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11 Keys for A Spiritual Night Routine

Cultivating A Strong Spiritual Night Routine

Spiritual Night Routine A night routine is the sequence of things you do that lead to sleep.

Do you have this sequence of what you do optimized to support your restful sleep, vibrant health, and spiritual growth?

Don’t worry if it’s not yet… Because here I will share with you 11 powerful elements of a strong spiritual night routine.

Night routines aren’t too commonly talked about, despite their being hugely important.

Having a strong morning routine, on the other hand, is an idea that has taken the world by storm.

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Entrepreneurs, leaders, and social media influencer have all jumped on optimizing (and sharing) their routines for the morning.

But while a strong “morning routine” is widely touted to support clarity and success, having a strong night routine is not as commonly explored.

This is a missed opportunity, especially because there are so many people today who struggle with falling asleep (or staying asleep at night).

How you prepare for sleep has a big impact on how well you will sleep, what your subconscious mind processes while you sleep, and as a result, how clear and refreshed you will wake up in the morning.

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Here are the three major benefits of having a strong spiritual night routine:

  • Improve your quality of sleep and promote the healing and recovery deep sleep brings.
  • Relax and relieve stress from the day with your nighttime rituals.
  • Support mental clarity along with spiritual growth and self-development.

So What Does A Successful Spiritual Night Routine Entail?

Here are the top 11 elements of my spiritual night routine:

  • 11. Dim the Lights

Scientific studies are proving that artificial light at night (especially blue light) can detrimentally impact your sleep and even cause depression and disease.

To counteract this, a significant element of my night routine is to turn off lights, and dim the lighting in the house once the sun goes down.

To do this, I turn off all the lights in my house at night except for some twinkle lights that I have on my fireplace mantle, and a couple of small Himalayan salt lamps I keep in the living room, and bathroom to offer a soft warm and relaxing glow.

  • 10. Step away from the screen!

While we're talking about lighting at night, we've got to talk about staring at screens! Now, don't get me wrong, I often like watching an episode of a TV series in the evenings, I like historical series (who else loves Star Trek Discovery LOL?), or even reading a book on my phone or kindle.

To reduce the exposure to detrimental blue light while doing this, I wear orange tinted blue light blocking glasses, which I highly recommend.

This being said, its a smart idea to cut yourself off completely from any screen use at least 20-30 minutes before you go to bed to allow yourself to deeply relax, and let go leading up to sleep.

  • 9.      Turn Off WiFi!

Today we're almost always surrounded by a type of EMF radiation called WiFi.

WiFi of course is what keeps our devices connected to the internet, but it is also well known to be a type of Microwave Frequency that can be dangerous in large doses.

Turning your WiFi Router off when you go to bed is a great way to limit your exposure, and give your body a break from these electromagnetic frequencies while you sleep.

Turning off the Wifi Router wasn't always a priority for me, but after testing it for some time, my husband and I have both have noticed that we sleep deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed on the nights when the WiFi Router gets switched off.

Sleep is the time in which your body is healing and being rejuvenated, so its the perfect time to take a break from the constant WiFi Bombardment. More ideas to reduce your EMF exposure here.

  • 8. Herbal Allies for Relaxation and Sleep

To further support relaxation, I often make a warm and relaxing mug of herbal tea in the evening.

A few of my latest favorites are the Host Defense Peaceful Mint, Organic India's blend: Tulsi Sleep or really you can't go wrong with some good ole Chamomile.

Essential oils are another wonderful way to leverage relaxing plant allies, and so to do this I’ll  sometimes diffuse some lavender essential oil, or more often just dab a drop of a relaxing essential oil like lavender, chamomile, or a blend like Tranquil or Ruta Vala on my wrists and temples to shift the tone, and signal that its time to relax and start preparing for sleep.

  • 7. Prepare for Tomorrow…

Often what keeps people up at night, is leaving unfinished business from the day, or worrying about something you have to do tomorrow when you lay down to go to sleep. To counteract this, take a few moments to prepare for the next day before you go to bed!

For me this usually looks something like soaking oatmeal to prepare for breakfast in the morning, washing the blender, or tidying up the kitchen so tomorrow I’ll have a clean slate.

You could write your top three priorities for tomorrow in your notebook, or jot down a question you have to consciously release it, and let your subconscious process and figure out the details for it while you sleep.

  • 6.      Stretch and Unwind

Gentle stretching is a magnificent way to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation. I like to put on soft and relaxing music like mesmerizing native flute music from Carlos Nakai, or the meditative tones of Deuter to relax and stretch to.

As you stretch and relax while listening to music, allow any stress and tension from the day to melt away.

  • 5.      Evening Hygiene

Before bed, a part of my night routine includes brushing and flossing my teeth, (fluoride and glycerin free toothpaste) scraping my tongue, and gargling with salt water.

I really love Nadine Artemis' book on Holistic Dental Care if you haven't personally optimized this part of your routine yet.

I'll then wash my face, and give myself a little face massage with a Jade Stone Roller.

I’ve been loving the organic and wild crafted Ann Marie Gianni Skincare products to ensure I’m not inadvertently adding any toxins into my system via skincare.

After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I then fill up an enormous glass of purified water (mostly to drink the next morning) and head up to bed.

  • 4.      Check In With The Night Sky

Before getting into bed, I have made it a habit to take a few moments to look up at the night sky.

Sometimes this means going outside to lay on the deck with a blanket while looking up. Other times it’s as simple as taking a moment of standing in a window gazing at a sky filled with clouds.

Either way, I love this simple practice of connecting with the sky and natural world one more time before I go to sleep.

I love observing the differences of seasonality I see, as well any stars or constellations that jump out to me as if they have a message. When this happens, I’ll take a moment to just tune into that starlight transmission…

Stargazing helps me to feel and remember the vastness of the multiverse, the magnificent creation of Source I am alive in and the immense support of Spirit, of my Star family, guides and angels who are always there for me.

  • 3. Make It REALLY DARK

Darkness is essential for deep sleep. Having a dark bedroom signals the brain, and body that it’s time to rest, and sleep.

I LOVE sleeping in a pitch black room, and so I’ve invested in blackout curtains, and a great fitting sleep mask for when I’m traveling or in the summer when I sleep with the doors open and don’t block every bit of light out.

  • 2.  End The Day In Gratitude

Laying down in bed (or sometimes while stargazing) I tune into gratitude for the day. Gratitude for my comfortable bed. Gratitude for my connection to the Earth through my Earthing Mat and Pillow, gratitude for anything particular that comes up for me at the moment, and gratitude for my husband Miles (who I cuddle with in bed in this part of the Night Routine practice).

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  • 1.      Backward Review Practice

After cuddling, I’ll lay flat on my back and do a spiritual night practice called a Backward Review Practice.

To do this practice, you clear your mind, let go, breathe, and get into a relaxed and present state from which you’ll then look back and feel into everything that’s happened in your day, backwards in review!

This practice helps to develop key energetic structures that help with dream and higher spiritual reality recall.

It offers an opportunity to reflect on where in the day you stayed conscious, and where you got thrown out of balance and into unconscious reactivity.

To do the Backward Review Practice trace backwards from the moment you laid down in bed, through doing your bedtime rituals, to the early evening, afternoon, mid-morning and back to the moment you awakened.

What worked for you today and what did not?

Don’t judge yourself for where you fell short… But observe how you were triggered and resolve to do better tomorrow.

After you’ve reviewed your day… Relax your mind, relax your body, and drift off into a deep and healing good night’s sleep.

Sweet Dreams!

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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P.S. To promote vivid dream recall I like to keep a Herkimer Diamond, Indigo Gabbro and Kyanite stone on my bedside.

Learn more about Spiritual Dreaming here.



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