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Spirituality Gifts They’re Sure to Love!

Gifts for the Spiritually Minded Person On Your List!

This Holiday season may feel a bit different than years past. But one thing that will remain the same, and that is the power of a great gift.

When it comes to gift giving, its the thought that counts of course... But why not give a gift they're going to love!?

Despite this intention, it can sometimes be hard to know just what to get for someone, especially the person in your life who is more spiritually than materially focused.

To help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier, or to simply get your gift giving inspiration flowing, I’ve curated an awesome list of Spirituality Gifts for the Spiritually minded person on your list. 

Or... You may just find a gift here that you want to gift to yourself too which is just fine with me, you deserve it! 

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Handmade Pine Needle Basket

Give a gift that gives back! These beautiful handcrafted Pine Needle Baskets from Mayan Hands (a non profit) helps provide support (economic and education) to the Mayan women and families who create them.

They're also beautiful and really have a vibrant feel due to their naturally sourced pine needles and handmade nature.

A great gift to give or receive, and one you can really feel good about because it gives back!


Mayan Hands also has beautiful scarves, table runners, ornaments and more!

Shop their entire collection here >

These raw and natural chakra stones energetically resonate with each of the chakras in perfect balance.

I love that this kit is entirely real and raw (which is pretty rare with Chakra stone sets). You also have the option to purchase the full 10 chakra stone kit which includes 3 stones for the upper chakras above the physical body!

A great gift for any spiritual seeker or crystal lover.

$9.60 - $22 depending on size 

Click to Learn More!

Moonstone is an absolutely beautiful stone that heightens intuition and promotes inspiration.

Earrings always make a great gift in my opinion too ... Use coupon code: askangels to get 50% off your entire order!

$16.95 with coupon!

Shop Moonstone Jewelry here!

The Ascension Angel Cards are a great deck for beginner or advanced oracle card readers.

Give the gift of lifting love to connect with the wisdom of the angels to support the spiritual awakening path.


Order Here >

More Angel Card Deck recommendations here >>

Give the gift of grounding!

If you're shopping for someone who is energetically sensitive or who has challenges sleeping, a grounded blanket makes a wonderful gift!

Grounded blankets offer the gentle nurturing feeling of being held by the Earth to support drifting into deep healing sleep.


Learn more about Ground Therapy here! >>

Know the astrology sign of the person you're shopping for? Gift them one of these awesome 2 piece tumbled stone sets with corresponding gemstones for each of the 12 Zodiac Signs.

Comes nicely packaged in an organza bag with information about their zodiac sign and about the stones included.


Order Here >>

A friend gifted me these beeswax candles last year, and they are seriously Divine! 

Hand poured candles from sustainably harvested beeswax. Their sweet honey scent and warm golden glow will light up your space with the most lovely energy. 

These are without a doubt my favorite candles. I was surprised by how much more I liked them than the beeswax candles from larger companies. There are lots of fun bottle shapes to choose from as well as tea lights, all of which will make great gifts!


Order Here >> 

Give the gift of Zen with this Ceremonial Matcha Tea Kit. Everyhing you need to make and enjoy a mindful Matcha Tea Ceremony.


Order Here >>

Prayer flags are a meaningful symbol of peace and sending out prayers of peace and compassion for all beings.

I like these Hands of Tibet Flags because they have multiple translations of the prayers written on them (including English). 


Click to Order >

Learn more about Prayer Flags here >

Honey or Liquid Gold as it is sometimes called, has roots in ancient spiritual practices and has long  been revered as a sacred "food of the gods"... 

In modern times, the many healing and medicinal properties of honey continue to be revealed too.

This raw and organic, sustainably sourced honey sampler makes for a decadent, delicious and healthy gift. 


Order Here >> 

A gift to delight the senses. Organic Blooming Teas not only create delicious and healthy tea, but also offer an absolutely beautiful visual treat. 

This Flowering Tea Set includes 6 Organic Tea Blossoms and a 16 oz glass tea pot.


Order Here > 

Oracle Cards can make a wonderful gift for the spiritually minded person in your life. 

This Rumi Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild features the beautiful poetry of Persian poet and Sufi master Rumi.

Gift the invitation of journeying into the Heart of the Divine. 


Order Here > 

One of the facets of spiritual growth and development is openness... And a great way to practice openness is to try something new! 

This Mayan Seed Coffee Alternative is a great way to do that because its absolutely delicious, and incredibly healthy and nutrient rich too!


Crystal facial rollers are an ancient beauty secret that promotes circulation, relieves stress, and they feel absolutely incredible to use too! 

Rose quartz is of course the stone of love too, which makes gifting this wonderful self-care tool an extra special gift too.


Order Here > 

Casa (Adobe House) Burner With Pinon Natural Wood Incense

Piñon incense creates an incredibly peaceful, grounded and inviting environment. And these little adobe house burners make an great gift for creating a sense of peace and spirituality in the home of whomever you gift it to.

The Cedar and Mesquite incense from this same company are lovely too!


Order Here > 

Rose water mists are wonderful way to shift the energy of a room, and compliment your meditation practice.

This Organic Rose Mist is created through the distillation of fresh, hand-picked Rosa Damascena flowers from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.

Wonderful to use as a hydrating toner or body mist too.

Order Here >

I love these copper Sacred Geometry stickers!

Perfect to contemplate the symbols, make mini crystal grids, or to decorate with!

$7.99 for 5

Order Here > 

Indigo Gabbro is one of my absolute favorite stones. Also called Mystic Merlinite, its incredibly protective while also supporting your highest light and spiritual power to activate and brightly shine through.

Great to use for EMF Protection too!

Use coupon code askangels for 50% off!

$26 with coupon

Shop the entire collection of Indigo Gabbro Jewelry here>>

Made from cut and polished petrified wood, these absolutely beautiful book ends are the perfect way to display Spiritual Books and they carry such a wonderful vibration and energy themselves too...


Shop more gemstone bookends here >>

These little Amethyst Crystal Air Planters are absolutely adorable and have a great energy!

Air plant is included making this such a great gift that's beautiful and high vibe too!

$15 - $20

Order Here > 

Handmade pottery always makes a great gift in my opinion, but these Whimsical Angel Wing Mugs from the Imperfect Potter really take things to the next level!


Order Here > 

These "Chan Luu style" Wrap Bracelets are adjustable and designed to wrap around the wrist 2-3 times which makes it easy to gift a bracelet that perfectly fits! 

Rose quartz


Order Here >

If I had to choose one crystal to be associated with spirituality it would be Amethyst! Connected to the Violet Ray, amethyst is spiritually uplifting, protective and soothing...

It makes a beautiful gift! You can never go wrong gifting crystals in my opinion, and these Brazilian Amethyst clusters are lovely! 


Order Here > 

Himalayan Salt Lamps create such a lovely glow and ambiance, and the pyramid shape really takes it to the next level.

This makes a great night light, a warm addition to a meditation room, or just a fun piece of spiritual decor.


Order Here > 

I've tried multiple crystal water bottles and the Inu Bottle by VitaJuwel my favorite. I found this bottle to be the best in terms of quality and longevity as well as versatility. The crystals it comes with are really high quality too which is important when it comes to crystal charging your water. I like that this bottle makes it easy to swap out the crystals you're using to charge your water with too!

An awesome introduction to the world of making crystal elixirs and charging up your water with crystalline energy. This makes for a great gift to give or receive.  

Order Here >

I LOVE this beautiful journal. Perfect for journaling, recording dreams, or jotting down spiritual inspirations.

I have this journal and love how it uses a binder style binding that makes it easy to reorganize and add pages as you go.

Gift a beautiful notebook to hold endless beautiful ideas and intentions.


Order Here >

Hu Chocolate is made for Humans... But is absolutely Divine!

Dairy Free, Organic, Free of Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners and Sugar Alcohol, and yet somehow still the best chocolate ever... Especially this Almond Butter Puffed Quinoa and Dark Chocolate one!

A guilt free and oh so delicious holiday gift!

$25 for 4 bars

Order Here > 

Every home needs a Gnome... And really though, who wouldn't love to have this completely Zenned Out Gnome meditating in their garden!? I know I would.

I love how this little Gnome is so blissed out that a bluebird decided to nest in his beard. 

A cute reminder to stay centered, present and light-hearted too!


Order Here > 

All organic and free from artificial fragrances... The Organic Bath Bombs from Level Naturals are Divine!

Gift these as a perfect little incentive to relax and unwind in the bath.

The candles and scrubs from Level Naturals are really nice too!


Order Here > 

When it comes to giving great spiritually focused gifts, you can never go wrong with something that promotes self-care... Especially when handmade from sustainable materials!

These handmade Hemp and Linen slippers just that... A perfect choice to help them have warm feet to match the glowing warmth of their heart. 🙂


Order Here > 

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Still not sure? 

Check out our Meditation Gift Guide ... Or Angel Gifts Roundup here!

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