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9 Types of Meditation (& Why You Should Meditate)

9 Types of Meditation

types of meditation

Integrating a meditation practice in one form or another is one of the most powerful things you can do to progress on your path of spiritual awakening. Meditation also works wonders for your health and wellbeing, for maintaining a positive mental state, and for providing insight into why you are really here.

I can honestly say that meditation has been the one tool that has made the biggest difference in helping me to transform my life. For me, meditation was the direct path which helped me journey from being lost, depressed, lonely, and insecure to living life awake, connected, in love and in joy.

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Meditation is the tool which has made the biggest difference in developing my intuition and connecting with the angels.

Meditation has helped me to uncover my life purpose for being here in the physical. It has guided my spiritual growth and ascension path, helped me align with my twin flame, connected me with guidance from the realms of spirit, radically improved my health, and really, meditation has benefited my life in more ways that I can even count.

However, regardless of my positive experiences, meditation overwhelms many people.

Most people do not realize that there are many ways to meditate, and so they try one-way, feel like they can’t do it, that it’s not for them, and they get frustrated and quit.

They do not realize that there is another way. There very well may be a type of meditation that they would love, and that would support them on their ever-important journey inward to realign with their authentic truth, real self, and true home.

Meditation is not religious. It works well within every religion, yes… But meditation is much more. Meditation is about focusing within, to connect you as a physical being with the infinite.

“So how do I meditate?” Many beginner meditators ask this common question.

The truth of course is that there are many ways to meditate.

Here are 9 ways to meditate.

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Try them out. Practice and uncover which types of meditation work best for you. Whatever path you are on, meditation can benefit your life, and it can help you to align with your soul, and your highest possible purpose.

Meditation is not something you do once and master the first time. It’s called a meditation practice for a reason.

1. Contemplation– Most people think meditation is the absence of thought, and yes, this is one way to meditate, but so is using the power of thought to contemplate an idea, word, or thought. Contemplate the deeper meaning of love by gently holding the idea of love in your mind. Allow yourself to tune into the feeling of love, the vibration of love, and with practice to tune into deeper insight as to what love really means.

2. Mindfulness- Being fully present in the moment is being mindful, and yes, is a great way to meditate. Instead of judging, observing, or reacting, allow yourself to simply observe. Through observing your very thoughts, life situations, and ideas, you are able gain deeper insight into the present moment, and into your life. To be mindful is to be aware, and through this you are able to quiet your ego mind, and open you up to tune into the realms of spirit, and so much more.

3. Focus/ Concentration– Calm your mind focus fully on the task. Complete focus on what you are doing is a great way to meditate. You can meditate in this way while walking, folding laundry, driving, riding a bicycle, driving a car, doing dishes, or even eating. Release any chatter from the mind that pops up, and focus fully on what you are doing in the present moment.

4. Breathe– You breathe every day without thinking. However, by really focusing on your breathing, by fully focusing on your breathing, and mindfully taking each breath in while being fully aware of each breath out, you are meditating! To further empower a breathing meditation, pause after each breath in… Then exhale and pause again. The inhale and pause. Exhale and pause. You can even double this and pause once on each in breath, then after the breath, and once on each out breath, and again after the breath. Controlling your breathing in this way will focus your mind, and allow your heart to open and your spirit to lift.

5. Intently listen– Simply listening and being receptive is a powerful form of meditation. With practice by quieting your mind, and using your inner senses to listen you are able to receive guidance, insight, frequency and even healing from your angels, spirit guides, higher self and from Spirit.

6. Guided Meditation- A guided meditation is a form of a listening meditation where you listen to a meditation designed to calm your mind and connect you with the realms of spirt, and the inner guidance of your soul Listening to guided meditations may combine several types of meditation, and by simply breathing, relaxing and listening you can gain full benefit, which will increase as you continue to practice.

7. Visualization- Here is another type of meditation which doesn’t involve shutting down your mind, but rather focusing it for your benefit. With a visualization meditation, you’re able to create positive thoughts, and mental pictures of what you would like to see and experience in your life. This is a powerful way to send healing towards yourself, others and the planet, to manifest, and to more fully align with your soul light and power.

8. Mantra- Repeating a mantra, or even a sound in your mind (or aloud) can help you to shift away from the ego mind, and into deeper levels of awareness and connection with spirit. You can use a simple word like love, or compassion. You can recite a phrase like “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, “The heart and mind unite and one”, “I love you I’m sorry please forgive me thank you”, “I Am that I Am” “Om mani padme Om….” Or you can simply use a sound like OM, Aum… or any other primordial sound which calls to your soul. A slight variation on a mantra meditation is to use a tool like a mala bead necklace or rosary, where you then count the beads, or recite a mantra as your fingers move along each bead on the strand.

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9. Prayer/ Invocation- Calling in Divine white light, invoking the angels, ascended masters, your spirit guides and higher self… Requesting the presence of Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Guardian Angels, or the Holy Spirit are all beautiful ways to meditate. Invoke the presence of spirit in the way that most resonates with you, and then allow yourself to simply be breathe, and receive that which spirit has in store for you.
Practicing meditation, in whatever form you choose is key to experiencing the positive benefits.

Create a rhythm of meditating every day, and you will be able to begin to watch the benefits rippling out into all areas of your life.

If you want some help getting started, check out our 7 days of channeled angel meditations program here.

Or just start meditating with one of the methods above… You can do it!

Meditation can bring so many benefits into your life. What are you waiting for? Take even just a few minutes to quiet your mind, focus on your breathing, and kick off your meditation practice now.

With many blessings of love and light,
Melanie Beckler

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