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The Great Central Sun: Exploring the Cosmic Source of Divine Energy

What is the Great Central Sun?

The Great Central Sun refers to the powerful Source of light and solar energy that exists at the center of All universes, from which all life and energy emanates.

The Great Central Sun is not a physical object, and rather, a very subtle, and high frequency spiritual presence that encompasses the physical sun, and that can be perceived through the subtle psychic senses or observed through meditation and intuition.

The Great Central Sun is a symbol that refers to the unity of all beings as One in Source. It can be likened to a sun, in that it radiates power, love and light throughout all of creation.

Through meditation and spiritual practice, we can connect with the Great Central Sun and access its light, transformative energy, and frequency empowering access to higher states of consciousness and spiritual evolution.

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The Link Between the Great Central Sun and I Am Presence

The Great Central Sun In esoteric teachings, the Great Central Sun and the I Am Presence are intricately linked, as they both represent the highest level of spiritual consciousness, and the Source of All Creation.

“I Am Presence” is a term used to describe the highest aspect of the individual soul, which at the highest level is One with the Divine Source making up All That Is.

The Great Central Sun is also a symbol of the highest spiritual reality, representing the divine spark within all beings and the ultimate goal of spiritual evolution. It is believed to be the source of all creation, including the individual I Am Presence.

The Antahkarana

According to esoteric teachings, the individual soul is connected to the I Am Presence, and Great Central Sun through a stream of divine energy and consciousness, which flows down from the Great Central Sun and into the individual soul. I usually just call stream of energy “the pillar of light above the head” but in the sacred Sanskrit language, it's called the “antahkarana” which is roughly translated as inner tool.

The concept of the Antahkarana as a stream of divine energy and consciousness flowing from the Great Central Sun into the individual soul can be found in various esoteric lineages, books, and teachings such as the Theosophical works of Helena Blavatsky, the writings of Alice Bailey, or in the Ascended Master Teachings.

Meditating on the Great Central Sun

Contemplating the power and true nature of the Great Central Sun is in and of itself a powerful tool for spiritual growth and inner transformation.

Meditating on the Great Central Sun can help to empower access to higher consciousness, radiant light and deep inner wisdom.

Some meditations may involve visualizing the Great Central Sun as a brilliant, radiant light at the center of the universe shining down upon us, while others may involve imagining it as a source of divine love and compassion on the inner plane.

Overall, meditating on, contemplating or energetically tuning into the light and power of the Great Central Sun can be supportive and empowering for those seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and connect with the highest levels of consciousness and divine energy in the universe.

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Tapping into the light and wisdom of the Great Central Sun may support you in unlocking new levels of insight, wisdom, and spiritual growth.

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