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Invoking Angels! 7 Steps to Instantly Invoke Your Angels

Invoking Your Guides and Angels… Instantly!

Invoking angels is quite simply calling angels into your present time and space where you can tune into the help, support and guidance.

Join me in not only learning about invoking angels, but actually experience calling your angels into your present point and time right here and now.

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Invoke Your Angels!

In this article we’re not only going to talk about invoking Angels, but I’m actually going to walk you through the simple process of invoking the presence of the Angels right here and now.

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You see, everyone (including you) whether you realize it yet or not has Angels.
We all have Guardian Angels, Archangels and so many different Angels guiding, supporting, and loving from beyond the physical.

But the thing with Angels is that they honor your free will and honor your opportunity to make choices in your life and to learn lessons. And because of this, they often won’t interfere in your reality without your permission.

However, when you ask and when you invite you Angels to be with you by invoking them into your present moment…

Your angels are more than happy to connect with you, to uplift you vibrationally, and to flow their love, healing, guidance, and support into all area of your life.

The process of invoking Angels is really quite simple.

Invoking Angels You might have seen people talking about lighting candles or laying crystals out or doing any other number of things to invoke angels.

Really, all of this is fine, but it’s for you and not for the Angels.

What I mean by this is that to invoke Angels, all you need to do is ask: “Angels, come in now.”

And like that, they’re there.

But for you to really experience the presence of angels, you need to first raise your vibration.

This is where things like candles, crystals, essential oils, and meditative music comes. These things can help you to shift your point of consciousness, or your point of focus, to tune into the higher vibrational realms of spirit, of Angels, of guidance, and of love.

There are however other ways to raise your vibration to connect with the angels and that’s what I want to share with you right now…

How to invoke your Angels by simply focusing inward, elevating your vibration, and tuning in.

7 Steps to Instantly Invoke Your Angels

Step 1: Close your eyes and take a deep relaxing breath as you begin to imagine divine light all around you.

Step 2: Imagine light above you, below you, and all around. Imagine the light is filling you and flowing all around you, raising your level of light and raising your vibration.

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Step 3: Focus your awareness inside. Focus on the area of your heart chakra, and imagine your heart chakra glowing with light and opening as your vibration raises.

Step 4: Become aware of your direct connection with the light, with the divine, and with all that is.

Step 5: Breathe, relax, and let your vibration lift.

Step 6: From this elevated state of love, light and oneness, think or say:

“I now invoke the presence of my Guardian Angels, the presence of the Archangels, and the guides and Angels who can most serve me now in elevating my vibration and tuning into your love, support, and guidance, please come in and connect with me now. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

Step 7: Now, once you invoke your angels in this way, continue to focus within and just breathe and feel and become aware of your subtle psychic senses.  When you ask, your Angels will connect with you, but perhaps not in the way that you think. They’ll connect through your subtle feelings, through your clairvoyance, through clairaudience, through clairsentience, through hearing, seeing, knowing on the inner planes.

Your angels are always available to support you in your life…

And so, relax, raise your vibration, open your heart, ask the Angels to be with you, and then tune in.

When you invoke Angels, they always answer, so give this a try and enjoy the help, guidance, and presence of Angels in your life because they’re with you, just waiting for you to invite, invoke, and ask for their help and guidance.


With love and light,

Melanie Beckler



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