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Diamond Light Stream with Archangel Gabriel

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Diamond Christ Light Stream – Channeled with Archangel Gabriel 

23:30 set to the Meditative Music of Thaddeus

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Read The “Diamond Christ Light Stream” Message and Frequency Transmission from Archangel Gabriel here:

Channeled by Melanie Beckler: 

Greetings from Archangel Gabriel.

Indeed, we in the angelic realm, the celestial spheres, we are with you now …

And we invite you to shift your awareness within, to become aware of your breath in, and your breath out, and to allow your awareness to simply observe …

To tune into the part of you that transcends the breath, to tune into the part of you that is beyond the physical, that is beneath the surface of your normal waking mind …

The part of you that is quantum, cosmic, Divine.

And indeed to support you in attuning to this higher state of divine consciousness, angels of diamond Christ light move in all around you–surrounding you, blessing you, uplifting you.

As you breathe in, you are able to observe that light and life force are being drawn into your every cell, and as you exhale, let go.

Let go, release, and allow yourself to relax.

And in this cosmic energy, allow yourself to lift …

To lift into a place of knowing and experience that you are one with all, one with the divine mind–that you simply are.

And as you now allow yourself to simply be, this higher divine frequency, consciousness, and light is able to replenish and recharge your entire multidimensional being, so that now, around your physical body, a diamond of life force energy and light begins to form.

As this diamond light takes shape and expression around your physicality, become aware of the subtle or tangible shift in your state.

Become aware how your every cell opens with excitement to live, to shine, to be recharged with this brilliance of cosmic diamond light.

Tune in to the center of a cell, the center of a cell within your heart, and notice that as you tune in to this cell, your cell is illuminated …

It lights up from within.

Allow this light and life force within this cell in your heart center to expand out, so that all the cells around your heart, so that your entire heart is illuminated with this life force of diamond Christ consciousness …

So that your heart light and the cells within your physical heart are increased in radiance, are blessed, are illuminated through this cosmic consciousness of diamond light, that indeed, you are one with.

And by simply attuning your perspective to this diamond frequency now, you are able to call it forth, calling forth the radiance of your physical being, calling forth the diamond light and life force energy into every cell.

Allow your every cell to light up, to become ignited, to become more radiant, more brilliant by simply allowing the higher light that is your divine truth …

That is the you that transcends lifetimes, the you that transcends limitation, the you that is ever one with the endless silence and the greater all.

Allow. Just allow.

Surrender to the divine in you, the light in you, the life force in you which wants to shine, to be illuminated, to dissolve and burn through any distortion or contraction in your physicality, dissolving any fear held at the cellular level.

Allow the light and life force to circulate.

You may become aware of the circulation of life force in a toroidal flow around your heart center, opening up the left and the right chambers of your heart, uniting the part of you that is fully human with the part of you that is fully divine.

Any separation is greeted with love, oneness, and harmonized in this diamond light consciousness around your physical body right now.

And now, the diamond light expands to surround and bless your etheric body, your life force body, your pranic body, your chi–the very force of vitality that fuels your physicality, that animates your physical being …

The blueprint for your vibrant health and well-being, the blueprint of life force energy according to the original template of your akash.

Allow your life force body to become more radiant now than it has ever been by simply relaxing, letting go, surrendering the ego and personality …

Surrendering to the higher light of the Divine which is here for you–which is you, which is yours, and you are. Simply allow this infusion of diamond light, life force energy in your etheric body.

Allow the diamond light around you to increase in size, in frequency, in consciousness to bless and harmonize your mental body, your emotional body, and your causal body, the record of your experiences across lifetimes.

Allow your spiritual body–any contracts, or intentions–to be purified and harmonized in this diamond light.

And you, as a diamond light being, now become aware of this diamond light way above your head, up your central pillar, your central column …

Follow the energy up from your heart, through your throat, through your mind’s eye, through your crown at the top of your head.

Follow the energy up into your upper chakra energy centers, your soul star chakra, your angelic gateway, your divine gateway, cosmic gateway.

Continue to lift up, way up the column.

Allow your awareness to effortlessly lift up higher than it has lifted before, to reunite in this moment now with the light of your soul …

With the light of your soul who is in the one Christ light stream, who is one with cosmic consciousness, who is one with Christ light, who is one with cosmic Mother, Father, God, Source, All.

And now, allow your soul light, allow Christ light, allow cosmic consciousness to pour down upon you, inviting it in …

Inviting in beloved Source, beloved light, beloved life force spirit to come in, activate, enter in, pour in through the crown, pour in through your central column, pour into your heart, into your abdomen, your base.

Receive this influx of light as your soul, as Christ consciousness embodies with and through you.

Feel the light in your hands as your hand chakras are awakened and illuminated.

Feel the light in your feet, awakening these energetic centers to bless the earth with every step.

Feel your soul light presence within you and shining forth all around.

And now, in your body, in your heart–your energetic field radiant, so brilliantly shining with light–become aware of a golden disc, a golden star, a golden light above your head:

Christ light, crystalline consciousness descending to bless you now.

Allow this golden Christ light to pour in through your upper chakra energy centers, in through the crown at the top of your head, into your third eye, your throat, your high heart, your heart, your solar plexus, navel, sacral, and root.

Allow the Christ light to anchor through your thighs, and the chakra energy center between your thighs, between your knees, between your calves, between your ankles, into the bottom of your feet.

And allow your awareness now to move down the central column of light below your feet–all the way into a crystalline cave at the core of Gaia, Mother Earth.

And entering into this golden cave of Christ light within Gaia, Mother Earth, imagine that you are fully anchoring, fully welcoming the Christ light consciousness that you are …

Anchoring this golden disc, this golden light into the heart of Gaia, Mother Earth, so she–her life force, Christ light, diamond light–is able to be ignited to a new light.

Imagine that you are firmly placing your feet on the floor of this cave, in the core of Gaia, Mother Earth, anchoring your light, anchoring your Christ light stream.

I Am here. 

Feel the blessings of the light all around you, the blessings of the earth, the blessings of all, becoming aware of yourself as a pillar of light …

Your feet firmly planted within the crystalline core of Mother Earth …

Your Christ light activated within the great central sun way above your head …

And this pillar of truth, this pillar of I Am, this Christ light stream anchored, embodied through you, through the center of your head, through your heart, through your sacral, your feet, and hands.

Stand, shine in perfect harmony and alignment with truth, with all that you are.

And now, in this place, claiming your power, we invite you to offer, to be a vessel for this higher light consciousness, for this Christ light stream.

Repeat in your mind:

“Beloved Source of all, Christ light stream, beloved Guides, ascended masters, angels of light, I offer this vessel now to you, to anchor and embody all that I am, to serve humanity and the earth in this time of transition and awakening to a higher experience of love.” 

And just allow yourself to be the chalice, to be the clear vessel …

To embody, and to allow yourself to receive and flow forth the blessings of this Christ light stream.

As you do, a great diamond of light is placed in your home, in your present location, and as it gently spins in a counterclockwise motion, the energy of your surroundings, of your space is harmonized with this diamond light of love.

The diamond light of divine feminine Christ consciousness paves the way for you to thrive in your life, for humanity to thrive, for love to be anchored even more.

Feel the diamond light all around you, in your space, expanding now to surround all of Gaia, Mother Earth.

Feel the earth encapsulated in a diamond light pyramid, blessing and harmonizing the pathways for all of humanity, aligning the primary divine timeline for the awakened earth and awakened humanity …

Anchoring love, compassion, truth, peace, and divine I Am presence with and through you, around the earth, in your country, in your home, in your multidimensional energetic field, in your aura, in your body, in your heart, within your very core …

Shining forth diamond Christ light to bless every aspect of your life, and to bless and harmonize the highest divine pathways and possibilities for all.

I am Gabriel … with you, supporting you, blessing you, uplifting you.

We are one in this Christ light stream that, indeed, you are.

Take a moment to stabilize this energy within your physical body, uniting the left and right hemisphere of your brain.

With a figure eight movement, a flow from the left to the right hemisphere of your brain, allow this figure eight movement to stabilize the energy within your heart, within your solar plexus, your sacral, and root.

And now, feeling yourself anchored at the core of the earth–anchored in the great central sun above–allow your heart to open and light up, simply allowing the light and life force to bless your physical heart …

To bless your heart chakra energy center, to bless the heart grid of all humanity, receiving and sending forth this blessing of awakened heart light and infinite love …

A reset of love, a harmonization of diamond light, a conscious claiming of all that is yours as a divine light being, as a soul in physical form.

We love you.

And so, it is …

Thank you, thank you, thank you …

With love and bright blessings,



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