Past Life Regression Angel Course

Past Life Regression with Your Angels Would You Benefit From Past Life Regression Work?

Do you ever feel like you are blocked from further personal, spiritual, or professional growth by an invisible barrier or ceiling?

Have you ever felt like you were making progress towards a new level of light, love or abundance, only to have it all come crashing down around you from self-sabotage or seemingly outside forces?

If so, you may be dealing with issues caused by your experiences, decisions and actions from one or more past lives.

The great news is that even though these past life energies or past life karma have been affecting you in your life up to this point, you do have the ability to work through your past life issues and to integrate both positive and negative past life experiences into the whole of your being.

This work is commonly called Past Life Regression and it was taught to me by one of my first spiritual teachers over 5 years ago. She taught me that past life regression could be used to heal current problems and challenges and to unite with ever-increasing levels of personal power.

Traditional past life regression has typically been done with assistance from a hypnotherapist, who guides you into a deep state of relaxation so that you can access past life memories in response to questions the therapist asks you while you're in the ‘trance like meditation'.

Past Life Regression With Your Angels

past life regressionIn this Past Life Regression Angel Course you will be guided by your angels, who will help you to transport back in time for yourself,through your inner consciousness, to access past life memories and experiences which may be affecting you in your present life.

The past, present, and future are all interwoven into the present moment. As George Harrison famously said, “There's no past and there's no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now.”

What this all means is that your past lives, whether good or bad, inspiring or challenging, are having an effect on your present life, and on the present time, whether you realize it or not.

In this course, the angels will first help you to set a specific intention, which will focus your inner consciousness to guide you back to exactly the right point in time to bring healing, remove blocks, heal relationships, improve finances, release karma, neutralize dysfunctional beliefs, or align with gifts and qualities of your soul, which will most serve now.

Past Life Regression Angel Course Price: $47.00





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When you are simply aware of your past lives which are tied to present challenges, problems, or even to goals you have, the blockages can be released. This is true even if the past life memory you tap into doesn't seem to be at all relevant to the intention you've focused upon.

Your subconscious will take you to the right past life memory to get the maximum benefits from regression work.

Can You Do This?

You don't have to be incredibly intuitive or clairvoyant to do this! You simply have to commit the time and energy to go through the course, potentially several times.

If you can you tune into a memory from when you were in elementary school, or if you can remember what you ate for dinner last night, you have what you need to tune into your past lives!

Everyone tunes into memories of this life, and past lives a bit differently. You may receive a slow, gentle recollection of your past life themes, or you may receive a strong, and real visualization that plays out through your third eye as if you were there now.

Seeing, hearing, sensing, knowing, and feeling are all ways in which you may experience past lives. It is very common for individuals to not just ‘see' the past life, but many ‘feel' or ‘hear' about experiences from past lives. In this course your angels are right there with you the entire time to help you maximize the benefit from past life regression.

This journey can help you to gain a deeper understanding of your soul's purpose, to learn why you're here now, and what is possible for you moving forward. You can also remove subconscious blocks that have hindered your progress in the past so you can achieve greater levels of joy, bliss, love and abundance in your life.

Traditional hypnotherapy based past life regression sessions can easily cost $595 for a 3.5 hour intensive session. For follow up sessions, you would have to pay upwards of $150 for an hour session. A few sessions with a hypnotherapist to help do the past life regression could easily cost you over $800

This course is more of the ‘Do It Yourself' method with the help of your angels, and will not cost anything near as much as other past life regression sessions. With this angel course, you will receive over 60 minutes of channeled angel messages in 5 different .mp3 audio files.

Past Life Regression Angel Course

1. Past Life Wisdom and Healing with Archangel Metatron 13:17
2. Neutralize Past Life Challenges with Archangel Raziel 11:39
3. Past Life Integration with Spirit Guide Orion 10:29
4. Healing Past Life Karma with Archangel Michael 21:43 (this track includes an additional 10 minutes of meditation music from Thaddeus)
5. Magical Past Lives with Archangel Haniel 11:20

One of the biggest benefits of this course and the .mp3 format is that you gain instant access to download the files after making your purchase, so you can start going through the right away! The convenience of having the pre-recorded audio files will allow you to go through the course all in one session or you can spread the components out over a few days, it is completely up to you.

Past Life Healing You will also have the ability to go through the course time and time again to strengthen your connection with your angels and to continue to integrate more and more of your light from several past lives. Clearing past life karma is like peeling the layers of an onion… Layer after layer, you are able to get deeper to the core of what is most affecting you, today.

This is not a one-time service, this is a series of tools that you will have to continue to receive benefit from for years to come as you can re-listen to the files anytime you would like to uplift your energies and remove metaphysical blockages from your path.

If the first time you go through the course, you don't ‘vividly' recall a specific past life, that is fine… And honestly quite normal. The more you go through the audio files, and continue with tapping into past life memories, the stronger and clearer your experiences will become!

When I was offering readings, a 1 hour one-on-one session cost $120… But I'm not even asking half that much for this course.

As always, if you purchase this angel course, go through the entire course and don't feel like your energy has been cleansed, lifted and your personal light has been increased, I am happy to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

Tapping into your past life memories with the help of your angels can't hurt, and it very well may make a significant difference in your life now.

Past Life Regression Angel Course: $47.00




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