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12 Steps to Meet Your Guardian Angel – Know Your Guardian Angel

Meet Your Guardian Angels & See Them In The Mirror

You have guardian angels! Regardless of whether you are currently aware of angels, and open to signs of their support and signs of their presence… they are watching out for you daily and supporting you!

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But are you tapping into your guardian angel's support in a real and powerful way?

And is your clairvoyant perception open so you can actually see them with you in the mirror?

I'm going to teach you how to do both of these things now!

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How to Know Your Guardian Angel

Meet Your Guardian Angel Elevating your consciousness so you can perceive in the higher realms of spirit and know your guardian angels is an essential step on your path of spiritual development.

You've probably already had many signs that angels are here to help you reconnect with your highest path and with what is most important for you in your life.

Now, its just about tuning in!

See Your Guardian Angel

Angels are spiritual beings, and so while you may want them to physically appear before you, it's likely that you need to raise your vibration, and focus awareness inward to first connect with them.

Once this internal link with angels is established, I'll then share with you how to see them in the mirror, to recognize common signs, and where to look for angels around others too.

Tune In To Your Guardian Angel

To meet your guardian angel, first find a comfortable place where you'll not be disturbed. You may want to light a candle, dim the lighting, put on some soft relaxing music, or burn a little bit of incense to evoke a feeling of peace and sacred space to support you.

Take a few moments breathe, and begin to relax and clear your mind. Allow yourself to relax and cultivate a calm peaceful state of energy, imagining that you are surrounded with the most incredible healing light.

Place the intention to connect with your Guardian Angel.

Guardian Angel Invocation

Continue to breathe, and with your awareness focused inward, say aloud:

Guardian angel, please come in and connect with me now. Assist me in quieting my mind, and elevating my vibration so that I can experience your warmth and guidance.”

Once you say these words continue to breathe and relax.

Let your awareness become soft, and let your mind relax into meditation.

Breathe, and relax.

Breath in light from all around you, filling your mind, body, and spirit with light.

Imagine the light flowing in through the bottom of your feet, up through your legs, up through along the spinal column and up and out through the top of your crown chakra into the light of the Divine above you.

Imagine you are floating up with this light… Go up, way up, lifting into the light.

Relax and breathe, allowing Divine love and light to fill your being from head to toe.

Imagine you are connected to the Divine light that is all around you (you are!!!).

Experience your oneness with the light, and allow it to infuse every cell of your person.

Breathe, relax, and let go.

Meet your guardian angelIn 3, 2, 1…

Imagine you're sitting across from your guardian angel, within an inner sacred sanctuary deep within the mind.

This may seem a bit strange at first... But just relax and allow your relaxed state of mind to guide you into an effortless state of visualization.

Tun into the presence of your guardian angel. Experience this incredibly loving and powerful spiritual being who is present with you now simply because you asked.

Know that any tingling sensations, warmth, flashes of light, or increased feelings of peace and wellbeing are all signs that you have angels with you!

Enjoy energetically connecting with your guardian angel now, softly observing and becoming aware of any additional signs of your link.

When you are ready, start to communicate with your guardian angel, by asking a question, or simply saying (in your mind is fine):

Thank you so much for connecting with me. Do you have a message for me?”

Be aware, and open your heart to receive the transmission of wisdom, frequency, and inspiration your guardian angel has for you at this time.

Again, this may seem a bit strange the first time you do it, and you may feel like you're making it up at first…

Just continue to relax, and allow as your Guardian Angel begins to communicate.

Let go of expectation, and be willing to listen, and open to receive the frequency, messages and healing impressed upon your consciousness now.

Clear Signs Your Angel is with you and you are connected include:
  • A feeling of peace and warmth
  • Time seems to slow down or even stop
  • You experience tingling in your hands or at the crown center at top of your head
  • You see sparkles of light around you (with your eyes open or closed)
  • Advice regarding a question you have just seems to appear in your awareness.

You may even notice that you receive a subtle mental image of an angel, somewhat similar to the way you “see” memories from long ago.

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Additionally, you may simply know that your angel really is with you despite not feeling like you've received a clear sign or validation.

Knowing is enough!

Trust that when you ask your guardian angel to step forward to be with you… They will!

This is the angel who has been watching out for you since the time of your birth. It's likely you could see them when you were a baby, and as a young child and you can re-open this link now.

Relax and enjoy reestablishing a direct link with your guardian angel.

Don't worry if you're not getting specific guidance. Your angel is giving you exactly what you need right now.

The more you practice linking with your angels, the easier and clearer the connection will become. Daily practice will help accelerate reopening this connection and increase the amonth of signs of their presence you receive.

Again, its normal that this feels a bit strange at first, or like you're making it up at first.

Just relax and allow the angel to guide you. The messages you receive from angels may be incredibly simple to start.

The angels may simply say something like:

You're not alone… I'm here… And I love you…”

Receiving any message alongside feeling an uplifted vibration of light and warmth is a beautiful sign the message is real.

You can also ask:

“Please bring me clear and undeniable signs you're with me. Please bring me a sign today!”

Remember that establishing this link with Guardian Angels is a birthright! At any time, and for any reason you can call upon a Guardian Angel, ask for their help, and know that they are more than happy to assist you.Guardian Angel

Enjoy basking in the incredible presence and angelic energy with you.

When you're ready, or when you receive a nudge from the guardian angel, (you'll need to work up to spending longer periods of time in these high vibrational frequencies) imagine your conscious awareness fully returning to the present point in time.

Allow the white light of the Divine to pour down upon you. Allow guardian angel blessings to reach you.

Perceive light and energy flowing down through the crown chakra at the top of the head, down along the center of the spinal column, down through the legs and out the bottom of the feet, grounding down, flowing down into the crystalline core of the Earth.

Feel oneness with the Earth, and to All That Is.

Then, snap your fingers or clap your hands… Open your eyes, and return awareness to the present moment.

Thank your guardian angel for connecting (regardless of what you feel you did or did not experience), and for their ongoing support and guidance.

Know that you have indeed just met a guardian angel!

More importantly, you've opened an important spiritual link with a powerful ally.

Now, with practice, and with persistence you can strengthen this link, receive more signs, and learn to experience the angelic realm with increased clarity.

See A Guardian Angel In The Mirror

See Your Guardian Angel in The Mirror! Once you've gone through the above process, you're ready to further open the clairvoyant ability to see your guardian angel!

Find a place where you can comfortably sit in front of a mirror.

Again, take a few minutes to breathe and relax. Allow yourself to release any expectations of what you think a guardian angel may look like, or regarding this process and just for now, allow yourself to breathe!

Think or say aloud:

“Beloved Guardian Angel. Thank you for so many blessings.

Thank you for protecting me and aligning me with the highest divine possibilities.

I ask for assistance today. Help me raise my vibration and open my clairvoyant sight so I may receive a clear sign you are with me…

So I may clearly see you now.”

Third Eye Awareness!

Third Eye Awareness Once you say these words (or a variation) keep your eyes closed and direct all attention into the center of your forehead, in the area of the third eye.

Notice any tingling, pressure, or sensation there that alerts you to where the third eye is. Then direct all awareness within this energy center.

Move your awareness deeper and deeper into the center of the third eye.

Take a few minutes to deeply experience this.

When you are ready…. Keeping attention focused in the area of the center of the third eye.

Open your eyes, and softly gaze into the mirror.

Gaze into your own eyes in the mirror, focused on the area of your third eye within, paying attention to what you see around you in the mirror.

You may see light or sparkles of energy appearing above you, above the right or left shoulder, or above the top of the head… (this is where guardian angels often appear).

This is a clear sign of your guardian angel!

Stay relaxed, and know that if you try to focus on the signs, or if you react to them, they will disappear.

Keep relaxing, allow your physical eyes to link with your third eye and keep vision soft and unfocused, seeing through inner psychic sight any sign that a guardian angel is with you.

Relax and allow the subtle sight and visions of the guardian angel to open!

How many guardian angels do we have?

How Many Guardian Angels Do We Have? While you have one life guardian angel who was designated at the time of your birth and will be with you throughout your life… You also have additional guardian angels who step forward at different times for you.

Repeat these processes to connect with them!

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With gratitude and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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