prior to this event, I had told him I hadn’t felt him around due to many distractions I was encountering, and that he would have to do something really loud to get my attention. I think he definitely got my attention! While pulling weeds, I asked my son to show me some heart shaped rocks. I found few, and I also have seen clouds that look like hearts when I am outside watching the clouds and weather. The last time I took some photos, I had asked him to give me a sign that he was near me. I took a photo, and did not look at it until the following day, and it was a picture of him in the clouds. I’m sure there are many other instances that I am not aware of that I have missed. It helps me to know that he is here with me, and still loves me. <3

  10. Just after my beloved dad died, I went into my mum’s house, and the Christmas tree lights blew suddenly. Then my brother, mum and me were sitting talking about memories of dad when the light fitting suddenly crashed down from the ceiling!!!

    1. I lost my father 5 weeks ago and since then have experienced a few electrical signs. 3 weeks after he passed, my mom and I went to breakfast with all his old work friends (they do this every month, on the last saturdya of the month) and there was no storm outside (just light drizzle) and all the lights on the one side of the restaurant flickered and went out and back on and flickered for the entire hour 1/2 that we were there. I found that weird. Also, my best friend just recently told me that the night of my dad’s viewing, her and her mom were talking on their couch about us and my best friend asked her mom if she though my mom looked okay. Just then there was a click of a light and when they looked over to the light that was already on, the chain connecting the light was swinging around like crazy. I’ve also heard that click of a light switch a few times in my mom’s house, where my dad died.

  11. Shortly after my oldest son died.
    He had lymphoma.
    I was standing in the kitchen at my dad’s apartment since I didn’t feel like being at home.
    My dad and oldest brother were asleep in two separate bedrooms.
    I checked on them and they were lightly snoring.
    My mind was heavy with thoughts of my son…when suddenly bubbles like the type little children love so much appeared all over the kitchen rising in all directions upward.
    I was amazed as when they touched the ceiling and the floor
    There was no watery residue.
    I knew then that it was from my son as he was always a jokester and very playful.
    He didn’t like anyone to be sad and we laughed all the time.
    He knew I was doing my best to be strong and I managed to be very strong the day of the wake and funeral and he hasn’t come that way anymore but he’s done other things to let me know that he is well.

  12. My father died on new years eve and when my mother went into hospital just 11 weeks later myself and 2 brothers and a sister were sitting with her when the nurse asked us to leave because they had to do some test on her, they asked us to come back in 20 minutes so we went and had a coffee. After 20 minutes we came back but they hadn’t finished so we waited outside by a fire door. while we were there the fire door opened, my brother said that cannot be opened by wind and I said I hope it’s not my dad come for mother because he’s not having her. This reminded me of the part in ghost were the old man says “I’ve come for my wife but she’s fighting it” Another brother who was at work rang the hospital to see how my mother was and the nurse said her husband is with her, when my brother questioned her she said an elderly man was with her. Sadly My mother passed away the next day, just 89 days after my dad, we were devistated. I couldn’t watch the film ghost without crying at the part with the old man, then one night I sat and watched it and when it came to the part with the old man the living room lights started to flicker, I felt like my mother was letting me know that it was what happened, my dad had come for which helped me a lot. There was a lot of things happened before and after my mothers passing which I wrote down and if ever I feel low I get my book out and read it all it makes me feel close to them xx

  13. I had just found out my husband was cheating on me. I was in the tub, talking to my mom who passed on July 31, crying and asking her to help me. I kept asking her if she hears me to help me. All of a sudden the water became like a whirlpool, spinning and churning. I thought that maybe the water was emptying but this was coming from the back to the front. I knew then that they were with me and would help me get through this.

  14. My sister, Elizabeth has been constantly making her presence known. I see a whole lot of white butterflies and monarchs often. This reminds me of her. Things get moved around in my apartment too, and I find pennies with Queen Elizabeth on them. Neat, huh?

  15. My Dad smells like burnt toast. He helps me find $5 bills, since I told him that pennies wouldn’t cut it, due to inflation. I’ve found 3 so far. My Grandpa (on Dad’s side) smells like woodsmoke. I’ve seen and spoken to my Grandma (on Mom’s side) in a dream.

    As I was driving home from Mom’s funeral, one of my passed over cats meowed at me. It was either Belle or Hope. I was the only one breathing inside the car…..

  16. About a month ago My husband and I were sitting watching TV like we usually do. I began to smell a subtle beautiful scent, not one that I normally have around. I went to different rooms of the house trying to find it. As I entered the hall to the bedrooms, the scent was definitely much stronger. When I entered our bedroom it was even stronger. I asked aloud “is someone here with me?” I noticed a picture of my grandmother that I keep on a dresser and picked it up. It was a picture of her for the 1920’s dressed as a brides maid with a huge bouquet of flowers. It was still in its orginal cacardboard frame from that time period. When I picked it up the scent was even stronger, it was like the bouquet was real. One of the flowers was a gardenia, not very common now. We both loved that flower and frequently I bought her and my mom those corages for mothers day. I called for my husband to come and surprisingly he smelled the sweet flowers. We sat there a few moments talking and listening and feeling her there. The scent slowly faded after a about a hour. Then the frame smelt jlust like cardboard again. I was so happy to have her there that I cried. I am grateful that she is still with me.

  17. Shortly after my Mom died I was walking my four dogs. I was in the woods and open fields. As I walked into the woods, I noticed a huge blue butterfly following me. I walked under a canopy of trees for a short while and then came out to an open field. Suddenly I noticed the same huge blue butterfly (blue was my Mom’s favorite color) and it flew closer to me and circled a couple of times and then, without warning, it flew straight UP in the sky until I couldn’t see it anymore. I had NEVER seen a butterfly behave this was and I have always felt it was my Mom. Also, right where that happened, my dogs seem to sense something in that spot. Often they will stop and just stare into the opening in the trees and I have a difficult time getting them to “come”. I feel reassured by this and continue to “look” for my Mom and Dad or any of the people who have passed in my life. My daughter also heard my Dad’s voice. He tried to reassure her about the difficulty he had swallowing medications. That it wasn’t her fault, that he just couldn’t swallow very well. She was POSITIVE it was his voice and as clear as yours or mine.

  18. So true, the lights going on and off. Noises now and then in the house, the breathing of someone blowing near my face…Oh so many lovely things..Sign in Heaven….oh simply lovely…So peaceful…<3

  19. I can smell my favorite aunt she used Dove soap and i can just get a whiff of it

    My favorite sister i can just feel her closeor hear a song we both loved
    When i dream about her i wake up in tears and feel so overpoweringly sadthat shes gone she stopped visiting me after that happened i think she was sad too . I kust get a happy feeling when i know shes around when i am awake now and remember things we did

  20. Hello I lost my boyfriend Mario Reyna on january23,2013. It was two week after are daughter Macy 2nd Birthday. Mario lucky number is 56. Well whenever I see the time or ask for the time its always 56 after that hour. When I go for appointments my number 156. Whenever I see 56. I say I LOVE U MARIO OR I TELL HIM HI I MISS U. I have never dream about but everybody said they dream of him. I feel like he don’t come in my dream is because he don’t want to see me or he didn’t love me. I feel so empty with out him. But I when I see 56 it makes me all happy and I feel like he is with me. I love u Mario Reyna with all my heart!!!! Until we meet again!!!!

  21. My family and friends that have passed over all have come back as Owls.They have told me before what Owl is there favourite and have chosen that Owl to come back and prove there is an after life.Example my adopted mum said a tawny frogmouth two days after she passed over,my son and his friends woke me to say there was a tawny frogmouth Owl on our washing line.This Owl sat there and let me come right up to it and the way it was looking at me and making a funny sound i knew it was her.Another friend chose a barn owl and two days after she passed as a friend was going home called out to me to say a barn owl was outside sitting on a rocking chair it stayed for awhile then left.I asked my dad if i was making a right desicion about a troubling problem that night a tawny frogmouth owl sat on a fence outside my front door i knew i was!.As you can see they know how to let me know there around,ps i collect Owl ordaments i have about five hundred.

  22. As THE youngest of 5 i came into my parents life as à ‘present ,after 13 years. My father always invented stories for me of à little chipmunck rififi. Hè Died in1990 and since à few years chipmuncks keep coming to me whenever a have Some bad times. Not. so normal because i live in a big city with no Woods. For me that,s a sign that he still is watching over me.

  23. I was taking care of our Mom’s cat after she died. And,we were living in my sisters condo in Issaquah,Wash.,a year after she died. Our Mom died in Staunton,Virginia. One day when I went into my sisters room to take a nap,I heard our Mothers voice say my name really loud,and clear! It sounded like it came from the ceiling. And,her cat heard her voice,too! She stared up at the ceiling for a few minutes after I heard that! So,I knew it was my Mom’s voice! And,it made me feel good,and at peace,knowing she was trying to communicate with me. And, I knew she was telling me she was o.k.! I felt so warm,and fuzzy inside,knowing I’d just heard my Mom’s voice again! And,I still remember that day, just like it just happened! I know my Mom is at peace being in heaven with our Dad,who had died a long time before she did. I was the one the doctors had to ask if it was unplug the machine that kept her alive,since she was already brain dead. My Mom was trying to tell me she was o.k.,and not to worry. I had done the right thing for her! She didn’t have to say that in words for me to know that. It was just a good feeling! And,I’ve been at peace with myself ever since I heard her soothing voice again,too! Oes that sound like I really heard her voice? Or,was it a figment of my imagination?

  24. My husband was killed in a homicide. He is First Nation Heritage and a ceremony was done the day after his death to raise his spirit away from the place where he was beaten. Because the area was sectioned off for a crime scene family and friends gathered outside the area. A Sacred Pipe, Sacred Songs and Prayers were offered Up to the Creator for him. As the ceremony was taking place a strong wind came out of this calm day and blew all the police equipment and tape down. Everyone began shouting yelling. Look at this. Look at that. I was sitting on a chair with my head down crying when my older sister,standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders, calls my name and tells me to look up in the sky above me. I see a bright white cloud above me and just as I see it a magnificent rainbow shot out from this cloud more clouds quickly rolled in filling the sky with multiple rainbows. I say there staring for as long as the rainbows remained. The wind died down and the colours faded into blue. The last colour to linger was purple, a streak across the sky. Exactly like the streak of purple I had put in my hair a few weeks earlier. Right from the first gust of wind I knew it was my beloved’s Spirit. He sent many more signs to me for sometime flickering lights in our bedroom when my daughter sat with me. Clocks stopping throughout our apartment. Coins left out in odd places found by my sister. I knew it was him letting us know he was near. Oh my Love…

  25. Last Friday, my 95 year old father-in-law, whom I loved dearly, crossed over. Late in the afternoon, I was going through a hard time, and was near tears,(regarding something else that happened. I did not know my FIL had crossed over yet.) When out of the blue, a beautiful cardinal landed on my patio table, and just sat there….I had my patio door open, so it was only about 10 feet from me. It would ‘chirp’ to me,and I would chirp back. This went on for about five minutes. Then it just flew away. I thought that it was my mother coming to comfort me….Later, when I got the news about my father-in-law, I realized that it probably was my mother-in-law, who crossed over in 2006, coming to tell us that she had come and taken ‘her beloved’ home, to the other side. Just the night before, I had audibly asked her to go to him,(as he was quite sick), and whisper in his ear, “Come with me”….I guess she did.

  26. yup.last april 27, 2014 was the birthday of my grandfather..when i woke iup in the morning and went outside my room , there was a brown butterfly that suddendly flew in front of me.i remember it was similar to what i saw another butterfly in that same area when i received the news that he had a lung cancer and he had three months to live.also in another place , i saw a brown butterfly flying around that day was the day before he left us and that was almost two years ago.upon realizing it was he, i felt nostalgic but happy afterwards because i have known that he is really at peace and happy where he is now.

  27. When my daughter was turning 15 we were planning her sweet 15. My mom loved flowers n gardening when she was still on earth. We were sad because she wasn’t with us for this special mile stone in my daughters life.but she surprised us. In the middle of our lawn in the backyard, a huge sunflower grew right smack in the middle. It was one of mom’s favorite flowers as well as my daughters. It was there for the week of her party. It died shortly after n NEVER grew back again…

  28. I was once alone in my bedroom, lying on my bed, watching tv when the smell of smoke drifted past my nostrils.
    A second later the smoke alarm upstairs goes off. As I get up to check everything, the alarm turns off.
    My grandfather was a heavy smoker…I’ve always thought it was him.

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