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How to Create A Strong Morning Routine

Create A Strong Morning Routine – My Miracle Morning

Today I want to share with you one thing you can do to make a huge difference in all areas of your life – Seriously, every area. The one thing, is to establishing a strong morning ritual.

A morning ritual is just a routine you go through every morning, to take time for yourself, start your day off right, and to bring yourself into a positive state of alignment.


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My Spiritual Morning Routine

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For years, my morning ritual has begun by simply waking up in gratitude. First thing when I wake up, I consciously choose to start the day off with gratitude.

I’ll repeat in my mind something like “Thank you for being alive. Thank you for my bed. Thank you for my husband. Thank you for a new day.” Even in small doses, gratitude is such a powerful way to start the day.

The other thing that’s a part of my morning ritual, that I recommend you try on as well is meditation.

Meditation first thing in the morning.

To do this, I literally meditate right after I brush my teeth. Some mornings, I’m still half asleep when I sit down on my couch, or on the floor, close my eyes, breathe, and tune into the light.

This morning meditation helps me focus my mind for the day. It helps me to reconnect with my inner soul light and to tune into the energy of the spirit.

How to Create A Morning Routine Morning meditation helps me to be clear, centered, present, and to take on whatever challenges may arise during the day so much more effortlessly and gracefully, compared to not meditating first thing in the morning.

After my meditation, I stretch a bit, and then usually have a little snack, my current favorite is a spoonful of coconut manna.

Next I head outside to walk. This morning walk brings in my nature practice and also exercise.

If I’m really feeling ambitious when I get home, I’ll write out some affirmations before getting onto my computer and doing my work for the day.

This is my morning ritual, and since I started doing it, my days are more joyful. I’m more productive, I feel clearer, and more focused regarding what is important to me at the level of my soul, where my priorities are, what I want to accomplish, and what I’m manifesting.

Your morning ritual doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. You don’t have to meditate for 30 minutes every morning in silence like I do. In fact, a guided angel meditation could be a great way to start your morning off, or you could do yoga, or you could even just meditate for five minutes.

The important thing here is to figure out a morning ritual, something that you can do for yourself, to take time just for you, to nurture your physical body, your mind, and your spirit before diving into all the to-do lists, and things you need to do, should do, and even want to do throughout your day.

A morning ritual is so hugely powerful, I highly recommend you create and commit to a morning ritual to empower yourself.

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If you need more convincing, there’s a book called “The Miracle Morning” that will not only teach you how to be a morning person in the first place, so that you can wake up half an hour early or an hour earlier, so you have time to do these morning ritual activities before you go to work, but it’ll also teach you a few more things you could use for your morning ritual. Like how to do affirmations in a new way, reading personal development, or how to use visualization.

There’s no one right or wrong morning ritual, the important thing is that you create a morning ritual, and stick to it.

The most successful, grounded, spiritually connected, and enlightened people all have a strong morning ritual, so I recommend you start one, and just watch, notice and pay attention to how quickly your life starts to positively shift.

Comment below and let me know if you already have a morning ritual, or if this is something you’re willing to try out with me for the next 30 days!

With love and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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