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What are Auras and How Can You Learn to See Them?

Learn How to See Auras Auras are the fields of energy surrounding physical objects and beings. Everything which exists vibrates with an energy. The Aura is the tangible manifestation of the vibrational energy signature of an object or person.

In other words, the aura is the energetic field around a person, and it contains insightful information into their present state of being.

When talking about ‘seeing Auras', there are a couple of ways this actually happens. Firstly, the aura can be seen through clairvoyant sight. A clairvoyant sees someone's energy field through their minds eye, as having qualities of color, texture, shape, size and even symbols, which give insight into the person (or object) in the present moment.

Auras can also be psychically sensed.

While I have now learned to see the aura's of trees, crystals, animals, and people… I couldn't always do this. For me, feeling someone's energy field was a much more natural way to gain insight into their present state through the aura.

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The aura is not only represented by color which can be seen clairvoyantly, but it contains information about a person's state of well-being, their thoughts, intentions, emotions, and even beliefs… All this information can be tapped into through the subtle psychic senses.

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I make this distinction, because when I was first wanting to ‘See Auras'. It was really a struggle for me. Although I kept practicing and trying ‘See Auras', I felt like it wasn't working. But then I realized, I was ‘Sensing Auras' around people, and through my stronger psychic sense of feeling, I could get a ton of information and insight into the aura without any sort of visual cue. So I just focused on experiencing auras in this way, and receiving information about someones aura (without actually seeing anything). I let go of trying to see auras, and just felt them, and guess what?

After a while of just tuning into auras in the way which was most natural for me (feeling and knowing), my clairvoyant ability opened up a level and suddenly I started to see the patterns of energy, blockages, and light broadcast around trees, people, and animals. By focusing on my primary psychic sense to experience auras, the ability to see them like I always wanted, to naturally opened.

I'm proof that if you don't yet… You can learn to see auras. But the funny thing is, it's most likely that you used to have this skill. Babies and young children naturally see the energy fields around people. Have you ever been holding a baby or young child and noticed they seem to be looking above you, or right past you? Yes, they may be looking at your guardian angel over your shoulder…. But they are also seeing your aura.

So How Can You Learn to See Auras?

Magiceye Image
Magic Eye Image By N.E.-Thing-Enterprises

1. Magic Eye!

Are you familiar with Magic eye puzzles? These images are actually really useful in learning to see auras because they train your brain to look for something, that at first glance doesn't appear to be there. I'm serious! 

Once you're able to successfully see the hidden pictures within a magic eye image, your brain remembers how to do this, and realizes that there is often more than meets the eye at first glance.

Practicing viewing a few magic eye images a day can help you to shift your awareness, so that your brain understands that by relaxing your eyes, something more may be revealed. Who would have thought magic eye images could help you see auras,? But they really do by helping to remove some of the filters of the mind which say ‘what you see is what you get and nothing more'.
(see more Magic Eye images at the end of this post)

Can you see the picture present within the magic eye image? One you can… Practice shifting the image in and out of focus. Try to view it from a bit further away, or try looking around at the picture within the image without losing it. Pay attention to how you're able to get the inner picture to reveal itself, and make a mental note of this, as it's similar to how you can learn to see your aura.

2. View the energy field around your hands.

When you view a magic eye image, you relax your focus to allow the inner picture to appear. Use what you learned viewing magic eye images, to now look for hidden information, aka the auric energy field surrounding you.

Find a white or cream background (an empty wall or curtain will work great) and a place to sit in front of it. Hold your hands out before you, with your fingertips lightly pressed together (almost like you're praying).

Gaze at your hands, as if you're able to look through them… As you continue to stare at your fingertips before you, gently and slowly begin to pull your finger tips apart.

Look into the space between your fingers, much like how you looked for the picture within in the magic eye image. When you keep gazing upon the area where your fingers were previously touching, you will begin to see a light, or a color in between.

Yes, this is your aura! Keep practicing with this, and make a note about the color you see.

3. Practice In The Mirror

Find a mirror with a solid, light colored wall facing it, and stand or sit before it. Look at yourself in the mirror, and then shift your focus to a point just beyond your body, above your right shoulder.

Gaze into this space, relax your focus, and like you're looking at a magic eye poster, let the hidden information that is your aura appear. At first you may simply see a white energy outline around you, this is great! Hold your focus, and allow the white energy to expand and fill with color.

You're seeing your aura. You might have this thought and then your aura disappears. Breathe, relax, and return your focus to viewing your aura.

4. Plants and Crystals

If you're having trouble seeing your own aura, or you just want some more practice. Sit a plant or crystal out in front of you (in front of a white background works best). Gaze just beyond the border of the plant or crystal, as if you were looking at a magic eye picture. As you practice, and hold a relaxed focus, the energy field of the plant or crystal will begin to appear. What can you tell about the plant from it's energy? Is it happy and healthy, or is it needing more water or nutrients? When viewing the aura of a crystal is it clear and bright? If not, it's probably time to cleanse and recharge your crystal!

6. Aura Photos 

As someone who loves technology, and all things spiritual and metaphysical, I find aura photos to be completely fascinating. I actually worked at a metaphysical store for a while and had the opportunity to take lots of aura photos and do aura readings for people. It was really fun and quite amazing to see how much insight the aura can give as to a persons current state of being.

Viewing someones aura (and taking an aura photo) looks at their energy in the present moment, so if they just meditated or just spent a few hours at a bar, the results will be much different. The aura actually changes quiet a bit over time as people grow, learn and evolve. If you haven't had an aura photo and you have the opportunity to take one, do it! I think it's a really fun way to see where you are now, and if you've been practicing seeing your own aura you can compare the results! Aura photos are the instant gratification way to see your aura, and while a few times I did psychically see someones aura as a slightly different than the photo showed, overall I think they're quite accurate… Plus good fun! 🙂

5. Boost Your Minds Eye

Oftentimes, people who are wanting to develop clairvoyance, and feeling frustrated with the process, are looking for this psychic sight in the wrong way.

Clairvoyantly viewing information is different than seeing it with your physical eyes. You can boost your ability to recognize the images of your minds eye, by working with your imagination, and tapping into how you receive mental images.

Think for a moment of a cake. Do you get a mental image of a cake? Does it have candles? Is a wedding cake, or a birthday cake? How do you know?

Notice, the mental image of the cake, and how, and where it appears to you. You don't see the cake with your physical eyes, but notice how you can, even if it is ever so subtly, see it in your mind.

This is similar to how you can see information with your minds eye, as images, symbols, and even auras are impressed upon your consciousness.

Now, think of a tree.

Imagine it in your mind. Does the tree have leaves or pine needles?

Can you tune into the aura of the tree in your mind? Do you see an energetic field of light around the tree when you look for it?

Yes, you're imagining this tree… But imagination is closely tied to psychic and clairvoyant sight, and so developing your imagination is a wonderful way to boost your clairvoyance as well.

Now think of a friend or family member, and get a mental picture of them in your mind. What does their aura look like?

Notice the mental image of their aura that appears. Don't judge it, or worry if it's accurate for now. Just have fun boosting your minds eye, and with practice and persistence the accuracy will come.

Try this with yourself too.

Visualize yourself in your minds eye. Now imagine your aura… What do you see?

6. Raise Your Vibration

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When it comes to developing any psychic skill or spiritual gift, an uplifted vibration is key. Doubt and fear will block your ability to see auras, and so will many filters made up of thoughts, and limiting beliefs.

Lifting your vibration is the process of releasing negativity, filters, and limiting beliefs from your life, and integrating new levels of joy, love and light. A joyful and loving heart is in direct alignment with opening to your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities.

Quiet your mind, connect with your angels, meditate, laugh and enjoy… All these things will boost your vibration, and bring you into alignment with being able to see auras, hear angels, and step into living your authentic truth.

7. Practice and Persistence

Finally, practice is key. Set the intention to start seeing auras, work with the exercises above, increase your awareness in the present moment, and allow this natural ability to come into focus.

If you're not getting the results you'd like. Pay attention, maybe you're like me and your clairsentience or psychic feeling is a bit stronger than your psychic sight. If so, work on sensing the auric fields of plants, crystals, and animals, and by strengthening your main psychic ability, clairvoyance can then naturally be developed to support what you're already tuning into.

Have fun, know that you can do this, and enjoy the process.

Many blessings!
Melanie Beckler

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PS. Here are a few more Magic Eye images from N.E Thing Enterprises for you to practice with. Enjoy!

PS2. If you're not able to see the Magic Eye images… They are easier to see in print than on a computer screen. Try printing one out, or better yet, get the Magic Eye book by N.E Thing Enterprises for your Magic Eye viewing pleasure.

Magic Eye

How to see auras

magic eye image


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  1. First photo: I saw 2 seahorses
    Second photo: I saw Saturn (First I thought it was a seashell) but it looked more like a planet
    Third photo: I saw a Shark

    I use to play with this back in the 90's but unaware that it was part of anything. Now I know!! I am ready to receive these gifts coming from God. Ever since I have been tapping into this journey around a year. I have been more attuned. I am still learning to be more optimistic, understand chakras, energy fields, manifestations, high vibrations, and now auras. Lately, I've been hearing a beautiful high but subtle pitch sounds in my ears. Regular folks think its a physical condition but I see it as an Archangel trying to give me a message I have yet understand.

  2. This is so cool I was able to see the images almost immediately, I didn’t think I could do it. I could not stop looking at them, it was like looking through a view master or a kaleidescope.

  3. I can see the pictures! That’s really cool!
    When I look at my own aura between my fingers (which I apparently have accidentally done in the past out of boredom) I can see the outline of it (on a clear background) but it is transparent and I don’t really see a colour (unless its the same as my fingers or the wall?).
    I tried with a plant and saw an aura of a slightly different shade of green of the plant.
    On both me and the plant, the “aura” was like a transparent outline, is this how it’s supposed to look?

  4. It’s beautiful. Angels ! This brings us closer
    to our true nature the real self.And hence peace and prosperity in our being.

  5. I would like to know if it is possible to buy an aura picture machine and where I could find one with good quality results.

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