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Earth Angels, Starseeds, Lightworkers…. Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Really Here?

Have you ever wondered why Earth Angels, Starseeds and Lightworkers are here?

Why would we, as infinite, vast, badass, high vibrational, spiritual beings choose taper down our vibration into the physical?

Why would we lower our vibration in order to fit in these physical bodies, into the third and fourth dimensions, into a realm of challenge and duality?

Why are we really here?


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We're Here For the Pure Experience of Being Alive

Why Are We Here There are many layers of reasons for why we're really here.

The first being, that being physical has some amazing benefits.

Sure, life on earth can be challenging, hard, and testing. But it’s also amazing. Go hike around Sedona, or explore the Redwood Forest, gaze into the Grand Canyon, travel to Ireland, the UK, or Hawaii…

There are so many amazing places on earth to experience.

Even in your hometown. Walk around the block, feel the air, listen to the birds, and experience this reality. This experience is a huge part of why you're here. Life as a physical being is so much different than life as an infinite spiritual being who is non-corporeal.

An Incredible Opportunity to Be Here Now

The opportunity to make the journey in this ascension timeline is another big reason for being here.

This is our opportunity to take the journey of being a limited 3D being and reconnecting with the fullness, authentic power, and spiritual light that is our truth.

To make the shift from 3D to 5D!

You are making this shift… Ascending in order to pave this pathway from the physical to the higher spiritual realms.

The realms of Spirit are always a breath away when you learn to turn off the spiral of mind, dive inward, tune into your heart, expand your heart light, and tune into your light body. This allows you to expand, lift, elevate, accelerate, realign, reconnect, step into, and step up into the brilliance of the spiritual being you authentically are.

Why Go Through This?

Now, if you're like me, you may still be asking why. Why have the experience? For so many of us, we've done this before. We do this often. We show up to planets during these ascension timelines in order to help the ascension unfold.

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This point in time is one in which timelines are merging. A timeline of ascension has been set forth for Gaia, mother earth, to become more star like. She will become brilliant, golden, Christed light. Humanity will become more crystalline and Christ like as well.

But timelines are not one-dimensional. They are multidimensional and we are at a point in the timeline tapestry in which multiple timelines are weaving together. This includes timelines in alignment with the highest vibration as well as those from beings who feed off of energies like fear, doubting, and anxiety.

All are merging. We are here again as powerful, vast spiritual beings. You and I, and all of us on this spiritual team, are here to stand in the light, in our power and truth and through this, to choose the highest possible timelines for our lives as individuals, so that this is what unfolds collectively.

How Do You Choose The Highest Possible Timelines?

Why Are We Really Here Stand in your power and your light. When lower vibrational emotions, past patterns, and lower waves of energy flow in, recognize them as that which they are. They are not you and you don’t need to take them on.

Choose to shift out of the lower vibrations of fear and density. Choose to turn away from the news, TV media, and the fearmongerers that only seek to draw you into a lower timeline. Choose to brilliantly shine your light, maintain your state and a high vibration. From this place, manifest positive blessings in your personal experience, as well as joy, love, abundance, peace, and harmony.

Look through lenses of love and see the beauty in every moment. Enjoy your life and let love, joy, and bliss be your guides. Step into your purpose, follow your intuition, and take action to manifest blessings and serve. Support those who are not as far along as you are, who are struggling still in those lower vibrations. Teach, share, be a way-shower, lend a helping hand.

It Is Your Right to Shift Out of Fear

If you are getting pulled into fear, sadness, depression, anxiety, and worry, know that it is your right as a spiritual being in physical form to shift out of that. Do what you need to do to shift. For me, walking in nature, hiking in the pine trees, sitting in and breathing in the sunlight, letting sun fill every cell, taking a salt bath, riding a bicycle down a hill, sitting in a steam room, or snowboarding all work for me.

Do what you need to do to shift back into that state of love, joy, connection, heart open, clear mind, vibrant spirit, “I've got this” attitude.

We do have this. We are here by no mistake. As Earth Angels, Starseeds, and spiritual beings in physical form, we are here to claim the light for earth. Our mission is to help evolve this planet earth into a higher vibrational, higher dimensional realm of experience.

You are a key player in this, whether you realize it yet or not. If you're just at the beginning of your awakening process, know that your work now here is to awaken and remember. Take the time to meditate, turn up the volume of your light, and shine a little brighter. The spiritual being that you authentically is exactly what is needed.

You Are the Puzzle Piece Who Is Needed

We’re all puzzle pieces; the unique threads in the multidimensional tapestry that align the fully awakened paradigm for earth and all beings. We elevate the vibration of earth and the collective consciousness, shining our full brilliant light, healing the timelines and claiming the highest possible future for all.

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This is why we’re here. To manifest this, to co-create this together through remembering, activating, opening, lifting, and ascending. The light in me reflects the light in you. We are one and we've got this.

Stay positive. Stand in the light. Shine your brilliance. Clean out the closets. If you have past emotions and pain and negativity that keeps surfacing, deal with it, release it, and know that's a small part of what you've been, but it doesn't even touch the surface of all that you are.

You are a brilliant, multidimensional, bad ass, spiritual being! It's time to bring that full light, authenticity, truth, power, and vibrancy into the physical.

We’re doing it together one moment at a time.

Still not sure about the difference between Lightworkers, Starseeds and Earth Angels?

Check out my article illustrating the difference (or lack thereof) here! 

Namaste, with Love and Gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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