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Tap In to the Power of A Morning Ritual – In Less Than 5 Minutes!

5-Minute Morning Ritual!

5-Minute Morning Ritual - Start Your Day Off Right It's well known that the most famous, successful and influential people all have strong morning rituals or things they do in the morning to get inspired and start the day in the best possible way.

There are entire books written about how to positively transform your morning with rituals or a strong routine. One thing is certain, a morning ritual is a great way to start your day off with positive energy. And yet, so many people feel like they don't have time for one. They jump out of bed, rush to get ready, and immediately engage the busy mind to plan, fret, and worry about the day ahead.

But really, in just 5-minutes you can change the course of your day. By taking the first moments of the day for yourself, to connect with Divine light, call forth the energy of gratitude, and reset from whatever happened in your dream time…

Easy Morning Ritual! Start Your Day Off Right In In Less Than 5 Minutes


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What's The Real Value of Morning Rituals?

By taking the time to start the day with a morning ritual, you can claim the day, with love and gratitude, as an opportunity to grow and advance on your spiritual path. To consciously cultivate divine inspiration, so can receive clear guidance throughout your day allowing more of your divine light to embody through your hear and shine through all that you do.

This all sounds great right, but you might still have some resistance to taking time for yourself first thing in the morning, which is why I'm going to share with you a super simple ritual practice that takes less than 5-minutes and still brings you the many benefits of a morning ritual.

This morning ritual helps raise the vibration of how you wake up and begin to start each and every day with an inspired connection to divine light.

So how do you do it? Here's How:

Powerful 5-Step Morning Routine – It Only Takes 5 Minutes!

One of the most powerful things about this particular morning ritual is its simplicity.

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Let’s take a look at each step below:

1. Express gratitude for being alive another day.

First thing when you wake up, before even getting out of bed, take a moment to tune into your heart center, and within your heart, access your direct connection to the Divine, to Source, to All That Is, and take a moment to express gratitude to the Divine for the opportunities you've been given, to live another day on the Earth plane…

For this new opportunity before you today, to develop spiritually, to live and grow, and cultivate Divine Light within you.

After expressing gratitude, ask the Divine to clearly guide and inspire you throughout your day, so you can stay open to the highest and best possibilities for your day and for your life.

2. Get out of bed and stand facing the east.

Get out of bed and stand up, I like to face the east, the direction that the sun rises, the direction of new inspiration and new divine life force energy entering into a new day.

So stand up facing the east and then breathe in seven deep breaths.

With each breath, allow yourself to be fully present. Feeling the air traveling in through your nose, down your windpipe and into your lungs. As you breathe, feel the divine life force, energy building and growing within you.

3. Take seven deep breaths and just focus on your breathing.

As you breathe in, allow your heart open and awaken to allow divine light to fill you, to allow inspiration to arise and as you exhale, let go and release and then breathe in again.

With each breath feel the divine life force energy filling your mind, body, and spirit. Feel the light revitalizing your divine life force energy, expanding vitality through your entire being, bringing golden, divine healing, light inspiration, love crystal clean source frequency into your body and as you exhale, release.

Breathe deeply seven times as you face east. Stay fully present with each of your seven deep breaths, awakening divine life force, energy and vitality within you.

Your breath helps you stay in the present moment and feel connected with your very being.

It also helps ease your tensions, your worries, and eliminate unnecessary thoughts.

Breathing into your chest and all the way down into your abdomen, all the way down into your lower Chakras.

Allow the divine life force energy to circulate throughout your entire being. Filling yourself up with light, and circulating divine energy through your body mind and spirit.

4. Drink a large glass of water.

Once you've finished the breathing portion of the morning ritual, finish by drinking a large glass of water.

I keep water by my bed so it's right there when I wake up and just within reach.

As you drink, stay aware of the life force energy circulating through your body and energy.

Drinking water first thing in the morning is a powerful way to purify your internal system, to cleanse your body and refresh the living cells inside of you.

At this point, you can then go and brush your teeth, take a cleansing shower, do morning hygiene stuff, and then if you have time, and you want to further increase the power of your morning ritual, head in to do a morning meditation.

It’s that easy!

Even without meditating, at this point, you should already be aware of light and positive energy flowing inside of you, empowering you to start your day with optimism, presence, and inspiration in everything that you do.

Strengthen Your Morning With a Short Morning Meditation

After finishing this morning breathing exercise, drinking a glass of water, and brushing my teeth, I like to then do a morning meditation.

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I have a quick and easy 5-Minute Morning Meditation to share with you here so you can easily incorporate this into your daily practice.

Adding meditation to your morning routine definitely takes this to the next level as you clear and focus your mind, surrounding yourself with divine light and angelic energy.

But whether you'd like to finish your morning ritual with a meditation in the morning or not, beginning your day with gratitude and seven deep and aware breaths will work wonders for you in circulating divine life force energy throughout your body, mind, and spirit so you start your day off in the best possible light.

Want to strengthen your morning ritual even further?

More Morning Ritual Ideas

There's no reason you have to stop here! Take as much time as you need or would like to in the morning to positively start your day, raise your vibration and make the internal commitment today to honoring the Divine Life Force in you and shining your most vibrant life.

Additional morning ritual ideas include: writing out positive affirmations, diving into spiritual study, working out, going for a walk, getting in some exercise, writing in a gratitude journal, doing some stretching, completing a longer meditation, or visualizing positive outcomes in your day ahead.

A New Beginning and Fresh Start

Just remember that each morning is a new beginning and a fresh start. Cultivating morning rituals that support and empower you in shining your highest light are a wonderful way to embrace the new possibilities of the day and honor, love, and care for you.

So start the day right with positivity in your heart, mind, and spirit. By having a morning ritual, that you keep doing each day upon waking up, you will feel a deep sense of connection that will keep you centered and grounded throughout the day, and essentially each moment in your life.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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