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Violet Flame Meditation – Instant Energy Shift!

The Violet Flame is an incredible manifestation of spiritual energy in the form of a powerful transformational tool. The Violet Flame is a very high frequency of spiritual fire, which holds the power of transmutation.

The Violet Flame is a gift on this planet from Ascended Master Saint Germain. (Thank you Saint Germain!) It is a very high frequency of energy that is associated with the Violet Ray, or high vibrational and multidimensional Violet Light.

The Violet Flame is truly a Gift in the highest sense, as it is freely available, and holds the power of transmutation along with Deep Wisdom to support those on the Awakening Path and in the Ascension Journey. The Violet Flame works to clear karmic patterns and samskaras, harmonizes Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and transmutes negative and limiting mental and emotional patterns and programming. It also works though all the layers of your subtle bodies to

In other words, by working with and meditating with the Violet Flame it works for you to change in frequency and form, the energies, patterns and programming which are no longer serving you in your life.

Working with the Violet Flame is invaluable for supporting awakening to your true soul nature, and embodying Divine I Am.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to share this powerful Free Violet Flame Meditation with you today!

Violet Flame Meditation

Connect with the Power of the Violet Flame and your Divine I Am Presence in this channeled Meditation and Violet Fire Frequency Transmission with Saint Germaine, Archangel Zadkiel (and more) to bring healing, rejuvenation, transmutation and to Instantly Shift Your Energy Now!

The meditation music for this session is created by Frederic Jean-Yves Perez – Sounds Of Light.


10:28 Minutes

If you would like a little longer Violet Flame Meditation, check out the Crystalline Violet Flame Meditation channeled with St Germain and Lady Portia.

Violet Flame Meditation by Melanie Beckler 


This meditation has been transcribed for you here as well: 

Beloved Source of All That Is … beloved Guides and Angels of the violet ray, beloved St. Germaine, Ezekiel, Guardian Angels, and the flame of violet light … beloved Guardian Angels, Archangel Ezekiel, Uriel … beloved Michael, beloved Archangel Raphael, enter into this present point in time now.

Free Violet Flame Meditation Beloved I Am Presence, beloved I Am Presence, I Am Presence, violet flame.

Greetings from St. Germaine, Ezekiel, and the many Guides and Angels standing with and behind the violet ray, the violet flame of transmuting light and power – 

At this time, allow your awareness to enter in. 

Allow your heart center to soften, relax, and open.

Allow your divine I Am Presence to step forward, to enter in, to connect with you now – your divine I Am Presence which is united and connected with the violet flame of transmuting fire, the violet flame of healing, resolution, and elevated frequency … which has the power to harmonize any situation, to bring healing and transformation at any time. 

And so, here and now, the violet flame begins to stream in. Repeat aloud or in your mind, “I am the violet flame. I am the violet flame in action. I am the violet consuming flame in action. I am the violet consuming flame manifest in action now.” 

Allow the violet flame to enter in, brightly shining within and all around, filling your divine I Am column with the violet fire and the gifts this light, this spiritual energy brings: to burn through distortion in your body, mind, spirit, and energy field; to reconnect you in this moment now with the light of infinite possibility, the power of the divine I Am. 

Your divine I Am Presence is shining with the violet flame light now.

Feel it pouring into any areas of tension, distortion, or blockage in your field, pouring into your mind, harmonizing your thoughts, clearing and releasing any and all thought patterns that no longer serve. 

Feel the violet fire shining through your emotional body, purifying your emotional fluidity and form … the violet fire pouring into your bones and blood, your nervous system, your every cell. 

Allow your physical body to light up with the light ignited, the divine I Am Presence of the violet fire in you now, the violet flame – which is a living, breathing, intelligent energy gifted by the grace of the Divine through the work of St. Germaine and the many Guides, Ascended Masters, and beings on the etheric, astral, and celestial plane.

The violet flame shines now around you, within you, shining bright on every level. 

Repeat in your mind …

“I am the violet flame. I am the violet flame. 

I am the violet flame which brightly shines within me now, purifying all that no longer serves, so the radiance of my divine I am truth, willingness, and highest Christed light may emerge through my being. 

I am a being of Christed light. 

I am a being of diamond, violet light fire. I am a being of heart, of purity, of awakened Source level consciousness. I am a cosmic being of diamond light and I allow the violet flame to reconnect me with this innate truth. 

I allow the violet flame to pour through body, mind, and spirit, to peel away, to shine through distortions in my field, to reveal the divine I Am core, the divine I Am spark, the God presence, Christ light, awakened divine consciousness in me to emerge through who I am … a divine being in physical form, through all I do. 

I am the violet flame brightly shining in radiance, love, and light. 

I am the violet flame in action. I am the violet consuming flame which consumes, transmutes, heals, and resolves distortion, ego, limitation in my body, mind, spirit, and field. I allow my I Am Presence to anchor through me, to become the core, the primary level of awareness for who I am. 

I am a being of diamond light and violet fire. I am a being of purity, heart, and love. I am a being of freedom, love, and presence. I am loved, blessed, guided.” 

Allow the violet flame to flow into your mind, emotions, and body, allowing the purifying force of the violet flame to flow into your space, your home, the room around you, to flow into your neighborhood.

Feel the violet fire harmonizing, elevating, raising the vibration, calling forth the divine I Am – the innate qualities now available for all.

Allow the violet flame to restore the divine blueprint, to restore the divine harmony and boundless love within and all around you, anchoring, energizing, activating the violet flame now. 

Embody your surroundings in the earth for humanity, for the collective consciousness, for all. 

“I am the violet flame.”

Allow the gift of this spiritual fire to pour through you, to refresh, replenish, and recharge you, to illuminate your inner divine I Am brilliance, and to let this purity, integrity, divine beingness anchor, shine, and embody through all you do. 

We love you. 

We bless you with violet light, with the transmuting flame of violet fire, with diamond light codes, Christ consciousness downloads, with infinite love. 

And so, it is … 

Thank You!

Thank you, beloved St. Germaine. 

Thank you, beloved Angels and Guides and Ascended Masters behind the violet flame. 

Thank you to the violet flame for filling me, merging with me, unlocking within me the truth of my radiance, my awakened love. May I shine in harmony with the perfection of this violet transmuting fire. 

Thank you. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you … 

And so, it is …

With love and bright blessings,



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  1. Thank YOU Melanie for your beautiful voice, guiding Me through the Chrystal Violet light 💜🙌 feeling cleansed & rejuvenated 🥰🙏🏼

    Much love to You
    Regards Kimmy

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