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The Power of Gratitude – Short Must-See Film!

Cultivating Gratitude

This short 6-minute Gratitude Film by Louie Schwartzberg really captures the essence of tuning into gratitude.

Tune into the beauty in the present moment, the joy that's always available and the inherent gift in this exact moment, on this very day.

Tune into the Power of Gratitude

Check it out. Then keep reading below where I share a simple gratitude practice you can do right now.

Tune Into The Power of Gratitude

The Power of Gratitude What’s one thing in your life you’re grateful for now?

Really… Take a moment to think of something.

It could be your home, the weather, your children, job, pets, or friends.

It could be recent positive transformation, health, or opportunities.

Whatever comes into your mind, whether it is something silly, big, small, or seemingly insignificant …

Take a moment to honor it.

I Am Grateful. 

Bring your awareness into your heart at the center of your chest, and tune into what you’re grateful for.

You don’t need to think about it, or analyze it.

Just feel gratitude, from the center of your being.

When you do this, when you really feel gratitude and experience the vibration of gratitude your heart expands.

Gratitude aligns you with peace in the moment. It centers you and reconnects you with your inner heart light.

When you continue to cultivate gratitude in your day to day life…

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By not just thinking of all the things you appreciate, but really feeling gratitude at a heart level…

That vibrational force of gratitude not only expands your heart light… But it also expands your happiness, joy, wellbeing, and aligns you with so many opportunities and blessings that you’d likely miss otherwise.

Cultivating gratitude in the moment has the power to shift your energy from fear, lack and worry into a state of expanded love.

When you’re in a state of gratitude, your ego moves out of the way and you open up a direct link to the wisdom, joy, and presence of your soul.

Gratitude brings you back into the present, which is where all your power and opportunity to open to the miracles of life resides.

The more you’re able to feel the energy of gratitude in your life, the more you’ll naturally flow in harmony with the highest path of your soul in sync with the divine flow of life force energy in the universe.

Gratitude is not something that we’re meant to only experience when we’re happy with what’s unfolding in our lives…

Gratitude is not conditional, and yet many people take this conditional approach thinking;

“I’ll be grateful once I get the job I want”… or “If __________ happens, then I’ll feel joy and gratitude.”

The real power gratitude comes in when you’re able to cultivate it regardless of if things are unfolding in your life in the way you want.

When you’re able to stay in a state of gratitude, even when you’re sad, frustrated, or uncomfortable…

That feeling of openness in your heart helps you through the challenges in your life.

Gratitude in the moment can help you shift… And to live every moment in an expanded state of consciousness with your heart open.

Gratitude brings the infinite possibilities and incredible love of the present moment within your reach.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Thank you for this. I have kept a gratitude diary for a few years now, but even so, this video was another reminder of how beautiful the world and everything and everyone in it really is. Lately I have been hearing that song “what a beautiful world”… yet another reminder of how blessed we all really are. Sigh… I REALLY am very grateful for my life and everything in it. My next challenge is to “Stop and smell the roses”…if only I learn to slow down enough to even SEE them….it’s a start….

    Chysalis Soul

  2. After a devastating 3 year drought, and our beloved city of Cape Town about to run dry, it rained and rained. SO filled with grattitude for the blessed water!
    Thank you for reminding me to be grateful!

  3. Oh my goodness – tears streamed down my face by the end of this and my throat chakra totally choked! Loved the images, the composition, words, music – absolutely beautiful and all of it so so true!! Loved the part about showing up fully in your day, with people, REALLY looking at them, hearing them, seeing them, and understanding that they, and you and I and all of us come from generations of ‘stuff’ that make us all the same. We all have ‘stuff’ going on in our lives, we’ve all been through life, we’re all going through life, and we’re all in it together as one. And yes, what a truly amazing and wonderful gift that life is for all! 💜

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I shared this on FB. I have been following you for a while and would like to say Thank You, Melanie! for all you do. Your Christ Conciosness meditation is one of my favorites. Sending you ❤️+😇S

  5. I loved this film. I do a gratitude journal almost daily. I occasionally leave for work before i remember. I find i feel happier when i do and am off to a great start for the day.

      1. Thank you Melanie. Before putting down my feet from the bed, I close my eyes and express the gratitude to whom so ever, I could think of at that time. It really helps me out to start my day.

  6. Thank you …love L Schwartzberg’s Moving art series…1st experience his work on Netflix ‘s. This is the 1st time I recall seeing one with narration. Very moving😢 To me he is a Picasso of the visual arts. Thank you for sharing this gem.💋

  7. Melanie,

    What a beautiful message on gratitude. I’m grateful for coming across your website and your messages thank you thank you thank you as you are an angel and bringing love and light to those that are struggling

  8. At first it seems like effort but with practise it becomes our normal state of thinking and experiencing life.Our mind starts to develop new pathways.I heared that 30 days is enough to train it and change a habit.So starting with thinking about five good things that we are grateful about each morning and evening is very good idea.

  9. Very motivating. Thank You Melanie. Since returning to life a few years ago, I haven’t paid much attention to gratitude, but I’m getting better 😇💜😇 Peace Love Light and Compassion Namaste Xoxox Hugs

  10. Thank You Melanie for sharing that video with us. I started tearing up at the beginning. I have a lot of worry and not trusting myself to be happy, to take risks, to be loved and to love. I am going to take another big risk in my life, a risk of love. I have been afraid of it for a while now, and this video changed my mind. I am going for it. Again, Thank You Melanie!! You opened my heart up just a little bit more.

  11. Such a beautiful film…and such a wonderful message reminding us all to be filled with gratitude! Thank you so much Melanie for sharing this.

  12. So precious! Living in the present and being kind and grateful is what we all need to practice every moment of everyday !
    Thank you for this reminder 💗

  13. Beautiful but true. Gratitude is very powerful and the return is magnificently magical.
    Thank you for that Melanie 🌺🎃
    Love & light,💝🌞
    Blessed be.😏

  14. I am very grateful for sharing this wonderful film & the film( wow… Feeling great)… Thank you Melanie.I have learned to be grateful in & celebrate each & every moment.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful gratitude film Melanie. Can you imagine if the whole world lived like this? What an incredible place this would be then. Sending you Love and Gratitude……

  16. I am going through a really hard time in life right now where I have been out of a job for over a year, and doing odd jobs to make ends meet, despite having great education, personality and upbringing!
    I am thankful for this film! and it made me so great-full for what I have that I listened to it over and over again!!! LOVED IT!

  17. WOW. That was awesome and so very true. I’ve just recently in the past 4 months started learning and understanding how life works. I came across your u tube video or website . I don’t remember which now but one led to the other. But anyway my point is I just really wanna let you know how grateful I’m am that I was led to you. I truly love and come away with so much anytime I’m on your website or u tube video. Really learning a lot . So Thank You so much for sharing I’m learning to change my life for the best and grater good . Thanks again .

  18. After being homeless for 10 years as a child, I can tell you that my own bathroom with hot water, a clean bed and sheets is a luxury and I say thank you every morning and every night for all of it.

  19. Very nice film! He talk about when you look at a face of a person you actually see a unique story wayback in time and generations. It touched my heart deeply❤

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