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Starseeds… What Is A Starseed? Plus 20 Signs You Are One!

What Is a Starseed and Why Are They Here?

starseed A Starseed is a human who exists on earth in the present. However, while a Starseed is definitely “human” by birth and DNA, their soul origins lie outside of the earth plane.

  • Starseeds are highly evolved souls whose soul origin is from the stars or the higher dimensional realms of existence.
  • Starseeds originated in star systems like the Pleiades, Sirius, Andromeda, and Lyra (and many, many more places throughout existence).
  • Starseeds are those souls with past life or parallel experiences in the higher dimensions who are remembering this link and truth in the physical.
  • They have come to earth with a very specific mission: to serve in the awakening of Gaia and humanity.
  • Starseeds are those humans who have awakened to remember their galactic, light, and higher vibrational origins and connections.

Starseeds originate from many different higher or alternate dimensions, parallel universes, star systems, planets, galaxies, and planes of existence.

Really, we're all made of star stuff…

As the well-known astrophysicist, Carl Sagan said “The Cosmos is within us. We are made of starstuff. The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars.”

Watch this video or keep reading to learn more about who they are, why they're here, and if you could be one!


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Race, Groups, and Generations

The Crystal, Indigo, and Rainbow groups are the newest generations of starseeds, however there are many older starseeds and wayshowers such as the Blue Ray Starseeds, first wavers, alpha starseeds, and many more.

While Starseeds are born into physical form, just like normal people…

  • Starseeds often experience a feeling of being different, like they are from somewhere else and like they are foreigners here on Earth.
  • Starseeds often experience a strange sense of longing for the stars, or for another place.
  • They tend to find the motives and patterns of humanity to be strange and illogical and may be hesitant to engage with certain institutions that are for others generally accepted and commonplace.

Just like all humans, who existed in spirit before birth, starseeds pass through the veil of illusion and are born into the same confines of the physical realm as everyone else. In this sense, starseeds are just like the mass of humanity in that they’ve forgotten the fullness of their light, inner power, origins, spiritual nature and purpose.

Are Starseeds Human?

Yes! A Starseed is born on earth as a human. We’re very much human beings, but we have a deeply ingrained soul remembrance of our higher vibrational light. Accessing the 5th, 7th, or 9th dimensions becomes more accessible. We are here to pave the pathway for all of humanity to make this leap into a higher dimensional, higher vibrational experience in the physical.

In past timelines on earth, death occurred and then ascension into the higher dimensions. Now, during life as physical beings, the higher dimensions are available. And Starseeds are the souls who have awakened to their mission of tuning into these higher levels of light and serving the collective consciousness.

Starseeds have unique psychic abilities: telepathy, channeling, clairvoyance and more. As you, a Starseed, awaken to your high vibrational radiant light and spirit, more of your manifestation ability comes into focus.

The Wakeup Call and Awakening Process

Starseeds all come into the physical with a strong “wake up call” planned. This wakeup call is a series of events, which were planned before birth to awaken starseeds to their origin, truth, and to their greater purpose at a specific point in time.

Just like the awakening for all members of humanity, the events surrounding this wakeup call will greatly differ.

For some starseeds the wakeup call is drastic, sudden, and harsh, for others it is a process which gently unfolds over years.

Even upon awakening the conditions for starseeds varies greatly. Some awaken to a huge understanding of their origin, past life memories, skills, abilities, and purpose for being here on the planet all at once. Others just remember enough to motivate them to take a step, and then more knowing appears as they continue on their path.

As a part of the awakening process starseeds will re-connect with the multidimensional nature of their soul, the light of their higher self, and the power of their spiritual gifts, psychic ability, and knowing of concepts like light ships, multidimensional travel, advanced technologies and more.

Realigning with Mission and Purpose
  • The point of starseeds remembering that they are on Earth but not of Earth is for them to realign with their mission, and to get serious about taking steps to align with their full light so they can make the powerful difference they came here to do.
  • Most Starseeds choose to walk the path of love and light, though some do choose to walk in fear and darkness.
  • Many starseeds are present on Earth in the physical now, to assist humanity and Earth in transitioning into the higher dimensions.

Why Do Starseeds Incarnate on Earth?

The answer to this question is simple! It is to experience the game of life on Earth, to serve humanity, to assist in the ascension playing out now, to love unconditionally, and to be tested.

Starseeds from the higher realms, have chosen to take on the density of the 3D world, with a special focus and purpose of serving others. Their missions often include helping humanity to ascend and evolve spiritually, and to heal the collective relationship with Mother Earth.

Of course, to incarnate on Earth these souls had to pass through the veil of illusion, forgetting who they really are and the extent of their full light and power. Higher dimensional starseeds are gently lowered in vibration prior to their birth in order to experience life as a physical being.

The Master Path
  • Love and service highlight the master path of graduating from the Earth realm… This is true for Starseeds, Earth Angels, and those souls who did first originate here on the Earth plane.
  • Once alive in physical form on planet earth, Starseeds must master the lessons of their life in order to advance onward and upward on their journey. This is true even if these souls have already lived countless lifetimes in the higher realms (this life is the final exam so to speak).
  • Clues and seeds are always planted though, and with the help of guides and angels, Starseeds and Earth Angels are assisted in remembering their soul's truth, and the specifics about their life mission of love and service.

But there's also more…

Gaia as a soul has set the intention to ascend beyond the 3D and 4D physical realm into a 5th dimensional being. Gaia is ascending to a 5th dimensional blissful planet of love to be more star-like and crystalline.

This intention has been set into motion and Starseeds are the souls who have answered the call to incarnate into physical reality in order to awaken and remember their higher dimensional truth. All of humanity is in this process of remembering higher dimensional truth and existence.

Starseeds are simply less affected by the veil of illusion because they’ve spent more lifetimes as 5D, 7D, 9D, 12D and higher vibrational beings than 3rd or 4th dimensional limited beings.

Are you a Starseed?

Starseeds often don’t fit into the structures and systems of the 3D physical world. They may have a hard time relating to humanity and, nonetheless, have a deep yearning and call to serve and support humanity in transcending fear and overcoming limitations of bringing spiritual light and authentic truth into the physical.

Starseeds are typically very intuitive, curious, open to psychic and spiritual abilities, and fascinated with spirituality, the higher realms, and cosmic knowledge…

This of course comes about after experiencing the insecurity, aloneness, confusion and longing present in the human experience, and manifest through forgetting their true nature.

  • If you feel excitement about the idea that you may have originated in another realm, you very well may have. Tune into your inner guidance through meditation, or though dream work to learn more.
  • If you are a Starseed, Earth Angel, or if you originated here on Planet Earth, as a soul you have so much to share. Remember to take on this lifetime one moment at a time, focusing on getting to know the real you, and learning how you may best love and be of service.

Do you ever feel like you’re different from most people? Like you’re from another planet or just from the stars?

Well…. You might be right.

  • Have you often experienced a feeling of not fitting in? Or perhaps you've always had a vague suspicion, that although you're living on Earth, you're not really from here?
  • Do you long to “go home” without really knowing why, where, or even what that means?

Your soul very well may have journeyed to the Earth plane from elsewhere in the cosmos.

Do you feel like you’re from another dimension or another planet? This is one of the top signs you are!

Work to remove the filters of your ego mind, and more of your authentic truth and light will be able to rise to the surface.

As you open your heart, raise your vibration, and reconnect with who you authentically are in the present moment, as a result, more of the truth about your origin will come to light as well… One step at a time.

Here are 20 Signs You Very Well May Be a Starseed… Keep in mind, this is just a start.

20 Signs You May Be A Starbeing in the Physical

  1. You didn’t fit in as a child and felt far different from other kids. You may have been advanced as a child in some way like talking, walking or reading much earlier than your peers.
  2. You have a strong feeling of wanting to go home, and have a feeling sense of what this “home” is like, even if you can’t put it into words.
  3. You’ve had strong psychic and paranormal experiences as a child, which continue into the present. Seeing spirits, seeing past the illusion, into the future or beyond the lines of time, having prophetic reams, seeing a UFO or having an alien encounter are all somewhat “normal” experiences for starseeds.
  4. You’re highly sensitive (sometimes to what seems a fault).
  5. You’re strongly empathic and can feel the emotions of others, and possibly hear their thoughts allowing you to easily read people.
  6. Communication may seem slow and sometimes painful for you when you already know what the other person is going to say sometimes before they even do.
  7. You have a deep inner wisdom, and you feel timeless… Maybe you’ve even had dreams or memories of off planet past lives and experiences in totally different dimensions and ways of existing.
  8. You have a strong sense of your personal mission, even if you don’t know what it is yet you have the burning desire or feeling that you’re meant to do something big.
  9. You have intense and vivid dreams that often take place in places and times which are off planet. Some of these dreams are so vivid they seem more real than reality.
  10. Small children and babies seem to fascinated by you, like they’re able to see your uniqueness and your bright light.
  11. You have a deep connection with nature, with plants, animals and the physical elements and you seem to be able to communicate with them on a level.
  12. You don’t fit in with society… Others consider you to be strange, weird or different and may be somewhat wary of you.
  13. You may not have many friends, and those who you do connect with you seem to have a deep and complex relationship which spans time and space.
  14. You may even feel alienated by your parents and immediate family, like they just don’t get you, and you don’t get them. You may have even wondered at times if you were adopted.
  15. You’re very aware of energy and how the energy of others can affect you. You’ve likely created energetic protection techniques to be able to handle being around others, and even still large crowds or busy places can energetically overwhelm you.
  16. You have natural psychic gifts and channeling or energy healing abilities.
  17. You have a deep understanding of the greater workings of the universe, and of the Divine which comes from within you.
  18. You know you are starseed, and your true origin is not as a human. You may even know of a planet, or galaxy in which you’ve spent most of your time.
  19. You know you’re here from the stars to serve humanity, and earth in reaching the higher dimensions, and you are actively taking steps to remember more of your souls truth, and to accomplish your purpose as a star being.
  20. You know that you’re more than just a physical being, and that your true essence is as a spiritual light being.

Whether you resonate with being a starseed or not, you are a spiritual being in physical form with a unique mission and purpose. Star seeds aren’t any more or less special than anyone else, we are all created from the same source and right here and now is your time to shine.

Take the time to meditate, connect with your higher self and uncover for yourself your truth and origin. Whatever your past and parallel experiences may be, you’re here in the physical now for a reason.

Through your awakening, whether you are a starseed or not, you are able to help humanity to reach a higher understanding.

What If You Are A Starseed? What Then…

Understanding the full truth of your galactic nature and origin comes as you awaken to the remembrance of who you are. Not only do Starseeds come to earth with unique missions, they also come with unique points to trigger awakening. This is often a challenging life experience; a dark night of the soul that breaks down the shields of emotion, belief, and thought to allow inner radiance and light to shine through.

Wherever you are, whether you've had a challenging experience in your life or not, you can more fully awaken to your truth. This will then fill in more of the picture. More of the puzzle pieces come into place as you align with more of your authenticity.

  • You can do this by letting go of beliefs and focus on the external.
  • Tune out your physical body, time, and replaying the past or worrying about the future.
  • Make time to meditate!

Fully dive into your awakened heart in the present moment to connect with your higher self, your team of guides, Galactics, Angels, and ascended masters who have chosen to be a part of your team. They are here to not only help you awaken, but to help you serve in your fullest. This takes many forms, but is always preceded by your standing in your truth.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking and worrying about what exactly you’ll do or what you will obtain. Rather, focus on embodying your full presence. As you elevate your vibration, more and more of who you authentically are comes into focus, whether that is a 5th dimensional Pleiadian being, a 9th dimensional Lyran or whatever the unique flavor and gifts and characteristics of your soul.

The time is here and now for you to embody that truth, to be your full light and authenticity. As you shine with this full light, take action in the way that you’re inspired. Serve in the way that feels good to you, that is in alignment with your gifts, your strengths, and your authenticity.

  • Fulfill your deep longing to find home by raising your vibration, anchoring in light, and trusting that the Universe will naturally connect you with other Starseeds from your soul family when you are ready!
  • Incorporate grounding exercises as part of your daily routine. It is easy for starseeds to leave their body and explore the cosmos, which is why it can be easy to miss out on the human experience, fulfilling your purpose, and appreciate the beauty of the earth we now call home!
  • Connect with your multidimensional being by drawing your awareness and presence to your heart. As you open up your heart chakra, you will feel divine love streaming through you. This opens up the channels for you to receive intuitive guidance, to see the oneness in all, and naturally attract other starseeds and kindred spirits to find you

What inspires you and fulfills you is exactly what is needed for you to help awaken humanity. As a Starseed, you have access to codes of awakening. These are simply frequencies, or light constructs, that are required for the full awakening of humanity. They’re like puzzle pieces.

To contribute them, you first need to connect with them which is made possible through meditation, through opening, lifting, and linking with all that you are. Then ground that light into the present, into the physical, into your life, anchoring it into the present.

Every moment that you're standing in your authenticity is your light work. You may be inspired to speak a light language, channel, write, create, work with crystals, grids, gold, or any other number of things. Follow your inspiration; follow your bliss. Know that the foundation for your mission as a Starseed is to simply, vibrantly, fully, radiantly, shine.

As you do this, more of your power, including your psychic gifts and abilities which have been fully developed in alternate or parallel timelines, can come into focus. Stay aligned with this and continue on your path of vibrantly shining. Don't become distracted by the material realm.

Remember, you're in the physical, but not of the physical. You are here, born into the same illusion, belief constructs, limitations, and forgetfulness as the rest of humanity. In order to help all awaken, become a way-shower. Open your heart and tune into your ascension column and aura. Fill with light, become illuminated, lift, open, expand and shine.

Thank you for shining your light… It makes a huge difference.

With love and gratitude,

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P.S. For more on this fascinating topic, check out “A Wanderer's Handbook” Written by Carla L. Rueckert.

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  1. I have felt that i belong four a long time like my home should be some were else.I have a strong sence with mature trees and stars.I feel like i am going crazy sometimes like i dont fit in no were.

  2. My earth name is maria i truly believe everything your saying IM NOT FROM HERE. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT WHO I AM AND WHERE I AM FROM PLEASE

  3. So first and foremost I thoroughly enjoyed the video… to say I can relate would be a monumental understatement. I’ve always wondered my purpose and highly believe in manifestation and speaking or even thinking things into action is usually a daily routine for me. I would love if you shared more on this subject and thank you for your insight.

  4. I really do wonder what and where all your info comes from, I just cant and believe alot of it due to having more than I care to say in common with all concerned especially empaths, but im not any particular 1, so what am I. Maybe I am just nuts but I know think I shouldnt and I always joked my words spoken out loud had ways of being too on the ball. Ive bee described as being from spot on to downright freaky. Cant say I am any of above though, I can relate to just about all. So what am I.

  5. I as a kid always felt like a outsider or Maybe not like kids I’m around I was bullied for so long that I had me thinking am I mistake or wrong for be here and really like sister said a alien and stranger dream me as kids wow they do amazing beyond it was hard to keep up and also I’m a miracle baby so I and my mommy almost you know but I’m have something wrong when disabled they call me but I intelligent so much that they know and try to make me feel like I don’t know anything 😔 .I can say I really feel like I was a fairy and alien or something magical am I a star seed I really wanna know help!!

  6. When I was still a kid, I had so many sleepless nights because I always dream of falling from the deep Space with galaxy of stars all around. It was like I was falling from the sky. I would wake up sweating profusely and I would be scared of sleeping because the moment I sleep off, I’m back falling from the Space into this planet. Also, I never knew what UFO was back then when I was still a kid but I dreamt of UFOs all the time. I dreamt of them invading this planet in their large numbers. I would be so scared to sleep again. Atimes, I dream of flying one of the sauce. I had no one to tell my dreams then because no one would understand and I didn’t bother to tell anyone. The dreams stopped when I became adolescent but most times, I feel like am not afraid to die simply because I know I’m going home. Nevertheless I get worried because I don’t know where the home is. I will still be happy if you can explain why my childhood nights were scary for me. Thanks

  7. Well, poops I’m in a whirlahoops of confusion as to what specific label or group thingie that I came from….I know I’m a crystal or star chid…but I gather that I’m even the outcasts of the outcasts there when I started working with a reiki teacher who had worked with many star children before, but still had “firsts” with me when she started teaching me reiki. She noticed the energy of one of my hands made an infinity symbol that she had never seen before. For my first attunement, she saw sacred geometry which she had never seen before on the first attunement….it was shortly afterwards that I started to connect with source anchoring higher dimensions onto paper with kooky scribblings and doodlings about music notes, light colors, electromagnetism, mirroring patterns and sequences, showing how the ends becomes the centers and the centers becomes the edges or ends in patterns, the direction of patterns in motion that don’t connect directly to eachother in a linear sense but rather to the one that’s kitty corner from them…then there was connecting the points of a 3d cube to colors of light, binary code, music note values in duration, direction in one of the dimensions of space (or its reverse direction), and then coming up with three lines that connect to a corner of a cube to link the corner’s labeled with a binary code number, point of direction on a 3d cube, music note, and color and still have them all be able to connect to eachother and fit into these equations, etc… so this scared my reiki teacher so I never did get to become a reiki master…. um, but yeah, I’m just trying to figure out who I am I guess you could say….I know I died really young as a child in previous lifetimes several times and then was once a man in a previous lifetime and a woman in a previous lifetime. then a shaman told me I operate on a completely different time scale…and I’m supposedly mostly white… and reiki lady told me I traveled over the blackhole, not through it… What does all this mean I wonder. My psychic powers, I remember started to freak me out in my mid twenties since I didn’t understand what was happening. By 30, I had confirmed to myself that these thoughts I hear isn’t because I’m crazy…since I’d hear thoughts from a person in my head one day and then hear that person say the thoughts I heard in my head a day later with the exact same tone and everything. And this had happened quite a few times for me being able to confirm this….now in addition to hearing the thoughts of humans and entities, I am now hearing the thoughts of wild birds by hearing “high chirping noises telepathically” but also I will hear the words “save us” or ” help us” or “ow” as they cry in pain which breaks my heart….also I might hear in a high sqeaky chirp tone of voice telepathically say “; we’re hungry” or “feed us”… tee hee, I have started to feed the cheep cheeps recently…so how do I confirm the cheep cheeps. Well, it’s migration season right now and I remember hearing very short brief chirps as I hear the birds flying in migration during the night not too long ago…I later research bird migration and stumbled across an article talking about how bird communication in migration is rather different than the bird song calls in the spring when they communicate during nesting season….then the article described the short abrupt cheeps that I heard during the night when they migrate…. I never knew that was actually true but it confirmed my guess that I had been hearing them migrate telepathically during the night recently…so there’s that. I’ve seen entities , sometimes feel them but not a whole lot…mostly see and hear…. but I am rather clarsentient with the touchy, feeling emotions of others, etc. type stuff. My memory, I remember and can tell you details of “not all” but a fair amount of conversations I’ve had with people and experiences…which often after I describe a past experience to a person that we both had together, they will often respond, “wow, you have a good memory”‘ or some have even forgotten that they even told me what I had mentioned to them and respond “how do you know that” hee hee. A manager and I talked about ghosts one day. She told me about one of her ghosts being black that she’d see regularily….I saw the ghost standing in the doorway that night and asked my manager if the ghost was very tall (7 to 8 ft), very very thing, and wore a robe cloak thingie with a hood….she confirmed this was true and hadn’t told me this before I saw the ghost. A few weeks later, the ghost is telling me that her boyfriend is bad and to make her break up with him. I tell the ghost that it’s not my place to decide what she does in her personal life….that weekend he had hit her for the first time….so there’s that. I’m often in other’s dreams quite a bit…I do remember not all but a lot of my dreams that I’ve had which have involved flying, going back in time, having special powers, bouncing from one end of the universe to the other in a spaceship, as well as having a few dreams somewhat turn out to become true…so I blab but I blab random facts hoping it might be enough info to signal or be able to determine what the heck I might be…oh, is there a black capped chickadee cosmos like a black plasma creature to go with the blue avian aliens type of star seed or whatever label you might say? hehehe, I love chickadees. 🙂

  8. This was amazing to read!
    I’ve known for a while know that I’m crystal and promoting in many ways to help others.
    But I do sometimes forget my own self worth and reading about how it’s often forgotten and how starseeds have to go through a harsh time for self growth in a way and that helped because I did, and I’m now healing from it.
    But reading this made peace with a lot of my past

    Thank you.

  9. The clairvoyance of my dreams used to be alarming for many years. I’ve recently vome to know they are a form of guidance that I’m lucky to be able to decode.
    But I still struggle to decipher them quite often, which can be frustrating until they manifest right in front of my eyes like an inexplicable and bizarre form of deja vú. I don’t think i will ever get used to that happening.
    Wherever I come from or where I go during rem sleep is so vivid and real its as if i have 2 dual existences; my awaken time spent here on earth and my rem sleep time is spent on/in an alternate plane of existence.
    My dreams take place in some sort of town very very similar to the collective places I’ve lived at in the 33 years thus far in this body. I could and have actually drawn a map of this “town” in my dream plane.
    I never go anywhere else when I sleep but this place. And it is a scary and frightening place. I have night terrors (and more times than not) yell out during my sleep.
    I’vee had 3 divine dreams that were prophetic in nature and have astral projected to heaven and conversed with Jesus himself. I was visited by God himself in a dream in which (after I rolled boulders up the tower of Babel) was told by Him to look for something very specific if i ever need Him (and i knew nothing about the specific thing nor the tower of Babel at the time and both are mentioned in the bible). I even have been visited by satan himself in the third dream, but i don’t wish to elaborate about that dream.
    The point is: whether i am a so-called star seed or not I found great solace and explanation in this article and believe I now have a greater understanding of my spirit and psyche.
    Thanks for reading.

  10. There are times when I meet someone or listen to a song I feel energy surrounding me. I can’t describe it but I don’t think it happens to others. Sometimes when I dream I hear talking from a group but I can’t always understand it. I don’t always have to be asleep for it to happen. Sometimes if I’m deep in thought I notice it. I always get a feeling of friendship when it happens.

    I don’t know what I am. I only have a sense of purpose but I have no idea what it is I just know there is something.

    I have had two recurring dreams my entire life.

    The first is about a cave with children and parents in it. All of them scared and crying. I stand in the entrance and protect it alone. It is always dark, heavy rain and lighting with a feeling of despair. I’m not entirely sure what I’m wearing or why I have them but I have two. They are rectangular shaped tipped with a triangle on the end and a knob on the handle. I don’t know how I know how to use them but I’m left to defend the cave until dawn.

    The other is much darker in nature but I know I am following orders. I have a feeling of just arriving and vengeance. It’s raining here too and late. I take out sentries and enter a castle courtyard and then fight my way past guards and kill a man said to be a king in a tower. I don’t know who or why, I feel like it had something to do with a rape and murder of a child and spouse committed by this person. I’m called a ghost and I terror on their faces as they fight. I have a feeling of relentlessness as if the flag of no quarter was flown. In the final moments right before I fight the king and am going against the palace guards everything slows down and it’s like I see what they are going to do and counter it before they can even do it and the battle which is very intense really only takes a few strokes.

    I don’t know how to use a sword. I have never held a sword.The closest thing I have ever come to a sword is video games and cartoons but nothing of the fluidity and grace in that dream. I was born in 81 and didn’t have access to the internet, video games or the movies and cartoons that are out there now. I had absolutely no reason to know anything about any of this and yet almost every night I had one of these two dreams.

    At times I have heard music like Three Days Grace and Linkin Park and felt odd. Not anything specific to the artists. But certain songs trigger memories or feelings. The Catalyst is like a waking version of the second dream so I avoid that song. Iridescent was another one from that same album and it makes me think of the first dream which is eerie and even more the title of the album is a thousand suns. I have no idea what muse got ahold of them to get those songs put out and three days grace has always felt fallen to me.

    Oddly enough another song that triggers memories of lessons from the bible is White Wedding by Billy Idol. It makes me think of Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot’s wife turning to a tower of salt because she looked back. While the other two songs make me feel uneasy I don’t know why, but this song makes me feel more easy like it is ok. Maybe because I think it is a warning rather then the action in this one and certainly not calling for rebellion like the song riot.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised so much of the music industry feels evil considering that Satan is a bard.

  11. This is astounding ! I resonate with most of the traits! I’m 17 and have always felt alienated and isolated since childhood . Till now I had a little knowledge about starseeds but reading about it in such a precise detail is overwhelming ! So this is how it happened – I just had this very vivid dream of me this morning of trying to connect with spiritual world and a lady is helping me to unlock some secret messages to me. The house and the room is familiar to me and that room has occured a lot in my dreams ! So after waking up …. I was curious about what it might mean as I know that dreams are symbolic. So I just started googling it up and I stumbled upon spirit guides and starseeds ! While reading this, my eyes teared up and I felt goosebumps in my brain.
    I’ve always felt like I don’t belong in here. I thought that travelling may help but it didn’t ! I never felt like home anywhere. Also, I started feeling of this burning desire of personal mission since I was a kid. I still don’t know what is it and it just baffles my mind ! It all started when I was 11 and it started affecting my mental peace . I didn’t knew who I was and where I belonged. Although being blessed with all happiness and comforts in life with no problems , I was never happy because I was terribly confused and wanted to attain self discovery. I’ve cried for nights in silence for this state of confusion and ignorance about the true essence of life. Eventually , I got depressed and more detached from the external world.
    And this thing still haunts me till now.

    So here is something which I experienced a few days ago. I was so incredibly depressed and all my insecurities and fears overtook me late at night . This always happens at nights.
    I was deeply sad and confused. It may sound crazy but being ignored about my purpose and goal is terrible . I’m dazed , confused and lost . Believe me , this state and feeling, is worse than any other thing that can happen to me. My deepest fear in life is to not live it up to the brim and die a death of regrets. Coming to the point , so when again this state of confusion and sadness overtook me , I seriously longed for help. I’ve never shared this with anyone till now. And I screamed that how can I be in so much pain and no one understand and help me ? I begged for it so deeply from the core of my heart ! So I was just laying down on my bed and after a few minutes I heard a voice! The voice was not of a human . That was the voice beyond space . The voice from another dimension and it said ” I’m here for you. Tell me what you need and want help with ? I’ll help you.” And then I saw an alien standing besides my bed which I think was from my spiritual sight because when I opened my eyes there was nothing but I still felt someone’s presence in my room. But that voice and those words were real than reality .
    I was terrified and my heart skipped a beat . I thought that this cannot happen and it was my imagination. But I’m psychologically completely normal. So I would like to ask a question that was it real ? Or my mind is just playing tricks on me ?
    Please help ?

    1. Wow… that happened to me as well when I was about 10 or younger, but i’ve never remembered what it said to me. Now I wonder… but the only thing I remember is that I called it a silly and it “bit” me right in my left shoulder. Felt like an injection. I simply ran away to my parents room and fell asleep. You saw it? o.o I didn’t but looked to my left in complete darkness. What was it like?

    2. yo, I’ve had similar experiences and thought the same…. eventually you might actually hear the thoughts of a living person you might know…and if you do, pay attention to what communication you and that person have and you might hear the person say out loud the thoughts you heard them say in your head earlier with the exact same tone of voice and everything…that’s kinda how I confirmed that I wasn’t crazy and understand a little more of what I had been sensing lately with the hearing thoughts and wondering what the heck is going on and am I a crazy loopy head? Keep in mind that you may have other startling sensations that creep you out in the future as you’re able to sense more types of energies or awarenesses of the cosmos that most people wouldn’t even know about in terms of being able to feel or sense these new things… like feeling solar flares via electromagnetism sensing…etc

  12. Ever since I’ve been small, I’ve had this feeling that I just can’t explain. Whenever I look up at the stars or the moon, I’m overcome by it. (I recently planned to get an astronomical tattoo, that’s how strong the connect is)
    While reading the signs, I started tearing up. I don’t quite know why. Many of them resonated with me, such as feeling a strong sense of mission, not fitting in, being empathetic and having a connect with nature.
    I’ve been called an old soul too, many times. In fact, as a 2 year old, I told my mother to take me back home to Germany (I’m not German, never been there) as my children were crying for me. I also told my aunt not to worry because “ Some people laugh some people cry, some come some go, it’s all the circle of life”
    They believe I was remembering my former life. I’m incredibly fascinated with this concept now, thank you for sharing.

  13. I believe I’m a starseed, but wonder if there is a way to confirm it? Even more so, I feel someone whom I believe is my Twin Flame is an earth angel or starseed. We have walked on earth together at least 11 lifetimes. I have to wonder if we are here to accomplish something together? His name is Alex.

  14. I’ve known I was different since birth, my dead mom says that so many people say…I didn’t know what they meant. I even find myself in leadershio roles without knowing it. You’re explanation makes it more clear for me. I’ve been called an old soul so many times, and have no clue what it was I was looking for someone to explain what I feeling until a guy I perform with (Jamal) who turns out to be a blue monkey weiredly geared my attention to take a deeper look in who I really am. By far the best conversation I’ve hard in dicovering who I really am. I’d wish to learn more about starseed. I had a dream of myself in a different realm about 2 years ago….I also dream every night but forget each time I wake up. I found out am a Yellow Spectra Star.

  15. This is mazing.The explanations entirely resonate with me. The most interesting is, that I have a very strong urge to connect with ‘home’ and I do.

    When I was 8 years old, I had a very intense dream of my stay and journey on a spaceship, which I can describe even today (after 41 years 🙂 in greatest detail. I also feel connected to that part of a galaxy, incredibly colourful with very large space-ways, where we navigate through.

    The day after the dream I wrote a poem on a rose-coloued piece of paper. I still have this today, it expresses, the longing of being there and how the reality of here & now came in in that morning.

    Also the signs with the children are amazing. When I to a place with babies or small children, and they were crying – they immediately stop and become very vivid and start laughing, singing, kissing or hugging their parents – I observe this since many years. I just stay silent and watch. I soldelmly become an active part of those scenes.

    Yes, I know since long, that I am from another Galaxy, yet I am still having a normal life (though way more secluded than others).

    I would like to find our more, with the means at hand – will follow up here …

    Thank you for this Blog, excellent!

  16. I believe my 14 yr old daughter is a starseed. She is the youngest of my 4 children and I knew she was special the moment I laid eyes on her. She shines so bright with love and compassion for everyone, feeling peoples emotional pain so deeply, even when a stranger cries near her her immediate response is wanting to hug them and she becomes emotional. She has seen spirit and not a good one ever since she could talk ( which was extremely early ). She also had a strong connection to God but in the last year depression and severe anxiety has taken it’s toll and her faith has weakened, I am very spiritual and recently began learning and connecting with angels but she gets upset when I talk about anything spiritual and my heart is hurting because she’s so sad. She will stay up extremely late comforting and supporting friends but they aren’t there for her when she’s struggling, she is constantly excluded outside of school so she’s very lonely. I really could use some advice if anyone has any suggestions. There is one more thing she’s experiencing that’s odd, she gets this overwhelming feeling and sensation that nothing is real, that’s how she describes it like she’s detached from herself, I believe it’s her soul awaking and remembering and it scares her. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions anyone may have, thank you.

    1. I feel your daughter is rejecting anything spiritual right now because its further increasing her fear of how different she is.. she thinks if she doesn’t involve herself in any of that conversation she may be able to be ‘normal’ and fit it. I feel her pain. She’s not from this realm so she is in essence foreign hence her sense that things aren’t real. All you can do is pray that her burden lightens and she sees her abilities as strengths and not weaknesses. Also I recommend cutting cords with this spirit she sees. He’s playing tricks with her mind. Her light will shine bright soon. She has a mom that loves her deeply and is open to many possibilities of this life. That’s a blessing. She will be ok. God bless.

    2. I wish I had found out about incarnate angels and rainbow children cause I do believe my daughter was one. She had severe anxiety and depression since she was 5 and we tried everything to help her and get her help and she still had no true relief. Her faith was so strong and she shared it with others. She took her own life and I know she’s in heaven because I was here and when I was begging God to not take her her eyes lit up and a light left through her eyes and entered mine and the feeling is undescribe able love joy peace and then most of it left but I still have part of it. She’s free ,ok, and finally understands herself. I pray your daughter finds her way and has a long full filled life.

  17. Thank you so much for these powerful inspiring messages. You have been such an inspiration to me and have helped me to start to realize my true potential and my life’s purpose here on Earth. I resonate with this information very much. I have always felt like there is something more then what we are taught to believe. I KNOW I’m here to heal and to help, I would love to learn more about starseeds and indigo’s.
    Love and light,

  18. By having planted but one seed that bettered another, are we not making a difference? You have the power to change others’ lives without money or friends.

  19. Well, I saw a spaceship when I was a children. I always went interested in UFO’s and spirits. Still when I was a children I was decided to “complete” the Bible. In my vision, The “angels” were extraterrestrials. I always felt alone, seeking out the truth. I don’t see any sense in this world. The people close to me spend your time in distractions. I really can’t understand this. Why they don’t seek the truth? It’s possible that I be a starseed? Peace, love and light.

    1. It sounds very likely that you are indeed a starseed David… Everyone is learning different lessons now and on unique paths… Keep looking inward for your truth and growth and so much more will open up for you.

  20. started to read by three years old,walking by eight months,people used to call me a little old man,never could fit anywhere even though people wanted to be in my company,in case of some trouble even older guys used to come for an advice to case of emergency i always had fast response without even thinking much about it.animals,dogs,even fierce fighting dogs become meek in my presence like asking for protection or something..i always liked to this day to sleep outside,watching the stars.i could do that forever.watching,imagining other worlds,people,cultures.many,many times i dream things that later happen but i never know which one of those dreams will come true until i see it developing in front of my eyes,than i know-this is it,and that is what it means…strange and difficult to explain.i feel i am from somewhere else..but then again can i be sure..all i know is something has been off my whole life.i have a strange urge to help others but on the other side i feel i can be very cruel in protecting what i hold dear…starseed or just a simple human being..i don’t know and i guess i won’t know before i die…oh yes,i forgot…as long as i remember i imagined leaving earth and my favorite constellation to gaze is the big dipper…like a drug…i also believe that coincidences doesn’t exist…so

  21. so far i over all hit every one of what was listst. but my thing is i have het remembered really anything about my self of way i am here. i do have the feeling i need to find a way to remember… but i have yet to find away and with very little money and no friends in life trying to do something like this is very more so painful.

    so i am trying to find ways to get my self to remember with no luck. to me it feels like i have been “sealed”

  22. almost cried reading this. i dont know what it means, exactly, but it felt too right for it to be wrong.

  23. I was shocked to read about earth angels and starseeds. I’ve been a loner most of my childhood, but as I hit my twenties I came to a realization that I wasn’t from earth. I’ve got at least 3 memories of abduction throughout my life, but I’ve had people also ask me at times if I was an actual Angel and I end up telling them no, but wondering why I wanted to say yes. Can you be a starseed and an earth Angel?

  24. Loved this, it gave me chills because I can all relate to almost all the signs, at times I feel like the black sheep. I am very curious to know more. ive always wondered why I have sensory overload in crowded places or how I somehow have the ability to look at someone and almost be 100% spot on about who they are as a person just by looking at them. This hurts me at times because I don’t give everyone a chance but my intuition has never let me down. I grew up in a house that was most definitely haunted. When I was a child one night my mom said she came into my room because she heard stance noises. Upon entering my room she opened my closet and in there was a toy in the box, opened and without batteries on and playing. There were many odd occurrences. One night while coming home from a party I was in the kitchen, home alone and I look up and in the mirror on our staircase was a figure with red eyes, a black hat and trenchcoat. You couldn’t make out its face but it stood there in the mirror for what felt like a lifetime to me but was probably 20 seconds. Upon googling I found out there entities are called shadow people, to date I’ve seen two of them. The second time the only reason I saw it was because I woke my girlfriend up, I was sitting up in bed while sleeping and she heard me go “whoa” I was frozen but saw the entity before it disappeared, this time it had a red face. Anyways long story short I could write a novel on all of this but its just good to know that I am not alone, my siblings and mother also have abilities but mine seem to be the strongest, I always thought humans could be more evolved then others. Finally, an experience I thought I had as a child has always intrigued me to know if it was real or not. In the movie Donnie Darko there’s a worm looking thing that jake gyllenhall sees coming out of his stomach, well I believe I saw something similar enter through my window, I may have been 3 or 4 years old but all I remember was the object was bright blue, haha I have no idea but maybe someone else has seen this???

  25. I love this column because I found myself in it, most of the features described within are mine…It is awkward to feel like that and sometimes I feel other people don’t fully understand me…They even consider me a strange person, or a childish one….In the beginning that hurt me….Now I don’t care that much because I have a mission to fulfill far more important than others think about me…And I realized that they will never understand me…Only a few people I met understood me completely and didn’t laugh at me or consider me wired….Anyway, I realized that my spiritual evolution is far more important than that…Thank you for this column….

  26. It is true, I have always felt so strange and felt that I do not belong to this world, Normal people make no sense to me and I felt that I am a remedy to their pains. Some call me strange, some call me an angel and sometimes I heal people with a short prayer.bI have good communications with kids and animals. I knew I was not from this world since I was a could. Jahida

  27. i sincerely hope that time will tell me clearly without any illusions what the significance is about and that I don’t miss the important things.

  28. yes almost all of it is true for me ,i cannot share my story with every body,because they think that i’m going mad .some of my experience are instant self healing while praying,also praying for a friend who could not have a baby,she become pregnant the same month ,she was 41 years old,i can feel strong good smell when i read bible and when i talk about Jesus to someone,my first reaction was to panic,asking myself question what is happening,why me what i must do now how shall i live my life,but a light worker tell me to continue my normal life as a human being.very often i see flower seed floting around me while im outside.last time i read a message about UFO,in.which i m very interested,ta the end of this message they say;;if you want to see us we will give you the opportunity to see us and one day when i was on my way back from walk i could see a sphere metal form who was floting in the sky ,while i was travelling by a van,i feel afraid and surprised at the same time,and the last thing that happen,was that me and my daughter saw four angels plaing in the sky ,very high they were very bright changing color from white to silver,i was again happy but shocked,how could all this happen to me,a last funny this ,is about my cat she use to wake me up in the morning,in an original way,she take my praying beads in her mouth and bring it to me on the bed and put it on my pelow,she always look for it when she come in the bedroom,here,is my story,unbelievable,does’t it.

  29. Thank you so much for posting this article it is very helpful to me as things have started to unfold somewhat rapidly but not fast enough. I am struggling with finding the patience to wait for everything to be revealed. I want all of the answers now and it is frustrating to know that it is within me and I cannot access it. All in good time and in good company as I find others to help me along. I “recognize” people and have deep connections sometimes they don’t get it and others are amazing and welcoming.

  30. I feel like I didn’t come from here and I never felt that I belonged here .I have cried to go home but didn’t know where that was.Always been interested in UFO s and aliens. Zete Recula always came up when I meditated and made contact with someone called Echo Mickey.Angels and the Spirit world have a big place in my also . Had lots if into from them. One day whilst on my computer this message came through to me .. The elevated heights of my position make it impossible to subconsciously erase all memories that are stored in your brain. Consequently the loneliness you feel is all part of the fracture. The isolation was incomplete. This was 1996. I spend a lot of time trying to find out more about myself.

  31. I am 45 and just recently went online to research if I could be an earth angel because of the overwhelming love I feel and want to give. My friends think I’m too soft hearted and forgiving. I’m a total pleaser and want to make everyone happy. I used to get clear visions when I was younger like a dream that would come true exactly how I dreamt it. I’ve been in dangerous situations and know my guardian angels were there and that’s why I’m still here. I love your posts I’m just now learning who I really am.

  32. I, too, am in my 60’s and have never felt like I belong here. I’ve been called strange and weird by friends and family because of my strong spiritual feelings and beliefs or knowledge. As a young child I would stand outside looking up at the night sky. Always longingly looking at the same spot in the sky, which I came to know as the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. My ‘awake’ trigger was (started in 9th grade) and still is the deepest color Yellow. I say ‘still is’ because every time I see that color on a car or in clothing it evokes a ‘chill’ throughout my body and each time I feel mentally closer to ‘finally knowing something’. What that is, I’m still not quite sure…yet. Soon… Namaste! 🙂

  33. An early memory of being shaken, yelled at, I knew this world would be hard and I thought why did YOU put me here..I was in a crib, standing trying to get to my brother!Yes, I knew, I’ve also been blessed my whole life♡

  34. Loved this one!
    🙂 All simply nothing more than Stardust..Star Seeds and the “stuff” of Starlight!
    It’s all in the eyes.. If you look into a mirror..Here in this dimension, in this place..One can usually see it.. In themselves.. In others around them.. Briefly glancing into other realms, and planes.. Simultaneously..
    Namaste <3

  35. I am in my 60’s now but as a chikd iboften told my family ( Catholic) i came from the stars. I wasn’t clear where i had landed… Thought it was Mars:)

  36. Read article and almost scared me. A few years ago a spiritual person in the native American community told me something that aligns with this article. After I told him about a dream I had he informed me it was no dream. It was an actual contact with aliens. But he also told me that I was one who was chosen to help humans when or if the time came during my life to encourage humans to get on space ships and travel to another system with a planet exactly like earth, but no advancements in technology. He told me that he too was one of the 44,000 chosen around the world to do this job. I asked why me and him, he said because we are star people and we subconsciously know where certain portals are. Sounds crazy and like I’m on drugs or drinking, but I don’t drink, don’t smoke and have never used illegal drugs. For what it’s worth, I do believe and more then one thing on your list of 20 signs struck a familiar cord. Sorry to be so long winded! I just felt I had to say my piece. I have ignored your article more then once and this time I went with my feelings and read it. Thank you!

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