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Lightworkers… Earth Angels… Starseeds… Is There a Difference?

Have you wondered about the difference between Lightworkers, Earth Angels, and Starseeds?

Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Starseeds and Earth Angels are essentially the same. There is really no difference other than the level of awareness you're tuned into!

You can be both a Lightworker and an Earth Angel and a Starseed all at once. These are not mutually exclusive titles. And really, when it comes to titles in the first place, don’t get caught up in them. These are meant to offer validation of the light you’re shining in the world. They bring an understanding of the nature of your soul and the potential for your growth, opportunity, and connection in this life.

If you can be all of these at the same time, what is the difference between them?



Lightworkers. Earth Angels. Starseeds. The same or different? A Lightworker is essentially a person; a soul who incarnates into physical form who is dedicated to shining light into the world. He or she anchors the higher dimensional light of spirit and the divine into the physical to help others usher forth transformation on earth. They are here to bring earth out of darkness and into greater levels of light, connection, peace, harmony, and authenticity.

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Earth Angels

Earth Angels are aware of and connected with their higher Angelic self. If you are an Earth Angel, this means that one of your higher selves is an Angelic being. And so, by ascending, raising your vibration, and integrating the light and awareness of your higher selves, you’re tuning in and embodying your Angelic self in physical form. This is what it means to be an Earth Angel.

A fully embodied Earth Angel is a being who is living as an Angel in physical form. But there are varying degrees on this path. If you’re just becoming an Earth Angel, you’re essentially a Lightworker who is interested in connecting with the Angelic realm. You are interested in connecting with the Archangels and with your higher Angelic self.

This this is why I call all of my members of The Angel Solution Earth Angels, because they’re all actively strengthening their connection with the Angelic realm. By doing so, day by day, they progress towards fully embodying their highest divine light and living as incarnate Angels, as Angels in physical form. They embody those higher Angelic qualities of being a divine messenger, shining light in the world, creating positive change.

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If a Lightworker who is an Earth Angel is a being who is embodying their higher Angelic qualities, a Lightworker who is a Starseed is a being who is embodying their higher Star Being qualities. A Starseed is a person on earth who has deep connections to the stars and galaxies.

They have lived many lifetimes as a Star Being, a Pleiadian, Andromedan, or any other of the Star Being races. If you’re a Starseed, you have an inkling that you have connections off planet. Maybe you have memories of living aboard a light ship or living on another planet. Maybe you just feel most at home when you're gazing up into the stars and know that your true origin is out there, not from earth.

Star Beings have the choice to either be polarized to the light or polarized to the night. Being an embodied Starseed in your full authenticity on earth as a Lightworker is incredibly powerful. In doing so, you can both be a Starseed connected to your Galactic family, Guides, and Galactic Star Being higher selves, as well as an Earth Angel connected to the Archangels and your higher Angelic self.

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Everyone Who is Alive on This Planet Has the Opportunity to Embody Divine Light

This is what it means to be Hu-Man, Divine Man, God-Man. It means you have the opportunity to embody divine presence as a physical being. In its simplest form, this is being a light being and incarnating. You draw this light into the physical and shine it forth. You do good work in the world, serve others with love, and bring about healing for the planet and humanity and all that is.

Then, you may expand to become aware of your identity as an Earth Angel and as a Star Being. Know that none of these titles are any better than the other. They are simply classification to help you understand the true nature of your soul. But the truth is that your soul is vast and multidimensional. This is what you, as a physical being in this ascension timeline, are tuning into.

Wherever You are on Your Path, the Key is to Expand Your Awareness

This is how you become aware on a true inner level of whether you are an Earth Angel or a Star Being. We all have the potential to be all of this. If in your heart you think, “I wish I was a Star Being. I wish I was a Starseed.” You are. And if you wish, “I wish I was an Earth Angel.” You are. If you want to be a Lightworker, this is a choice. You simply need to choose love in the moment and keep drawing light into your being.

A Powerful Beginning Exercise for Lightworkers

Imagine and invoke a waterfall of light. Imagine light rinsing away around your being; washing away tension, stress, and negativity. Allow your inner light and authenticity to shine through. Let light fill your heart and let your heart expand.

As that light expands outward, your throat is able to open. This is your clairaudient center the source of your ability to speak divine love and to hear the guidance of your Angels and the divine. Letting that heart light continue to expand activates your third eye (your clairvoyant sight) and your ability to see through the veil of the illusion.

Continue to expand opening your crown and your direct link to the divine which allows you to anchor divine light into the present. Step into being a pillar upon the earth, shining forth your full light, drawing in light from above, and letting it expand around, out through the human heart grid, out into the crystalline grid, and across the entire planet. You are literally creating waves of positive energy out beyond you.

Continue to expand, to embody your crystalline light, source light presence, and the full multidimensional light of your soul which includes many higher selves and categories of beingness. It includes many skills, abilities, and an infinite supply of light -all accessed by going inward.

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During the beginning stages of of awakening to your truth as a lightworker, earth angel, starseed and more… It's helpful to read books, watch videos, attend workshops and seminars, and listen to teachings. In addition to this, go inward. You have direct access to the same light, to the same divine connection in which I'm pulling this information forth and sharing it with you.

You can directly connect with source by activating your heart and entering inward. Through the place of quiet mind and open heart, tune into guidance, wisdom, knowing and truth.

With love, light and gratitude,
Melanie Beckler



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