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How to Use a Crystal Ball – 25 Crucial Steps: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Use A Crystal Ball The Secrets of Using a Crystal Ball

Have you ever wondered how to use a crystal ball?

If you have, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what this article is all about …

So… First things first.

To tune in to information beyond the physical using your psychic senses and a crystal ball, of course, you need a crystal ball.

Choosing a Crystal Ball

Real crystal balls are beautifully unique, and no two are exactly alike. You can find many glass spheres that are the same, and these will work for scrying (crystal ball reading), but they don’t hold quite the same power as a genuine crystal ball.

The true beauty of crystal spheres lies in their many imperfections. When choosing a crystal ball, you will find many have inclusions, cracks, and matter inside that reflects light in unique and interesting ways.

How to Choose A Crystal Ball This is the nature of quartz.  If you find one that is completely clear, it’s possible that it’s been treated in some way… Or that it is actually glass. Even if it is genuine crystal, completely clear spheres are the most difficult to see into because it’s often the  imperfections in the crystal that will help you to hold and focus the images you receive.

When selecting a crystal ball or any types of gemstones and crystals, I always recommend following your intuition and choosing one you personally resonate with and are drawn to… Not one that on paper sounds “right” but in person you just don’t feel a connection with.

The most commonly available crystal spheres are made from clear quartz. This is the type of crystal ball I have, and I love it. Clear quartz is a natural energy amplifier… Which is perfect for amplifying your clairvoyance, so you can psychically see.

There are however other types of crystal spheres you can use as well.

For example, you may want to use an amethyst sphere if you want to work primarily with healing, health, circumstances from the past, love, women’s issues, fears, or addictions. Rose quartz works well when working with family issues, animals, children, and self-esteem.

Size Really Doesn’t Matter

When it comes to doing accurate readings with a crystal ball, size really doesn't matter. There are some huge, amazing, and expensive crystal balls out there… But the truth is, you don’t need a huge crystal ball for this to work.

Something small will work just as well, and really you can use a seer stone instead of a crystal ball if you’re looking for an even more budget option.

Again the important thing is to choose a crystal you resonate with!

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Now, before we dive right into the deep end and start tuning into psychic information through our crystal balls…

Let’s talk preparation for just a moment.


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First off, crystals store energy, so it’s important to start by first cleansing the energy of your crystal sphere. This can be as easy as imagining your crystal ball completely surrounded with light or engulfed in the vibrant violet flame of transmutation.

Also, I like to ask the angels to: ”Please come in and cleanse this crystal ball of any and all negativity, any negative energy, and any stored energy… Cleanse it and raise its vibration to help me to tune in to whatever it is I most need to know now.”

While you’re at it, surround yourself with lots of light too…

“Divine Light surrounds me.”

To earn more about how to cleanse your crystal ball, and any other crystals you have … Click here.

Second, the atmosphere in which you use your crystal ball is almost as important as how you use it.

Check out this post on clearing the energy of your home to make sure your space is energetically clear and uplifted before you begin… By clicking here. 

Okay great. Now that we got that taken care of let’s talk a little more about atmosphere.

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Setting the Stage

For beginners, it’s best to work in a quite room where you will not be interrupted. You may want to put on some soft ambient or meditative music to help you relax and set the mood.

A dimly lit room can also help due to the play of light and dark that help to activate the imagination and allow visions to arise.

You may even want to light a candle for lighting and be sure to set it behind you. This keeps too much light from entering the crystal.

Use a white candle to start, as colored candles have very specific vibrations, and white candles help to invoke protection peace, purity, and support divination.

As you feel comfortable, you can experiment with purple or blue candles as well. Purple candles help to invoke spiritual powers, clairvoyance, while blue candles invoke forgiveness, calm, and truth.

Traditionally, scryers (the name for someone doing a crystal ball reading) have also used sandalwood, sage, or frankincense during sessions to set the mood, and invoke the right vibration for accessing insight beyond the physical. Other great scents to use include pine, lavender, jasmine, rose, magnolia, and peppermint. Combined with the candlelight, the smoke and shadow effect can enhance what you are able to see in the crystal.

Prepare Yourself For Your Crystal Ball Reading

In addition to preparing the room, you must also prepare yourself.

Your state of mind should be calm and introspective and you should be as centered and grounded as possible.

Spirit is sometimes a very quiet communicator, especially in the beginning.  If your mind is too active, meaning your conscious mind is full of thoughts, you won’t be able to tap into your subconscious mind and the increased awareness that is present when you do.

To prepare, consider a meditation session, prayer, or any relaxing and centering activity like yoga or taking a salt bath.

Let your thoughts take a back seat to your inner peaceful knowing.

Managing Expectations

Finally, one of the biggest obstacles to developing psychic or spiritual talents, including learning to use a crystal ball is that you have too many expectations.  Expectations close you off from possibility.  You see only one outcome and so miss things that are coming to you.

So when getting started, set your expectations aside and try to remain as open as possible.  Remember the wise saying, “You will see what you see and no more.” Spirit knows both the answers and the questions, whereas your ego might not know either.

Diving Into Crystal Ball Reading

To tune in to information with your crystal ball, hold it in your dominant hand, or sit with your crystal ball on a table at a height that is comfortable for you to gaze into for an extended time.

Allow your mind and body to relax and become still. If you need to, do a mental grounding exercise of your choosing.

Begin with a short prayer or intention to only allow positive energies to enter the sacred space that you have created. I also recommend asking your angels to help!

Close your eyes and focus on your third eye, allowing it to open and activate.  Imagine that you’re actually sitting up there in your third eye in a little purple chair with a screen of light in front of you. On the screen is your crystal ball.

Relax and breathe consciously, creating a deep and relaxing rhythm with your breath.  Allow thoughts, doubts, and negative energies to release on your exhale and fresh positive energy to come in during your inhales. Visualize this energy exchange as you breathe.

Open your eyes and with your awareness focused in the area of your third eye (center of your forehead) gaze into your crystal ball into a single point within your crystal ball that you feel drawn to.

Allow your eyes to focus and then relax and become slightly out of focus – all while keeping your awareness on the spot. Don’t blink or look away. You may notice the crystal changing – beginning to become smoky or darken. Whatever changes you begin to see, try not to focus on them.  It’s important that your mind remain clear – just like your crystal. People get excited that something is happening and this often causes the mind to start up again and so lose the psychic connection.

It may help to ask a question as you continue to gaze into your crystal.

“What do I most need to know now?”

Then, either as an internal mental picture or in the surface of your crystal ball, you may see some sort of imagery. Again, this can happen internally like a memory, or it can happen in the actual crystal ball.

In addition to seeing things in the crystal, or in your minds eye, you may begin to feel hot or cold, tingling or numbness, or even vibrations throughout your body.  This is the effect of you tuning into the energy of the crystal, of your angels, and of the light.

Another fun thing to experiment with is to just hold your crystal ball, and go inside, and tune in to the energy of the actual crystal. Crystals are conscious, they’re like light consciousness in physical form, so they’re amazing to just tune into, to meditate with, and to connect with

It’s not necessary to try to interpret, in the moment, the images you see or the sensations you feel when you’re first starting to tune into insight while scrying. Remember that when this begins to happen, be as still as you can.

The door between you and the spirit realm is opening.

Make note of all sensations and images with the use of a recorder.  You can turn it on when you begin or use a voice activated one.  Just speak about what you’re experiencing without judgement or editing.

When the images fade, or you feel like you’ve seen enough for one session, allow your mind to leave the trance state and return to the present physical plane.  You’ll likely notice a quick energy shift within you as you separate your vibration from the crystal ball.  Slowly let your eyes refocus and breathe slowly and deeply.

So, that is how you tune in to psychic information using a crystal ball.

Have fun and remember learning to accurately gain insight using a crystal ball (or any other type of divination) takes practice.

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You must learn to overcome the noise of your thoughts, have patience with the intuitive process, and let go of your expectations about what you will and how you will experience it.

If your first session or two brings no images, don’t lose hope. For some, time is required. Make your focus about matching your vibration with the crystal ball, rather than seeing images.

As your connection becomes stronger, images should begin to appear.

Relax, surround yourself with light, ask your angels to help and enjoy!

With love and light,

Melanie Beckler


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