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How to Remember Your Past Lives

Tapping Into Your Past Life Experiences

past life regressionIf you are curious about some of the past lives you may have experienced, a good place to begin is by looking at your current interests, as well as your fears.

Are there certain types of books, or movies you really enjoy?

Perhaps there is a culture or period of history you have been really drawn to since the time you were a child?

Chances are you were there or once, experiencing a similar situation yourself, in a past life. It is often the subtle subconscious memory of past life experiences which causes a resonance with certain movies, periods of history, cultures, or activities now (or as a child)…

Children haven't taken on many of the filters of life which block out spiritual experiences and past life memories, and so childhood interests, and even comments can point directly to past life experiences. I remember my younger sister as a child telling my grandmother “I remember when I was the grandma and you were my granddaughter”, and more recently a friends child confidently told his father, “I used to be your grandpa, but then I got sick and died and now I'm just me!”

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Fears and Interests Hold Clues

How to Remember Your Past Lives Your interests, and especially those present when you were a child, hold clues to your prior life experiences. When I was young, I used to enjoy playing in my front yard, picking leaves, berries, and flowers and mixing them up to make ‘soups' and ‘medicines'. While the combinations I was coming up with as a child were simply for play, from whatever happened to be growing around me, I was tapping into my memories of a lifetime past, in which my work had been the creation of herbal remedies.

In addition to interests, it is very common for present life fears to stem from painful emotions tied to one or more past life experiences. This was the case for my mother in law, who for as far back as she could remember, had been overwhelmed by an intense fear of heights. In a channeled session with Archangel Metatron, she asked what she might be able to do to ease the fear, and learned about a past life in which she had died in a car accident after driving off the edge of a cliff.

With the simple awareness of this one lifetime, and consciously releasing past life fear and trauma, her fear in the present was significantly reduced… Not completely gone, but she was suddenly able to ride as a passenger on a mountain road, without the intense fear of falling taking over, which for her was a huge improvement.

So How Do You Remember Your Past Lives?

While there are many hypnotherapists who make a living helping people to remember their past life experiences, past life regression is something you can learn to do for yourself.

Past life memories are always accessed from within, and so relaxing, and getting into a meditative state is the place to begin. Light meditative music, crystals, or incense can help you get into the right state of mind to recall a past life memory.

Once you're in a relaxed and meditative state of mind, think to yourself “I am tuning into a past life memory”.

past life regressionYou can also ask your angels to help you with this process. “Angels, please help me to remember one of my past life experiences”.

After you ask, release any attachment to the outcome and just relax. Your inner consciousness has the ability to tune into your past life memories.

Notice any words, images, or impressions which come into your awareness, even if they seem a bit blurry, random, or disconnected.

As you practice tuning into your past lives you can begin to pick them up with more clarity, allowing you to remember past skills, abilities, accomplishments and challenges you have already experienced as a soul.

Once your memory fades out, take a moment to write down your experience.

Listening to a past life regression meditation can also help you to relax, focus, and tune into specific details and memories of your past lives.

You can heal present emotional and physical challenges, discover your current lessons and soul's objectives, and find the keys in your past lives which will unlock potentials in your present and future.

You've likely had many past lives where you developed gifts and talents which are ready to be integrated into your life now. You can also clear blockages, and gain a deeper understanding of your souls purpose across many lifetimes with past life healing work.

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Recurring dreams, nightmares, or odd memories you have, but which haven't actually happened in this life, can oftentimes be tied to past life experiences.

Have you ever met someone new and instantly felt a connection, like you've known them for years, when you only just met? It's most likely that you're soul mates *meaning you've known each other in a past life.They may even be a member of your soul group or soul family.

Deja vu, or getting the feeling what you're currently experiencing has happened before, perhaps in the exact same way, is often another glimpse into your past life memories.

Working With Your Angels

If you've gone through the Working With Your Angels Course, or you are proficient at connecting with your angels using a pendulum, you can easily ask yes/ no questions to verify a possible past life connection, and to learn more about it.

I have found that by using pendulum dowsing to ask questions in a relaxed and present state of awareness, I naturally think of further detailed questions to ask, which in lead me down a rabbit hole of sorts, allowing an image of the past life to come into focus.

Here's a little example of some of the types of questions you can ask.

“Is (this emotion, dream, sense of deja vu, fascination with ) that I am experiencing tied to a past life memory?
If yes…

“Is this a positive or painful past life memory I am tuning into?”

“Are there challenging emotions tied to this past life which I would benefit from releasing?”

“Was I male or female in that life?”

“When did this life take place?” Before the 1500's? After the 1500's? Dial in the time period..

“What gifts or skills was I aligned with in this past life?”
Healer? Teacher? Shaman? Artist? Hunter?

Keep asking questions in this way, like you're a detective uncovering what really happened, and with practice you can get a good idea about the types of life lessons, and experiences your soul has lived in past times.

Often times simply becoming aware of a challenging past life can release blockages it is causing in the present.

Past life regression meditations are another direct way to remember your past lives.

In the new Past Life Regression Angel Course, your angels will guide you to relax, and transport through your inner consciousness back in time to experience and remember the past life memories which will most serve you in knowing now.

While your power is definitely in the present moment, healing past life blockages, and reclaiming your past gifts and abilities can make a huge difference in overcoming challenges and claiming all the personal power, and light which is available to you now.

With gratitude, and blessings,

PS. Was this helpful? Do you remember any of your past lives? I love hearing from you… Leave me a comment below.

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  1. Hi there, so last night literally I think I actually had one of my first past life dreams.
    (Well that I know of anyway), I just recently became more involved in learning about this topic and( other ones such as the akashic Records.) I’ve been learning more about it, and as everything is making sense to me alot more, I think I’ve had my first knowingly past life dream. It’s quite amazing thinking about it, I didn’t think that I could tap into that. I was just instantly excited and nervous after I woke up, couldn’t wait to tell my husband.
    Anyways, I had a dream last night, that I lived during the “MID-EVIL” TIMES. And I’m not sure why I believe this, other than the castle I was in during the time I died in my dream, and I just for some reason know that it was at that time. As I am in this castle I believe that I worked there for someone whom was very wealthy. I was kind of like a housekeeper you can say, and there was this girl in the dream, who by the way I’ve not ever seen in my life to my knowledge, and the girl for some odd reason didn’t like me. I knew she didn’t in the dream too. I was kind of a new girl there and got along with everyone it seems like. And I just remember the girl always giving me just nasty looks. In the dream I shrugged it off, and continued my day, I was learning still about the castle, and I’m it we’re these shafts, that led to the bottom of the castle all through it. These tunnel shafts were up and down, and they would bring you back up and down and everyone used these to travel through this big castle. On the very bottom of this castle was a big big big oven looking thing they had built in this castle to “burn garbage” but everyone who worked there knew it was to actually burn the bodies of the people they tortured to death. One day, I guess cause it’s for some reason a different day in my dream but it’s in one, if that makes sense, it skipped alot, I think, but in this day I was confused. I kept getting lost on this amazing castle.. And I couldn’t remeer which of the tunnel shafts went to the floor above the floor where they burned the bodies. I was supposed to go grab a few supplies for some man, even tho I haven’t met the man, but in my dream I can picture te man, and I know he wanted me to do this task, so I asked the only girl on the same floor as me, which also is the girl who don’t care about me at all what so ever, and she points me to the shaft, and I don’t know why I even listened to her, knowing she hates me for reasons unknown, but I still go down that shaft she told me to, as I’m going down I start thinking, this is taking so long, and all of the sudden it gets really hot, I fell fire, and hear like loud sounds like something banging together. All the sudden I get dropped onto this table looking thing, with bodies on it, I start screaming and crying and this table constantly moves forward kind of fast paced, and there is no way back out, your literally dropped onto this table, and in the dream, I realized this is it, I’m going to die this way, and I get closer and closer to the flames, I can feel my body become so anxious I felt it in reality as well, and my skin is staring to sweat profusely and begins to boil, and it’s painful, and then I believe as I’m dying there being burned alive in this big oven, I am in agony and finally I jolt awake I think I woke before I died. I was so shaken after I woke up. But in a way amazed.
    So you think I had a past life dream experience?

  2. well, when i was very small, like four, we had visited my grandparents…we went to a small carnival….im 52 and this has stayed with me! There was this like door; you walk in and there was a glass enclosure; there was this blue or black led light and a woman just sitting in a rocking chair. I think she was crocheting or knitting but all of a sudden she just looked at me. Years later, I had three consecutive dreams of being in a circus or carnival! (and yes im “scared” of them)…it was always down from where I lived as a child; nothing bad happened but the sky was like dark grey as if a thunderstorm was coming! There were vendors of food and all but it just felt ominous! I do believe in reincarnation but I am wondering IF i was in a circus or carnival in a past life? even though it creeps me out!

  3. Sooo, I had a weird dream last week . I was shot in the head. But before I start, a little about me. I am a white, 41 year old art teacher in North Philadelphia.
    I was with a group of people, men and women and we were escaping, we were all dressed nicely, no one was in rags. We came to a spot in a field, with a house behind us which also had some trees in a line behind it. The grass slopes up to the road, we were at the bottom of the slope. A bunch of cars drove by, we ducked. I tried to tell the men we had to leave that they probably saw us, they shushed me and said we were fine. I thought about running to the trees or even further in the field. But then all of a sudden the cars were back. We were caught. The men were all taken first and shot. A young woman I new was trustworthy was with them, I gave her my wallet and whatever I had and told her to take it to my family and tell them I love them and I’m sorry. They started to taunt us and I stood up and said I would go next and that I wasn’t afraid. There was an older black woman near the executioner, I touched her hand and asked her if I could say a prayer before he did it. She said yes. I tried to pray but I couldn’t remember all the words and then I just started to apologize to god for being in the situation. I kneeled and assumed the position, a young gray cat came up to me, I gave it a hug and told it to go away. I closed my eyes and waited. And waited. Then I found myself floating above, I was dead, blood all over the ground. I was wearing a dark blue dress with small bright flowers and I was a skinny young black woman.

    I’ve also had a vision of an altercation in a kitchen. I was protesting not fighting, “please no, not here” “she will see”. And I was rapped on a table in the dark blue dress with small bright flowers.

  4. Hi Melanie, thanks for the reading this week, you know how much I appriciate all that you do dear friend. Yes, I’ve discovered a number of past lives that I’ve lived. My realisation was 2 years ago and only just recently has it all sunk in and accepted the facts. Wow! It’s been bumpy & fascinating at the same time and even scary too. As you know the some of the bad qualitys follow us as well and some of the incarnations are “bitter sweet” ya know? Im not proud of alot of the dark & ugly things that I done or was tied to but am fascinated at our creators forgiving love to give my soul so many chances to evolve in spiritual form, and grow. He loves us that much, to correct us & love us with such magnitude, blows me away. Here’s a few of my past lives Melanie; Mary Magdalene, Genghis Khan, Crazy Horse (Chaoha), and was a knights Templer. I believe there may be one more but have to investigate further. So I worry about all of the Death that happened under my ruling and some of the treatment towards some of the women…thats what bothers me the most! Im not proud of any of that stuff dear, let me tell ya! Hey, I love you too my friend and thank you for being my friend & guide. Thank you, Tommy👼😘🌠

  5. I am a catholic and I believe in reincarnation. I believe that when you get to heaven or the afterlife that you can choose to go back to earth. We all have lessons to learn and we aren’t necessarily able to learn them all in one life. I’ve had mediums and psychics tell me that, usually, people who question these things or don’t understand it usually are “new” in that this is their first time around and they have no or very few past life experiences.

  6. So I assume your Christian or catholic of you believe in angels/archangels. Typically Christians don’t believe in reincarnation. They believe you die & go to heaven to live your afterlife. In order to have a past life, your soul would need to go through reincarnation in order to be you,right? I’m not saying I don’t believe it, but I’m Christian so?Typically I believe you go to heaven or hell when you die. Your soul/spirit goes to wherever god puts you. So how does that make a past life possible if you don’t believe In reincarnation but believe/ think past lives are possible?

  7. My 2 year old cries when he hears “Hush little Baby” but wants to hear it again and again. I have it on video. It’s a cry that appears emotional and melancholy. Is this a sign of a past life?

  8. I am just learning to what to do with my dreams they have been more vivid in last two years after my grandmothers death. I just need more education on how to retrieve them. Thank you for this advice I will try

  9. I have had a lot of tragic dreams of dieing or witnessing death. And it all feels so real. I wake up hysterically crying or wake up shocked. I have anxiety and depression. Could the s all be past life experiences?

  10. I get a feeling, In my past life it was more of the Victorian age era, i remember a (me) a girl who’s in about mid 20’s, I am using a fan trying to fan myself elegantly and being screamed at by a woman, i can feel a lot of hate towards this woman in this past at this time. This woman (me) has the same dark almost black eyes and with almost black hair (I have light brown). I’m not an angry person, but I feel the same way towards my step mother as she feels towards the women. Do you think our past lives could have crossed like for example a past life lover could be a this life lover too at the same age? If that made sense.

  11. Thanks Melanie for all your so interesting articles ! Past life is such an great subject. The 1st time I ever think about it (long time ago !!!!)I was able to attend a seminar with Dr Brian Weiss in Phoenix a little after and I was so impressed by the way he was able to put under hypnosis almost all the participants who were able to see themselves in a previous life reliving a past experience with one of our loved one in this life. We all had 1st to select one loved one – I did personally choose my oldest daughter and follow the progression of the session to find myself happy little girl sharing the pride of my grandpa who had just acquired a new bike. He was learning how to ride it, sited way up over such a big wheel and I was sharing this good time running as fast as I could to stay near him.There was no question at all I did know very well that we were so connected and I was not the only one whose loved one now was not having the same sex as today ! Since then I was able to regress myself alone. I totally agree that we are here to enjoy 100% the NOW….but yes we can understand so much of our today’s life when blessed with a glimpse of our previous lives.

  12. I have always felt that I was at one time a laundress or maid in the 18th century. I “see” almost like a polaroid picture of a bright blue sky. It is always the same.
    I am pinning wet laundry to a clothesline and can see sailing ships in the harbor. I feel like I am in Normandy or France overlooking white cliffs. I have on a blue pinafore and a white hat of sorts. I am always reading books on France or Paris and all things French. I also enjoy doing laundry. Washing, drying, ironing, using fabric softener to make things smell good, etc. Very weird ! I am living in the US and have never been to France ! Also, when I was a little girl I drew countless pictures of geisha girls. As an adult, I quite accidentally came to work for a Japanese company and had the opportunity to travel there for work several times. Traveling seems to be in my choice of books.

  13. This is very interesting, I feel these things often and have all my life-I get premonitions and understand all you write about. I am drawn to anything about Ireland and also New Orleans. I have gone to a Medium and am told I have a lot of “energy” around me. I will look into this past life learning in more detail. I have had deceased family members visit me in my sleep also and give me messages–I am now 74 years old and would like to learn more about all things.

  14. I just discovered your Blogs, I am so Grateful. I’ve been trying to find guidance to all sorts of stuff. As a child I saw & spoke to ghosts. In my Teens I received dreams in real time. Now as an adult, I’m learning to manage my gifts. Thanks to your blogs I finally have a path and clarity in whats next.
    I haven’t noticed any past lives, I’m absorbed with my specially gifted children. My one son was in the Civil war or related to Abraham Lincoln. He is obsessed. My other son whose a teen ( autistic ) has told me time again since he was 5 that he wants to go back to the other dimension. And wish he was with his star seed family.
    Now that I have some tools, I will be getting started.
    Thank you so much!

  15. Hello I thank you for you information someone was trying to charge me 70$and u were very helpful I will try to do what u gave me to read an I will write back if ise any changes I was born on2-9-1967 and I now I am special I just haven’t fond the write person to help me open up I have a lot of gifts I just need guidance I thank you again god will bless you and I will help

  16. My passion has always been music and art, stones and gems, herbs, essential oils and literature and languages and somehow healing.
    Visiting my children I three times came to see magnificent Egyptian Exhibitions in Berlin, Auckland and London. I became more and more emotionally involved especially seeing the golden statue(?) of the High priest of music in London.
    When I came across a deck of past life oracle cards a few days ago I wasn’t very surprised when the first card I drew was Egypt. I had no clue about the nature of the cards.
    In Belgium I attended a concert in an old church which had been a hospital a long time ago. I had a very distinct feeling that I had been there before . I just couldn’t leave the place.
    On a journey to Austria a most terrible sadness overcame me out of the blue. I could have died there before reaching my goal.
    Someone also told me that I had mostly incarnated as a woman and that I was mostly seen with jewelery .
    I also once had an image of an astrologer (?) in a tower in ancient times with some kind of interaction.

  17. About 3-years ago I was listened to a free past life regression audio created by Mira Kelley during a Hay House event. My former S.O. was reading on the couch nearby, and I was browsing the speakers list when I saw Nora’s audio so, I thought “why not?” I put on my headphones so I wouldn’t bother my S.O. and grabbed a pen and notepad like she suggested. I can’t tell you what exactly happened in detail, but a few minutes into the meditation I began to feel as though I were seeing through someone else’s eyes. I was still aware that I was listening to an audio, but I don’t recall her words at all. I was looking down at my feet which were wrapped in brown fabric and tied with some sort of cord. I “felt” as if I’d laid upon a stone floor alone for some reason, and I saw an enclosed courtyard of some sort. Bricks? stones? but nothing else really other than it was a fairly high wall. I also saw the fleur de lis symbol and immediately thought of St Joan of Arc. There were other things, and I have them written down somewhere, but when Mira ended the session I felt these overwhelming emotions. I began an online search with all of the clues and it all led to St Therese of Lisieux. Now, here’s what is even more revealing…the house she was raised in before entering the convent was called Le Bissonet. My maiden name is Bissonette. Lisieux is where I traced my “Bissonnette” family to in France. The “courtyard” was there in the photos. It was all very unsettling. A few days later I was on a plane to join a group in Lisbon (Fatima), Portugal; a Marian Pilgrimage, and it would take me on a journey throughout Spain and on to Lourdes, France. While in Avila, I was able to visit the chamber where St Therese of Avila was interred. In this chamber is a bust of St Therese of Lisieux and after my group left I stayed behind to stare into her eyes and I felt those emotions again. A feeling of understanding but without closure. Many profound things happened to me while on this Pilgrimge. I still feel like I was supposed to walk that path toward “something” that I was so close to finding. Clarity perhaps? I wonder still…was I this nun who adored St Loan of Arc? I have so many questions that remain unanswered.

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