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Manifest While You Sleep: Law of Attraction Method That Really Works!

I’m excited to share with you my absolute favorite and effective method for manifesting which is manifesting while you sleep!

This simple law of attraction method actually works for manifesting money, love, creativity, happiness, and more…


This is an incredibly powerful and transformative technique, and honestly, part of what makes it so powerful is how well it works with reprogramming your subconscious mind.

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Use Your Subconscious Mind To Manifest In Your Sleep

Manifest While You Sleep When you're laying down in bed for the night, there is a natural transition between your conscious waking mind into your subconscious realm of dreams and intuition.

It's actually your subconscious mind that directly interfaces with the Infinite. And yet your subconscious is controlled and programmed by past beliefs and conditioning, and often by past limiting beliefs and negative conditioning.

So by reprogramming your subconscious, your subconscious can then interface with the Infinite to call forth what you actually desire into your experience instead of manifesting more of what you don't want.

There are a number of ways to access the subconscious mind in order to reprogram it. Prayer and meditation are some powerful ways. Affirmations can be another powerful way through the consistent return to the focus on what you want, in order to reprogram your subconscious. However, there is one of the most powerful, and honestly the easiest way, which is during your sleep.

Manifesting In Your Sleep Tip #1: What Do You Desire?

The way that manifesting in your sleep works is when you're laying down at night to go to sleep, start to ask yourself, “What is it that I truly desire? “

And it's really best if you focus in on one BIG thing.

So if you're wanting to manifest abundance in your life, focus in on that.

If manifesting love is the most important thing to you right now, focus on that.

If aligning with your true soul work and highest calling is the most important, focus on that.

But as you’re laying in bed, focus in consciously on the most important thing that you want to manifest into your life experience.

Manifesting In Your Sleep Tip #2: What Would Your Desires Feel Like?

And then allow your awareness to drop down from your mind into your heart center. To bring that desire into the realm of the heart.

And then ask yourself, “What would I feel like when this fully manifests in the highest and best possible way? With the most benevolent outcome? What would it feel like? ”

And let yourself evoke that positive feeling.. that joyful expression, that wonder, at the power of existence that you have co-created this incredible blessing in your life!

And when you do this right before you go to sleep, you not only are consciously tuning into that feeling, but you are accessing your subconsciousness and reprogramming it with the language of feeling.

So that when you fall asleep for those 6-8 hours you're sleeping…

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Overnight your subconscious can work with your guides, your angels, the Infinite, the Divine, in order to align you with that which you so clearly desire.

With that, you've planted your subconscious with the language of feeling. This is the language of the subconscious and that time between waking and sleeping is a doorway to the subconscious mind you can use for your benefit. By again, focusing on what you truly desire, your highest desire at this point in time now.

Manifesting In Your Sleep Tip #3: Feel As If You’ve Manifested Your Desires!

Tuning into it and then feeling what it would feel like as if it has already been made manifest.

Feel the joy, the wonder, the excitement, the love.

Let yourself really get into this. You're in the sort of hypnagogic state between sleeping and waking. And so your imagination is heightened and you can really tune into a sort of daydream, a dream, where you're DREAMING into BEING your true desires and intentions…

By seeing what you're like, what your life will look like.

By feeling the joy and gratitude and love of these highest possible blessings manifest into your experience.

And then as you just focus on this in a relaxed sort of way and drift into sleep, your subconscious can continue to work for you through the night, manifesting this blessing into your experience.

And when you return to this, night and night again, it really truly works! And so I can testify to this.

I Manifested My Dreams, You Can Too!

I've used this method to manifest so many incredible blessings in my life, including Miles, my true love and twin flame, including the beautiful home we live in, including success and abundance, and aligning with passion and fulfillment and creativity and my true soul's work.

And since I've been able to do this, I know that you can too.

So give it a try tonight when you go to sleep. And then one final step is that when you wake up in the morning, begin to train yourself to focus your first thoughts on gratitude.

Manifesting In Your Sleep Tip #4: Wake Up With Gratitude!

Gratitude for another day of being alive on the earth plane. Another day to allow more divine light, creative life force energy and blessings to align with and flow through you. And knowing that you are co-creating new blessings, exciting possibilities, wonder and love and joy into your life.

I have a morning ritual that you may want to check out as another way of infusing the start of your day with divine light and positivity to further support your manifestations.

But even if you only do this simple practice as you go to sleep, it will begin to work for you to manifest positive change in your life because it gets your subconscious mind on board with what you really want.

So then as you go throughout your day to day life, it becomes less of a struggle to stay consciously focused on what you want, because your mind becomes integrated with the truth of what you desire.

And the universe begins to conspire with you to bring your true desire, the highest and best possibilities for what you can experience in your life, into being, into creating, into creation, into manifestation, through the power of feeling, through the power of love.

Feeling Is The Secret So give this a try. Let me know if you liked this.

If you like simple techniques like this, if you would like to learn more about the link between your conscious and subconscious mind and the role these different parts of your mind have in manifesting, I highly recommend the book called “Feeling is The Secret” by Neville Goddard. He talks about this manifestation technique and so much more.

As always, I love, honor and appreciate you.

Have a beautiful now and enjoy the simple technique for manifesting while you sleep!

Melanie Beckler



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