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Activate the Light of Love Meditation

In this guided angel meditation you will activate and step into truly living in alignment with the light of love.

Relax and listen as you allow the light of your heart to be illuminated. As you allow yourself to to open to love even more, you open the pathways for the light to fill you, and you align with your soul Truth, and power to thrive in love and shine.

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19 Minute Meditation channeled by Melanie Beckler set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus

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Read the Activate the Light of Love Meditation transcribed for you here:

At this time, I invite you to join me in taking a deep and relaxing breath as you begin to focus your awareness within.

Let go of whatever has been happening leading up until this exact point in time. Let go of anything you have to do later today, this week, month, or year. 

Breathe in the light and, as you exhale, let light flow forth from within you. 

Continue with this breath: breathing in light. 

Exhale, moving deeper and deeper within as I now call in and forth, beloved Source of all, guardian angels, guides, ascended masters of the highest, most benevolent light, Jesus, Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael. 

Connect with us now as individuals and together as one with whatever will most serve according to divine will. 

And so, it is…


As you now continue to breathe, become aware of your personal team of guides, angels, masters of love entering in all around you, surrounding you in a circle of love, of presence, of frequency.

Each guide sends you a blessing and supports you in moving your awareness within. 

And as you now tune into your heart chakra, allow the light of your heart to be illuminated. Allow your heart light to be set free: free to shine, free to fully embody your physical vessel, to fully anchor the truth of love, I Am presence, and light in your heart center. 

And now, from above, broadcast through the great central sun, through the solar logos, from your team of guides and angels and ascended masters in Spirit, from Jesus and Magdalene, from Archangel Michael, a spotlight of golden light, solar Christ consciousness shines down upon you.

A pillar of light is shining through your upper chakra energy centers and building in the area above your head, about eight inches above your head. 

Tune into this point of light, this point of infinite potentiality, this point of quantum connection. 

Relax and allow your awareness to lift up from your heart into the center of your mind illuminated with light. 

Allow your awareness to rise through the crown chakra at the top of your head illuminated with light into this center above your head – the center of Angelic communication, the center of your soul presence, this portal for I Am consciousness, for divine mind, to be fully experienced and realized by you.

Allow your awareness to move into the center of this point of light above your head, drawing inward, moving deeper and deeper into this center.

Feel the light collapsing upon itself, moving in, circulating, deepening, gathering above your head. Feel it activating the light of your soul star chakra now. 

Allow the light of your soul star chakra to now expand out around you, expanding out in an orb of light that encompasses your entire physical body and your upper chakra energy centers. 

The very center of this huge orb of your soul presence is above your head. It expands out – above, below, and all around – blessing your physical body, blessing your mental body, blessing your emotional body with the pure presence, light, and knowingness of your soul.

Feel this blessing come from the part of you that is God light, the part of you that is pure potentiality, the part of you that is infinite, quantum, vibrant, radiant. 

It is centered above your head in your soul star chakra, a bridge between the physical and the higher realms of Spirit, of heaven, of light, of Source. This bridge connects you in the physical with the higher dimensions, which you also occupy, and where your soul aspects reside. 

By activating this bridge, you empower yourself to receive the blessings of the higher dimensions of the Celestial realms, of Source light, cosmic consciousness, divine Presence to now pour down through your central column, pouring into the crown chakra at the top of your head. 

Allow yourself to focus on the center point at the top of your head, to this point of light. 

This spark of Presence is your knowingness, your point of connection with I Am, with the higher realms, with the Divine.

By focusing within this point of light and allowing your crown chakra to open, you allow this transmission of love, of presence, of light to now flow in, to enter into the center of your mind, illuminating the center of your brain. 

Tune into the point of light at the center of your brain. Enter into this point, this pineal gland, the spark of God consciousness within your mind. 

Enter into it, moving within, moving within, deeper and deeper into the center of your mind. When you move into it, you realize it expands. It expands to encompass All That Is. 

Allow the point of light, the point of God presence in your pineal gland at the center of your mind to expand, to encompass your entire brain illuminated with light. Receive the downloads of solar Christ consciousness, the downloads from the great central sun, the downloads from your divine I Am presence now anchoring through the center of your mind.

Allow this gateway to open, and receive the blessings of light pouring into your body, pouring down your central column into your throat, into your physical vessel, into your high heart, your heart, and your abdomen, into your solar plexus, your sacral chakra, your root. 

The light circulates through your every cell. Feel the light circulating into physical form, anchoring divine presence into your physical body in a column of light, a pillar of your divine I Am that now continues down from your root chakra into the chakras in your feet. 

Tune into the light in your feet, this seat of your divinity. 

Allow your feet to be illuminated with light, an orb of light encompassing your foot chakras, so that you walk in the physical with love, anchoring your divine I Am presence into physical form onto the earth, each step with love and presence.

And now, allow this light to continue to flow down, grounding all the way down to the very core of Gaia, Mother Earth, to the very crystalline core of Gaia. 

And at the core, tune into the gratitude. Allow yourself to feel the gratitude from Mother Earth that you – as divine I Am presence, as a soul, as a unique spark of Source God light – chose to be here now, chose to be on the planet to serve, to love, to thrive, to live in joy. 

Tune into the gratitude of Mother Earth who is so grateful that you came. 

Allow gratitude to well up within you. Allow it to rise up through your feet, bringing light, love, gratitude, crystalline earth-light up through your feet, your legs and hips, your root, your abdomen, your heart. 

Allow the love from Mother Earth and the love from the higher realms to unite within your heart center, allowing love to blossom forth from within your awakened heart, your heart chakra, your heart energy center.

Like a flower which grows in this love and gratitude, your awakened heart is now safe to open in this light, safe to blossom, to let its petals open fully, to allow love, light, and truth to blossom forth, to fully shine. 

Know that you, indeed, are at a powerful point of new beginning. 

There is a newness, a new possibility for you to turn a page on all that’s been, on how you’ve done things, on how things have been, and step into truly living in alignment with the light of love.

The light of love is circulating through your entire body, streaming in from above and from below, illuminating all of your chakras.

Feel your physical vessel growing so radiant, so vibrant, coming in perfect coherence, perfect harmony with Divinity, so that you can fully embody the light of the divine I Am that you are.

We love you and we are with you. 

We bless you. We shine light down upon you. 

Allow it in – in through your soul star chakra above your head, in through your crown, into your brain, into your throat, your heart, your upper abdomen, your pelvic area, your base, root, your legs and feet. 

Allow yourself to love even more, for as you love, you open the pathways for light to fill you, to harmonize you with the highest divine possibilities, the most benevolent outcomes. 

As you love, you align with your unique facets of why you’re really here, your role in the divine design, your power to make a difference, to serve, to love. 

With our immense gratitude and blessing, we support you in shining in alignment with the truth of your divine I Am presence. 

Will you choose to let this shine within you now? 

Allow, open, let go. 

Let the light lift you. Let the light love you. 

Let the light bless you, for as you do, you fill yourself up, so that you can overflow to love, bless, uplift all. 

You are so loved. We love you. And so, it is … 

Thank you, thank you, thank you … 

about our creator:
Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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