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Healing With The Angels

Healing With The Angels Invite Healing Into Your Life

Archangel Raphael is well known to be the archangel who oversees healing. However, angels in general can be powerful allies on your healing journey.

The first key in leveraging angelic assistance for healing is to ask for help. Angels honor your free will and will rarely interfere in your life without your permission. They are however happy to help when asked, and they really can help you to align with increased health and well-being.

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Once you ask the second key is to be open to how the healing from the angels occurs for you.

It would be nice to receive instant and miraculous healing right in the moment you ask for it, but more often than not, the angels will guide you, and empower you to make changes that will inspire your full and complete healing.

In some cases, direct angelic intervention does happen. Direct intervention is where the angels miraculously heal illness, ailments, and energetic blockages that may be manifesting as pain or dis-ease.

The angels serve according to Divine will, and while direct intervention is possible, perhaps even more often, the angels will nudge you to shift your thinking, make diet or lifestyle changes, and effectively take steps to heal yourself.

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The angels and the Divine are able to perceive your present challenges and health situations from an entirely different vantage point and they will help you in the way that will most serve. The way they choose however will not necessarily be the way you want them help.

There is an underlying Divine plan behind every event and situation that happens to you, so if instant healing is not happening for you… Don’t get mad at God or the angels, but rather pay attention to the actions you are being guided to take.

Sometimes visiting a traditional doctor will be the direction the angels lead people in, other times they may be guided to start meditating, work with affirmations, or visit an energy healer.

Ultimately, your body and spirit does have everything it needs to heal itself. When you are in a state of allowing Divine love to flow through you, you are also in alignment with healing. In other words, when you are connected with Divine love, healing, and restoration on a physical level will naturally occur for you.

You may have a more long lasting, powerful and impactful experience when you act on the guidance to make changes to your life which will promote healing. There are many reasons why the angels help in specific ways and times and how to choose to help you may be different from the experiences of others.

When you’re in perfect alignment with the Divine, healthy lifestyle choices and positive energetic habits come easily and serve to further support your state of well-being.

Emotions like anger, guilt, and fear block the flow of Divine love and light in your body and in your life. When you ask for healing from the angels, they will help you to get back in the flow of Divine love which is the most powerful healing force in existence.

So how do you ask the angels to help you heal?

1. Just Ask!

Silently or in your mind, ask the angels to help you heal. You don’t have to use certain words or a specific invocation. You simply need to let the angels know they have your permission to help, because they honor your free will, and will not interfere without it.

2. Open Your Heart

Open your heart by being truthful with yourself and the angels. Don’t try to bury your hurt, fear or pain… Really feel the emotions present in your heart and then ask the angels to help you let it go. Be honest with the angels about where you need their help, and then invite them to help you in the way which will most serve.

3. Pay Attention and Act Upon Guidance You Receive

Healing and help from the angels may come in a way which is different than you’re expecting… To be sure you don’t miss it, pay attention! Practice mindfulness and being aware of what is happening around you. This will open you to receive the signs, and guidance from your angels. Then, when you do feel inspired to make a change or take a step, do it! Action on your part will likely be required to bring about your total healing, and by being aware and listening, you can ensure you’re taking the action steps which will really help.

4. Meditate With Angels

Meditation is a powerful healing tool. Science is proving this, and it is backed by the teachings from the angels. Quiet your mind and open your heart to allow Divine love to flow throughout your being.

5. Keep Asking For Help

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Your angels don’t get tired of hearing from you, so keep asking for help! Before you go to sleep at night ask the angels to bring you healing dreams. During your day, ask the angels to surround you with healing light. Keep asking the angels to help you heal, and they will keep helping you on your healing path.

When you ask the angles for help healing, they will answer, and they will help you in the way which will most serve according to Divine will.

Act upon the guidance you receive, surround yourself with love and light, and allow Divine healing from the angels to flow into your body, mind, spirit, and life.

With love and light, 

Melanie Beckler

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