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Becoming a Divine Human – What the ‘Divine Nature’ of Humanity Really Means

Your True, Divine HU-Man Nature

Divine Human Nature When you look deeply into the very word, HU-man, something very interesting is revealed.

Hu is a name for God in Sufism.

So HU-man literally means God-man.

Which means, you are quite literally a Divine being.

A Hu-Man… A God-man…

In the very word, we get a clue as to our true authentic and divine nature.

An infinite Divine being experiencing limitation within this physical realm.

So what does this really mean?

“Divine HU-Man” has a couple layers of meaning.


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First, we are each Source incarnate or a source of God light experiencing itself in physical form.

This is where namaste comes from, it means:

“I honor the divine in you. I see that you are a unique expression of God and that we are one.”

Activate 100% Pure Consciousness

As a divine being, you have an incredible opportunity to reconnect with a full and higher level of divine light, activating 100% pure source consciousness. We can activate this divine light and experience it within the physical, right now. We are able to ascend to embody divine light.

This is what ascension really is. This is what it means to be a divine human. You can fully embody that spark of the divine, power, and presence that you authentically are.

Our authentic state is divine presence, love, and high vibration. Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and frustration are altered states of consciousness.

By peeling back the lower vibrations and allowing your heart light to grow, your vibration to raise, and your consciousness to expand, you’re able to return to a natural state of being.

This is awakened to the truth of your oneness with divine light. It’s also embodying a state of love, joy, high vibrational frequency, gratitude, and truly living in a beautiful state, free from suffering in every moment.

Living Free from Suffering

When challenges arise, it’s only those older emotional reactions that cause you to suffer. When you step back to observe as a divine being, to observe from a place of divine neutrality, whatever is happening in the world can be viewed through the lens of love. This way, you’re not emotionally lowered in vibration by observing it and you’re able to simply witness.

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And yet, you continue to embody a beautiful state, your divine light, which is what you authentically are. This is what the ascension is all about. This is what we're moving into.

This is what the big gateway openings and shifts are all serving and supporting. It’s stepping into and maintaining this divine presence; viewing reality through the lens of love and continuing to vibrate higher. The aim is to shine brighter without getting pulled into the lower vibrational, emotional experience of judging and reacting to reality.

Rather, you’re observing it, and yet, maintaining your light and power as a creator being.

This Is What It Means to Be a Divine Human

You are authentically a divine human.

Let your light shine and know that it does so much good in the world and brings blessings into your life. It strengthens your manifestation ability and it helps you to stay in a beautiful state. It also helps all of humanity make this jump into a higher dimensional experience.

You’re bringing divine light to earth in this exciting time. You’re raising the vibration of humanity and the earth, and creating the new paradigm of living in a higher vibration as divine beings, embodying divine light.


With love, light and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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