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How to Release Challenging Past Life Experiences

past life experiences

Top Signs Of A Past Life Experience & How to Heal!

Are your past life experiences impacting you in the present?

The concept of past lives and reincarnation is nothing new, and references to past lives having an impact on present reality can be seen in ancient spiritual traditions dating back thousands of years!

In this post I'm going to share with you a process I channeled with Archangel Metatron for how to release the energetic imprints of past life challenges, so you can free yourself from having these themes and energies repeat in your present reality.

But first… I want to share with you some of the common signs that a previous life experience may be affecting you in the present.

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41 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated

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Now, any of the signs above can have a meaning other than being a sign of reincarnation. The key is that when these signs coincide with your feeling you've lived other lives… That is when the signs becomes more significant.

So Then What?

So if past life traumas and dramas can affect us in the present… Then what?

Well, working with the angels is a wonderful way to uncover and heal challenging past life experiences to clear and release them…

But also by tuning into and remembering magical and positive soul experiences from past lives there is a great deal of knowledge and insight that can be gained there.

Releasing Challenging Past Life Trauma

I have channeled an entire Past Life Regression Course with the angels…

In it, you will be guided by angels, who will help you to transport back in time for yourself,through your inner consciousness, to access past life memories and experiences which may be affecting you in your present life.

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Releasing A Past Life Experience

Archangel Metatron nudged me to share this simple process for releasing challenging past life experiences and emotions tied to past lives which you may still be carrying with you today (even if you’re not aware of the past life connection)!

This form of angel guided past life regression work can be hugely powerful in helping you to heal physical, mental, and emotional wounds in this lifetime, which very well may be tied in energetically to one or more of your past lives.

My first psychic experiences and metaphysical occurrences really scared me, even though I was fascinated by them and felt they were important. I later learned I had been judged, punished and even killed for having psychic, spiritual and healing abilities in past lives. When I worked with the angels to release and heal these challenging past experiences, my fear melted away and my abilities opened to an entire new level.

~A Guided Past Lives Regression Exercise Led by Archangel Metatron

When you feel ready, take a moment to consciously relax.. Take a deep breath and imagine yourself surrounded with white light.

Tune into your heart by simply dropping your awareness inward and focusing your consciousness on the area of your heart.

Quiet your mind, and allow yourself to experience stillness… quiet… and allow your heart to open. From within your open heart your soul will speak and your guides will lead you. Be open to how this inner guidance appears to you.

Ask your Higher Self as well as your guides and angels; “Is there a negative past life experience that is ready to be released?”

Allow your mind to be clear, focus on your heart and on the white light surrounding you. As you do this you may begin to notice and imagine an image, a feeling, or a story that begins to unfold before you.

Allow the mental awareness of this specific past life to come into your memory. Feel the experience, and identify the strong core emotions from your life at this time…

Allow these emotions into your awareness and allow them to be present with you. Make a note that these will usually be challenging, or painful experiences you are releasing… But feel this for yourself, what are you feeling? What emotions are tied to a past life and holding you back now?

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Once you have an understanding of the core emotions during that experience you are ready to call on your angels to take these emotions and release them into the light. As this release takes place, the cord between you and this past life is cut.

You can also sometimes see Archangel Michael with his sword of light actually cutting energetic cords between you and the past.

Once the emotion surrounding your past life has been released you are now able to replace these emotions with love, with compassion, and with oneness. Feel these Divine mental formations surrounding you, and healing the past versions of you as well.

You may wish to comfort your past life self saying, “I’m here for you, you’re safe now. All is well”

Now imagine the past life version of you, fully healed and filled with unconditional love, joy and compassion. Imagine, and feel this aspect of yourself being reintegrating into your being.

I sometimes see this as a golden spiral of light returning to my energetic body, or you may actually get a vision of the past version of you stepping into your energy. Feel your power coming back to you. And so it is.

See it can really be quite simple… Repeat this on your own now and allow the experience to appear, feel the feelings, call on Angels, cut the cords, release, and replace with love, compassion and oneness.

I love you, call upon me at any time and I am more than happy to be of service.

-Archangel Metatron

To learn more about how to remember your past lives click here. 

Or check out the complete Past Life Regression Angel Course here! 

With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude, 

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PS. Was this helpful? Have you remembered and released any of your past life experiences or integrated magical lives? Comment below and share your story!


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