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Spiritual Grounding! Grounding the New Energies and Higher Light!

Powerful Spiritual Grounding Exercises For You!

2 Powerful Grounding Exercises for you! Grounding the New Energies and Higher Light! Spiritual grounding is essentially a technique for returning your awareness to the present moment by reconnecting with the earth and anchoring your energy to the energy of the Earth.

In this post I’ll be sharing with you a powerful Grounding Exercise you can use at any time. Spiritual grounding is an essential energy management tool, that can not only help you to overcome any feelings of anxiety or uncertainty…

But it also helps you to access more of your higher light and directly connect with Spirit.

As we each now continue on our personal and collective ascension path, there are consistently new levels of light, expanded consciousness and cosmic life force energy that is becoming available on the planet.

With the higher and higher levels of light, one of the most important things for staying balanced is to ground the higher light in the present moment and to ground yourself in the new energy.

Grounding Exercise

Let's dive in and do this together now.


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Learn a powerful grounding exercise for grounding the new energies and higher light! Begin by first focusing your awareness within. Where your attention goes, your energy flows and so focus all of your attention on your heart center.

Imagine you’re breathing into your heart center, and as you exhale, let go. Let go of mental chatter, worry doubt or fear.

Breathe light into your heart, and as you exhale, release.

Next. Shift your awareness way above your head.

Imagine, visualize and tune into the light of the infinite. Sense the swirling, spiraling cosmic life force energy that’s streaming onto the planet.

Just become aware of the higher light of Spirit, and the Divine Cosmic Life Force Energy spiraling in from way above you.

If that's too hard to visualize, don’t worry. Trust that at some level you’re tuning into it. You can also simply visualize a giant orb of light above your head or just feel into it if visualization is channeling for you.

Next imagine that this light orb is moving down and meeting your energy field.

As the light reaches your crown chakra at the very top of your head, it cleanses and uplifts your energy.

Breathe and tune into it.

Now, with your awareness, your intention, and with your focus, imagine or pull this light energy down into your third eye.

So, imagine that the orb of light is moving down from the top of your head, and into the center of your head.

Feel the light in your third eye center and then feel, or imagine it moving down to surround your throat center.

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Then, feel the light orb moving down into your heart, then light traveling down into your solar plexus center above your bellybutton…

Keep feeling the light orb moving down… Focusing your attention on your navel, then your sacral chakra, and finally your root.

Next feel the orb of Divine light traveling down through your hips, down along your thighs, and through your knees and calves.

Feel the light in your ankles, and feel this orb of light travel down through the bottom of your feet, down all the way to the core of the earth.

Where your attention goes your energy flows and so feel the orb or light traveling down through the layers of earth… Through dirt and roots and rock, through bedrock… All the way to the heart of Mother Gaia, the center and the crystalline core of Gaia, Mother Earth.

Feel your oneness with the Earth and with All That Is.

And now, let the energy of oneness, the light of the core of the Earth begin to flow upward.

Feel, visualize or imagine the earth light now flowing up.
Become aware of it moving up through the bottom of your feet, up along your legs, up into your root, sacral, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown..

Notice how the light as it flows up, unites all of your energetic centers in one column, one pillar of ascension light.

Your column of ascension light links you directly now — above your crown — to the light of the Infinite, to the light of Source, God, the Universe, All That Is.

Feel this light of the Divine within and all around you.

Simultaneously, feel your ascension column of light spanning downward anchoring you down to the crystalline core of Gaia, Mother Earth.

At the center of this Ascension Column… At the center between Source and Earth is your open heart center.

Tune into the light of your heart center and allow your heart to open.

Let your heart light glow.

Let your heart light expand as you become fully present in this moment now where you are receiving the light of the infinite, flowing it down your ascension column, all the way to the core of Gaia, mother earth.

Breathe, and become fully present in the moment. You are grounded to the Earth and anchored to the Infinite.

An Additional Layer to this Grounding Exercise

An additional layer that you can add to this grounding exercise, is to pull the crystalline Earth energy up through all your chakra centers. Here’s how to do this:

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Stand with your feet flat on the ground, preferably outside, on earthen ground…

Now visualize the earth energy flowing up in through your left foot, up along your left leg, into your root chakra and then down your right leg, out your right foot and back to the crystalline core of the earth.

And so, the crystalline light of the Earth’s energy travels up your left leg into your root chakra center, and then down through your right leg and foot.

Feel this energetic flow powerfully grounding you to the Earth in the present moment. Take a moment to visualize, feel and create that flow.

Next, once again tuning into the light at the core of the earth… Let the light flow up your left foot, up through your left leg, and into your sacral chakra. Then feel the Earth light energy moving down through your right leg, and down out your right foot all the way to the crystalline core.

Now again, visualize the light from the crystalline core of the Earth, flowing up through your left foot and leg, up into your solar plexus and then down through your right leg, all the way to the core.

Once again, tune into the light of the Earth and feel it move up through your left foot leg into your heart center. Allow the Earth light to light up your heart center, and then feel it traveling down your right side, out your right foot, all the way to the light at the core of the earth.

Repeat this again, the Earth light flowing up through your left side, into your throat center and then down through the left side.

Then flow the earth light up through your left leg, bringing it into your third eye and down your right back to the crystalline core.

Finally feel the crystalline light of the Earth flowing up through your left foot and leg, bringing the Earth light into your crown chakra, and then feel it flowing down your right leg, out the bottom of your right foot and returning to the crystalline core of Gaia, Mother Earth.

This grounding exercise of flowing Earth energy through all of your chakras a powerful process for becoming fully present in this moment here and now, grounded to the earth, and connected to the light of the infinite.

When you are grounded, centered and in your power in this present moment with your heart open, you’re then able to then step forward in your life, in alignment with your highest authenticity, because you are out of your mind, and reconnected through your heart, to love, to the Earth and to All That Is.
With this you’re ready to make a difference, to shine your light forth in the highest interest of all

I hope these grounding exercises have been helpful for you.

Just to quickly recap, the first part is to simply tune into that light of the infinite and bring it down, down through all of your chakras, all the way to the crystalline core of Gaia, mother earth and then let it flow back up, opening your ascension column, circling around or creating a toroidal field of ascension light around you, that’s phase one.

The second step of this grounding process is to let the earth energy come up through your left leg, into each of your chakras and down through your right, moving that earth energy through you to balance your energy, to cleanse your energy, to fully center you in the present moment, grounding you to the earth and connecting you to the incredible light of the infinite available in every moment and yes, available right here and now.

With love and blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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