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Space Clearing At Home or While Traveling – A MUST Do!

Space Clearing Made Easy … Perfect to Use When Traveling!

Space Clearing Made Easy! Space clearing is a MUST to ensure a peaceful and harmonious environment. It's essentially the practice of cleansing and harmonizing the energy of a space.

Do you practice space clearing on your home as well as in hotel rooms and AirBNB’s while traveling?

Dense energy has a way of lingering in homes… And yes, especially in hotel rooms and vacation rentals. While you might be tempted to skip the energy clearing and get right to vacationing, or sleeping when you check into new temporary accommodations… Don't!

Taking a bit of time to clear the energy works wonders to ensure a harmonious and positive trip!

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How to Do Space Clearing

Today I'm going to share with you a simple method for space clearing while traveling. But yes… This works great for your home or office too! 

I actually created a short video sharing my process… Recorded on location at a new hotel in Mexico I’d just checked into.

Join me in clearing the energy of my hotel room so you can get an idea of how you can cleanse and claim your space while traveling. Check it out here:

Are You Doing This?



Why Practice Space Clearing While Traveling?

Space Clearing While Traveling or at Home As I mentioned briefly above, hotel rooms and vacation rentals tend to accumulate dense energy. Both are places where many people, and when they leave, they often leave with them energy fragments, thought patterns, not to mention energetic residue of any sort of argument or tension or if drinking happened in the hotel.

While hotels usually have great practices for cleaning the rooms between guests… Energy clearing is rarely a part of the procedures.

You Can Do This!

Luckily this is something you can quickly and easily do for yourself… To clear all of that lingering density out and to call in energy of joy and love to help ensure your stay is beautiful and positive.

Travel Space Clearing Tools

I do travel with a couple of space clearing tools including the following:


Sage smudge is a universally known method for cleansing spaces.

I do travel with it. You may be concerned about setting off a smoke alarm in your hotel while smudging, which is an understandable concern. I however, have smudged just about every hotel room I stay in and have yet, have never (knock on wood) set off a smoke alarm. I do usually pay attention where is the smoke detector is, and I and avoid wafting smoke directly in it. What I do as I smudge a hotel room is to push the sage smoke in the corners. Usually beginning in the East (if I’m able to tell which way East is) and moving in a clockwise direction. I’ll also sage around the bed, making sure to push some smoke towards the pillows and around the headboard which are just areas that tend to have a bit more of the energy of other people lingering.

Essential Oil Spray Bottle:

Another tool I use for space clearing is a little spray bottle with water and essential oil.

This can be an alternative to sage if you’re not comfortable bringing smoke into a no smoking room… I got mine at Natural Grocer for about $2.

I then fill the bottle with water and add a few drops (4-6) of purification essential oil which is a blend from Young Living specifically designed to clear the energy of a space.

You could also use sage oil, lavender, pine or eucalyptus. It’s honestly less important what oil you use and more important the intention behind it.

So, after smudging the room, I’ll then go around the room spraying the essential oil water…

I like to say something I actually learned from Denise Linn which is just – “Water, water, clear and bright, cleanse the space with love and light.”

I spray around the bed, spray around the room, and spray myself. It smells wonderful and really creates a palatable shift in the energy, clearing a space with water in this way.

Indigo Gabbro:

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Finally, one additional tool I do want to mention is crystals!

When I travel, I am always wearing crystals. Learn more about the crystals I travel with here.

But at the top of my list is Indigo Gabbro. I like to wear indigo gabbro for its protective and shielding properties. When I sleep, I will put Indigo Gabbro by my bedside, so it will continue working to cleanse the space, and shield and protect my energy.

Learn more about Indigo Gabbro Here, Including Where to Buy It Online!

Space Clearing With Angelic Energy

Now, honestly, for me, these tools are just the foundation. However, they alone can really create a tangible shift and if there’s a strong scent of cleaning solution or any other funky smells (one time I checked into an Airbnb that smelled like Bacon GROSS)… It will work wonders to clear out lingering smalls and help your temporary space to feel more home-like.  like

But the next part of the space clearing process is the really powerful part where you call Angels into the space to clear the energy and to also create a temporary sanctuary for you.

I’m going to walk you through how you can do this now so you can use it when you’re traveling or honestly, this is really good to do at home as well.

Space Clearing Process

So, to begin, sit in a comfortable, relaxed position and close your eyes, focus your awareness within and begin by calling in your team of guides and angels to cleanse the space.

Speak aloud or firmly and with authority in your mind:

“I now call in my team of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters of the Highest Christed Light.

Enter into this present time and space. Connect with me directly and assist me in cleansing the energy of this space and creating a boundary, so that only love, light, and positivity enter in and remain here for the duration of my stay.

I call in Archangel Archangel in the East.

Archangel Michael in the South.

Archangel Gabriel in the West.

Archangel Uriel in the North.

Archangel Sandalphon below.

Archangel Metatron above…

And I call in my Highest Divine Self in the center.

Feel the Angels coming in all around you. Feel into this energy and then continue…

“Inside of this octahedron of Archangelic energy and light, I claim this space as my personal sanctuary for my stay here. 

I ask that this space be filled with love, light and positivity. A shield of light placed around its borders, so that any negativity or detrimental energy is repelled and released immediately and automatically.

Only love, peace, harmony and the highest vibrational beings of the middle path and the highest Christed light may enter into this space.

And inside this sacred container, this sacred octahedron, I ask that any lower vibrational frequencies or entities or energies that do not serve, any lower thought patterns, fear, insecurity, remnants of energy from other people be cleansed out and released into the light.”

Now, at the center of the octahedron of energy (which is the center of your home, hotel room, Airbnb or wherever you’re staying), imagine a glowing orb of light, golden solar Christ light glowing like a sun in the center of your room. Imagine it begins to spin in a counterclockwise motion, releasing, clearing, dissolving into the light any inharmonious energy, any detrimental energies, anything that is not love, peace, harmony, release over to the Angels, into the light.

“I now call in love, blessings, peace, tranquility and Angelic energy to fill this space for the duration of my stay, according to divine will, for the highest and greatest good, and so, it is…”

So, now that, we’ve called in the Archangels, and called in this sacred octahedron to protect the space …

Scan Your Cleansed Space

Take a moment to energetically scan your space to notice if you feel a difference.

Does it feel lighter? Brighter? More comfortable?
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While you’re scanning the energy of the space, notice anywhere that still feels dense or heavy… And either fill that area with light, ask the angels to specifically clear that furniture, area, or space… Or give it an additional smudge or spritz with clearing water.

This is a powerful process for invoking the Angels, clearing your space, and creating a sacred sanctuary of joy, love and positive energy while you're traveling.

This is easy to do and helps to ensure that you truly enjoy your stay, have sweet positive dreams and aren't adversely affected by any detrimental energies.

I hope this is helpful for you!

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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